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Time to reluctantly admit the truth....

The Buffster

Season six of Buffy The Vampire Slayer sucks. What was once pure small-screen magic is hardly any fun anymore. The episodes are plodding, mopey and lethargic, the story arcs uninteresting, and most of my once-fave TV characters are just so damned boring, stupid and whiny.

Still, for anyone who hasn't sampled this show, check out the DVDs of seasons 1-3. Damned near TV without equal.


Black Racism: The hate crime that dare not speak its name

David Horowitz is a right-wing provocateur without equal. I've never seen anyone who could make politically correct go into such fits of apoplexy. Well after this article, they're gonna be screaming their tits off.


Has this man no shame?

As I speak, Phillip Adams is interviewing a guy from "THE INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL ON HUMAN RIGHTS POLICY". They are discussing human rights reporting.

Are they talking about China? North Korea? Cuba? Iraq? Saudi Arabia?


Get this: they are discussing - brace yourself - human rights oppression by the USA and Australian governments, and repression of muslims. What're the odds of Phil ever discussing this topic?

And the ABC still argue they are not politically biased. Right

This just in: Butthead defeats Beavis in 3

Anthony "the mouth" Mundine - our own sorry-ass deluded loudmouth idiot, beat ageing meathead Lester Ellis last night.

Idiot & The Champ

For overseas readers, Mundine (on the right) is a former Rugby League star who defected to boxing in a hilariously pathetic attempt to emulate his boyhood hero, Muhammad Ali, and become a worldwide hero for his oppressed black brothers. He even converted to Islam. He claims to be a hero for his people, despite the fact he knows more about LA Gangsta rap than aboriginal history & issues.

Describing himself as "the world's greatest athlete", Mundine decided it would be a great idea to fight nobodies and has-beens on his way to a title shot with Sven Ottke. Everyone laughed except Mundine, who waxed lyrical about his greatness and destiny, and promised the "racists" who had it in for him would be made to shut up

Last year, he eventually got his title shot with Ottke, who beat him senseless. Mundine got the unflattering distinction of being one of the few people Ottke has ever knocked out.

Mundine came back to Australia and immediately started babbling about "lucky" punches, and whatnot, and started to fight another motley collection of ageing fat slobs. The deluded one even said he could switch to basketball and be the world's best in that too.

The latest round of fighting less-than-stunning opponents reached its nadir last night with the embarrassing mismatch against former champ Lester Ellis, who had not fought in six years. Ellis shambled around trying to stay upright while Mundine barely laid a glove on him.

Mundine still no doubt believes what he said a few months ago after defeating another retarded fatso...

"just another step on that road to greatness which will ultimately see me rule supreme."

Mundine is like, awesome, ya know? I've heard he can count his crayons and everything.


About time

Looks like there's gonna be sanctions against Zimbabwe, and it's vicious thug president Robert "Kill The Faggot Whitey" Mugabe. Of course, these commie dickheads will be horrified. Get a load of this quote...

Britain is engaging in blatant interference in the democratic process of an independent state!

Snerk. Yeah. God forbid anyone interferes with this tyrant. Castro could be next dammit!

I heartily recommend this article by Donald Coxe. It was written two years ago, but could have been yesterday.

...wait, as I read this, I see American black islamic psycho (and African-wannabe) Louis Farrakhan has backed Mugabe's land-grab policies:The Herald said Farrakhan had expressed respect for Mugabe's "stance against Western maneuvers to undermine the sovereignty of Zimbabwe."


An apology of sorts

Patrick McAuliffe of Sydney corrected me thus....

Paul Keating may be a hypocritical old "Millionaire Socialist" who
proved to have an attrocious ability to get interest rates and unemployment
both into double figures at the same time, but if a whining, slimy Robert
Macklin appeared and tried to lick his genitals I'm sure Paul would beat him
to death with an antique french clock. And then sue his family for the
damages to the 17th century cuckoo.

The point is well taken, and I stand corrected: even Paul Keating's gonads don't deserve Robert Macklin's attention.



Permalinks - it's all French to me Kemosabe.....

Some folks have asked me to stick in permalinks. This site aint powered by e-blogger so their doesn't seem an easy way to do that. Esp since any anchors would be moved to a different page which would have a different name. Any web types got an idea on this? My thing is MS-Access development. What the hell do I know about web pages? ;)


More Phillip Adams

Tonight's edition of Late Night Live...
item 1: the greatness of Jose Bove - the lovely french anti-globalist terrorist who likes to firebomb people.
item 2: the evil of the United States spreading NATO terror worldwide.

Further comment unnecessary.


Bon Voyage asswipe: stupid columnists and the Keating Left

Some joyous news on TV tonight: The Canberra Times has fired the wretched hysterical creep Robert Macklin, a leftie nutbag who's demented ravings made Margot Kingston look like Bruce Ruxton.

Bobby-boy was reknowned for his nearly psychotic paranoia about Prime Minister John Howard. Everything in the world was John Howard's fault. John Howard would be mentioned in every damned column regardless of subject matter, along with the words xenophobia, intolerance, GST and racism. Your milk go sour? Howard's fault. Your cat get sick? Howard's fault. Spanish Inquisition? Howard's fault.

Bobby was in the pathetic Paul-Keating-fanclub, which has always done it's best to spread historical revisionism. Their tale goes something like this....

Once upon a time, Paul Keating rescued Australia from the clutches of barbarism. Noone was unemployed, interest rates were low, aboriginals had Mercedes in every garage, everyone supported mass immigration and multiculturalism. Keating was spreading peace and love throughout asia, and All Was One....

One dark day, however, Evil Johnny showed his face, cast a spell and the Fourth Reich was born. The Australian people - brainwashed by this evil wizard - became heartless racists. The phenomena of racism - hitherto unknown to the people - rose its head. Aborigines were thrown out of their mansions and driven into the bush, Multiculturalism was opened to criticism by heartless nazis, and JackBoot Johnny used the economic prosperity created by Labor to brainwash the populace into voting for him twice more.

Is there a more sad fucker in Australian life than the Keating fanboy? What is it about the screeching left that makes them so completely incapable of accepting reality? With every coalition victory comes cries of "racism", "appeals to xenophobia" and the public being "duped" or "brainwashed". In the minds of the airhead left, bleeding-heart leftism is the natural state of mind of the average voter, and the populace can only ever see things otherwise when their underlying xenophobia is appealed to. They must then be "educated" into thinking correctly again by their moral betters.

Macklin was the chief proponent of this idiocy. After confidently predicting a Labor/Beazley victory in the 2001 election, the opposite result made him completely lose control of what few faculties he had left. On November 11 he published this - for my money, the single most deranged piece of crybaby squealing I have ever seen in any Australian newspaper. The fact it was deemed suitable for publication makes the mind boggle. The title says it all:

Australia's day of unutterable shame

Yeah, the sheer horror of it. The australian people voted for their government and the majority got their wish. Aint democracy awful? But wait, there's a wealth of gems within the text....

Instead, a majority among us responded to the call of a Prime Minister whose whispered entreaty was based on race. John Howard's one great claim was that the "others" were coming. The dark-hued Muslim Afghans. And it was a crisis. And he would keep them out.

Strangely enough, the Labor party had the same policy, which I would have thought negated this as the deciding issue. Never mind, carry on Robby....

It did not matter that 353 people died in the vast ocean in a terrible failure of his stated policy halfway through the campaign.

A highjacked leaky boat full of illegal immigrants sinks off Indonesia, and naturally it's John Howard's fault. Well, you can't fault the left for their passion.

It did not matter that the United Nations and countries around the world looked upon us with contempt. It did not matter that our nearest and most populous neighbour, Indonesia, had turned its face away.

Gosh darn, people all around the world hate our immigration policy. Well, the three people that actually know about it anyway. And the UN - gasp - how will we live without the blessings of those well-known humanitarians, like China, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe? And the Indonesians - to be thought of as scoundrels by this junta of genocidal thugs wouldn't be such a big priority in my book. But what would I know?

It did not matter. Australia voted for John Howard anyway.

It's called democracy Robby. You, the Fairfax Press and the Arafat Broadcasting Corporation told us ignorant savages what to think..... and we responded by telling you to go fuck yourself. Deal with it cissy-boy.

Now we live in a pariah state. And I for one do not wish to live here any more.

Now who's the liar Bob? You're still here all these months later. Except now you're unemployed. mwahaaha.

I do not want to look at the faces in the street and choose, almost without volition, those who voted for John Howard. I do not want to meet men and women in my home or my place of work who might turn out to be among them.

Well, given that Howard's electorate isn't in Canberra, I would have thought this unlikely. Somebody get this assclown a Political Science 101 text already.

I do not want to travel - as so often I have - in the countries of Asia and call myself Australian.

Snivelling leftist guilt is never pretty Robby. Grow some testicles will you?

And I will not, ever, accept John Howard as having authority over me and mine. I will not break the settled law of the land, but I will not accept the laws that Howard makes henceforth - as he surely shall - to curb dissent in increasingly troubled times.

"crushing dissent" = people voted differently than me. Is there no end to this fascist horror? Those damned death squads Howard sends out are a bitch. So Robby, how come you were able to spout your dissent to an increasingly disinterested readership then, eh assface?

So, starting today I will devote every working moment in every way I know to fight back against the racist and his cohorts who have claimed the reins of power in the land.

What a fucking weasel. Has even the low standard of Australian journalism ever seen something this pathetic?

And I will start with the creatures of pragmatism - Beazley and his apparatchiks - who refused to give Australians a proper choice, who let the Howardites set the agenda and the rules.

Standard keating-fanboy "we wuz robbed!!" balloon-juice. Newsflash Mr.wetpants: voters had a choice, and most voted for the coalition. Got that?

Enjoy your future ventures Robby. I'm not sure what the future holds for a talentless airhead squealpuppy like you, but I'm sure you'll be suitably ineffective and annoying at whatever it is. Tongue-cleaning Paul Keating's genitals seems like a suitable vocation. It'll be fun for you and quiet for the rest of us.



New edition of "leftie loony tunes" now online

The latest edition of socialist worker is now up. Woohoo! It's always amusing to see the new conspiracy theories and complaints these Taliban-loving crackpots come up with every month. The latest batch of gems....
- the Papua New Guinea election fiasco is all John Howard's fault
- Suicide bombings are the jews' fault
- a commie perspective on "Minority Report"
- the USA oppresses women worldwide
- new evidence that businesspeople like to make profits. Laws-a-mercy!
- a seriously confused article about the Australia-USA alliance. Some incoherent screeching about white colonisation is in there too.


A fine day for a good bashing

TV newsflash has just reported the two diseased Sydney gang rapists have been bashed in prison. Let's hope it was horrible, painful and disfiguring. May it be the first of many. Enjoy your time in stir boys, you've earned it.



New e-mail addy

Now that my domain name has resolved, I'm giving myself an official contact addy: please send all e-mail to "tex AT"


Adding a new Dickhead

A new link in the Dickheads Galore section: George Monbiot writes for - who else - The Guardian, where he displays a level of snivelling anti-western paranoia that would make John Pilger proud. Like Pilger, Monbiot considers every problem in the world to have two root causes: Americans and capitalism. The standard blubberings about corporate hegemony and crushing dissent are all there in this treasure trove of faecal delights.


Politically Incorrect Joke of The Day

At a small airport terminal in Texas, three strangers awaiting their shuttle flight start conversing about the recent world events. The strangers were of varying cultures. One was Native American. Another was a cowboy from West Texas. The other, a devout Arab Muslim. During their conversation, they began to discuss their cultural history.

The Native American stated "once my people were many, now we are few."

The Muslim then chimed in and arrogantly said, "once my people were few and now we are many."

The cowboy looked at the Muslim, shifted the toothpick in his mouth and said with a sly grin,

"That's cause we ain't played Cowboys and Muslims yet."


A new kinda fetish

Statue Molesters - ever wanted to get it on with a statue?


Bitchen music show

Any music fan in Australia worth their weight in salt is hereby compelled to watch RAGE tonight. Why? It's being guest-programmed by Jack Black & Kyle Gass from Tenacious D. Check out the playlist....


African Psycho

Nut-job "kill whitey" president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, is at it again


Human Waste

Today's Daily Telegraph editorial argues for the identification of the pieces of subhuman dogshit who were convicted of gang rape.

From behind the veil of anonymity the brothers smirked in the courtroom, without a skerrick of remorse, showing nothing but contempt for the proceedings and their victims.

Even after being found guilty of participating in the gang rapes of seven young women, the two brothers and 12 others who took part in the sickening attacks were referred to only by letters of the alphabet.

After their ordeal, it is the victims that deserve anonymity. The perpetrators of these repulsive acts do not.

Amen brother. Let's ID them. Then when they are eventually released (which given Australia's limp-wristed judges, will probably not be that long), these scum can be hunted down, beaten, tortured and killed.

And yes, I am serious.


OK, back to being an evil political bastard then....

Matthew Bates is a wonderfully politically incorrect fellow. Look at his July 12 entries on Muslim gang-rapists and the stupid unionists at Pilkington factories. His thoughts mirror my own, so there's no point rehashing them here. I recommend you read it......


This guy is as funny as rectal cancer

AliG is a twat. Would somebody tell me why so many people find this moron so amusing? Haha, white jewish homeboy talking black..gotcha. Thrilling stuff. Hopefully his 15 Minutes will be up soon, then we'll be spared his howlingly unfunny media presence.


Hugh Mackay writes...uh....something

Hugh Mackay is often touted as the grand commentator on Australian life (well, by the Phillip Adams crowd anyway). Personally, I think the bloke is full of assgas. He's from the Richard Neville school of we're-all-going-to-hell-in-a-handbasket-because-we-don't-vote-Labor whinging.

In today's Sydney Morning Herald, he offers up a truly stupid article, waffling about a revolution of new tribalism.... or something. It's a typical Mackay piece - grand vague theories of societal changes, containing some seriously bland observations - disguised as breathless new discoveries - unhindered by anything resembling actual research.

It's hard to escape the feeling that we are on the cusp of another cultural revolution that is going to reshape our society as surely as the gender revolution has done. The signs of it are everywhere, most obviously among the rising generation of young Australians who are showing us what "connection" really means.

And to back it up, he gives an example of a young fella bringing a group of friends along to perform community service. Yeah baby, I feel revolution coming on already.

This was a mini-tribe - a herd, a gang - behaving the way tribes do. Without trying to put it into words, they were saying, in effect, that their identity is a shared identity, rather like the shared identity of primitive tribal people

Hugh has discovered a shocking fact: young people hang out in groups.

Then, when they arrive home, they hop onto the Internet to link up again in a chat room, or via email. While their parents fondly believe they're consulting the library catalogue of the University of Minnesota for their homework, they're really planning the weekend's activities.

Gasp! Young people today don't do their homework, and spend their time hanging out!!!! Just like they've done since...well, forever.

"They are the generation that beeps and hums," one of their fathers recently remarked, and so they are. They are the generation who, having grown up in an era of unprecedentedly rapid change, have intuitively understood that they are each other's most precious resource for coping with the inherent uncertainty of life.

What is this man smoking? It's staggering to think that a commentator of Mackay's "stature" could pen such bilge. A whole bloody page of waffle to tell us;
- young folks like to hang out with their friends instead of their parents.
- young folks don't like to do their homework.

Hugh Mackay: writer, commentator, airhead.


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