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Truth is beauty

Paul Wright gives a brilliant bollocking to the peacenicks.

I want to draw a few threads together and clarify some thinking that floats about the anti-war movement. And when I say anti-war, it’s pretty clear this means anti-American war.

Over the past 20 years there have been horrendous local wars, civil wars, uprisings, coups, repressions, crackdowns and other nastiness. At no stage have I ever seen a single march by any of the peace movement umbrella groups unless the US or the UK was involved. Iraq vs Iran – one million dead. FARC kills thousands of Colombian peasants yearly. It doesn’t matter to the peace crew, because there aren’t any white folks involved. Let the wogs kill each other, we have bigger fish to fry!

and this

Saddam has never behaved as anything other than a bloodthirsty despot, intent of remaining in power at any cost to his own people or the world. He is a mass murderer of children and innocents, a wilful polluter on a scale seldom seen before, a threat to his neighbours, and a danger to us. Removing him is a positive good.

Wot he sed. Read it all, right now.

Gazza vs. Labor

Gareth Parker lays into the half-baked Hawke-Wran effort on reforming the ALP. Gareth is showing far too much wisdom for someone of that age. It is clear he has no future in Australian journalism.

The Living Dead speaks up...again

Loser ex-PM and desperately-starved-for-attention sadcase Malcolm Fraser offers some words of wisdom in today's Age about a potential war on Iraq.

Malcolm spews forth some incoherent mumbling, out of which I could discern exactly 4 points:

1. Australia should be cautious about entering a war, coz it's not in our "self-interest". He then flays the americans for their own self-interest. Make up your mind, grandpa.

2. Some muttering about Robert McNamara & Vietnam. Exactly what the relevance of this is, I'm not sure.

3. The USA needs UN approval. He doesn't explain why.

4. This gem: We should stop deriding the UN in its efforts to establish a better world and remember that we are part of one world.

What is it about loser ex-PMs that makes them incapable of keeping their mouths shut, and instead bless us with their condescending wisdoms? Didn't you dicks do enough damage fucking up foreign policy and wrecking our economy when you were in office? Don't you get it? We voted you out so your ideas wouldn't be put into practice.

Take your stinkin' parliamentary pensions and leave us alone fer chrissakes.

Good news re. Palestine terror?

Daniel Pipes has some observations which give a glimmer of hope.


It's all about me

Got back this afternoon from a pretty overnight trip to the Victorian coastal town of Mallacoota. It was really an excuse to ride my awesome new ZX-9R on a longer trip. Perfect weather, but today's powerful crosswinds were a bitch-and-a-half. Some pics of Mallacoota here and here. I stayed at the Silver Bream Motel. Decent, but not as nice as the Motor Inn down the road.

The town pub has good grub, though the battered fish was too soggy this time around. They make a mean dessert though. The apple streudel was to die for.

I also had my first Fosters in years. I now remember why nobody I know drinks this shit. Tastes like somebody mixed rat turds into the brew. Yeeuuchh. It's not even good enough to be considered pigswill.


I'm gonna hurl

Damian Penny alerted me to the fact that The Independent has hit a new low (and trust me, that's saying something). Deluded fuckchop Adrian Hamilton does a remarkable imbecile Uncle-Sam-is-Satan moral-equivalency whine which would do John Pilger proud....

Yes, we need a 'regime change' in this rogue state...
Its government has no majority. It refuses arms monitoring. Its opponents are locked up without trial.

A democratically elected government of a sovereign nation rejects "arms monitoring" and locks up holy terrorist warriors. Laws-a-mercy!

Nonetheless George Bush has done something in the last week to set out the parameters to pre-emptive action. "We owe it," he put it in Maine last weekend, "to the future of civilisation not to allow the world's worst leaders to develop and deploy and therefore blackmail free countries with the world's worst weapons." And he went on to define such enemies of the people as regimes intent on building up weapons of mass destruction, oblivious of international law and UN resolutions, governments who imprisoned their opponents without trial and who could not claim democratic legitimacy at home.

Well, "yay for Dubya" as far as I'm concerned.

Significantly, nowhere in the series of speeches he made this week did Mr Bush actually name these rogue regimes. But it is pretty clear reading the descriptions whom he must have meant.

Only for those of us with brains, Adrian.

The government which is spending by far the most on weapons of mass destruction, and is now planning to raise its budget by an increase greater than the total defence spending of Europe, is, of course, based in Washington.

A revelation, to be sure.

Not only is it building an arsenal the like of which the world has never seen......

Um, yes we have. It was called the Soviet Union. The last great politically correct superpower. Somehow I doubt those guys were the subject of too many of Adrian's inane invectives.

it has unilaterally withdrawn from the treaties designed to limit the spread of nuclear weapons

These would be the same treaties that have been so effective at slowing the nuclear advances in India, Pakistan and China? But of course, we focus on those pesky americans.

and has refused to accept any kind of international monitoring of its chemical or nuclear weapons facilities.

For what purpose, dickface?

It has a government in power without the legitimacy of a democratic majority....

It got a majority of the electoral college votes, dumbass. And these same illegitimate thugs now enjoy overwhelming public support, which would tend to render your already lame point completely irrelevant, no?

...in the hands of a coterie from a single part of the country and clearly aiming at a dynasty of rule...

As conspiracy theories go, this is worthy of Raimondo. Say Adrian, how many elected members are there in the House of Lords by the way?

Its rhetoric is one of violent aggression against anyone seen as its enemies.

Impolite rhetoric. Is there no limit to this american horror?

It opponents are locked up without trial or the right to habeas corpus.

Those poor, innocent jihad boys were just whisked away from their afternoon tea parties.....

True, it has a has a history of interfering with and invading its neighbours – Panama, Grenada, Haiti et al. But since the long and debilitating war in Vietnam, it has kept largely to its own region.

You've just contradicted yourself, idiot.

Of course it has a peculiarly obnoxious regime, ready to poison its own people with corrupt capitalism and deregulated pollution.

Thank you Chairman Mao, for reminding us of the horrors of a free country where people are free to spend their own money and where they can vote for their own representatives and policies.

You commie bozos lost the cold war. Get over it you limp-wristed weasel.

But give it time, and pressure from the outside world, and it will pay up its UN dues, rejoin the nuclear proliferation pacts and the Kyoto treaty and start behaving as a responsible member of the community again.

I love the retarded hypocrisy of the anti-USA left: the USA is supposed to follow nuclear treaties it's enemies are ignoring, follow the Kyoto treaty the worst polluting nations on earth are not subject to (and lets not get into the bullshit science of the greenhouse scare), and they're supposed to be "responsible" members of the happy UN community which happily tolerates the excesses of undemocratic, genocidal governments.

Uncle Sam sez: "kiss my ass"

It is no friend of democracy, having announced its refusal to deal with the only two elected leaders of the Islamic world – Khatami in Iran and Yasser Arafat in Palestine, the latter the only Arab leader ever elected with western observers checking the process.

Well there is the small fact that Arafat still advocates the extermination of Israel. And sure they were "elected", just like Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe was "elected". Having authority over media channels and shooting your opponents might tend to render the democratic process somewhat unfair in my opinion. For a guy who's so obsessed with George Bush's non-legitimate status, you would think Adrian would have noticed this.

The country has armed and succoured state terrorism and assassination by the Israelis.

Fancy supporting the only democratic country in the entire middle east. The shame of it. They should be funding the mass-slaughter of jews by Hamas. It's the politically-correct thing to do you see. Those filthy, big-nose kike bastards just get in the way of all our enlightened social policies.

It has installed the worst sort of warlord gangsters in Afghanistan

The USA loses either way with commie degenerates like Adrian: if they occupy the country, they are imperialist invaders, yet if they do what they can to help the Afghans govern themselves, now they're guilty of neglect.

The problem remains the practicalities. Whereas in Afghanistan the allies could rely on a local opposition force on the ground, no such scenario can be relied on in this case. The Spanish speaking minority in the south might be induced to rise up. There could be assistance from Minutemen in the mountains. But the democratic opposition is too defeated and divided to provide much help. The answer could be an "inside-out" strategy using special forces to take Washington and a few key nuclear bases. Provided the rest of the country was left to get on with its business, there would probably be little internal opposition to a seizure of the capital.

Oooh, the big, scary army of european Taliban-loving whimp journos are gonna invade the USA. Assuming anyone even notices you're there, see how long it takes them to turn you into fertilizer.

A period of occupation of five to 10 years could provide an opportunity to inculcate ideas of true democracy, with a fair electoral system based on absolute majority.

Sorry pisshead, the dictatorship of the prolitariat has been tried already. All those countries are now loser, third-world toiletbowls who spend their time begging the americans for money.

Given time, this rogue superstate might then be able to take its place once again among the family of peace-loving nations.

Um, which ones would they be, then? The brave french, who surrender at the first sign of a uniform then repay everybody by blowing up greenpeace ships? The peace-loving Germans? The human-rights-loving Africans? The nice, democratic Chinese? Or is it all the other countries the americans either saved from the Nazis during WW2 or helped to rebuild afterward?

As an Aussie patriot and atheist, I feel not the slightest irony at proudly stating the following:

God bless America.

Suck on that, losers :)


Blogger Word Game

If you're bored, you could try counting how many times the words "Bush Doctrine" appears on USS Clueless.

The truth about warbloggin'

Thus sprach John Quiggin.....

Four or five days ago, I was waiting for an explosive response to the TIME Magazine piece "Before Sept. 11 — The Secret History", which showed that bungling and infighting in the incoming Bush administration caused a Clinton administration plan for a concerted attack on al-Qaeda to be shelved. Apart from brief mentions in a few lefty blogs, there's been nothing. Apparently, if it doesn't fit the warblogger world view, it doesn't get mentioned

Except of course, for the very prominent mentions of this exact topic in the more popular 'war blogs', Pejman, Andrew Sullivan and Right Wing News. And this is just the stuff that I scan regularly.

Monbiot is back

Overpaid imbecile George Monbiot has written another classic in The Guardian:

The United States is now our foremost enemy. We must begin to treat it as such.

Trust me. He actually wrote that.

Lileks vs. Islam

You need to read this.

When you're on a good thing

I was gonna give it a rest, but kicking Amir Butler in the genitals is just too much fun.

It's always kinda amusing to hear this sorry homicide-bomber-loving twit whinge about the evils of American society, while studiously ignoring the comparisons to the paradise of the virtuous Islamic world. Today, for example, he links to this article which complains of Dubya turning the USA into an Orwellian hell.

Just for fun, lets play a USA/IslamicFundieWorld comparison game.....

Womens Rights

USA: women can dress how they like, have a career (or not have one), criticise men freely, marry who they want (or not marry), have children (or not have them), go to school, travel where they please on their own, have their own money and generally be treated as equals.

IslamicFundieWorld: wear what you like, so long as you're prepared to be beaten to death. You marry who you're told to marry, you've haven't got great educational or career prospects, can't travel without your husband, get raped and you'll be executed for adultery, disobey your husband and ye shall be killed.

USA 1, IslamicFundieWorld 0


USA: vote for any candidate you like, or put yourself up as a candidate, or join a party a choose a candidate. You can criticise any politician at any time for any reason. The penalty for this is being criticised by Ann Coulter. If a politican is unpopular, they can be voted out. Crimes by politicians can be (and are) investigated in public view.

IslamicFundieWorld: it's great here - you don't ever have to vote for anybody! The rulers-chosen-by-allah know all. Criticise them, and you'll be tortured, imprisoned or shot. Probably all three. Politicians can steal what they like and kill who they like. They're not accountable to anyone. Free press? Who needs that? Isn't Allah looking after us all? All social ills can be blamed on the Jews and the USA.

USA 2, IslamicFundieWorld 0


USA: prosperous, free, well educated, technologically advanced. A massive media, music, literary and movie industry which freely caters for all tastes. You can say naughty things and watch naughty things. You can even criticise religion at will at not worship anything if you feel like it.

IslamicFundieWorld: repressive, tyrannical, backward, brutal. Despite massive oil revenue it cannot claim a single significant scientific invention, or have university graduates in any area other than theology. Democracy is unknown, but tyrants are popular. Criticise the koran or islam, and it's a fatwah for you big boy. Oh, and if you're homosexual, expect a nice, big scimitar at the back of your neck.

No free press, arts at the whim of fundamentalist mullahs, and generally a life which adds up to a very big dead end. Fear not, just direct your repressed, envy-fuelled rage into hatred of jews and americans, rather than actually getting off your medieval asses and doing something useful with your lives

USA 3, IslamicFundieWorld 0

America wins..... again.......

Political compass

I took the "political compass" test again. Here are my results........

Economic Left/Right: 3.62
Authoritarian/Libertarian: -2.46

Funny, I took this test less than a year ago and got "0.00" on the economics question.

Basically, the test is a pile of ass, with many truly moronic questions. Sorry, I don't see punishing criminals as "authoritarianism".

A question

Our own Hezbollah cheerleader - Amir Butler - asks a question:

Who do those uppity Saudis think they are?

Um, how about "neanderthal band of kleptocratic fundamentalist tyrants".


The Proximity of Ozblogs

I just realised John Quiggin and I work at the same place. I even help train some of his fellow staff and students.

This doesn't bother me, but it might bother him.....

A guide to tough chicks

Thanks to Sasha Castel for the heads-up on this essential reading.

Nyal sucks

I still have this bloody flu. I've tried Nyal's "decongestant", which is supposed to relieve a clogged nose, etc. Well every time I drink this toxic gunk, my flu seems to get worse. Avoid at all costs.

Book recommendation

Having two days off sick from work gave me the chance to sit in front of the heater and read Killing Pablo by Mark Bowden. Fascinating, scary and depressing all in one.

TV recommendation

Watched another episode of the superb documentary series Finest Hour - about Britain in WW2. I've seen a billion WW2 docos, and really wasn't interested in another one. Brilliant, stirring stuff. If you ever get the chance, watch it.

New "Dickheads" link

A new addition to our "dickheads" link section: the truly scarifying aus.politics newsgroup. The greatest collection of screeching, paranoid web nerds I've yet run across. Read such fascinating threads from the left as "USA is a mass murderer of the innocent!!!" and so on. These guys make Raimondo look sane.


The sick mind of Amir Butler

Our own pro-Taliban blogger now claims the islamic oppression of women in Afghanistan was all a communist lie.

Does this evil prick have any shame?


Why, Why, Why?

I'm not buying a dickmobile, thank you.

What is Phillip Adams on about?

Can anyone determine if his latest weekend column has anything to say other than "multiculturalism=good, white people = nazis"? This bit was particularly amusing;

Behold a simple message for those who fear social complexity – to those who condemn what we call multiculturalism. To those who fear that immigration from miscellaneous countries and cultures will place us in jeopardy.

In other words, the guy who has been squealing for forty bloody years about Hollywood cultural hegemony and insidious american global capitalism, is now telling us not to worry about it. Or is it a case of, "foreigners are welcome, just so long as there are no yanks"?

Another empty-headed Heckler

Fresh on the heels of Alex Damon, comes an even more hysterical "heckler" piece from the Sydney Morning Herald, courtesy of some drongo called Norm Christenson. This overgrown mummys-boy's piece is titled A pre-emptive strike against a presumption of innocence

A good idea is a good idea and good ideas don't come much better than George Bush's pre-emptive strike policy, shortly to be brought to you by General Jack Howard and Alexander The Grate. So good is this particular good idea that state governments are rushing to implement pre-emptive policing before their political opponents beat them to the punch.

This is the first paragraph. This is the only point he makes in the entire article. The remaining ten paragraphs are repetitions of feeble satire;

Special officers will, in future, be strategically placed inside the foyers of clubs and pubs. They will quickly eliminate those who will never offend - Volvo drivers, small men with large wives or skinny young ladies wearing tight pants and clutching $20 bottles of tap water.


They will however quickly spot those who are obviously part of the Axles of Evil. Drivers of those silly little cars with canvas tops, cars that make more noise than a taxi-ing 747 or, even worse (shudder), white delivery vans.


Police freed from checking speeding or drink-driving offences will now be available to tackle those crimes that affect all of us. No longer will the little old lady who tries to take 12 items through the 10-or-less checkout at the supermarket escape the opprobrium she deserves.

..and on, and on, and on it goes. Yes, we got your lame joke the first time Norm...why go on for another 600 bloody words? Do you even have a point? Yes, we understand you are upset about first-strikes against nice "presumed innocent" folk like Saddam Hussein and the North Koreans (cue violins), but you've penned a whole article and made no arguments to support you position.

This guy would make a worthy Fairfax columnist. They deserve no better.

Dubya, what's wrong with ya?

Thomas Friedman makes a damn good point in this article.

Since September 11 all we've heard out of this Bush team is how illegitimate violence is as a tool of diplomacy or politics, and how critical it is to oust Saddam Hussein to bring democracy to the Arab world. Yet last week, when a kangaroo court in Egypt, apparently acting on orders from President Hosni Mubarak, sentenced an ill, 63-year-old Saad Eddin Ibrahim to seven years "hard labour" for promoting democracy - for promoting the peaceful alternative to fundamentalist violence - the Bush-Cheney team sat on its hands.

The State Department, in a real profile in courage, said it was "deeply disappointed" by the conviction of Ibrahim, who holds a United States passport. Disappointed? I'm disappointed when the Baltimore Orioles lose. When an Egyptian President we give $2 billion a year to jails a pro-American democracy advocate, I'm outraged and expect the US to do something about it.

Bush has been strong and decisive is many respects in the war on terror, which makes his endless vacillating over issues like this and Saudi Arabia so inexcusable. A verbal condemnation is the least Bush can do here. To remain silent is a disgrace.


Shite weekend. Hurt my back, got a cold, and my throat feels like it's hosted sulphuric acid. I also read a loooong and utterly nauseating piece in the Canberra Times weekend edition praising Fidel Castro (not available online).

On the upside, I got myself a case of Crown Lager. Sorry Bailz.

He sed it first

Gaz Parker posts a bunch of good stuff today, inc. an arse-bollocking of mandatory detention critics.

Taliban-boy posts a classic

Jihad cheerleader Amir "Scimitar" Butler continues his endless stream of islamic fundamentalist propaganda. This one is a classic....

Until Turkey wakes up and realises that the one ideology that gave them honour and dignity was Islam, they will always be on this treadmill of humiliation at the hands of those whom they constantly seek acceptance from.

"honour and dignity" - um, I guess he means dressing women up like mummies and beating them to death, having a retarded koranic education system and the nauseating system of sharia law. Gosh Amir, how do they cope without these blessings?

Amir, my dear boy, Kemal Ataturk is the only reason Turkey is even close to being a modern, democratic nation. He was the one who dragged his islamic society out of the 7th century and implemented a modern cultural, education & economic system. If your nice friendly islamic clerics were still running things, Turkey would be a repressive third-world toiletbowl theocracy, along with the rest of the islamic world.

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