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Chicks n' guns

Rachel Lucas loves her gun, and she tells us why.

The mental bowels of Hugh Mackay

Beware: this man is a professional idiot.

For a bloke who is considered by many gullible gits to be Australia's most respected intellectual, Hugh Mackay sure hasn't been showing us much of the good stuff recently.

Today's column ranks with the best of anti-USA juvenile hysterics from aus.politics and student socialist protestors.

It's possible to imagine how nations could decide to go to war over territorial issues. The urges involved are ancient and primitive, and you can see why land has always been such a potent symbol of survival, security and, therefore, of identity as well.

You can also imagine how a megalomaniac might want to grab other people's land as a sign of his supremacy. Perhaps, at a pinch, you could even imagine people being so fanatical about their religious or political beliefs that they can convince themselves of the need to shed blood over their differences with others.

Really deep stuff here. Mackay's intellectual development since his high school years is truly a thing of wonder.

But the sabre-rattling by the United States over Iraq - and the Howard Government's eagerness to join in - takes war mongering to a new level.

Just like all those non-democratic regimes Mackay has spent a lot of time criticising. Oh wait a minute, he hasn't has he?

Translation: "We don't trust Saddam Hussein, so we intend to get rid of him by invading his country." What might happen to the Iraqis after that is anyone's guess. Perhaps they'll be thrown to the next pack of wolves, as the Afghans have been. (Who ever presumed the Northern Alliance would be a safer bet than the Taliban?) There's no word from the US - or from our own trigger-happy PM - about the intended successor to Saddam, waiting in the wings, ready to bring democracy to Iraq and harmony to the region.

So, Mackay thinks it's best to leave Hussein where he is. Maybe, dude, with genocide-psycho-boy out of the way, there's at least a chance for elections?

Does this mean that any regime the US doesn't like is fair game? Will the US rove the world like some bandy-legged western sheriff, evaluating regimes and deciding which may survive and which should be toppled by military intervention?

I once wrote a sentence like this. Then again, I was 15. I have since left high school and grown up. Pity, if I'd stayed I could now be occupying Mackay's mighty space in Australia's intellectual landscape.

Will Zimbabwe be next? What about North Korea, part of Bush's infamous "axis of evil"?

Dear Hugh: the USA is not in any of these countries, nor is there any likelihood of an invasion. Rest easy, Hugh: your precious third-world tyrannical kleptocracies shall remain pure, and unpolluted by the pernicious influence of the dreaded americans.

Or Libya? (Oops, I forgot: Gaddafi has suddenly, remarkably, changed from a bad guy into a good guy, it seems.)

In whose eyes, you airhead? Gaddafi is still rated as a supporter of terrorism and head of a rogue state by the Americans. Does this spongehead ever do any research?

What about Saudi Arabia, breeding ground for most of the terrorists involved in events of September 11?

*Tex chortles quietly*. Mackay has just committed a sin: he admits the nice Saudis are sponsoring terrorism. He places himself (yet again) in one of his typical logical muddles - if the Saudis are evil bastards, then they should be labelled as "evil" too, but Mackay thinks this is "warmongering". In the ivory-tower idiocy of the likes of Mackay, it must be a relief not ever having to make any decisions are deal with reality.

(Psst! Whatever you do, don't tell Dubya that Tony Blair is a devout Catholic. There are plenty of Protestant fundamentalists in the US who think the Catholic Church is the Antichrist, and they just might get into the President's ear, believing America shouldn't form alliances with any leaders loyal to the Vatican.)

What a juvenile fucktard this man is. Sorry dude, the USA is a peaceful, tolerant, multi-faith and non-sectarian society. Unlike Mackay's preferred utopias such as Zimbabwe, the middle east and the communist world.

Mackay then brings in some truly sickening moral equivalency.........

Ah, but Iraq is a special case, the pro-Bush advocates would argue. Haven't you heard the reason why Saddam has to go? There's every chance that if we let him stay, Iraq will acquire weapons of mass destruction.

Bush talks about "weapons of mass destruction" as though such things are the abhorrent figment of some alien imagination. He appears oblivious to the irony of his own position, as custodian of the world's greatest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction. The US defence, presumably, is that such weapons are safe in the hands of Americans, but not in anyone else's ... so that's all right, then.

I'm appalled by the prospect of weapons of mass destruction being in anyone's hands, frankly, and there's little in the rhetoric of the Bush Administration that reassures me. I'd like to believe that this is a peace-loving, moderate, wise and responsible outfit, but the signs are not encouraging, especially if you're an Afghan, or an Iraqi, or ...

Mackay is actually arguing - with a straight face - that a genocidal psychopath like Saddam Hussein can be trusted with nuclear weapons just as much as the americans can. What a moral degenerate.

At one level, I can see why John Howard would support whatever mock-heroic schemes Bush might propose between now and the US mid-term elections: our PM wouldn't want to find himself on the list of leaders earmarked for "regime change".

Behold the amazing intellectual prowess of the Australian left. Um no, Hugh: democratic allies of the USA aren't usually targets for a USA invasion. My 9-year-old niece can tell you this.

On the other hand, the Howard Government's apparent indifference to diplomacy in the Gulf and its gung-ho determination to be part of any force that invades Iraq are so extraordinary, you'd have to wonder if there's another agenda.

Or it could just be Howard thinks it the right thing to do, given that - you know - the americans helped save us from the Japanese and all. But feel free to cast such logical reasoning aside: it must be all the doing of those big-nose Zionist kike bastards that leftie crackpots like Pilger are always warning us about.

If there is, it's probably nothing more sinister than domestic politics.

'Coz we all know there's nothing as sinister as an electorate voting in a government and supporting their policies. The horror.....the horror......

The refugee "crisis" won't go on forever, so another Gulf War could be just the thing to keep us all spooked

Right, Howard has engineered the whole Gulf crisis is a desperate keep people distracted from his own growing popularity. That cunning bastard. Why didn't I think of this before?

and Howard and co are most secure when the rest of us are spooked. (Primitive stuff, but effective - like war itself.)

Um, no you stupid assnugget. Howard and co are secure when he implements the policies for which he was voted in in the first place. Though squealing dumbfuck lefty cuntholes like you can never accept this, because you desperately want us to be ruled by intellectually superior, enlightened souls such as yourself. Then you can go back to destroying the economy and supporting nice friendly non-american juntas like Indonesia.

The great tragedy in Hugh Mackay's life was that he wasn't born 20 years earlier in a certain, pure, non-american society. Then he could have taken the job his talent and ideology are best suited to: administrator of a nice re-education facility in Siberia.


New sport blog

Tasteless Buffy-hating Zionist conspirator Scott Wickstein has started a new sports blog. Scott, you'll still find some way of taking Amir Butler potshots wont you? Can't let good blogspace go to waste.....

Wisdom for the day

Thanks to James Morrow for this gem;

No Act of Parliament can make a nation prosperous. No regulations can get rid of human error or, of their own force, create prosperity. For, in a democracy, it is the energetic citizen who produces wealth, and the idler, the non-contributor, who impairs the efficiency of the process...The greatest function of a democratic government is to create a climate in which enterprise will flourish and productivity will increase.

- Sir Robert Menzies (Prime Minister of Australia, 1939-41, 1949-66)

Site note

Yesterday's permalinks have been fixed.


Why rich people rock & why poor people suck

Rachel Lucas has written this delicious article, and this delicious follow-up bound to send many professional bleeding-hearts into screaming fits.

Show these articles to a leftist and watch their head explode.


So long Scumbag

The leader of the Sydney lebanese rape-gang got sentenced to 55 years in prison today, with a non-parole period of 40 years. A staggeringly heavy sentence considering Australia's usually spineless judiciary.

Of course, the rapist's sewer-dwelling family are moaning about his "innocence" (does an innocent man laugh and smirk at the victims during a trial?) and how they will now be a target for community payback. Well ladies and gents, given your behaviour during the trial, you deserve no better. May your suffering and torment be never-ending, you filthy bastards. If somebody firebombs your house, I'll be there throwing fresh kerosene.

And as for you - rapist-boy - I'm sure you'll enjoy your new life, in a cell 23 hours a day, living in constant fear of bashings and having your fudge pushed in by Ben Dover and the boys. You'd better learn to enjoy that, because it's the only piece of ass you're gonna be looking at for a looooong time.

By the time you get out - assuming you're still alive - you wont be such a pretty picture to the babes anymore. Even the crack-whores in Kings Cross won't want you.

Face it you greasy pig, your life is over.


Help me mum, I've wet my pants

The Sydney Morning Herald's 'Heckler' section is on a bit of an idiocy-streak at the moment. Today's epic is some half-sucked bimbo whimpering about "corporate cultural colonisation" and evil capitalist pigs stealing all our dreams, or something.

The author - Felicity Wade - adopts the Jean Baudrillard technique: vague, meaningless (but very clever-sounding) waffle about creeping, unhuman corporatism crushing the humanity out of us, without ever stating specifically what the hell you are actually talking about, much less why it should matter to anybody. But hey, it sure sounds important.

The challenge is to work with it, around it, whatever. Transgress or settle in - whatever suits. It's so often funny and entertaining in its absurdity.


Felicity recounts a deep psychic trauma brought on by a Land Rover advertisement;

My bravado about the brave new world and our capacity to live outside its surveillance and gaze collapsed into an old-fashioned sense of abandonment. It was a deep desire for the nostalgic idea of money and culture remaining at least a little separate.

Oh, somebody get this bimbo a hanky already. A majority of the population of the world is having a hard time feeding themselves, yet Felicity recoils from the real horror of watching TV advertisements.

The stench of middle-class intellectualism stays the same across the decades. The same pathetic anti-capitalist delusions of privileged airhead 60's french intellectuals are now seen in over-educated arts graduates.

Do these worthless I-want-Derrida's-babies mental furball fucktards ever consider for a moment that they experience a higher standard of living than anyone in human history? And they're still moaning about the all-enveloping horror of their middle-class comforts.

Get some perspective, ya fricken dweebs.

"The Finest Hour"

I'll say it again: this is as good as historical documentaries get. If you ever get the chance, watch it.

It's curtains for Saudi Arabia

Lowell Ponte tells us why. Superb.


The kid does it

Nicky Hayden has won the US Superbike Championship. This fella is one of the most exciting riders in the world today. For god's sake Honda, get this kid a gig in World Superbike or MotoGP right now. Hayden is a born champion and superstar, not to mention a godsend in a sport dominated by personality-free second-rate Eurodrones. I can't wait to see this guy mixing it with Bayliss and Rossi in GPs. It'll be the Rainey/Schwantz/Doohan days all over again.

Tammy Bruce waffles ever onward

Well, I can agree with Tammy on one thing in her latest article: Joe Eszterhas is a dickhead. But the rest of it is a sorry-ass whinge about hollywood corrupting our sacred moral compass...or some crap.

This part is classic Nü Conservative hooey:

Everyone loses because of a moral compass that was lost long ago by the Left Elite in the entertainment business for whom personal responsibility and common decency are so foreign they’ve been completely forgotten.

Yeah, yeah...we're all going to hell-in-a-handbasket because we've lost out moral compass, wankwankwank. Thank you, Ms. John-Paul. We can all see how the leftie Hollywood elite has taken us away from the fine conservative values displayed in Birth of a Nation, the Black & White Minstrels, and those subtle, intellectual westerns the talentless John Wayne inflicted on the world.

Get a life.

It is time for him, and the rest of the Cultural Elite, to look beyond themselves for once.

You're the one who needs to get over themself, Tammy. Whatever intellectual prowess you may have possessed seems to be rapidly congealing into this one-trick-pony Michael Medved-Lite act.

I'm quite content to determine my own cultural tastes, without overeducated assbags like you telling me I'm going astray. What a shame the likes of Frontpage is so dazzled by your conversion to the right that they'll actually print this airhead bilge.

Ackerman takes on Islamic hypocrisy

Piers Akerman does a brilliant - and rather alarming - takedown of the cries of prejudice by members of Australia's muslim community. He details some lovely opinions advocated by the local Islamic press:

"IT is therefore unavoidable that as long as we live here we will, through a process of cultural osmosis, take on some of the characteristics of the Kuffar. The likeness of Islam and Kuffar is like that of fresh clear spring water and water brought up from the bottom of a suburban sewer. If even a drop of the filthy water enters the clear water, the clarity diminishes. Likewise it only takes a drop of the filth of disbelief to contaminate Islam in the West."

The solution is for Muslims to remove themselves from among the disbelievers, he says.

Charming. And people wonder why this religion has an image problem.

Welcome the Rottweiler

A highly entertaining new member of the Evil Right-Wing Bastard club: The Rottweiler. Be sure to check out this bit, where he sinks his fangs into enviro-crusaders.

Elvis sucked

Yo people, he's been dead for twenty-five years. Get over it. I can't believe anyone would hold a candlelight vigil for this bozo. News dudes: Elvis wouldn't have pissed on you if you were on fire unless there was money in it for him.

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