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Songs from hell

Go read Tim Blair's withering takedown of "songs that make the whole world sick". Classic stuff.

Ducati stylists lose it

Then: The classic 916
Now: ugleeee!!
messy-ass tail or what?

Back in 1994 the Ducati 916 changed the sportsbike world and gave it one of the most beautiful bike designs of all time.

Sadly, it also ushered in the era of the self-righteously smug Ducatisti - who bored everyone else stupid which their endless waffling about superior Italian design and beauty. Well, they probably had to hide the fact they were riding expensive, badly built, uncomfortable and underpowered art objects, which tended to fall apart with frightening speed.

Since then though, the italianos have been under some pressure. Unable to deliver bikes than can perform with the japanese firebreathers, they've been consistently outdone in the looks department too. The mean & sleek looking asian machinery making the italian efforts look downright old world. The bikes have been getting ever blander, bottoming out with this uglyass tub.

Now we have the new 999, the bike all the euro bike snobs have been salivating over for the last 2 years. Well now it's out, and it looks like crap. Stacked headlights & air intakes are a mess, the mid-section is bulbous, and the tail is a disaster. So much for the superiority of european styling.

I think it's the most pig-ugly sports bike I've seen in years. And it costs a bundle too. I'd feel damn sorry for any sucker who outlaid dollars for this aesthetic train-wreck.

The idiocy of Amir Butler

You've almost gotta admire this fella. His hypocrisy is so breathtaking it must be a skill which took years to acquire. Check out this post;

The US asks its friends to tighten the economic strangle-hold on the Palestinians. First, they suggested that Arafat was merely "soft" on terrorism, but now it looks like they are saying that the Palestinian Authority is not just turning a blind-eye to terror tactics but is actively engaging in them

Gasp! Arafat involved in terrorism? Whatever gave anybody that idea? In the deluded fantasy world of the islamofascist apologist, no amount of evidence is as convincing as the most lunatic of conspiracy theories.

For years, the USA tried its best to use diplomatic language in reference to this terrorist shitbag. Arafat continued to sponsor murder & mayhem. Yet it's the USA's naughty name-calling which appals Amir the most.

Amir Butler is a sick fucker.

Gosh. Thank You

With all the sincerity of Yasser Arafat, the worthless murdering scumbags in the IRA have issued an apology for their mindless butchery. Geez, that's real big of you guys. I'd recommend public self-immolation as a far more appropriate display of regret.


Hehehe. Gazza Parker gives a mightily entertaining arse-shredding to one of Margot Kingston's Sydney Morning Herald Webdiary contributors. Trust Margo fans to see right-wing conspiracies in netball.

Quote of The Day

Seventeen years for treason can seem like a long time when put beside Jane Fonda's red carpet ride to an Academy Award. But personally, I wish John Walker Lindh had been shot. Already. In my view, his case should never have been brought before a federal court. He should have been interrogated mercilessly, brought before a military tribunal and executed before he ever left Afghanistan.

- David Horowitz


Check out this slideshow about Palestine. All Arafat apologists should take their heart medication before clicking this link (don't forget to remove your head from your bunghole first)

She'll be right, mate

Patrick McAuliffe offers an amusing observation on Airport security.

Are we scared yet?

Saddam Hussein blusters: say to all evil tyrants and oppressors of the world: You will never defeat me this time. Never! Even if you come together from all over the world, and invite all the devils as well, to stand by you, support or incite you

Wow, you're some kinda scary fella. Enjoy your time blabberpuppet. Sooner or later, the Americans will come, and they're gonna turn your sorry ass into fertilizer.

Have a nice day :)

I'm surrounded by barbarians

Scott Wickstein offers this obscene blasphemy.....

Buffy is crap. If you lust after girls who are good at ninja fights, well that's good. But to call it good TV is like.. um.. bullshit! My sister is obsessed with the goddam show and there's no merit to it whatsoever.
As for girls that are good at fighting, well I preferred "Charlie's Angels"

Feh. Tasteless Schweinhund......


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