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Pinhead posting board

Triple-J's web forum is a great place to view the taxpayer-funded ravings of every demented communist teenager in the country. Get a load of this crap, oh, and this too. Ever get the feeling Robert Macklin has a lot of illegitimate rug-rats running around?

I'm gonna be sick: gang-rapist's asshole family speaks out

The Sydney Morning Herald has this putrid article on the family of poor little gang-rapist Belal Hajeid.

Mohamad and Fayza make no excuses for their son, who is appealing against the conviction.

...and they then go on to make excuses for the entire article.

They ask only that the Muslim and wider Sydney community stop treating them like they are the criminals.

Um, are these the same people who taunted the victims as "sluts" in the courtroom during the trial?

And get a load of this shit;

The thing is, [Belal] is not a bad lad either. He had a job ... he lived a normal Australian lifestyle, just like we encouraged him to.

Not a bad lad??? This evil little cunt is a vicious gang-rapist. He deserves to be dragged into the street, bashed, disembowelled, burned alive and have his filthy, diseased body flushed into the sewer system. Please, somebody go into the prison system, find this worthless fuck and kill him.

My son was named in the newspapers and has been tarnished with the other incidents, which were racially motivated.

Oh dear, the poor boy has been tarnished. So tell me - you family of worthless sewer-turds - why was nice little Belal laughing and smirking at the victims during the trial? Why did he not show one shred of remorse? Why did he not help police convict the other attackers?

Jim said: "We as a family are not questioning the judge. Nor are we judging his decision. We've talked a lot about it ... we just feel there should have been more investigation into the matter, to ascertain the house and home extent of [Belal's] guilt. The jury found my brother guilty on the basis that one of the girls said he looked a lot like one of the guys that was there that night."

Ah, more denial. And you actually want our sympathy. You guys are a class act. Fuck the lot of you.

The family visits Belal twice a week. His eldest brother said: "He just wants to get the appeal up and running. It's all he can presently think about."

Appealing. What - pray tell - is he appealing about?

[Belal] maintains to us he wasn't there and on the evidence that was presented, I guess we as parents will always be questioning the decision, as any parents would.

If my son ever participated in such an act, I'd have throttled the little fucker and fed his carcass to pigs. And even if I couldn't do that, I wouldn't be telling the world what a nice little boy he is. I wouldn't be crying about "racial discrimination" at the same time as a group of young women are bravely trying to reconstruct their lives. And I sure as fuck wouldn't have been taunting the victims during the trial.

Trust the Sydney Morning Herald to print this garbage.

Smart babe

My Californian chum - The Great Cantinera - has been enduring many conversations with lefty students while travelling thru Europe. She offered up these gems.....

I have given up discussing issues with others...because in the end I get accused of not caring for 'the people' when I do, a lot. I got told off for giving 20p to homeless since I am just doing 'token gestures'. You know, I should throw a rock at McDonald's and whine in a coffee shop, I won't be so "empty" then.

and this...

why does everyone who sucks feel the need to compare themselves to political greats?


This says it all

John B. of Florida writes in...

Personally I find Saddam's almost-literal baring of his bottom in the direction of the US to be intensely amusing. Does he not think we'll just be scraping him off our boots like day-old cow pie?

Sexy teenage lesbian pop

Hot Buttered Death and Bitchin Monaro Guide have awoken me to this delicious new phenomenon. Bless you boys. "Two schoolgirls in wet t-shirts and white panties embrace in a lesbian kiss". Damn, I wanna see that video now.

Motorcycles & American Zen

National Review Online's Rich Lowry pens this great piece on the spirit of motorcycling. I'd love to print this, roll it into a ball, and cram it up the asses of every wretched road safety bureaucrat & traffic nazi in the country, esp the fuckers in the Victorian Traffic Police

Gawd bless america. Thanks to Fritz P. for the link.

The SMH's cultural-cringe

I was gonna say something, but Paul Wright has already ripped 'em a new arse already. Loved this bit: The Sydney Morning Herald has lost it. Again. What was once a paper of record is now largely a student-level advocacy rag of opportunism and spite.


More stupid judges

Some dickhead in England who deliberately knocked a motorbike rider off his bike with a plank of wood has got away with it. Sweet jesus, is there a farm somewhere in the world where these dumb-cunt judges are grown?

I'll be damned

For once, Hugh Mackay has written something sensible. Admittedly, he's just commenting on a Malcolm Turnbull report, but still......

Gang Rapes - why no warning?

Miranda Devine asks this question in her column today.

Zacarias Moussaoui - warrior of confusion

I'm curious if anyone understands exactly what the hell is going on in that courtroom. Denies involvement, then pleads guilty. Offers info on terrorist networks, then declares loyalty to Osama. Refuses legal help, then bitches about lack of resources to conduct a fair trial.

So utterly deranged, it's amazing the likes of Moussaoui and his homiez were able to successfully pull off such a catastrophic terrorist attack.

Anyone still want to argue that these Al-Qaeda nuts are really warriors for the oppressed? Anyone still think these creeps have any legitimate grievances? Anyone think we should be negotiating with them?

The Smell of Urine

Phillip Adams is pissing his pants so often nowdays we really ought to start a collection to buy a bulk-order of nappies. His blithering is growing more and more vague by the day, but still essentially boils down to this: unless we vote Labor soon, Armageddon is coming. Today's column in The Australian is classic crybaby Adams...

Our crumbling pillars

Snerk. Nice subtle title.

EVERY few days I climb on a plane and head off to address a conference of school principals, accountants, Family Court lawyers, architects, librarians, psychiatrists, historians, scientists, politicians, information technology workers, film-makers, public servants, nurses, vets, people with disabilities, groups involved in reconciliation or the refugee issue, Friends of the ABC, voluntary euthanasia activists, environmentalists, academics, Humanists or, cross my heart, a couple of hundred Pentecostal pastors.

And with the exception of Pentecostal pastors – who view Armageddon with enthusiasm – almost every audience is full of people who see their cause as hopeless or their profession as doomed.

As deranged, whining, stupid generalisations go, it's hard to beat this.

For example, a few days ago I spoke to a couple of hundred GPs who saw themselves as under pressure, under-appreciated, underpaid and misunderstood. Beleaguered by problems including the industrialisation of general practice, rising costs and falling incomes, the burden of paperwork demanded by various bureaucracies, the rural health crisis, the threat of managed care, the growing competition from potty alternative therapies, the escalating threat of litigation and, yes, the associated insurance crisis.

..*choke*...*gasp*..*splutter*...sorry, I'm choking from laughing my ass off. Phillip Adams - the icon of big-government "lets socialise everything" bureaucracy, now complaining about rising costs, low incomes and big bureaucracy. Good one Jabba....

A few weeks earlier, I faced an audience of psychiatrists with a similar list of woes to which could be added ideological divisions in regard to treatment. They were so depressed that, clearly, they were in urgent need of therapy. As were those attending a gabfest of architects – all of whom were concerned by their social responsibilities, conflicts with clients, councils and the heritage industry, and the invasion of international stars that are knocking off the best jobs. Some of the registrants were trying to launch an architectural counterpart to Medicins Sans Frontieres so that their skills could be employed rebuilding war-shattered communities from East Timor to the Balkans. Nonetheless, you couldn't help but feel their collective demoralisation.

I've seen people under the influence of chemical refreshment write better stuff than this.

Politicians are viewed with escalating cynicism – to the extent that democracies are becoming dysfunctional.

Translation: you ignorant pigs are voting for the wrong people!! Gotta love shrieking lefties and their strong commitment to the principles of democracy.

Following the collapse of dot-communism, the hubris that gave us the techno bubble, attention has moved to what seemed more solid enterprises. And what do we discover? That many of the most highly regarded corporations, too, are built on flim flam. Which brings us to accountancy. To auditors, frauditors. I'm frequently booked to "keynote" at accountants' conventions – increasingly professional confessionals. For they know that they're seen as suspect or, worse, as criminals. At best, mere mercenaries for the chief executives and chief financial officers of corporations who, in turn, have been revealed as greedy, lying bastards who will cheerfully destroy their companies, bankrupt their investors and wreck their employees' lives for the sake of bloated remuneration packages. Having beaten communism, capitalism seems intent on destroying itself.

Wankwankwankwankwank. "Attention my brothers, capitalism has crooks in it. We are all doomed". Gosh Phil, you're a great loss to NASA. Who would have known some businessmen are corrupt? When did this start? Jeez, if only we were more like - say - North Korea, we'd all be living in egalitarian paradise

Banks? It was but a moment ago that the banking system was viewed with awe. Even the local bank manager was deemed rock solid. They're now loathed as mean-spirited rip-off merchants who force customers on to the footpath and those wretched ATMs, if not into liquidation.

Chortle. What planet does this dingbat inhabit? Banks were "viewed with awe"? Um, by who exactly? As for those pesky ATMs..yeah, the horror of them. 24/7 access to money worldwide is such a damned pain aint it? I remember being in Japan 2 years ago. None of those dreaded ATMs there. All that waiting in a queue and having no way of getting money after-hours and on weekends was just so much fun Phil, and I guess they felt all progressive and enlightened as a result. I guess those sardine-queues give such a wonderful socialist feeling of community.

The law? To attend a conference of lawyers is tantamount to visiting a leprosarium. Lawyers flinch at cries of "unclean, unclean" hurled at them by myriad critics. Although it has to be said that, these days, I'm mightily impressed with the many lawyers working pro bono on the refugee crisis. Three cheers for Julian Burnside and Jeremy Moore.

A bottle of semi-expensive Scotch for anyone who can decipher the point of this paragraph.

Even judges are in trouble. Apart from the sleazy attacks on Michael Kirby, there've been ongoing attempts to undermine the upper echelons of the Australian judicial system. Mabo, Wik and other progressive judgments have our political conservatives baying for blood.

Baying for Blood. Damn, and I lost my copy of the assassination schedule. Maybe the capitalist jews took it.

Similarly, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chief Allan Fels is an increasingly popular target of the business community he seeks to rein in.

I wonder why. Could it be they're not impressed with the performance of the guy who is going to crack down on the airline industry, despite the opened air travel market delivering cheaper fares. What exactly is the point of having competition if we're not allowed to have lower costs? Guess Phil likes paying more for tickets, which is little surprise seeing as the ABC probably pays for them.

The police? Increasingly we regard the coppers as indistinguishable from the criminals. And the good officers know that they're tarred with the brush of the bad.

Next week, Phil will bring us the latest amazing developments in the Fitzgerald Inquiry.

Ditto for the priesthood. The congregations are asking themselves, "Is this man a priest or a pedophile?" Bad apples within the Anglican and Catholic churches – combined with clumsy attempts at concealment – are destroying the churches as effectively as the bombing of Coventry.

Once again, Phillip Adams covers breaking news stories.

The ABC? Another pillar of the community that has been deliberately sabotaged by ideological critics and, though the new regime is doing its best to bind the wounds, those years of fear, sackings and political interference have achieved the inevitable response: self-censorship.

Pillar of the community eh? Well I guess they are, if you want your pillars to act as PR arms for the Labor party, Yasser Arafat and Clive Hamilton. God forbid those who use large sums of taxpayer money should be held accountable!!!

Australia's Aboriginal leadership is even more despondent. The reconciliation movement has been sabotaged by a Government that no longer bothers to mouth the pieties. What was a central issue of this nation is eclipsed by the great refugee sideshow – the biggest political con since reds under the bed.

Classic deluded Keating-left paranoia & historical revisionism. An issue 80% of the population didn't give a shit about in the first place is now seen in retrospect as "a central issue of this nation". The pinko-squealers can't accept that nobody else was interested, so they construct fantasies about how the issue was dismissed by the 'orrible Nazi-liberals. Try slipping into the real world once in a while Phil...you'll be surprised what you'll find.

The armed services? Forced to take part in this expensive charade, the navy has become hopelessly politicised. Not only is it required to carry out the Government's despicable orders but senior people have been embroiled in the political shit-fights and dishonoured by involvement in the cover-ups.

Australia's own anti-everything-military-related mouthpiece is now concerned about their welfare. Pardon me Phil, it was people like you who started smearing them in the first place. 'Scuse me while I barf.

I talk to librarians who despair of the undermining of Australia's municipal library system. To academics who watch the universities turn into assembly lines manufacturing graduates suitable for globalisation. And God help the pure, as opposed to applied, scientist.

Tell me Phil...are you even capable of once providing some actual examples to support your inane rhetoric?

I talk to nurses who are walking away from a ravaged health system. To public school teachers and principals who feel denied respect as well as funding.

Valid points. Problem is, apart from the fact its been happening for decades, it's happening now under the management of enlightened Labor state governments. Guess you forgot to mention that huh?

To farmers who have to deal with the slow deaths of their rural communities, who find themselves squeezed between the might of the agribusinesses on the one hand and the supermarket oligopolies on the other.

I guess drought has nothing to do with it. Or maybe Howard is causing the drought too.

It's hard to find a profession, an industry, an institution that doesn't see itself in crisis. Everywhere, Australians live in a maelstrom of self-doubt, insecurity, guilt. Everywhere, trust and hope are being eroded, corroded, destroyed.

Christ almighty. Somebody gets this snivelling asswipe some pre-moistened towlettes and a fruit basket. Phil and Richard Neville should really start their own magazine.....

.....Oh hang on, Phillip already tried that: the howlingly dull anti-Howard "humour" mag Kookaburra, which if I recall correctly, sold about 7 copies and lasted one issue. Never mind blubber-boy, keep fighting da power!!!!

Enjoy your weekend.

Mind your own business fuckface. Go back to your multi-million-dollar rural property and continue to insulate yourself from the real world. It must be a comfort to have a taxpayer-funded position to moan about the decline of modern communist principles, to contribute nothing to the modern Australian society you so hoplessly misunderstand and endlessly denigrate with your patronising assloads, and then retreat to your own private world to construct more right-wing-conspiracy fantasies.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: get a real job you disgusting parasite.



The ACT Government finally shitcanned the GMC 400.

This V8 supercar race - held in the parliamentary triangle - was born in 1999 as yet another massive-waste-of-taxpayer-money scheme cooked up by our nutcase ex-Chief Minister Kate Carnell. It gave us a narrow street circuit which made it impossible for the racecars to pass each other, which provided for some monumentally boring racing.

Motor racing fans are outraged. They'll spout the usual horseshit about the economic benefits it brings to Canberra. They'll also never explain why such a popular economic bonanza required huge amount of taxpayer money to prop it up. They also drag out blatantly untrue crowd attendance figure: ie. if the same 30,000 people attend on all three days, they'll claim "90000 people turned up".

Not that I care if they close off streets for a few weeks to have a car race. I likes me motorsport. All this "sanctity of the parliamentary triangle" and all that crap is soo much wowser piffle.

But do me a favour guys, don't lie about how it's beneficial for us all. You want to continue to have it? You can bloody well pay whatever ticket price is required to cover the costs. Naturally, the hotels association are squealing as well - well where the fuck are your sponsorship dollars fellas? (.....sound of crickets.....)

Will this screeching assbag ever shut up?

Self-appointed Martyr For The People - Cheryl Kernot - will break her silence about the Evans affair this weekend in a radio interview.

ABC journalist Monica Attard today said Ms Kernot was "full and frank" in her account of the five-year relationship, and how it affected her political and private life.

"She talks about her relationship with Gareth Evans and the impact of that relationship on her family, the impact of that relationship on the Labor party, and on her decision to leave the Democrats," Ms Attard said.

"I think it's full and frank, as Cheryl Kernot always is, and I'm sure everyone will have their own set of unanswered questions - it's inevitable in this sort of industry I think."

Full and frank as Cheryl always is? Well yeah, except for the lying-about-it-for-5-years, and lying-about-it-in-her-"tell-all"-book parts. One hopes it won't be a bootlicking interview, but this is the ABC we're talking about here.

Another revolution in Iran?

Brief piece from Vodkapundit, with some useful advice attached for the american government.

"Are we scared yet?" redux

-Reuters, July 18, 2002 -- LONDON - A radical Muslim cleric, suspected of having links to Osama bin Laden, said yesterday a U.S. attack on Iraq would unleash retaliation by militant supporters of the world's most-wanted man.
"Sympathizers with al Qaeda would attack the Americans if Iraq is attacked," said Abu Hamza al-Masri, Britain's most controversial Muslim cleric.

oooh man, you islamonuts are just soooo badass baby. Lemme see, you guys threaten individual suicide bombings, whereas the americans could turn your entire shitty civilisation into nuclear waste. It's like Minnie Mouse threatening Lennox Lewis.


Link fixed

"Really cute chess geek" link has been fixed

Anybody know...

...where Muslimpundit has been recently?

Random Cultural Opinions

5 movies you should see if you haven't

Heat, Badlands, Chopper, Snatch, Mulholland Drive

5 CDs you should hear if you haven't

Psalm69 - Ministry, Jar of Flies - Alice in Chains, Honey Steels Gold - Ed Kuepper, Mezzanine - Massive Attack, The Divine Comedy - Milla Jovovich

6 books you should read if you haven't

Black Hawk Down - Mark Bowden, The Perfect Storm - Sebastian Junger, Guns germs & steel - Jared Diamond, The wealth & poverty of nations - David Landes, The Real Frank Zappa Book - Frank Zappa, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich - William Shirer

5 popular movies that suck

Forrest Gump, True Lies, Armageddon, Raising Arizona, Pretty Woman


Songs from hell

Go read Tim Blair's withering takedown of "songs that make the whole world sick". Classic stuff.

Then: The classic 916
Now: ugleeee!!
messy-ass tail or what?

Ducati stylists lose it

Back in 1994 the Ducati 916 changed the sportsbike world and gave it one of the most beautiful bike designs of all time.

Sadly, it also ushered in the era of the self-righteously smug Ducatisti - who bored everyone else stupid which their endless waffling about superior Italian design and beauty. Well, they probably had to hide the fact they were riding expensive, badly built, uncomfortable and underpowered art objects, which tended to fall apart with frightening speed.

Since then though, the italianos have been under some pressure. Unable to deliver bikes than can perform with the japanese firebreathers, they've been consistently outdone in the looks department too. The mean & sleek looking asian machinery making the italian efforts look downright old world. The bikes have been getting ever blander, bottoming out with this uglyass tub.

Now we have the new 999, the bike all the euro bike snobs have been salivating over for the last 2 years. Well now it's out, and it looks like crap. Stacked headlights & air intakes are a mess, the mid-section is bulbous, and the tail is a disaster. So much for the superiority of european styling.

I think it's the most pig-ugly sports bike I've seen in years. And it costs a bundle too. I'd feel damn sorry for any sucker who outlaid dollars for this aesthetic train-wreck.

The idiocy of Amir Butler

You've almost gotta admire this fella. His hypocrisy is so breathtaking it must be a skill which took years to acquire. Check out this post;

The US asks its friends to tighten the economic strangle-hold on the Palestinians. First, they suggested that Arafat was merely "soft" on terrorism, but now it looks like they are saying that the Palestinian Authority is not just turning a blind-eye to terror tactics but is actively engaging in them

Gasp! Arafat involved in terrorism? Whatever gave anybody that idea? In the deluded fantasy world of the islamofascist apologist, no amount of evidence is as convincing as the most lunatic of conspiracy theories.

For years, the USA tried its best to use diplomatic language in reference to this terrorist shitbag. Arafat continued to sponsor murder & mayhem. Yet it's the USA's naughty name-calling which appals Amir the most.

Amir Butler is a sick fucker.

Gosh. Thank You

With all the sincerity of Yasser Arafat, the worthless murdering scumbags in the IRA have issued an apology for their mindless butchery. Geez, that's real big of you guys. I'd recommend public self-immolation as a far more appropriate display of regret.


Hehehe. Gazza Parker gives a mightily entertaining arse-shredding to one of Margot Kingston's Sydney Morning Herald Webdiary contributors. Trust Margo fans to see right-wing conspiracies in netball.

Quote of The Day

Seventeen years for treason can seem like a long time when put beside Jane Fonda's red carpet ride to an Academy Award. But personally, I wish John Walker Lindh had been shot. Already. In my view, his case should never have been brought before a federal court. He should have been interrogated mercilessly, brought before a military tribunal and executed before he ever left Afghanistan.

- David Horowitz


Check out this slideshow about Palestine. All Arafat apologists should take their heart medication before clicking this link (don't forget to remove your head from your bunghole first)

She'll be right, mate

Patrick McAuliffe offers an amusing observation on Airport security.

Are we scared yet?

Saddam Hussein blusters: say to all evil tyrants and oppressors of the world: You will never defeat me this time. Never! Even if you come together from all over the world, and invite all the devils as well, to stand by you, support or incite you

Wow, you're some kinda scary fella. Enjoy your time blabberpuppet. Sooner or later, the Americans will come, and they're gonna turn your sorry ass into fertilizer.

Have a nice day :)

I'm surrounded by barbarians

Scott Wickstein offers this obscene blasphemy.....

Buffy is crap. If you lust after girls who are good at ninja fights, well that's good. But to call it good TV is like.. um.. bullshit! My sister is obsessed with the goddam show and there's no merit to it whatsoever.
As for girls that are good at fighting, well I preferred "Charlie's Angels"

Feh. Tasteless Schweinhund......

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