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Mike Elliot - South Australian head of self-destructing lefites the Australian Democrats - has clearly been partaking of some sort of chemical refreshment. He is blaming the USA for destablising the party. Apparently the Bush administration is quaking in their boots at the criticism levelled at them by an irrelevant minority party in faraway Australia.

"The American government would love to see the Democrats fail. All I would say is I wouldn't be surprised if there are agent provocateurs at work. Who has put them there I don't know."

This fruit loop is actually arguing that one of the elected Democrats is an American spy. This is a classic even by the demented standards of the anti-american left.

The Village Idiot strikes again

The Canberra Times today ran a mindless puff-piece on a visiting lecture by Australia's most prominent mental furball, Hugh Mackay. It was held not far from me. Sadly, I had hot dogs to eat and I missed it.

WOMEN executives and the younger generation are Australia's saviours against a rising tide of prejudice and intolerance, author and social analyst Hugh Mackay said in Canberra yesterday.

Meaningless positive generalisations as an antidote to non-existent problems. I'm so relieved.

He was giving a lecture called The Resurgence of Intolerance and Prejudice at the National Museum as part of the launch of his latest novel, Winter Close, the first in a trilogy, A Self-Made Man, about Australian suburbia. As a psychologist and a social researcher of 47 years' experience, Mackay keeps regular checks on the state of health of Australia's society.

With what? a divining rod?

After painting a grim picture of the ills besetting the nation at present, he said he could see signs that all was not lost and things might soon start to change. ''We are on the threshold of a social revolution.''

Oh god. Will this yo-yo ever wake up? The Mackay method: exaggerate vague trends which are either non-existent or have been around for years, and pretend we are "on-the-cusp" as a result of it.

Women in senior positions in business, politics and academia were increasingly seeking careers that gave them power, influence and authority. But they wanted also to lead balanced lives. ''They want to get to the top and transform it, to end the crazy bloke's game of 'last one out of the carpark wins'.''

Earth-shattering stuff: Women with careers are ambitious and want to lead balanced lives. Wow. We got ourselves an Oracle here folks.

Young people wanted lives that were not ruled by jobs, too, and lifestyles that reflected their values. In this environment, Australian compassion ''will be revived''.

More mindless generalisations, backed up with zero evidence. Par for the course really.

Other heartening signs were that the rising generation was ''exhibiting an interest in spirituality. They are the children of a generation who, for the first time in our history, did not pass on moral and spiritual values. ''The rising generation is one that wants to make sense of the meaning and purpose of life, of the inner journey. They believe there is more to life than just materialism." And with this revaluation, the problem of prejudice would not be nearly as great.

Does Mackay *ever* illustrate his points? As a social researcher, I doubt this spongehead could have passed my Social research methods A course.

He called the young a ''hugging generation'', saying he had never seen a generation ''so connected''. ''It's almost tribal, almost in the manner of ancient tribalism. ''They want shared experiences and shared knowledge. They are at school together, on buses, on mobile phones, sending each other text messages, chatting to each other through e-mails. They hunt in packs.''

He's just discovered young people have friends and like to hang out with them. When he finds out about ATMs and computers he's really gonna wet himself. Is there an Australian intellectual more desperately out-of-touch than Mackay? And to think this idiot is considered one of our great minds!

The hugging was ''highly symbolic''. ''This rising generation, by showing they need each other, give us a glimmer of hope that we can survive this time of anxiety and get better connected. Through communitarianism we may reach humanitarianism.''

He repeats the bloody obvious: young people have friends. My 4-yo niece can offer this level of analysis.

Among current social problems, Mackay spoke of the greatest inequity in a century between wealth and poverty.

Standard lefto rhetoric, unfortunately not supported with any evidence.

Contributing to this were the highest levels of personal debt and lowest levels of personal savings - a consequence of two powerful forces at work during the baby-boomers' developing years. ''On one hand, the economy was booming and they were being told their future was secure; on the other, there was the Cold War, with its build-up of nuclear weapons and the possibility of global war. It was a weird experience for them, as if there was no tomorrow.''

Hands up if you can understand this paragraph.

Since Tampa and September 11, Australian anxieties had been pumped up. Even before those events, we had become ''disengaged from the national agenda, from the bigger issues which we once took more seriously, from the tougher questions which once drew society together.

Another patronising assload of assumptions which Mackay makes no attempt to back up with any evidence. And get a load of this stupidity:

''In the mid-1990s, the vast majority of Australians were seriously interested in issues such as the republic, globalisation, the environment. We couldn't get enough of the hard questions, and political leaders encouraged that.

Translation: Issues the Keating-left got into hysterics about were of zero interest to the population. This was eventually reflected in the election of the Howard government. The Keating-ites, realising noone else was interested in their pious crusades, claimed the entire nation had been brainwashed.

Mackay is a truly infantile buffoon.

The change is reflected in TV ratings. Where once current-affairs shows dominated, now people watch comedies, romances, voyeurism and backyard shows -

Wrong again dingus: 60 minutes, A Current Affair, Today Tonight, 7.30 Report and 4 Corners are still on TV and getting pretty much the same ratings they always have. Burkes Backyard has been on for what - fifteen years? How long ago did Healthy, Wealthy & Wise start the lifestyle show craze?

Is this cretin even aware of the world outside his office? To see the popularity of lifestyle shows as part of The Vast Evil Nazi Howard Conspiracy is something only a leftist kook could ever think up.

we have become . . . self-centred and want only to mind our own back yards.

What a self-righteous, patronising cunt.

''This is what happens when we take our eye off the big picture. Our focus becomes more narrow, we become self-absorbed and less compassionate. We believe we have lost control over the big issues and can only control what videos we watch, what car we buy, what school the kids go to.

Yeah, all you bloody evil, uneducated pigs aren't following the correct, enlightened political philosophy. Don't worry - Hugh Mackay is here to instruct us on correct thinking, even if he never supports any of his asinine assertions with fact.

''The shift in the past five years has been enormous. Allied to the loss of compassion has been the growth of greed. We had record retail sales last Christmas at a time when Australians were bleeding.

Another three whining assertions with zero evidence. Anyone who considers Mackay an intellectual needs to submit themselves for urgent drug therapy.

''People are retreating through prejudice. Leadership is missing and this is encouraging people to find prejudice comforting . . . The Government is riding high on the politics of fear. The Prime Minister was off the boil 12 months ago. Since Tampa, respect for him is as high as it was at the time of the gun-laws issue. But we will not be in this trough for ever.''

I say again, What a self-righteous, patronising cunt. So typical of the disgusting, depraved, patronising mentality of the Australian soft-left: whenever Labor is in power, were are a strong, proud, intelligent, egalitarian nation, where everyone believes in enlightened values. A few thousand people in certain seats change their votes, and we become a nation of brainwashed, redneck, xenophobic bastards.

Such a great regard screeching valentines like Mackay have for Australian society eh? Such faith, such affection. Such respect for our democratic process. Excuse me while I choke.

Hugh Mackay is truly one of the lowest forms of pond-scum inhabiting Australian public life. He is no more an expert on Australian society than the editors of Lock, Stock and Barrel.

Get thee gone, you sadcase.


More fun conservative-bashing

Richard Roeper does this marvellous takedown of airhead Ann Coulter. I'm bewildered why so many of my fellow non-left comrades are so in love with this peroxide bathplug. She's as much of a flake as Richard Neville. The fact that she's right-wing and better dressed doesn't give her a right to stupidity.

Miranda Devine and Nanny State conservatism

Former Murdoch columnist Miranda Devine is the kind of conservative who gives me assgas: the strong nanny-statist, who believes the government is there to stop us doing naughty things to ourselves.

In today's Sydney Morning Herald article, she's blathering about the evils of pokie machines.

As for the drinkers, it's hard to find anyone who likes what poker machines have done to their pubs. The sickly lights, the cheerful jingles, the rows of zombies wasting countless hours in the most mindless pursuit known to man. You might as well be dead.

How about this for an idea Miranda: maybe they can - A) not put their money in the machines, B) go somewhere else. Odd that Devine should spout personal responsibility in regards to crime-n-punishment issues but ignore it when it comes to someone spending their own money.

Five years after poker machines became an institution in the state's pubs it's hard to find a Sydneysider who doesn't still resent them

Well, except for the thousands that use them, and the many of thousands who couldn't give a shit one way or the other. If noone likes them, what the hell do you have to worry about? Won't the problem go away by itself?

Since the Government liberalised gaming laws in 1997, hotels have become nothing more than gaming parlours, as poker machines become more profitable than beer.

Well bugger me... pub owners are doing something which gives the punters what they want and makes them more money. Who'd have thought?

While hoteliers grow fat on poker machine riches, after five years on the pokie teat the NSW Government is addicted to the revenue, expected to be $779 million next financial year.

Pardon me Miranda, but what the fuck are you on about? The same hoteliers who are being somehow coerced into taking these massively popular machines, are now the evil bastards "growing fat on poker machine riches?". This woman is in a serious state of confusion.

Australia has 20 per cent of the world's poker machines, five times more than the United States. Because we can, we spend six times as much of our retail spending dollar on gambling as the British, who are just about to liberalise their own gaming laws, to their eternal regret.

This is the First Principle of socialism Miranda, are you aware of that? "don't give people freedom of choice - they'll do stuff we don't like!!."

And while pubs only have 30 per cent of the nation's pokies at present, they have minted a new breed of victim, according to gambling researchers. The blue-collar worker aged between 18 and 35 who used to drop into the pub for a drink after work has been found to be dropping $50 or $100 on the pokies as well. Imagine the pay cheques blown, the families broken up, lives destroyed.

The hypocrisy of the right-wing statist: people have responsibility for themselves, except when it comes to them choosing to spend their money on something they want. Much like booze, drugs, hookers and porn. I love it when these wankers wave the flag of liberty when it comes to doing their tax return, but ditch it as soon as non-christian behaviour raises it's head.

Hah! The Productivity Commission has estimated the booming gambling industry costs society up to $2.9billion annually in associated social problems, outstripping the cost of illicit drugs ($890 million) and alcohol ($2.4billion) as a social problem.

Yeah, we can ban gambling maybe. That will be so effective in solving the problem. Just like our marvellous success in the "war against drugs". Miranda must draw great comfort in keeping her head in her ass.

But we don't hear about poker machine harm minimisation. Banning neon lights just doesn't cut it.

"Harm minimisation" - we're going to stop you spending your money on something you want. At least the Bolsheviks are consistent in their totalitarian bullshit. Miranda's commitment to the principles of democratic liberty seems somewhat dubious, to say the least. It's the same moralistic hypocrisy that pollutes many conservative politicians the world over. Stop trying to save us and leave us alone, you bastards.

African Psycho goes...um....more psycho

Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe - owner of the world's silliest mustache and ISO pinup-boy - is now attacking the aid agencies who are trying to feed the people he is starving to death.

With riot police encircling the capital on Tuesday, Mr Mugabe opened parliament by denouncing the countries supplying aid to Zimbabwe's starving millions.

At the first sitting since his disputed election victory in March, Mr Mugabe said donors were trying to impose "sinister" political and economic agendas "under cover of humanitarian aid".

"No-one takes advantage of our stomachs to get to the soul of our sovereignty," he said.

Robert Mugabe - the first leader in history to be afraid of a coup d'etat via sandwich.

Denouncing what he called "Western bullies" interfering in his country's affairs, President Robert Mugabe has rejected warnings that Zimbabwe faces famine as early as September and said economic recovery depends on land redistribution.

He's very big on this land distribution caper. This is where Mugabe's armed thugs invade a farm, kill the white farmer, realise they have no idea how to grow crops or raise livestock, then start robbing nearby villages when they begin to starve. But hey, it's better than being bossed around by old whitey!!

In June, the US gave Zimbabwe 8500 tonnes of maize but a further 10,000 tonnes was rejected because it did not have a certificate saying it had not been genetically modified.

Never let it be said Mugabe doesn't have his priorities in order. He will no doubt be applauded by deluded westerners for rejecting evil corporate polluted food.

Black idiots

Check out these dickheads. They named Robert Mugabe their man of the year for 2001.

Listen to this man

Middle-East commentator Daniel Pipes

The Israelis have clearly made a mistake, and need to be more careful. It's a tragedy. We must all urge the Israelis to approach these problems more carefully.

That said, it is also important to realize that the Palestinians have the moral opprobrium here in having the leaders of their military in civilian areas. There is no distinction, and they are making it I think on purpose a target for the Israelis so that when the Israelis do strike, it's likely that they will have civilian casualties.

So, the Israelis have got to be more careful, but the Palestinians are not playing fair. You don't put your military men in houses with children.

[...] Military installations in the Palestinian areas are consistently found in civilian areas. So, what one finds all the time is the Israelis are trying very hard to avoid taking-inflicting casualties and sometimes even taking themselves.

You remember, a few months ago, some 13 Israelis were killed because they fell into a booby trap. So, it happens both ways. I mean, I'm in no way apologizing for what the Israelis have done today. I'm just saying there's a context, and it's one which is tragic.

But it's one in which this man, Salah Shehadeh, has a very important role. He is one of the founders of the military wing of Hamas. He was in Israeli jail for 14 years, from 1984 to 1998. He's a close associate of the leader of Hamas, Ahmed Yassin. He's been, as was indicated earlier, on the top of the Israelis' most wanted list for some months now. The Israelis did blow up his house actually in December of last year. He is their target and he is, as I said before, and I think it's fair to say, he's making sure that he's surrounded by his wife, his children and other civilians.

Lance Armstrong shoves it up the French

This cancer survivor is gonna win his 4th consecutive Tour De France. Isn't that delicious? Seeing some yanqui crap all over the best Europe has to offer (including crybaby drug-cheat asswipes Richard Virenque and Marco Pantani) must be making the Euro (and especially french) journalists internally haemorrhage.

The snivelling French pissheads are still accusing Armstrong of being a drug cheat, despite years of investigations that have shown nothing. Yet they cheer B-grade has-been Virenque who IS a drug cheat.

Go Armstrong, Go!!

"Holy" Shit

Little Green Footballs posts these charming anti-Israel sermons broadcasted on government-sponsored muslim media channels. Here's one from Saudi state TV....

He prays: "O God, support our brother mujahidin for your sake everywhere. O God, grant them victory in Palestine, Kashmir, and Chechnya. O God, deal with the aggressor Jews and all aggressive infidels. O God, deal with them for they are within your power."

And the civilised world is supposed to "listen" to these fruitcakes.....

The Gaza Attack

As usual, Pejman says it good....

Unlike the false apologies offered by the Palestinian Authority for dead Israelis, I don't mourn the deaths of innocent Palestinians merely because it might cause political problems for the Israelis.

Instead, I mourn their deaths because they have been placed in the line of fire by a number of militant terrorists who have absolutely no compunction whatsoever about using Palestinian civilians as targets and killing machines. I find it continually horrifying that Palestinians are brainwashed into using their own bodies as instruments of terro by volunteering to serve as suicide bombers. I find it horrifying as well that Palestinian terrorists who have given themselves to the cause of an armed struggle against the Israelis, would so callously and so ruthlessly use Palestinian civilians as human shields. It should be noted that terrorists like the Hamas leader who was killed yesterday, decided to live among civilians, and base his operations from a geographical area that was populated by civilians. It is impossible not to come to the conclusion that this tactic is designed to maximize the possibility that any Israeli strike against Palestinian terrorists causes the deaths of innocent civilians--deaths that the terrorists and their apologists and sympathizers will be able to exploit for propaganda purposes. After all, human life isn't nearly as important as good PR for Yasser Arafat, and his various and sundry bootlickers.

In any event, the deaths of innocents are to be grieved--no matter what side they take in this struggle. And I grieve unequivocally for the deaths of the innocent Palestinian civilians.


How fast can you Spank The Monkey?

Go on, you know you want to. After about 15 tries, I recorded 597mph. Always knew I was a kick-ass monkey-spanker....

She doesn't like media attention....no really.....

The Panel - where stupid celebrities and spokespeople are promised 10 minutes of empty headed questions - are interviewing - who else - Cheryl Kernot. I assume she's on there because she wants her privacy. yeah.

Farrakhan and Insanity

Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, sharply criticized U.S. policy in the Middle East yesterday, urging the Bush administration to leave Yasser Arafat alone and warning that a military strike on Iraq would be an "attack against God Himself."

Even Saddam Hussein's delusions of grandeur aren't that big.

What "occupation"?

As is well known, the implementation of the UN's partition plan was aborted by the effort of the Palestinians and of the surrounding Arab states to destroy the Jewish state at birth. What is less well known is that even if the Jews had lost the war, their territory would not have been handed over to the Palestinians. Rather, it would have been divided among the invading Arab forces, for the simple reason that none of the region's Arab regimes viewed the Palestinians as a distinct nation.

Efraim Karsh wont be getting a job at Fairfax anytime soon. Read the rest here.

Daniel Pipes talks Iran

Good bit this. Go read.

Great news

American White Power sad-case William Pierce died today, hopefully painfully.

Pierce was the author of The Turner Diaries - a call to arms for toothless, white, single-IQ blockheads. I actually downloaded and read this book once. It was so pathetic it was almost comical. Every paranoid "the jews arrr takin' ouer gunnz!! Them Nigras arrr takin' arrr wimmen" racial fantasy imaginable can be found in it.

Some success you had Willy-boy. You and a couple of mouth-breathing neanderthals plotted white revolution from your rural compound, only to be met with a perpetual lack of interest. How do you pathetic aryan turds feel now, knowing that you great benefactor achieved fuck-all in his entire miserable life?

Thanks to Hot Buttered Death for the link.

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