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Tex is revealed

Hey, I found a pic of me.

Tammy Bruce dumbs it down

I likes Tammy, but this article in favour of the death penalty contains some of the most laughably silly reasoning I've seen outside a Pilger essay.

I've never had the slightest problem with the idea of the death penalty: murderers, rapists and assholes who break into their 30th home deserve to be wiped off the face of the earth. It is a perfectly justifiable punishment in my opinion.

Problem is, I'm against it in practice as an available punishment thru the legal system simply because innocent people get convicted and innocent people get executed.

Tammy provides this infantile justification.....

We do hear stories of the extremely rare instance of an innocent in prison being released due to DNA evidence. That’s great, and it proves the system works. I like eliminating the rare doubt from the process, something the Left has exploited ad infinitum.

Tammy must be undergoing some serious chemical therapy if she wrote this with a straight face. Extremely rare instance? According to Barry Sheck, 109 people have been exonerated on the basis of DNA evidence through the Innocence Project. One hundred and nine innocent people, a great many of them death-penalty cases. Pardon me Tammy, but 109 just under the umbrella of the innocence project alone is not "extremely rare" in my book.

Fortunately, with DNA and other science, the misguided of the Left have lost their argument to end the death penalty.

Um, no they haven't dearie....... Besides, I'm not a member of "the left".

Remember, these 109 are those that have been lucky enough to be found by Sheck and lucky enough to have biological evidence useable in a DNA test. People convicted with without such evidence have no such lifeline. How many hundreds or thousands of wrongful convictions could there be in capital cases? The system aint gonna work for them Tammy....so much for your inane panacea.

I'm the son of a career cop, and we're all pretty right-wing about crime-n-punishment in this family. But even my dad never argued that innocent people haven't been thrown in jail. Anyone who believes that is not only an idiot, they're a dangerous idiot.

And this is just from honest mistakes. That doesn't even take into account some notoriously corrupt police departments around the globe. Anyone in Aus who's been awake for the last 15 years has heard about the frightening levels of police corruption in Queensland, NSW and WA. Sweet jesus, one week ago we had a senior NSW detective on Four Corners opening talking about falsifying evidence and framing suspects. Was he evil? No. He was a guy who fundamentally still wanted to put the bad guys away. And something tells me the reality in many parts of the USA is no different.

Tammy - and other death penalty fans - engage the predictable arguments to counter this....

1) if murderers get out one day, this will not only be morally unacceptable, they may kill again - sorry, lame argument. Life imprisonment without parole prevents this. Assuming even one of them escape and kills again, the danger from this adds up to a lot less than 109 dead innocents.

2) it is cheaper than keeping people in jail for a long time - um, sorry, but fuck off. You don't end a life because it's cheaper. You may argue it's OK to execute because it's morally justified, but you don't do it because it's cheaper. Especially if that life is an innocent one. That kind of thinking was very big amongst the Einsatzgruppen, and it's no less morally repugnant now. If we're going to have that approach, why have trials and courts at all? Just let the cops execute at will - it will save us all lots of money and time.

3) life in jail is too good and cozy for them - fine, so make it tougher. Work them into the fucking ground and feed em regurgitated gruel for all I care. You don't need the death penalty to solve this problem.

4) the victims must get justice, they are suffering, etc. - yes. But no matter how much they are suffering, executing an innocent person to ease their pain is murder - plain and simple.

You might argue that it's ok to have a sizeable innocent-to-guilty ratio amongst the executed. You may believe this as a kind of pragmatic equation or just because you don't give a shit. Obscene as that is, I could respect it more than deliberately avoiding the issue of execution of innocents with bullshit side issues.

There could be room for compromise of course. ie. as a general principle, save the death penalty for murder cases where there is direct DNA proof of the crime, confirmed by different independent sources.

But as far as Tammy Bruce's argument goes, it rates as juvenile emotive cant, and little else.

Hey Americans, are you scared yet?

Some entertainingly deluded knob on the aus.motorcycles newsgroup threatened that the USA is "scared to death" of China, and it was only a matter of time before they crushed you like ants, just like the vietnamese did. The Chinese have - apparently - given up old fashioned "bullet" weapons to focus on lasers and sonic devices which will seal your doom........

you may begin shivering in fear

Hidden terrorist message in song

Music & lyrics from a Pakistani pop song. Turn your speakers up. Can you decode the secret message? Watch & listen carefully.

Did somebody spike his Mescaline?

...either that, or Jack Robertson must have puffed too much of the wacky stuff. Can anybody follow these endless, demented ravings?

Robert Mugabe must be killed

The only issue is how to do it in a way that ensures a peaceful transition as possible to more liberal politicians. But one thing is for certain: His ass deserves to be exterminated.

Greatness regained

The entries for 26-7-02 have now been restored and appear in their rightful place below. Once again the world can enjoy my friendly criticism of Hugh Mackay.


YEEEAAHHH BAYBEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ministry have a new album and live DVD coming out. I feel like dancing a jig in celebration.


Gaz Parker reminds me why I'm glad not to be at university anymore;

BACK TO UNI for a new semester means some exciting new units. One of these is Convoluted Soft-headed Slop 212.

The main Learning Outcome is the demonstrated ability to um and ah in culturally-sensitive, non-discriminatory "language" such that the student talks around in circles and misses the bleedingly obvious. Can you really believe a fellow student would ask the rest of the class a question beginning: "Can I ask those of you who identify yourselves as male..."

At least a third of the class had the decency to laugh at her.

I laughed too. Gazza also asks the important question: Why are people who label consumption "decadent, meaningless and hollow" always badly-dressed and ugly?

Buggered if I know Gareth. I spent my time at Uni trying to stay clear of them. Though in an arts degree majoring in sociology, this is pretty much an impossibility.

I kept myself sane by writing...er...."fun" essays just to see how the tutors and fellow students would react. Some personal favourites were advocating the execution of the mentally handicapped and why pollution is good for us.

These ones didn't get great grades. Damned bolshevik academics.....

Bloody Mondays

So our genius weather forecasters predict last friday it'd be sunny today. So - thinks I - it'd be a good opportunity to ride me new ZX-9R to Bateman's Bay, eat some fish n' chips by the beach and ride back - free from the choking traffic. So, I takes Monday off work you see.

You'll never guess what happened: it started raining last night, and it's been raining all friggin day. I made it to Braidwood, ate some lunch, before my cold-wet self decided "this sucks", and headed home.

At least the lunch was pretty good: The Grapevine Cafe does the basic hot lunches. I had two toasted ham/cheese/tomato sanwiches + some chips and a muggachino. The Grapevine is also a 2nd-hand bookshop, so you've got stuff to eat while you read.

At least it was good wet-weather riding practice on the brutal new machine.

Saudi Arabia sucks

If anyone is thinking of moving there...DON'T. Thanks to Damian Penny for the link.

Oh, fuck the goddamned children.....

Ageing paranoid moralist wench - Barbara Biggins - is still trying to save us ignorant masses from the evils of TV and movies. When are cunts like Biggins, big-government-family-values "conservatives" like Richard Alston, and every "family" group in Australia just going to leave us alone already?

What is it about these "concerned parents" wankers that gives them the divine right to interfere with people's liberties? News dudes, I don't care if you want to protect your children. Protect your own fucking children, and I'll protect mine.

I never asked you to have babies, and yet I'm supposed to alter my lifestyle so your little rugrats won't see a pair of tits on TV, or hear a "naughty word" somewhere. Coz you're too bloody stupid and lazy to get off your fat asses and exercise some parental responsibility, you want everyone else to raise them for you.

Well as far as I'm concerned, you and your morally righteous little rugrats can go suck on my colon.

I dunno about you, dear reader, but whenever these crusaders-for-the-kiddies start peddling this shit, I get the urge go outside and start selling crack and Traci Lords videos to teenagers.

Thanks to Professor Bunyip for the heads-up.


Paul Wright says more politically incorrect things which should seem like common bloody sense anyway. Except - to many - it is anything but.

Warning to John Pilger: this article will make your brain explode

Seeing as I've included a bunch of stuff from them today, I might as well include what is probably my all-time favourite article from Frontpage, by Jamie Glazov. Glazov makes mincemeat of the pro-Arafat lobby with this devastating polemic. Amongst the gems.....

So be a smart and clever Arafat apologist. The overall objective of your life should be facilitating the killing of Jews and destroying the state of Israel. The last thing you should be doing is worrying about the Palestinians.

Read the rest. It - as they say in the classics - kicks arse......

Abolish the European Union

Robert Locke says naughty things about the eurocrats in Brussels.

Invasion Fun

Another fine case for going into Iraq and toppling Hussein is made here. Go read.

Quote of the day

Deutscher, Lenin, Trotsky and Marx all staked their claims on the belief that socialism would produce abundance and freedom. A terrible history has shown us irrefutably that it doesn’t. Socialism is really a theory of economic theft and what it produces is poverty. Socialist systems are unable to even keep pace with the technological development necessary to sustain a modern economy. Moreover, they are fundamentally incompatible with human liberty.
- David Horowitz



UK muslims outraged

Brit police raided a mosque where "asylum seekers" were hiding. The predicatable cries of racism, cultural insensitivity, blah blah from the islamic lobby and agonised lefties arrived on cue.

The mosque raid has been condemned by the Bishop of Barking, Roger Sainsbury, who said it was culturally insensitive to break down the door of a place of worship.

I've got two words for you pal: tough shit.

Screw digital, and screw George Lucas

Roger Ebert's Q&A column has a good bit on maxivision vs. digital. George Lucas - not content with screwing up the Star Wars movies - is pushing the shitty new digital film format so his lame CGI will look better. Never mind that everything else will look shithouse. I was in Japan a couple of years ago and saw a demo of the most advanced digital projection system - and it was lame. Maxivision - by all reports - is 400% better than current film projection and can be fitted to existing systems. Digital - which is favoured largely by star wars geeks - isn't even up to the current standard of 35mm film, let alone maxivision. Yet the press and the tech geeks are dazzled by digital - which is their brains means "better". Sorry boys, it aint.

Let's all send Lucas and his dweeb internet fans back to play with their toys.

American musings

A new entry in the Spleen section: Fritz Pettyjohn of California has submitted an amusing essay on liberalism and conservatism. Go read.

Site fuckup update

OK, Seems I might have a draft copy of the Hugh Mackay piece from 26/7 at work. I'll put it back up on Tuesday, though it may have some minor differences to the one that was up earlier. The only other bit I remember from that day is the idiot South Australian Democrat that claimed the Bush administration destabilised his party (*cue chortling*). Can't forget a nutjob like that.

Anyone remember anything else I wrote for my 26-7-02 entries?



I've lost all my fucking entries from 26-7-02, including the fucking archive and backup. If anyone has copy of anything I wrote (esp the longer Hugh mackay piece), please send it to me


The Guardian: more brain-free column space than ever!

The latest Guardian piece gives us the latest shocking investigative discoveries about American corporate evil. Brothers, let us gather canned goods and head to rural utopia!

The author reveals (*gasp*) that some corporate-suit types are criminals. Congratulations socialist airhead, you've all woken up to something everyone else on the planet has known since they learned to put the round peg in the round hole. Nice to see their intellectual development is moving along. (Do these sadcats actually think they're telling us something new and shocking?)

No doubt this is the latest sign of the death of evil capitalism, which that genius Marx (you know, the unemployed parasite who's been wrong roughly 100% of the time) predicted all those many years ago. Dang...it still hasn't happened yet. Never mind comrades, it's..um..just around the corner I'm sure.

The only thing that is surprising about the wave of financial scandals engulfing America is that everyone is so surprised.

Everyone? Name six of them.

And we'd all thought they'd made those extra billions by doing a paper round every morning before work.

Um, no, we didn't.

The most common method of fraud has been to artificially inflate share prices by exaggerating company profits. Suspicions should have been raised when the revenue for the last financial year was given by an eight-year-old boy who excitedly announced the official figure to be a billion, trillion, gillion, quillion, zillion!

Such revelatory, intellectual analysis. These lefties never cease to amaze. Next week: playing with matches is really, really naughty.

For a country obsessed by crime, Americans are having to learn that criminals come in a variety of guises.

Actually, I think these dumb, ignorant tobacco-chewin Americans have already heard of Richard Nixon.

Secret video footage has just been released showing traffic cops dragging an innocent auditor out of his car and beating him up. "Thought you could offset projected profit short fall by excluding capital outlay huh, you four-eyed geek?" (punch!) "Trying to overstate company revenues by hiding loan repayments, eh? God, you pinstripe punks make me sick." (kick!)

These broadsheet journos are sooooo deep man.... (I've snipped the rest of the lame satire)

...actually, the rest of the article is pretty much the same juvenile, lefty piffle. I'll spare you the pain.

Nice to know that The Guardian continues it's tradition of intellectual superiority over the tabloid scum. Never let is be said the paper is a sad grab-bag of 60's socialist hangovers, anti-American snobbery, teenage sentiment and general resentment against western democratic society. Keep up the good work boys!

Bates vs. The Dickheads

Matthew Bates takes on idiot student protestors.

Letter from Iran

Read this...NOW. Link via Pejman.

His-n-Hers Scrotums

The gift everyones needs.


More random stuff

Current reading: A Short History of The World - Geoffery Blainey

Current listening: Mullholland Drive soundtrack

A CD I like that noone else does: Tin Machine

Four world leaders who need to die soon: Saddam Hussein, Robert Mugabe, Fidel Castro, Yasser Arafat

Celebrity I'd most like to share a hot tub with right now: Beyonce Knowles

3 really irritating TV people: Bryant Gumbel, Steve Irwin, that twit weatherman on Ch.10 Sydney news.

The last DVD I watched: Ronin

Good performances from bad actors: Burt Reynolds in Deliverance, Gina Gershon in The Insider, Ice Cube in Three Kings, Bryan Brown in Breaker Morant, Jennifer Lopez in Out of Sight

Worst performance to win an Oscar: Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman

Actors who ruin every scene they're in: Julia Roberts, Ice T, Shannen Doherty, William Petersen

Another waste of trees

Another Hugh Mackay load of crap got printed today. The usual Mackay formula applies;
- revelations of the bloody obvious
- observations that are the definition of "banal"
- lots of leftie hand-wringing whining about the evil of competition. Mackay sees cricket TV umpires as a sign of armageddon.

Can you imagine if the Roman empire had been filled with intellectuals like Mackay? The babarians would have been using their balls for cocktail olives.

Another horrible, evil bastard who doesn't know his place

Shannon Davies is one of a rare breed: a uni student with functional brain cells and a healthy disrespect for leftist idiocy. Today he is saying lots of ghastly, unacceptable things about student protestors. Has he no shame?

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