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Truth is beauty

Paul Wright gives a brilliant bollocking to the peacenicks.

I want to draw a few threads together and clarify some thinking that floats about the anti-war movement. And when I say anti-war, it’s pretty clear this means anti-American war.

Over the past 20 years there have been horrendous local wars, civil wars, uprisings, coups, repressions, crackdowns and other nastiness. At no stage have I ever seen a single march by any of the peace movement umbrella groups unless the US or the UK was involved. Iraq vs Iran – one million dead. FARC kills thousands of Colombian peasants yearly. It doesn’t matter to the peace crew, because there aren’t any white folks involved. Let the wogs kill each other, we have bigger fish to fry!

and this

Saddam has never behaved as anything other than a bloodthirsty despot, intent of remaining in power at any cost to his own people or the world. He is a mass murderer of children and innocents, a wilful polluter on a scale seldom seen before, a threat to his neighbours, and a danger to us. Removing him is a positive good.

Wot he sed. Read it all, right now.

Gazza vs. Labor

Gareth Parker lays into the half-baked Hawke-Wran effort on reforming the ALP. Gareth is showing far too much wisdom for someone of that age. It is clear he has no future in Australian journalism.

The Living Dead speaks up...again

Loser ex-PM and desperately-starved-for-attention sadcase Malcolm Fraser offers some words of wisdom in today's Age about a potential war on Iraq.

Malcolm spews forth some incoherent mumbling, out of which I could discern exactly 4 points:

1. Australia should be cautious about entering a war, coz it's not in our "self-interest". He then flays the americans for their own self-interest. Make up your mind, grandpa.

2. Some muttering about Robert McNamara & Vietnam. Exactly what the relevance of this is, I'm not sure.

3. The USA needs UN approval. He doesn't explain why.

4. This gem: We should stop deriding the UN in its efforts to establish a better world and remember that we are part of one world.

What is it about loser ex-PMs that makes them incapable of keeping their mouths shut, and instead bless us with their condescending wisdoms? Didn't you dicks do enough damage fucking up foreign policy and wrecking our economy when you were in office? Don't you get it? We voted you out so your ideas wouldn't be put into practice.

Take your stinkin' parliamentary pensions and leave us alone fer chrissakes.

Good news re. Palestine terror?

Daniel Pipes has some observations which give a glimmer of hope.