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Why this site?

The short version:

- I might as well have my own say on matters political, moral & cultural, for whatever it's worth.


About myself ......

- 35 years old.
- reside in Canberra, Australia.
- ride motorcycles.
- atheist.
- libertarian on social issues.
- free-market capitalist on economic issues.
- don't like commies or anti-globalism idiots.
- don't like right-wing "traditional values" types either. Stay out of my bedroom, and don't expect me to change my behaviour because you decided to have kids.
- I own a cat.

I did a 5-year Arts (hons) degree at the Australian National University. Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy and a few units of Political Science and Linguistics.

Worked for 7 years in a coffee shop before & during Uni. After graduation I found myself seriously unemployable. Dicked around in mini-jobs for a while, then got tired of writing 200+ job applications. So I borrowed some dough and did a Diploma of Business Programming at the Computer Power Training Institute. A B-grade qualification from an F-grade training outfit.

Still, it got me a job building Access databases for the Department of Health & Family Services on a 6-month contract. I elected not to stay and walked into a job in the higher education sector, where I'm surrounded by people who view the United Nations as the world's moral authority.

I ride one of these.....and one of these

I look like this

Wanna know anything else, e-mail me: "tex {at} whackingday {dot} com"

I can be reached on AIM under the nick "monkifuzz"


E-mail & privacy policy......

Any e-mail sent to me will be considered eligible for publication unless you say otherwise.

I will respect all requests for anonymity, and your e-mail addy will not be given to a third party without your consent.

Do not

1- sign me up for e-mail digests, newsletters, bulletins or lists. I am not interested, you dig? I instantly trash-filter that crap anyway, so don't bother, OK?

2- send me mpeg movies, audio files, huge graphic files, and suchlike. In fact, don't send me attachments of any kind.

3- send offensive hate mail and expect me to honour the privacy promises I've made above. You are more than welcome to disagree with anything I write, but keep it reasonably civil please. "You're an idiot mate" is within the boundaries of decency, "you stupid fucking kike-loving faggot" is not.


Questions people ask me......

Why don't you have comments on your site?

Because, A) it would involve a lot of dicking around setting up & looking after it, B) most comment threads are full of idiots, trolls and just plain boring discussions, C) if you want to share your thoughts, you are welcome to e-mail me at tex <at>

Why don't you use Moveable Type like everyone else?

Because Moveable Type sites all look the bloody same, and I like being able to code the page the way I want without some bullshit front-end interface.

I don't like light text on dark backgrounds, why don't you change it?

Because I like it this way. If you don't like it, don't read it.

What's with the infrequent/erratic posting schedule?

Simply, I don't have the time to update this site every day, and when I have the time, I sometimes don't have the motivation.

This isn't a "latest news" site. I never post from work, and usually don't update till around midnight-2am. I just post when there's something I want to say a few words on, or give a link to something I found interesting.

Will you add my link to your site?


The links you see in the sidebars are essentially my own bookmark list for sites that I like to visit at least semi-frequently. So, if I don't look at your site very often, I won't link to it. No disrespect intended. I don't have the time to read everyone.

Feel free though, to e-mail me with a link you think I may find interesting. It's just that while I may find it of interest, I won't necessarily post about it.

Why didn't I get a reply to my e-mail?

Sorry, I try to reply to everything, though I've been known to take a few weeks sometimes to get around to it. I do read everything though, and generally send a response within a day or two.


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