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Beware all ye who enter here

Do not click on this link.

Don't click on this one either.

...don't say you weren't warned......


What's wrong with this picture?

It's takes a while to spot, but its quite cool


For the love of Satan....turn it off

Would somebody please tell Mr. Bitchin Monaro to turn that fucking music off.


No Radio National invites for you, bwana

Paul Wright delivers a lovely shredding of the UN's report on our evil detention system. Check out his Hugh Mackay bit too. It's better than mine.


The madness is upon the blogger

OK, does anyone doubt that Jack Robertson has lost his mind? What a fruit-loop. What is he on?


Stay at the Al Queda Inn!!

OK, this is bloody funny.


Oh god, not another bloody Neville

Turns out our favourite paranoid hippy - Richard Neville - has a wife who is equally as stupid. And now she is writing stuff on his website. Get a load of this....

I couldn’t help thinking that if Al Gore had won the US elections, our family life would be a lot less stressful. Richard would be occupying himself with gardening projects instead of his vendetta against President Shrub, and the International Court of Justice would be dealing with Al Q’aeda.

Yes, you read that right: the International Court of Justice would be dealing with Al Q’aeda.

Jesus, what a fucking kook....


Hugh Mackay's shameless river of bullshit

Dr. Stupid

Give this overrated loser some points for consistency: he's done it again in this weeks column in the Sydney Morning Herald. Like most current day lefties, he's still yapping on about how John Howard is turning the previously enlightened (ie. Labor-governed) Australian population into a nation of nazis. I'll spare you the whole thing, but this part is a classic:

The dark side of the present situation is that by engaging in the politics of fear - blatantly manipulating propaganda about asylum seekers to dehumanise them and heighten our hostility towards them - Howard and his colleagues have given us permission to sink to new depths of intolerance and prejudice. When we are encouraged to pillory the refugee, other prejudices are also unleashed: anti-Asian, anti-immigration, anti-Muslim, anti-Aborigine.

Gotta hand it to Hugh, he's crammed a whole swagful of lies into one paragraph .........

Howard and his colleagues have given us permission to sink to new depths of intolerance and prejudice

Howard invented racism did he? Unlike brave, forward thinking jew-hating heros of the left, like Jack Lang. And I'd be interested to know how our previous visionary leader Paul Keating's ass-licking of the genocidal Indonesians stacks up on your moral scale.

When we are encouraged to pillory the refugee

gosh, and hear I was thinking that we just wanted to make sure refugees are actual refugees. But I guess this is "racism" in the Hugh Mackay paradigm. Thank you for correcting me, oh great one.

When we are encouraged to pillory the refugee, other prejudices are also unleashed: anti-Asian, anti-immigration, anti-Muslim, anti-Aborigine.

Hugh does his old trick: accusations with no evidence, only hysterical fantasies about how the Howard grand guignol is creating a whirlpool of hate like in Berlin 1933. At least this is what is happening in Hugh Mackay's brain - or what's left of it. Yet he (as usual) provides no arguments for this appalling statement, and certainly nothing resembling actual evidence.

One other thing, isn't it interesting that when Labor and Democrats opposed immigration during the 90's, it was because of morally correct reasons (like the environment). Howard's numbers are no lower, yet he's a racist. Labor did fuck-all about indigenous health in 13 years, yet they are still held as the progressive party on this issue, whereas Howard issues an actual statement of regret, oversees the opening of Reconciliation Place, and he's still the bogeyman.

The depraved, staggering hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds.

What an asshole. How does this windbag, shameless liar and shabby researcher occupy such a position of respect in this country?

We'll ultimately feel worse about ourselves as a result of all this because we are denying expression to some of the most noble values that lie within our culture.

Hugh is telling us to feel guilty again, just like he, Margo Kingston, Phillip Adams and the rest of the dweeb-left have been telling us to do for the last decade or so. Problem is, that pesky public just keep refusing to comply

Yes, the rehabilitation of Howard has been achieved, but have we paid too high a price for it?

Yes, despite our improved economy, we still have to listen to halfwit softcocks like you. That's too high a price to pay for anything.


Ruminations on David Hicks, treason & capital punishment

Jason Soon has been thinking about these things. I suggest you go read what he has written.


At last..what we've always needed to know

The art of pen spinning



Pie goooooood! I like pie


Quote of the day

Until the U.N. ceases to be the tool of a bunch of pisshole Third World dictatorships, European and American leftist intellectuals, and their apologists, they can take their politically booby trapped treaties, fold them into corners, and shove them up their collective asses.
- Scott Eiland, Oregon USA



Hell is other students

Matthew Bates brings back bad memories with this excellent post describing his experience in a classfull of bozos who consider Fidel Castro a great humanitarian.

Well, my argument that America was a largely positive influence in the world was met with howls of derision from most of the knee-jerk leftist anti-Americans in the class. Including the lecturer. When I said that I was grateful that I lived in a world under the toe of a liberal-democratic America, and not a world dominated by Soviet Russia or 'Maoist' China (okay, not Maoist, but you know what I mean), I was asked -- seriously -- why I thought that.

Dude, I just hope that your Xiaoping's Bunghole of a lecturer aint the one marking your essays. Ah, fuck em. Keep spouting your non-enlightened blasphemy. Hopefully they'll all suffer brain haemorrhages before they begin to infect the real world.


Grog-addled commie dickhead runs amok and suffers more delusions of grandeur

Tim Blair has beaten me to the punch. Go read his bit on today's bizarro effort by leftie crank Bob Ellis to raise moral outrage about our non-outrageous detention centres.


Credibility problem? What credibility problem?

Professor Bunyip exposes the hypocrisy of visiting UN windbag envoy, Justice Prafullachandra Natwarlal Bhagwati and his bullshit condemnation of our detention centres for illegal immigrants. Seems Bhagwati can't keep his principles in order. I guess the prestige of his UN position has muddled his brain.

And some people still wonder why the UN is held in such contempt.


Iran, then Saddam

Reader Fritz Pettyjohn in California sent this interesting article from the Seattle Times, with this comment: If you could wager on Saddam being a goner a year from now you should bet the farm. It's as near a certainty as these things get.

One hopes, bwana, one sure hopes....


Blithering Twit speaks out

In The Sydney Morning Herald they have this "Heckler" column you see, where anyone with something to say can send in a piece and get it published. Mostly trivial, sometimes amusing, and sometimes - like today - you get some real asscakes writing in.

Some joker named Alex Damon writes about the fascist evils of modern Australian life in an essay subtly titled A bleeding heart is better than bloody-minded hatred. Punchy, eh? It's the usual delusional leftist pap: because Labor aren't running the country we're losing our moral fibre, becoming pariahs in the world, etc etc.

Oh Brave New World, that has such people in it. Everything we fought for from the 1960s to the 1990s - human rights, women's rights, workers' rights - is to be swept away and dismissed as "politically correct".

And tell me, oh brave dissident, which of these rights have been "swept away"?

The phrase is now a mantra trotted out contemptuously - and as though they have just invented the term - by writers of every second letter to various editors, by talkback hosts or their callers and by the burgeoning ranks of right-wing columnists, some of whom even inhabit supposedly quality papers such as the Herald.

Those bloody evil right-wing bastards, being in touch with public opinion and not using taxpayers' money to do it. Have they no shame?

Since Tampa and September 11 we have witnessed the worst form of cowardice as the ugly face of right-wing journalism, emboldened by popular opinion, has emerged from behind a screen of reasonable language to spread its poison unfettered by delicacy.

So, what is it you're complaining about exactly? If what they're saying is wrong, then prove it. But that's not it: they're saying things you don't like, most people agree with them, so you start whinging that Australia is becoming an outpost of the Third Reich.

All hail the New Morality! Now it is honourable to lock up children of asylum seekers in appalling detention centres. We are told the world secretly admires us for it.

Well, pardon me for pointing this out Einstein, but it was the progressive, enlightened souls in the Labor party who started all this.

And since Tampa, people don't even have to say "I'm not a racist, but" before they say something racist.

Classic Keating-fanboy revisionism: racism was invented during the term of the Howard government. Call me when your spaceship lands Alex.

Of course, we've chosen the right Federal Government to propagate the New Morality. At each advance made for human rights in this country - anti-discrimination legislation, equal pay, affirmative action (remember that?), land rights and so on - you could hear large chunks of the Right bleating "social engineering!".

Tell me: exactly which pieces of Howard government legislation enforce unequal pay, discrimination in the workplace and repossessing aboriginal land?

(......cue sound of crickets......)

Job security has virtually disappeared in favour of contracts and casual work

"virtual" disappearance. Heh. A perfect way of making a stupid statement which you are unable to support with evidence. Oh, Alex doesn't mention the small fact that the coalition has reduced unemployment from the double-digit Labor days.

public assets have been sold

Many of them under Labor stewardship, or have you forgotten that, you fucking prat.

a tax has been introduced that is unevenly borne by people with lower incomes

Let's see........
- poor person buys a $10 item, pays $1 GST
- rich person buys a $10 item, pays $1 GST

Doesn't look uneven to me bwana. And pardon me for asking, but didn't the "uneven" relationship apply just as much with wholesale sales tax?

.....and social cohesion abandoned in favour of Us versus Them

The terminal confusion of the infantile left. Do you crybaby wankers ever consider for one second why the Keating government was obliterated in the 1996 election? Do you think it was because people were happy with the Keating left agenda? That they wanted mass illegal immigration? That they were happy with Keating's economic management? That they were enjoying being told how "racist" they were? That they were comfortable being lectured piously that their destiny would be shared with genocidal & kleptocratic asian governments, wether they liked it or not?

Are you dweebs ever going to wake up and face reality for once in your miserable lives? What is it about Australian society that you just don't get?

where 'They' are groups such as the unemployed, single mothers, lesbians, and now refugees. But, of course, this is an elite argument.

No, it's merely a stupid one.

It's the argument of overgrown, perpetually immature student activists who cannot accept the fact that the wider community does not and never has cared about politically correct moral crusades of the left.

It's the argument of people who cannot accept that the Australian population are a peaceful, rational people who are capable of making their own choices or forming their own ideas without having been brainwashed by the Big Evil Conspiracy of The Right.

It's the argument of people who - despite their shrill protestations - have a deep contempt for the stupid, unenlightened masses who refuse to accept "correct thinking".

And most of all, it's the argument of sad, pathetic ageing juveniles who have never bothered to grow up, get a life, and join the real world, and who - till the day they die - will harbour a sick resentment against the very reality of existence in our great, peaceful, modern democracy.

Alex, on behalf of the vast majority of my fellow Australians, I say: fuck you


Islamic scum re-commence their genocide program

Another charming homicide bomber has killed another bunch of innocent civilians at Hebrew University in Jerusalem today.

Later the militant Islamist group Hamas claimed responsibility for the bombing, saying it was in revenge for an Israeli air raid on Gaza City last week that killed a Hamas leader and 14 other people, including 9 children.

"It's a part of a series of responses that will take a long time and teach all Israelis," the group said in a statement faxed to news agencies.

Most of the students at the Hebrew University are Jewish, though a large number are Arabs. Israel's Channel 2 television said Arab students were believed to be among the casualties, The Associated Press reported.

Weren't these the same fellas who complained about innocent kiddies being killed? But now they're going to get all israelis. Well, the word irony doesn't appear anywhere in the Koran does it? (though all that "kill the infidels" and "beat your mindless slut of a wife to death" stuff was pretty entertaining).

Hamas are not too worried about killing Arabs who happen to be around either. *Gasp*...someone might even argue that this is not so much a case of fighting for a homeland as a plan to exterminate the entire population of Israel. Of course, maybe I'm just a cynic.

You understand, of course, that this was a brave freedom fighter strking back against those zionist-soldiers-disguised-as-students who were hiding out in a university cafeteria. Islam is a religion of peace dammit, it would never target innocent civilians.....


Hannibal redux

The re-make of Red Dragon is on it's way. I'm a fan of Michael Mann's stylish manhunter, but it was ultimately limited by a vague script, rough editing, erratic direction, some terrible soundtrack choices and the woeful William Petersen in the lead role.

This one has all the ingredients on paper:

- it's got a fucking killer cast: Anthony Hopkins, Edward Norton, Ralph Fiennes, Harvey Keitel, Emily Watson, Mary Louise Parker and Philip Seymour Hoffman

- Written by Ted Tally who penned lambs

- Brett Ratner is a skillful young director

Potential Problem #1: Hopkins. Hannibal was a load of shit, and Lecter has become a stupid, irritating caricature of himself. Let's pray to Satan the director & actor resist the temptation to ham it up. Hopkins not only has to restore his lambs credibility, but also live up to Brian Cox's wonderfully slimy portrayal. I'm not confident though. The temptation to go back to Hannibal The Clown for one-liners and trailer grabs will be too much methinks.

Potential Problem #2: Will Ed Norton be any good as the determined, intense Will Graham, or will he be the bloody annoying, nasal Fight Club Ed?


'bout bloody time

Well, it seems Martin Scorcese is finally about to finish the edit of Gangs of New York - a film which finished shooting well over a year ago. It's one of the few movies I'm looking forward to. It's apparently gonna have a 2hr40min running time. But when is the bloody thing actually coming out?


Someone give this man free donuts

Paul Wright does a beautiful knackering of our foreign policy weasels, who start pissing their pants over the thought of being criticised by out enlightened Asian neighbours.

Asian countries send their children here to be educated, their rich come here when they are sick. We have nothing to apologise for, and nothing to ask for. Is there any doubt that they will continue to buy our products and services. World countries set up their headquarters in Sydney for very good reasons. Mainly so they know that the President's son-in-law's personal trainer is not allowed to show up and demand a job.

Amen brother :)


Beer pondering

Help me o reader: I have money for a slab of beer, but what to buy? Right now I'm thinkin' Crown Lager. Opinions?

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