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Richard Neville barfs out more brainspew

Ageing juvenile-minded hippy Dick Neville's latest contribution to Australia's intellectual life is up.

32 Revelations about the War that Never Ends

32 idiotic bon mots would be more accurate

This is my pre-emptive strike against the gush of misinformation about to unleashed by the forthcoming anniversary of you-know-what.

All that "misinfo" which outrages poor Dickie, like "3000 innocent civilians were murdered by islamic psycho fucks and the americans aren't to blame".

Events since September 11 have revealed:

Here we go. Get your idiot-repellent ready...

That naked, tooth-and-claw fundamentalism remains a brain disease and the enemy of freedom. This applies to the Old Testament White House and Zionist land stealers, as well as to militant Islam.

"Testament White House and Zionist land stealers". Sigh.

That hawks in the West outnumber the doves by at least ten to one, except in Washington and Canberra, where the doves are virtually extinct. If you think Colin Powell is a dove, you’re hallucinating.

Deep geopolitical analysis indeed.

That US foreign policy is openly manipulated for the benefit of a group of oil sodden, multi millionaire arms dealers who fight for their feather beds at any cost, including the wellbeing of Earth and the lives of wedding guests in Afghanistan.

A statement of such shrieking vagueness Hugh Mackay could have written it.

That for such an elite, globalisation is a codeword for cheap labour and hungry markets, rather than a unifying approach to international problems, like tyranny, global warming and torture.

Sorry Dick, the soviets tried that universal approach. It tended to actually create the problems you mentioned. But I guess tens of millions of lives is an acceptable price to pay for not being horrible, corrupt americans.

That there is one law for America and a boot up the ass for everyone else.

Richard's intellectual analysis is quite something, aint' it kids?

That the Australian Government has learnt nothing from its complicity in the war against Vietnam, unlike our army chiefs who now admit it was a “mistake”.

Well one of them did, and besides dickhead, in a democracy the soldiers don't get to decide policy. We're not in Leningrad anymore tovarich.

That the credo of “my country right or wrong”, especially as fanned by media hacks, makes it unnecessary for politicians to be fussy about global justice.

In other words, for islamic psychos to take righteous revenge on their western capitalist oppressors. Onward comrades!!

That a free press turns out to be a peacetime privilege, not an inalienable right.

And tell me, you snivelling mush-brained lefty fuckwad, which parts of our free press have been censored?

That the web has come of age as an alterative voice.

Stunning. People can have blogs on the web. I'm amazed. Has anyone else heard of this?

That shortly after the September strikes there came to light a second series of attacks, both here and in the US, upon thousands of innocent citizens, which perhaps can be classed as acts of ethical terror. It wasn’t landmark towers which crashed to the ground, but landmark companies, starting with Enron, wiping out the savings & livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of employees & shareholders, creating misery and bleak futures. Why? Megalomania, greed and social irresponsibility.

That those at the helm of the terror wars are linked to companies that have fleeced the public and/or pillaged the developing world.

More loony-tunes stuff from inside his herb-addled brain. He is equating a corporate collapse with terrorist mass murder. What a twat.

That the Bush administration believes environmental laws do not apply to vast tracts of oceans under US control, paving the way for toxic dumping, oil rigs and war games.

Pretty much like every other country on earth Dick, including our enlightened non-capitalist ones. Besides, this relates to the war on terror, how?

That Sharon and Arafat will share the same circle of hell.

Well maybe they would, if Sharon ever adopted a lifelong commitment to exterminate arabs.

That around August 12/02, the prolonged beating of a Palestinian child by occupying soldiers was able to take place under the nose of volunteer reservist, Elyakim Rubenstein, the Israeli Attorney General.

Strange Dick would choose this example, over the daily homicide-bombings of jews under the nose of the PA.

That our own Attorney General, Daryl Williams, has failed to defend the civil rights of Australians swept up in the turmoil of war.

And what, exactly, is he supposed to do about our nice Taliban men held in US custody?

That Hollywood is the Pentagon’s Madison Avenue.

Yeah, just like those known patriots Oliver Stone and Jane Fonda.

That one year on, the US cluster bombs scattered in the Afghan sands are still killing and maiming children.

Probably a fraction as many as Soviet land mines, which I never hear you complaining about.

That each week, factories set up in eastern Afghanistan are currently producing hundreds of kilos of heroin.

In other words: Afghans go back to making heroin, and this is still the americans fault. I can imagine Dick's reaction if the americans blew up those facilities.

That instead of fighting to “save civilisation”, as shock-jock John Laws and Prime Minister John Howard jointly boasted they would, live on air, the morning of September 12, both Australia and the US have retreated from civilisation.

Um, what? And says the man who lives on an isolated farm in the Blue Mountains. Go back to juggling mushrooms, you sad fuck.

Gratuitous Holly Valance pictures

This is Holly Valance.

She is, um, really really cute.

Click on each pic for a larger version.

I recommend checking out her "kiss kiss" music video.



New Communist Dummy is out

The new edition of the Socialist Wanker is out. Woohoo!!! Yesiree, the monthly magazine of the North Korea lobby offers you these gems in the latest issue....

- americans are to blame for everything
- capitalism is about to collapse!!!!! (what, again? Wasn't it all going to collapse after 1987? Then after the dot-com crash? When is your genius Marx actually going to be right about something?)
- in WW2, the Japanese actually surrendered ages before the nukes were dropped, but the americans didn't tell anybody coz they wanted to kill lots of those slanty-eyed yellow buggers
- nuclear weapons are the result of the capitalist system (which explains why the Russians had the most, eh?)
- oh, and americans are to blame for everything

The end of Multiculturalism?

Mark Steyn tears multiculturalism a new bunghole.

Once upon a time we knew what to do. A British district officer, coming upon a scene of suttee, was told by the locals that in Hindu culture it was the custom to cremate a widow on her husband's funeral pyre. He replied that in British culture it was the custom to hang chaps who did that sort of thing. There are many great things about India -- curry, pyjamas, sitars, software engineers -- but suttee was not one of them. What a pity we're no longer capable of being "judgmental" and "discriminating." We're told the old-school imperialists were racists, that they thought of the wogs as inferior. But, if so, they at least considered them capable of improvement. The multiculturalists are just as racist. The only difference is that they think the wogs can never reform: Good heavens, you can't expect a Muslim in Norway not to go about raping the womenfolk! Much better just to get used to it.

Superb. Read the rest. Thanks to reader Geoff for the link.

A Theory of Political Leftism

This is interesting. A new aussie blog has emerged - with a difference. John Ray's blog - Political Psychology - is a kind of ever-expanding dissertation on his theory of political leftism. It's definitely worth a read.


New beer

Tried some "Hollandia" beer with my homemade pizza tonight. Quite nice it was too. Good "food" beer, though undoubtedly not "tasty" enough for some. Flavour & texture is very light.

They're still at it

Phillip Adams, Margot Kingston and some dork are still whining about the "children overboard" affair and the boat we didn't sink. Of course, they're still going bonkers with rage about the fact that nobody else gives a shit.

Fuckers, Fuckers, Fuckers

As part of their endless phoney road-safety campaign, it seems the collective idiots that are the Transport Ministers from each state have decided to re-introduce front numberplates for motorcycles - a policy not deemed necessary in any other country on earth.

Why? Because our fabulous tax collecting speed cameras can't tag motorcyclists because they don't have a front plate. Our Protectors of Moral Virtue have decided this is causing billions of deaths and injuries (nobody mentions revenue of course), and are going to make us evil motorcyclists fit numberplates dammit.

Of course, these fuckers seem to have forgotten that front numberplates were abandoned on bikes because of safety issues, or that 2/3rds of motorcyclist deaths are the fault of fucking stupid car drivers. Rather than do something which would actually improve road safety (like making sure people with driver's licences can actually drive), they're gonna get us evil bikers.

Yet, it seems that the rules will only apply to new bikes registered from 2003 onwards, meaning most speeding riders will still evade capture. New models will have to have special fittings (at great inconvenience, expense, unsafety and ugliness) done to fit the front plate. People wont buy these new bikes, dealerships will collapse, people will keep re-birthing their old bikes.

So once again, riders get fucked with as part of a politicians PR show, for no good reason. And for what benefit? Why don't these silly cunts just turn the cameras around. The highest estimate I've seen is a million bucks for the whole state of Victoria. And with that they'll collect a lot more of their precious revenue, riders wont be put to expense and inconvenience, and politicians won't waste valuable time farting around developing legislation.

Of course, common sense is a little too much to ask from traffic cops, safetycrats and politicians. These are the fuckers - after all - who faked the photo of the "speeding rider" giving the finger to the speed camera. Common sense and good policy from these goons? Don't make me laugh.

Fuck I hate politicians.

The end of DVD region coding?

Hot Buttered Death put me onto this story which predicts the complete abandonment of the idiotic "region coding" system. Praise Gawd for that.

A couple of gems

Reader Aaron Oakley points me toward this short-n-sweet article by ANU economist Dr. Alex Robson, telling us why Australia should have nowt' to do with the Kyoto Protocol.

Aaron also contributes his own fine whacking to Hugh Mackay. Too much Mackay-whacking is never enough.

Kick the left while they're down I say

WarNow has some funnies today

According to the Australian media (brain-cell-free since 1964), US policy on Iraq today lies in tatters, President Bush finds himself increasingly isolated domestically, there is a growing chorus of international condemnation, blah blah you know the drill. War on Iraq Bad, mm-kay?

This from the same people who brought you the Brutal Afghan Winter (currently being recycled as the Brutal Afghan Summer), the Mighty Pushtun Warrior - Slayer of Empires, and of course the awful threat of the Mighty Arab Street which would rise up and slaughter us all if a single bomb fell during Ramadan. God, if these people were stock analysts their customers would be living under motorway on-ramps. Why is this nonsensical leftists wishful thinking still taken seriously?

and this

The only reason to be a leftist in the 21st century is the smug self-satisfied sense of superiority you get by knowing that morally you stand head, shoulders and thighs above the common rabble. The fact that your entire world view is about a hundred years out of date is irrelevant. In fact, what we are seeing today, as the left retreats into tiny but influential enclaves in the media and academia, is that it is suffering from cognitive dissonance.

The more evidence is piled up showing how wrong their beliefs are, the tighter then cling to their inherited faith. It's got to the stage that it's practically self-defeating to engage the Left in dialogue. It's like trying to negotiate with the Borg collective - if you don't share their frame of reference, no communication is possible.



New link

I've added kick-ass libertarian american superbabe Rachel Lucas to the links list. If you don't go read her site, I'll know you're a commie.


"Libyan leader Colonel Gadaffi is to head an international watchdog on human rights."

And the usual parade of squealers wonder why the americans don't trust this wonderful organisation. Thanks to Right Wing News for the heads-up.

He returns

Damian Penny is back. Welcome back mate.


Feedback on Hugh Mackay piece

American reader Larry L. e-mailed me to correct me on my Hugh Mackay rant;

Bud, I don' think "juvenile fucktard" is the proper description of Mr.
Mackay. True, his asinine "vision" would lend credence to your
appelation, but I think you don't properly appreciate Mr. Mackay's

His head is so far up his ass he is wearing his belt buckle for a
bow-tie. This is a medical condition known as "rectacranial
inversion". The only treatment is to sent the poor, deluded soul to the
Third World shithole of his choice (preferably Iraq - if so, dress 'im
in a burqua) until he is capable of discerning chicken shit from chicken
salad. Sorry you gentles must deal with this caricature of homo sapiens
(or is he a new breed? Homo shit-for-brains?) as I got to know some of
your troops in Pleiku in 1970 and enjoyed the association immensely.
BTW - I don't think he could have cut it in Siberia unless he was the
commandant's catamite. He would, however, probably prospered as a
procurer for Ernst Rohm or Heinrich Himmler - he appears to possess the
necessary meanness of spirit.


Random cultural tidbits......

Last movie I watched: Lord of The Rings on DVD on my giant screen. It was damned cool

Last CD I bought: got a bunch- Ministry's sphinctour, Billy Idol's storyteller, Fleetwood Mac's Tango in the night.

Last book read: Killing Pablo by Mark Bowden.

Movies that won the "best picture" Oscar that actually were the best movies that year: Silence of The Lambs, Godfather 1&2, The Sting, The French Connection, In the Heat of The Night

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