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Kiwis & The Yanquis

War Now! gives a history lesson for anti-american kiwis.

The article reminds me of a midday movie on TV a while back: the howlingly godawful 1955 WW2 epic "Battle Cry" - where all the New Zealanders had american accents. I think they could have used the local sheep and gotten better acting performances.



Damn these beautiful web-savvy local chicks.


Sorry, but it's all their fault

I'd like to ask Salah Shehade if it's possible to service his 72 virgins with his cock blown off. And doesn't fucking all 72 babes count as adultery?

Sorry Noam, sorry Pilgy, but there's one asshole to blame for the death of these children today, and that's Salah Shehade. This mass-murdering Hamas scumbag thought nothing of butchering civilians over the years. Then he surrounded himself with non-combatants as his human shield. What a warrior.

The Israeli's found his location, and acted. Civilians were killed, but that's where the asshole was, and he chose to surround himself with them. Salah Shehade - butcher of innocents - took more innocents with him on the way out. What the fuck were the Israelis supposed to do - let him live and continue to organize the slaughter of a few more hundred innocent people?

Israeli foreign ministry official Gideon Meir said the attack was a "strike against a known terrorist who is responsible for hundreds of attacks on Israeli civilians in recent years." He expressed regret for the loss of life. "To our great sorrow, in these operations, sometimes, and in military operations, civilians are also killed," he said.

When was the last time you heard Hamas make a statement like this? Israel has killed innocents, yes, when faced with no other alternative in desperate security measures, trying to stop more slaughter. And hurting innocents is never, ever their goal. Hamas does this shit FOR FUN. And it's all they do. The entire goal of Hamas is the mass extermination of jews. Do you stupid fucking asshole low-life Palestinian apologist cunts not understand the difference, or don't you care?


Conservatives are dickheads too

There are a lot of reasons why I'd never call myself a conservative. And this is one of 'em;

In his 23-page decision, Bonneville County Magistrate Mark Riddoch allows that there was no doubt about McGriff's parenting skills, which were praised by a court-appointed family counselor who recommended that the custody agreement remain unchanged, but questioned how the breakdown in McGriff's relationship with his ex-wife and his homosexuality would affect the children. [my italics]

and this bit

He said his ex-wife "uses faggot, queer, all the negative terms you can imagine" to refer to him.

"She told the kids that Daddy's sick, so there was a negative atmosphere," he said.

He said those kind of things made it impossible for him and his ex-wife to meet together with a counselor or to discuss his homosexuality — or anything else — with their children. [my italics]

Charming woman. Just the sort of level-headed gal and example-setter you'd want to raise kids. Take the kids away from the fella you admit is a great parent and give them to a homophobic troll. Just lovely. But hey, I guess it's part of good-old family values, right?


Tammy Bruce kicks Tiger Woods in the berries

We embraced Woods because we thought him representative of what made this country great. Now, he is as much an insult to this country as he is to women.

I recommend reading the rest of it.


OK Yakkunz, permalinks are Go

After much cattle-prodding from ZOG conspirators, I've shoved in permalinks. Two things.....
1) I've only done them as far back as 17/7/02. You'll have to scroll thru the archive for older stuff
2) I'll only be doing permalinks on a case-by-case basis (short paragraphs like this, for example)



Gazza the uni monkey

Gareth Parker is a uni student? Goddamn. And he seemed so sensible. Why is he not protesting about something? Doesn't he understand he's supposed to be out there educating all us ignorant pigswill, waving his armpit hair into a TV camera?


Usenet: where losers of the world unite & validate western cultural superiority

Was reading my aus.motorcycles newsgroup, and came across this post;

From: America Lover, Aussie Murderer (ikillaussiechildren@irapethemtoo.com)
Subject: All Australians Deserve To Be Raped, Tortured, And Murdered
Newsgroups: rec.sport.pro-wrestling, rec.arts.drwho, alt.slack, alt.tv.real-world, aus.motorcycles, aus.politics, alt.dss.hack, soc.culture.australianView this article onlyDate: 2002-07-21 10:03:13 PST

All Australians Deserve To Be Raped, Tortured, And Murdered
The cold, clinical fact is that this is true. Australia is filled from
shore to shore by rednecks and white trash, and it's time we sent some of
these sheep-fucking, koala-sucking facist gun hating shitbags to eternal
torture in hell where they rightfully belong. Let's start with the
children, they scream exceptionally nice when they're raped.
PS Hi Hazell Dean has a great voyce, RSPW still owns you like the Unamerican Bitch you are. America is the greatest country in the world.

.....which was met with some equally intelligent rebuttals

"Gabbfduy" <gabbfduyNOSPAM@optusnet.com.au> wrote in message

Are the americans invading Australia now ???

The real cold, clinical fact here is that American foreign policy has been responsible for more raping, torturing and murder than any other regime in the history of the world. This rednecks comments just go to underline that fact.

Sleep well my american friend. The time of american sovereignty on this planet is fast approaching the end. Whether it be a guy living in a cave somewhere, a group of american company accountants or the hand of god himself, the country will fall, and fall hard.

If you dont believe me, look at history.

nighty night.

Yes folks, in the western world, we throw these sad nerds into usenet. In Saudi Arabia, they become clerics and government ministers. Let's all celebrate our wankers :)


The rise and rise of anti-semitism

John Pilger - who never met a homicide-bomber he didn't like - really needs to read this. That way, at least he'll have the latest dose of reality to build his lies and conspiracies around.


Kernot's Mental Fungus, vol. 2,757,444

I managed to avoid hearing Cheryl Kernot on radio yesterday, but it's certainly well-covered by all those really critical objective journalists.

Cheryl Kernot discussed with her family, friends and her doctor whether to reveal her relationship with Gareth Evans in her book before deciding it was not "anybody's business". The former leader of the Democrats also said journalist Laurie Oakes had not contacted her about the affair before he went public or she might otherwise have mentioned it at her book launch. "I didn't have a very good knowledge of Labor Party payback and I'd have to say this is one of nuclear warhead proportions," Ms Kernot said on ABC radio's Sunday Profile last night.

Laurie Oakes a Labor party stooge? LOL. That's a great one, even from this grade-A flake.

"I don't have to accept Laurie Oakes' judgment about what I should and shouldn't say, and in this particular case I don't accept that he is the sole arbiter in this country of what is important in political history. I have the right to record a memoir the way I see fit."

And we have the right to point it out as bullshit and call you on it, dummy.

Ms Kernot said she would ask the Australian Federal Police to investigate the circumstances of personal e-mails between her and Mr Evans, a former deputy prime minister, being leaked to Oakes.

Say, did I hear the words "lied to parliament" anywhere?

Speaking publicly for the first time since the affair was revealed, Ms Kernot questioned the authenticity of an e-mail that Oakes claimed was from Mr Evans telling her that he had lied to parliament about their relationship. "I'm told that to actually get possession of stolen personal mail, whether it's a letter or an e-mail, may in fact involve you as a party to the original offence," Ms Kernot said.

Poor Cheryl is in a serious state of confusion here: it's not authentic, but Oakes stole it, and if he didn't steal it, it's all a lie, except it's all true....and......uh........

"I'm getting enough information to look at referring it to the federal police. It's how persons unauthorised accessed private e-mails, passed them on for use against me and others."

oooh, scary. Nice attempt at changing the subject, and a perfect display of Kernot's deluded victim-mentality. It's still everyone elses' fault.

Ms Kernot last night said the relationship influenced her decision to leave the Australian Democrats "by 1 per cent". She said that at the time of her defection she was disillusioned with her role as leader of the Democrats and would probably have left parliament if Mr Evans had not suggested the switch to Labor. She said she had never discussed "matters of state" with Mr Evans in a private capacity.

Anyone want a $2 Rolex?

"I had left the Democrats in very good shape," she said.

This woman is something else. She rats on her party to join the one she called "the bastards", basically rejecting the Dems as ineffective nobodies, and now she claim she left them in good shape. What a hero.

She said her estranged husband Gavin remained supportive despite "media onslaughts" - "in the first few days (after the affair was revealed) it felt like Salman Rushdie hiding from the fatwa."

Not only a shameless, whinging, hypocrite, traitorous rat and liar, but an offensive one as well. She gets caught up in her own web of bullshit, then compares her plight to a man living under a death sentence from islamic extremists. Cheryl, you are truly a worthless asspile.



Quote of the day

Funny thing is, people who have plastic surgery don't usually look young, they just look like they have had plastic surgery. A 50-year-old woman won't look 30, she will look like a 50-year-old woman who has done funny things to her head.

- Julia Baird


18 people who need help

According to my webstats, 18 people found this site by entering the search string "statue molesters"


Cancel his invite to the Adelaide Writers Festival dammit

Bruce Hill aint gonna win many Brownie points with the chatterati if he keeps saying culturally insensitive stuff like this....

The moral argument seems to me unassailable. It was the same in the Cold War and it's even more cogent now. The United States is the arsenal of freedom and the only hope for the defence of modern civilisation. Anything which weakens America's ability to fight the war against terror is treason against future generations.

Dude, you're never going to make it as a guest on Late Night Live with this sort of thing, you naughty, naughty fellow.

The rest of you should go read the rest of this imperialist outrage immediately. It deals with New Zealand, and their moral obligation to help with the war on terror. Tsk, tsk... has this imperialist swine no shame? What will Radio National have to say about this?


Another state Liberal disaster

What on Earth is going on with the state & territory Liberal parties? Yesterday, the Liberals were massacred in Tasmania, winning only 6 seats to Labor's 15 and 4 to the Greens.

The great unfathomable paradox of Australian politics is the contrast in party fortunes between a federal and state/territory level. Labor now controls all states and territories, yet can't seem to tell their arseholes from their elbows federally. The situation is reversed for the Libs

Labor claims these votes send a message that voters are unhappy with the Howard government. The Libs claim these state elections have been fought on state issues.

They're both full of crap.

The Labor state Premiers and Chief Ministers are effective communicators who can enforce strong party discipline. They tend to be level-headed, well-spoken leaders rather than the wretched socialist handbags of Federal Labor, who's every word and policy speech sounds like they were cobbled together from the How to be an ideologically correct leftie manual. The likes of Steve Bracks, Peter Beattie, Geoff Gallup and Claire Martin look good and sound good. They seem direct, interested and down to earth.

The state Libs on the other hand, are a dismal array of disorganised, self-righteous private-school snotballs who seem utterly incapable of communicating to voters at any level.

Jeff Kennett saved Victoria from becoming a third-world economy after years of catastrophically inept Labor management, yet even his own economic success could not overcome his insufferable arrogance and self-imposed hubris.

Western Australia's Richard Court was an obnoxious butthead who made Kennett look humble. Forgot an important rule of politics too: voters can choose not to vote for you no matter how much of a demi-god you think you are.

The ACT's Kate Carnell morphed into a certifiable loon who's insane spending habits and white-elephant projects made Joan Kirner look like a bean-counter.

In South Australia, the wretched slimy back-stabbing John Olsen had a lifeless economy to deal with, and seemed to forget the libs only got elected because they weren't John Bannon.

It's quite possible the CLP in the NT forgot they even had an opposition. After 24 years, they obviously didn't think the "it's time" factor would play a part.

Tasmanian Lib leader Bob Cheek was our own Steve Forbes: a creepy chattering airhead mannequin who failed to convince anybody he had any real ideas of his own.

The less said about the woeful NSW libs, the better. Has there been a more incompetent, uninspiring party is recent history? The ingredients are there for the libs: crime is rampant, state health & urban services are woeful, and noone is ever happy with the schools. Yet what do they have? A new airhead leader who looks like one of the airbrushed private-school wankers we all hated as kids. And their front bench don't exactly inspire either.

The Libs really need to rid themselves of the born-again-jesus-freak, private-school types that seem to be overrunning the party, and it's happening federally too. Howard and da boys had better watch themselves. The invincibility mentality causes lazy, bad government and a serious amount of voter backlash. As Jeff Kennett proved, no amount of economic brownie-points can save you from a case of overblown self-righteousness.

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