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Quiet everybody. We don't want to interrupt Amir Butler, John Pilger, The Guardian and the ISO's prayers for another terrorist massacre in the USA on Independence Day.

Israel, vol.24523656462

This is depressing but essential reading



Four days, and this friggin site still hasn't propagated, so I'm still yakkering to those few folk who know the IP address, and to those who will read this in future days.....

Awesome babes

Thanks to Paul Wright for this link. I've already added these gals to my links list.


Check out Paul Wright's parenting experience from hell.....(scroll down to July 1 entry)


Cheryl Kernot and gareth Evans had an affair?
1- Hardly a shock
2- Shows Kernot to be even more of a shallow dingbat than we expected
3- Fills my head with mental images I don't even wanna think about.

They got these fellas, and we get Phillip Adams

Jeremy Rabkin is a god. I first heard this Professor of Government at Cornell University a few weeks back on Late Night Live, discussing the dangers of establishing an International Criminal Court. Phillip Adams opened with his usual moaning about the USA crushing truth & justice in refusing to ratify the ICC. Using very non-PC language, Rabkin shredded Phillip's babblings piece-by-piece and left any sane person listening in no doubt as to the dangers of this unaccountable jurist body.

Adams - woefully out of his intellectual depth and probably incapable of even understanding the issues at hand - could only respond with some yo-yo vague comment about the USA's "unilateralism", which prompted an even more effective no-bullshit rebuttal from Rabkin. Adams - realising things really weren't going the way he hoped - pretty much stopped asking him any questions and moved to the other guest. Once Rabkin was cut off and unable to answer back, Adams disgracefully insulted him with some mumbled juvenile commentary on "cold war warriors".

Adams then moved on with the next interview - John Pilger, which kinda says it all.

Adams hadn't looked like such a pinhead since he spoke to Christopher Hitchens after the pommie provocateur published his infamous article regarding the blame-USA-left post Sep11. Adams blubbed about the evils of America in Chile and Vietnam, how they had been asking for it all along and [fill in the blank with leftist wank of choice]. Hitchens - no doubt wondering how this fucking idiot ever got to host a radio show - responded by demanding of him "what is this crap you're asking me". Adams didn't answer the question. He has however, muttered many a comment about Hitchen's new misguidedness at every available opportunity since despite never once being able to refute any of Hitchens arguments.

I notice Hitchens hasn't been on the show too often since that night. And it's no wonder.

Hitchens' support for the war against terror must really have made Adams wet his pants. What could Adams fight back with? As an intellectual paperweight, Phillip can hardly argue directly with Hitchens, nor can he accuse him of being a right-wing conspirator or a yankee sycophant (Hitchens has in the past been ruthlessly critical of USA foreign policy, esp. in regards to a few subjects in particular: the wretched Henry Kissinger, the evil Pinochet's Chile and the moral depravity of Bill Clinton). Adams has no answer other than veiled insults and keeping Hitchens the hell off the show.

Why on earth is the australian taxpayer forced to fund this miserable, bloated Pilger-loving weasel? The paranoids at Friends of The ABC would not doubt claim he provides an independent voice, an opportunity for thinking and speech free of the corporate edifice. What a load of ass. His snivelling interviews with demonstrable loons like Margot Kingston, John Pilger and Khmer Rouge-fanboy Noam Chomsky are a voice for the most outrageous lies, anti-American rants, non-research and non-critical thinking bordering on the psychotic. Whenever someone gets the rare opportunity to argue successfully against the Adams mantra (see above), he quickly changes the subject and marginalizes the speaker.

Adams a champion of free, indepedent speech? Pig's arse. This windbag is an intellectual coward, hypocrite and dingbat of the worst kind. It's high time the ABC stopped using our money to keep this ageing jabbering Jabba in paid employment.

I'm pissed off dammit

Last night, SBS showed THE CUTTING EDGE: WHO SHOT MOHAMMED aL-DURA, which sheds a somewhat different light on the Israeli "murder" of 12-year-old Mohammed al-Dura in the Gaza strip in September 2000. The documentary argued that the boy was almost certainly not killed by an Israeli gunman. The wholesale distortions of the Palestinian propagandists and the appalling French channel 2 documentary were enough to churn the stomach.

Don't expect the Arafat Broadcasting Corporation or John Pilger to examine the points raised any time soon.


Arafat wants really, he does

Um, yeah.

Somebody warn Amir Butler.....

....not to read this arse-kickin' Tammy Bruce piece. He'll be grinding his teeth down to the gums on this one. Just who does this infidel capitalist dyke this she is eh?



Tim Blair has compiled a list of his brilliant insults. Go look ya bastards.

Magic Tube

OK, I've been watching Channel 10's premiere of The Osbournes for two minutes, and it's already the best thing I've seen this year. Ozzy is truly the befuddled patriarch of the chemical refreshment enthusiast.

Run away Simon, right now

Frightening news for Labor: Cheryl Kernot is offering Simon Crean her help at the next Federal poll. Stop snickering you: it could be fun - watch Labor's vote go into single-digit territory.

The Great Randi stuffs 'em again

Go read this terrific piece by James Randi on the excuses used by our talented paranormal brethren to avoid taking his Million-Dollars-Test.

Go on you charlatans: the guy with the beard is offering One Million American dollars. Why don't one of you sewer-sucking filth actually go ahead and grab this money? Make all us skeptics look like fools. Go on, I dare ya.

Another pea-brained Sydney Morning Herald article

Today's opinion piece offers a fresh rant against the evils of democracy, capitalism, freedom of choice and a booming economy. Where does Fairfax find these losers? Macquarie Uni academic Michelle Arrow bemoans the lack of dissident outrage in our community about... well... everything.

Why has everyone in Australia gone so damn quiet all of a sudden? Where is the response in pop culture to what are becoming known as (shudder) the Howard years?

Quiet???? Was this goose born after May 1? You can't turn on the TV without seeing some band of armpit-foresters holding a rally against The Evils of Rich White People. As for the "Howard years"...well yeah, we're all getting nostalgic for 18% interest rates, 10% unemployment and eternal recession aint we?

Once, artists, musicians and film-makers could always be relied on to adopt an oppositional perspective. Like the explosion of punk in the mid-1970s, Rock against Racism, Springsteen, the anti-Thatcher cinema of Ken Loach and Mike Leigh, or the American political rap act Public Enemy.

An opposition perspective to what? A democratically elected government? A prospering economy? The reference to Public Enemy is smirk-worthy: a rap group who thank such psychotic souls as Louis Farrakhan and Khalid Muhummed in their CD sleeves (Khalid once kindly remarked that when he gained power he would exterminate all the "crackers and faggots". You go boy!! Oh wait, he's dead. How ya doin' down there fella?).

What else was there? - ah the punk movement, such an immense contribution to western civilisation. If only I could remember what it is they contributed... no wait, don't tell me, it'll come to me in a minute I'm sure....

Dissent is there, but it's becoming harder to find (or perhaps just harder to motivate). There is a lot of despair and sadness over the policies of the Howard Government on everything from refugees to tertiary education and the GST

Um, no there isn't. The GST was introduced and - surprise surprise - the world didn't blow up. Even the Labor party isn't going to scrap it now. The "refugee" (read "illegal immigrant") policy has overwhelming public support. This is typical of the muddled soft-left: we're a nation of xenophobes, dummies and racists, and yet the same nation of redneck goons is in the midst of "despair and sadness". Well - which is it? It can't be both.

What have we got to show for our six years of right-wing government?

Well, we can start with lower unemployment, drastically lower interest rates and an economy which is booming despite a worldwide downturn. Ah yes, but where's the heart?

Hanson spawned her doppelganger in drag, Pauline Pantsdown, but Hanson was almost too easy to satirise. She stood out because of her class, her gender and her party. She became the politician the middle classes loved to hate, and opposition to her translated into a simple message: racism is bad.

Yeah, and this same nation of mindless bigots voted Hanson and her entire dimwit party out of office. Don't you wankers read the newspapers? The left - so desperate for their iconic bogeywoman - have ignored the fact that she is long dead as a political force and desperately try to link her name to every government policy.

Yet where was this anti-racist momentum when refugees became the demonised group of the month?

Well I don't know if you noticed, but a very large and smelly group of them helped some asylum-seekers escape from Woomera not so long ago. Some of whom then got left in the desert by their morally righteous benefactors. Maybe they were late for the save-the-whales rally.

Odd that Michelle forgets to mention that only a tiny fraction of the Tampa "refugees" were actually considered refugees by the UN, an organisation not known for sympathy with the Howard government.

It was a hopeful sign when one of the biggest Australian bands, Powderfinger, tackled Howard in their song Like a Dog: If you treat me like a dog, they sang, "I'm not relaxed or comfortable, I'm aggravation and rage."

The voice of a nation in peril, which explains why their latest album has sold approximately 3 copies.

But where has this rage gone? Popular culture can and should galvanise popular opinion. So why has this failed to happen? Perhaps there just isn't enough of it. Maybe artists and performers are too busy trying to earn a living (or to pay off their HECS debt) to try to preach to the unconverted.

Maybe they all went and did something useful for society, like found employment - not that there will be much of that to go around when Labor gets back in.

Perhaps that is the ultimate triumph of economic rationalism - there is no longer any such thing as society, as Thatcher once declared. Why create popular culture to express political views when society compels you only to express yourself?

Typical marxist bilge: we don't know what we really want, all those damned capitalists have brainwashed us into becoming greedy money-grubbing warthogs. Note the nice generalisations and complete lack of supporting evidence to support this juvenile whine.

"It don't worry me/ It don't worry me/you may say, that I ain't free/But it don't worry me." The perfect anthem for Howard's Australia? Perhaps. But I really hope not.

Oh the poor dissenters being crushed by the weight of the world. Ohhh...the pain!!!!! Yet despite our existence in this newfound Nazi prison-state, taxpayer-funded spongeheads like Michelle Arrow can continue unthreatened in their comfortable tenured jobs and print pieces as bad as this in a large-circulation broadsheet.

Yay for you, you fearless warrior for truth.


Bloody Disgrace

I'm talking about Channel 7's showing of "Titanic" - we got to see no Winslet flesh. Arrrrgh. What madman is responsible for this?

Quick thought......

I was going to have the sub-logo of this site as "celebrating the superiority of western culture". Then I realised that might include the Europeans.

Mark Latham pisses his pants and runs home to mother

Federal Labor MP Mark Latham - admittedly one of the few sitting Labor members with any functioning brain cells - tends to make for good entertainment value. After labelling the Prime Minister an "arse licker" last week, Mark apparently was outraged after being called a "jerk" in parliament yesterday. Smart - yes, stable - no. Somebody get this guy some valium and a fruit basket.

Cheryl Kernot Barfs in Technicolor

Anyone else read the enthralling (chortle) excerpt from Cheryl Kernot's upcoming opus? The Australian - for reasons best known to themselves - saw fit to run the first chapter in their weekend liftout.

Continuing the tradition of failed politicians who can't keep their mouths shut, Kernot provided the expected whinging: I've been picked on, Australians not ready for talented women in politics, blah blah, wank wank. We can expect more of the same in the book itself, if anyone is stupid enough to read it. To save you the effort, I've synthesised Cheryl's thesis into a slightly more concise format......

1- everybody picks on me because I'm a woman
2- Australia is being run by an illegitimate right-wing nazi party
3- nobody ever willingly votes conservative - they are always duped
4- vested interests in the Labor "old guard" sabotaged my re-election campaign

There you go. You've just saved thirty bucks. I'll even save you the effort at a critique, here's mine....

Cheryl, nobody picked on you because you're a woman. They picked on you because you were a hypocritical self-righteous sanctimonious dingbat and publicity whore. You ratted on the party that gave you your profile, to join the party you'd always held up as lazy and corrupt. Your schmooze-conference with Kim Beazley and Gareth Evans was one of the most vomit-inducing spectacles in Australian political history. Nobody likes a rat, especially not one who is held up by herself and others as a candidate for Sainthood. You switched teams in a massive vanity exercise to save us all from the evil Howard government. You nearly lost a Labor seat on your first attempt - blaming it all on the party who was supporting you - and lost it on re-election. Meanwhile, John Howard is serving his third term as Prime Minister. You think there's a message in here somewhere my dear?

The Kernot infant Labor left and their media chatterati allies are as desperately out-of-touch as ever. Coalition victories are - apparently - always the result of cheating, deceit or appeals to "racism" and "xenophobia". Get over yourselves you sorry weasels, and especially you Cheryl. You crusaded to save us all, and as it turned out, we didn't want saving.

Go away, keep quiet, and for the love of god, just fuck off......

Rossi slays 'em....again

MotoGP wiz Valentino Rossi won the dutch MotoGP race last night. It was the usual stalk-and-pounce act, though Barros provided one of the most remarkable all-time efforts for a two-stroke rider - even Rossi said as much.

question: anyone care to bet against Rossi winning all the remaining races this year?

Thought not. Valentino may be da man, but this is making for *seriously* dull racing. Thank Christ Bayliss and Ducati will be there next year.

It was a joke...honest

Grandad of the suicide-bomber baby says it was all a joke (naturally, it's all the jews' fault), and our sympathy should lie with that militant fuckhead son of his, who's on the run from the Israeli army (let's hear a chorus of "awwww!!!!"). Guess those evil baby-killing Zionists can rest easy now. (hang on, didn't the PA claim the photo was a jewish fake as late as yesterday? Oh, what do you mean these guys don't tell the truth?)



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