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8 June 2004

Are leftists capable of coherent thought?

Perpetual wussy Brian Reade at The Daily Fake Photo offers some very deep insights into contemporary geopolitics......

.....let's take on petrol.

Stop viewing it as black gold and see it as the real problem at the core of all our worldy ills. Then do something about it while we've still got a planet to live on. Start by asking these questions:

Why have carbon emissions punched a hole in the ozone layer bigger than the one in George Bush's head? Because America believes its 320 million car users have a divine right to pay buttons for oil, so their life is one big drive-thru.

"Waaah! Waaah! I'm scared! I have no genitals! It's all their fault!". This is about as deep as Reade's insights into American society ever get. And as for "320 million car users", someone tell weenie-boy that the whole population of the USA is only 293 million.

Why does al-Qaeda want to destroy all Westerners? Because millions of Saudis live in poverty while the ruling royal family has become obscenely rich. They flog off the world's most precious natural resource at insulting prices so Yanks can keep filling-up their Chevvys.

Hang on, I thought al-Qaeda wanted to destroy us all because we support Israel? Or because we invaded Iraq? Now it's all about Saudi Arabia. And even that - apparently - is the Americans' fault.

To Osama bin Laden, the Saudi/ American oil conspiracy is "the biggest theft ever witnessed by mankind". Which means that for as long as our economy relies on cheap oil from corrupt Arab regimes, fundamental terrorists hold a knife to our throat and the key to our wealth.

If we don't start looking at alternatives, it will spell our doom.

So let's start now. Let's explore wind, wave and solar power. Remember coal? It might not be a bad idea to start digging that up again.

Wind. Wave. Solar. Coal. Fantastic choices dude. None of them are alternative fuels for motor vehicles.

And I guess Reade didn't have any ancestors who died of black lung disease from coal mining.

Let's force British oil firms to use some of their £30billion profits by being more adventurous with their North Sea exploration, instead of sitting back and bleeding the current fields dry.

So, other than not knowing the difference between powering a house and powering a motor vehicle, Reade's idea of an alternative to using oil is to use oil that cost more to produce.

Somewhere in magic lefty pixieland, this is making perfect sense to someone.

Auld Blog, Nü Blogger

My Californian chum Steve Saporito has started blogging over at Sasha's place. So far, he's taken on John "Munster" Kerry, Canada's toxic hypocrisy and crooked Maine pollies.

Go read his stuff. Or give him money. He's happy either way.


Is it just me, or does Mike Jericho look eerily like Metallica's James Hetfield?

7 June 2004


Quite simply, the best world leader since Churchill. Wasn't afraid to call a commie a commie, nor to point out the USA's moral superiority to the Eastern bloc.

He won the cold war. Think about that one lefties, because it's true.

DVD Review: The Dancer Upstairs

John Malkovich's directorial debut is an unusual beast. Terribly flawed, yet fascinating in many respects.

Set in an unnamed Latin American country in "the recent past", Javier Bardem stars as Rejas, a policeman caught up in the hunt for a revolutionary marxist (ie. terrorist) known only as "Ezequiel".

Based on the real-life story of the hunt for the Shining Path terrorists in Peru, the film begins brilliantly. Rejas and his team are called in to investigate an increasing number of strange incidents. Dead dogs are found hanging from light poles with revolutionary slogans pinned to their bodies. Seemingly pointless assassinations in remote areas of the country increase in frequency and begin targeting government ministers in the capital. Suicide bombers go to their deaths yelling "viva president Ezequiel!".

Yet there is no manifesto, no list of demands. Just an increasingly brutal terror campaign directed at the government and its citizens.

Malkovich does a good job in laying out the tenous nature of the newly democratic society Rejas is trying to protect. The cops have not received any pay in months. The government continually threatens to impose martial law. Rejas - a highly moral ex-barrister who regards the president as nothing more than a criminal - fights to keep the hunt for Ezequiel within the jurisdiction of the police and the courts.

Yet his task seems hopeless. Under-resourced, fighting military interference, and horrified by the ideological lunacy of Ezequiel's followers (many of them seemingly normal teenagers), Rejas' investigation seems to be going constantly backwards.

It's a brilliant setup for what could have been a mighty politcal thriller. Sadly, it just doesn't deliver on the promise. Malkovich wastes an eternity on an utterly prosaic romantic subplot between Rejas and his daughter's dance teacher (played snoozingly by Laura Morante). It has zero emotional weight, and seems only to exist to set up a predictable - and rather unconvincing - plot twist in the final scenes. Meanwhile, the fascinating political-thriller-manhunt atmosphere is pissed away.

I imagine Malkovich saw the romance as the crucial to the story, as I guess it actually was in Nicholas Shakespeare's novel. Yet it simply does not work in the movie. The emotional impact of the story comes from seeing Rejas' fight to preserve the rule of law in the middle of a vortex of violence and corruption. The romance is not only dull, it's completely unnecessary.

Another problem is Bardem. He is handsome, charismatic and a terrific actor, yet he really should have spent more time improving his English, which was woeful. Not normally having a problem with accents, I had to activate the subtitles to decipher his lines.

Happily, the supporting cast didn't suffer from this problem. Oliver Cotton as the police chief and Luís Miguel Cintra as the Minister are excellent in small but crucial roles. Juan Diego Botto however looks too much like Penelope Cruz for me to take him too seriously. OK, not really: he was good, but the similarity is eerie.

One last thing: it is nice to see a movie where communist revolutionaries are portrayed as they really are: violent, psychopathic, murderous thugs.

New history

Check out Silent Running's view of the D-Day invasion, if it had been covered by today's idiot journalists. No one link, just go look at the June 6 entries.

31 May 2004

Global warming, er...cooling, er... warming is coming

Bizarre Science brings us more of that unshakeable scientific proof of global warming.

Retail recommendation

German shopping chain Aldi has received the highest recommendation imaginable: a scathing review from The Green Left Weekly.....

Next time you shop at Aldi you can be happy knowing that your money will strengthen a secretive, anti-union retail empire and make a couple of reclusive billionaires just that little bit richer.

Sounds good to me.

Oh, and who else but the pro-starvation Green Left would title a story "The nightmare of food"? Though, given the organisation's pro-North Korea stance, it's not surprising. Greenies tend to prefer dead people to profitable companies.

Two wheels, one brain cell

Displaying their usual sub-plankton intellect, the mouth-breathing droolers at are bashing George W. Bush....about Chernobyl.

Uncle Bully: Doesn't take away form the fact it's a haunting peice of real estate
and a good lesson for the George W. Bush supporters of this world.

Biggus: You think he would give a shit? look what hes done to the planet

Uncle Bully: He doesn't give a shit, but you'd hope some of the people who voted for him
do. I don't mind him being a cowboy, just as long he's not a cowboy and in
charge of anything.

Black Bart: But what's he got to do with the Chernobyl disaster?

Uncle Bully: Who currently owns all the nukes?

People this stupid are actually allowed to vote.


A few weeks ago, treasurer Peter Costello delivered the federal budget.

What I liked: the adjusted tax scales, more dubloons for national security.

What I didn't like: everything else.

Christ, it was horrible. An orgy of insane spending, giving my bloody tax dollars to people who have kids instead of letting the bastards pay for their own damned children. John Humphreys reckoned it the worst budget he'd ever seen. I was inclined to agree, until I heard Labor's reponse.

While the government's budget was a mass of wasteful electoral bribes, Labor's budget response bordered on the insane. Latham is somehow going to A) cut taxes even deeper, B) spend more on everything, C) start a Coast Guard service, D) sign the Kyoto protocol, while still keeping the budget in surplus.

20 May 2004


Took a brief break from blogging for no particular reason. More updates in the next few days, including some DVD reviews, my thoughts on the federal budget, Iraq, and some other stuff.

Oh, one more thing: fuck David Hicks. I'm tired of hearing about this stupid cunt and the weenie hands-wringing about his "illegal" detention in Cuba. As far as I'm concerned, he should be shot through the forehead and his carcass used as lunch meat for starving dogs. He decided of his own free will to travel overseas and fight for the Islamic Death Cult. I'm hoping the marines at Guantanamo put a bullet in his head and save the American taxpayer the cost of keeping this little Taliban shithead alive.

Exchange of the day

This evening while shopping, I overheard following dialogue between a little girl and her father;

Girl: Dad, What's chewing gum made out of?

Dad: Gum


Some of the more interesting search strings I've found in my web stats......

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"Nick Berg was not decapitated"

Sometimes you encounter leftist paranoia so utterly deranged, so shamelessly depraved, you don't know wether to laugh or cry.

The moonbats at aus.politics reckon the video of Nick Berg being decapitated is all a big zionist/USA hoax.

Facts are no one in this world believes a dam word to come from Amerikans nor their Arab sympathisers!

We are sceptical and with good reason.

And our current favourite web-nutter Joe Vialls is all over this Zionist deception.

The synthetic beheading of Nicholas Berg was also custom-designed to lift pressure off beleaguered war criminals Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, while at the same time hopefully 'proving' that Muslims are 'worse than us' in terms of their apparent willingness to commit human rights atrocities. But, predictably, civilian officials in the Pentagon got it wrong again, especially when they announced, "the speaker on the tape is al Qaeda-linked terrorist Abu Musab Zarqawi, and that person is shown decapitating American citizen Nicholas Berg."

Joe tells us there is no way muslims could commit such an atrocity....

the summary beheading of Nicholas Berg impossible for any devout Muslim, as we will now discover. In the first place, under Islamic tradition and law all captives must be treated with dignity, and be properly clothed & fed. Where necessary they must also be provided with appropriate medical treatment.


Even setting aside the moral and legal obligations imposed on Muslims, there are two other terminal flaws in the Berg case. No person may be punished at all, unless he is first convicted of a crime by judges in a properly convened Islamic court. Berg was not accused of any crime, and he was not tried in court. Secondly there is no provision in Islamic Law for execution by beheading.

Joe posts pleas for funds on the bottom of every "essay", apparently to defray "massive research costs". Heh. Not quite massive enough, as Joe is under the idea that the fearsome might of Arab air power (snigger) has the Americans and Israelis by the throat, and that the Russians are about to conquer Israel.

Joe Vialls: lunacy on a truly cosmic scale.

11 May 2004


Joseph Wakim wishes to inform us we don't need to worry about Islamic extremism and terrorist attacks, because they're all fantasies invented in the racist mind of George W. Bush.

Indeed, many in the Arab world were not as shocked as George Bush at these crimes, given the history of Western Orientalism that long preceded Arab terrorism.

Joseph conveniently ignores how prisoners are treated in Arab jails (where the abuses we've seen in Abu Ghraib would make you a jailer's pet). He's more concerned with proving it's all a big Dubya lie. He knows this because of those wicked American movies:

But long before the young soldiers were psyched up by Bush, the anti-Arab predisposition was already there. A steady diet of Hollywood films invariably cast the Arab as the quintessential villain. This generation of US soldiers would have been exposed to blockbusters such as Delta Force (1986), True Lies (1995), Executive Decision (1996), The Siege (1998) and Rules of Engagement (2000). In each conquest, the American heroes reduced the terrorist Arabs to incarceration or incineration. And in each conquest, Arabs were the villains because they were uncivilised and intrinsically evil.

Right on Joseph. Those whacky American screenwriters. What kind of racist mind does it take to think that Arab terrorists would actually murder thousands of New Yorkers, hijack airplanes and attack American embassies? As Joesph says...

But these Hollywood images are born out of fantasy, not reality.

Right. None of this stuff ever happened.

Joseph makes the rather strange transition to describing the cover of a book written by Edward Said...

In his classic book Orientalism (1978), the late Arab-American Edward Said wrote: "The Orient has helped to define... the West as its contrasting image, idea, personality, experience."

This contrast was epitomised by the image chosen for the book's front cover - The Snake Charmer, from French artist Jean-Leon Gerome, circa 1880. As in Gerome's The Slave Market, Arabs are depicted as naked, erotic, depraved and titillating.

This classic image has chilling and uncanny similarities to the photographs of stripped Iraqis, reduced to animals, forced to pose for their American audience in a meat festival. Perhaps this orgy of humiliation was intended to reinforce that "contrasting image" between the civilised, human West and the uncivilised, subhuman Arabs. Ironically, it has reinforced some of the Arab stereotypes of the sexually obsessed West.

Personally, I'm a little skeptical that Dubya and his Nazi stormtroopers have had their worldview shaped by a French painting from 1880.

Maybe, just maybe, the poor image of Arab culture might have something to do with an universal problem in Arab societies of vicious anti-semitism, hatred of women, corruption, honour killings, nepotism, sponsorship of terrorism, and a historical violent hostility toward non-muslim culture?

To Wakim, none of these things are important. Everything is the fault of Westerners, or Western misperceptions. Then he has to gall to close with the following...

But anyone who has studied the evolution of civilisation would understand the irony here: Western civilisation owes some of its roots to the Sumerians who lived 5000 years ago in the land we now know as Iraq. In this cradle of civilisation the first system of writing was developed, and the potter's wheel, the seed plough and many other creations we now take for granted were invented. But there is no place for these sobering facts in today's fantasy of how we imagine the Arabs to be, or should be, relative to us.

That's great Joseph. Arab culture was both great and progressive......centuries ago. Wakim cannot point to a single contribution the Arab world has given the human race in the modern age.

The Arab world has no democracies.

The Arab world produces no contributions toward science, technology or medicine.

The Arab world has not one single country where a homosexual can live openly without being killed or jailed.

The Arab world has not one single country where women have equal rights.

The Arab world sits on a sea of black gold, yet the most population live in poverty.

The Arab world allows Protocols of the elders of Zion and the vicious anti-semitic tirades of mad mullahs to be broadcast on state media.

The Arab world has universities which seem only able to produce thousands upon thousands of fundamentalist theology graduates, and still requires foreign expertise to run their oil industries.

The Arab world focuses its rage on a tiny country full of Jews which has produced a vibrant democracy with rule of law. Yet instead of trying to modernise their society to match it, the Arab world has spent generations attempting to exterminate it. Why? Because they're Jews. With none of the resources and a fraction of the population, the Israelis have produced a society no Arab country has ever come close to. Instead of seeking to improve itself, the Arab world has become consumed by its own impotence and barbarism, and openly seeks to exterminate the entire Jewish population of the Middle East, while not lifting a finger to assist their own population.

Despite all this, the Arab world plays the victim. It's all the fault of racist Americans. It's all the fault of Israel.

Not until the Arab world faces up to it's own sickness and decay will the West be willing to look on it without fear. Not until the Arab world stops teaching its children to be "martyrs", not until they form a political goal other than the extermination of Jews and westerners, not until they stop the abuse of women, not until they respect liberty and political freedom.

Not until they learn to love their own society more than they hate everyone elses.

Arse, fuckity, goddamnit

Tight finances will prevent me from visiting Sydney this weekend for the Sydney Motorcycle Show.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I really wanted to see the Guzzi Corsa.

10 May 2004

Quote of the day

Why is it that when a white guy calls for the murder of Jews he is condemned without reservations - as, of course, he should be - but when an Arab calls for the murder of Jews people fall all over themselves to "understand" his anger?

- Damian Penny

Arab lunacy

Thanks to Damian for this too....

Margot Kingston thinks deeply

It's difficult to know how to respond to this skull-shattering stupidity....

Bush has spent more than $100 billion on this war so far. Imagine what could be done for Americans, and the world, with that amount of money.

If historical examples of government spending and foreign aid are anything to go by, the answer is "very little" Margot...

Imagine how a president with brains and courage could have united the Western world and moderate Muslims against Islamic extremism, and reduced the West's dependence on the oil that drives our persecution of Iraq?

No suggestions from Margot as to how such "uniting" could have been brought about. The muslim world seems not too concerned when Islamic freedom fighters slaughter a defenceless family, but seemed very upset when a couple of Hamas chiefs got turned into missile chowder. Guess that's all America's fault huh?

Still, Margot's not that far off. With just a few alterations to her paragraph, we get this:

Imagine how a muslim world with brains and courage could have united to fight Islamic extremism, to evolve their societies beyond medieval barbarism, to liberate women, to stop the insane genocidal hatred of Jews, to modernise their societies with the rule of law, equality for all and tolerance for others? Imagine what the muslim world could do with their vast sea of oil if only they decided that taking responsibility for their own societies was more desirable than crashing planes into skyscrapers and setting off bombs in Tel Aviv buses?

It pays not to ask questions like this though: common sense is generally a little traumatic for the ideologically correct.

Another Cantinera moment......

Anyway, yeah, got married. I don't feel different, which is good. It's like getting your period, really -- you are different, but you don't really notice it, except when you have to go get tampons. This time I have paperwork and tax cuts.

Cantinera loves fan mail and random adulation. E-mail me some and I'll pass it along to her.

Apology from Islamists expected soon....

While the world is going bonkers over some Iraqi prisoners being stripped naked, it seems stories like this aren't worthy of world condemnation:

Palestinian terrorists ambushed Jewish settlers there during an outdoor memorial service at the spot where Tali Hatuel and her four daughters were murdered last week. At least three Palestinian terrorists opened fire early Sunday evening on several hundred mourners gathered at the murder site near the Kissufim crossing.

Lovely people. Let's give them a country!

6 May 2004

Verbally incontinent muppet loses world title

Anthony Mundine - the self proclaimed "world's greatest athlete" and "black superman"- seems to have a lot of problems actually winning against decent opponents.

Mundine - the man who wants so desperately to be Muhammad Ali, only he lacks the strength, speed, chin and wit. Being world champ involves more than trying to sound like an LA Gangsta rapper, converting to Islam and fighting ageing bums. Just because you want to be Ali doesn't make you Ali. He's also been dodging his strongest opponent - Danny Green - for two years now. A loss to Green would deep-six his career and ruin his self-image.

Mundine also desperately needs to stop the Ali-lite verbal dancing. While Ali had the gift of the gab, Mundine sounds like a brain-damaged drunk trying to recite Tony Robbins. I've rarely heard a non-drinker so completely incapable of putting a coherent sentence together. I remember a TV appearance where he was asked why he wasn't fighting Danny Green, I think Mundine's poetic response went something like: "ya know man, when you get to the top of the become the mountain and you don't wanna, ya know, ah, be part of the valley looking up at the mountain. When you're Anthony Mundine it's all about being the Mundine and not being back in the valley".

Mundine may have speed, strength and agility, but will always be limited by his lack of heart, a deluded ego and a glass jaw.

Time to go back to playing rugby.

The Master & The Blaster

2004 has become a wet dream for any performance motorcycle fan, with all four Japanese factories releasing the most potent examples of performance engineering ever offered for sale to the general public, on two wheels or four.

Hellion: Kawasaki's ZX-10

Early this morning, I had the opportunity to test-ride two of these astonishing machines: the all-new Kawasaki ZX-10, and the totally revamped Honda Fireblade.

The ZX-10 was first up. The bike that replaced the brilliant-but-venerable ZX-9 creates an extreme impression right from the get-go. The weight on your wrists, the compact dimensions and high footpegs tell you this baby is definitely road-legal racebike.

The riding position is certainly not what you'd describe as "comfortable", but it's not too bad, and when you get to this level of no-compromise performance, you pretty much have got to learn to live with it.

Besides, if you want comfort and easy vibes, go buy something slow and boring (Harley-Davidson should have something for you). The ZX-10 is about one thing, and one thing only: performance, and lots of it. And believe me, this baby delivers.......

Cracking open the throttle on the big Kwak produces crisp, immediate, utterly ferocious, neck-snapping acceleration. I've not experienced anything quite like it. The experience is so addictive you'll find yourself slowing down just so you can crack the throttle open again.

The horsepower on tap seems limitless. The bike roared to 100kph before I even had the chance to shift into second gear. There's simply an endless, huge surge of power whenever you twist the wrist. The fuel injection, despite some hunting at low revs, is smooth and predictable, with no drivetrain snatch.

Smooth or not, horsepower of this magnitude requires a good degree of throttle control. Open up the taps too soon coming out of a corner, or on slippery tarmac or worn tires, and you're going to find out just how well your helmet works. make no mistake: the ZX-10 will bite you badly if you don't give it the respect it deserves.

OK, so it's got a motor, but how does it ride?

The riding position places a lot of your weight over the front wheel, which combined with the tight geometry makes for ultra-quick steering. It feels terrific in corners and holds a line beautifully. The suspension is well-sorted and it felt stable over some moderate bumps. I'd have to test it further on some real riding roads before making my mind up about it though. On my short test however, it felt razor-sharp without being twitchy. This aint no cruiser though. Blasting a bike like this through bumpy, high-speed corners is going to get a bit nervous a times, no matter how good a rider you are. There's fine line between a responsive sports chassis and a nervous, unstable bike. But from what I felt, Kawasaki have got the balance just right.

What else? The brakes (with those odd-looking petal-shaped discs) are brilliant: progressive but hugely powerful. The instrumentation and switchgear are top-notch, and - amazingly for a sportsbike - the mirrors actually work.

You can forget pillions. This thing really is not set up to carry a passenger. But is anyone who buys this bike really going to be looking for good passenger accommodations?

The Zx-10. What a bike. An experience of overwhelming power and a knife-edged chassis.

Sheer Class: Honda's Fireblade

Then came the new Fireblade, which is a rather different kettle of fish.

First impressions were good: more legroom and less weight on the wrists made for a more comfortable mount, though the neck still gets pretty sore before too long.

The power - whilst impressive - felt a tad anaemic after the loony ZX-10 motor, though as it turned out, this has more to do with the Honda's super-smooth power delivery than any lack of power. The salesman for both bikes told me a dyno test had revealed only a 2hp advantage to the Kawasaki, and that the Honda actually had a better midrange. Well I'll be damned....

What truly impressed about the Honda though was its extraordinary chassis. A high-tech electronic steering damper combined with beautifully sorted suspension components resulted in a bike with outstanding steering, stability, mid-corner tracking and traction.

That's the key to the Honda's brilliance: it feels integrated. Every aspect of the bike feels perfectly suited to all the others. While the ZX-10 feels like a barely tamed beast on the razor's edge, the Blade oozes control and confidence.

These things are, of course, relative. With it's linear power delivery and refined ride, the Fireblade feels slower, but odds are you'll go faster on it than on the big Z. It's a ball-tearingly quick bike which gives you the confidence to push it hard. You can wind on the power out of a corner without the feeling that the back end will kick out on you. I have no doubt that in any riding conditions, 9 out of 10 riders will go faster on the Honda than the Kawasaki. It's simply an easier, less tiring bike to ride.

The brakes and gearbox are top-notch, and as with the Kawasaki, you can forget taking a passenger. The mirrors are not great, and the instruments don't work as well as the Kawasaki's.

How about aural appeal? The Kawasaki sounds awesome at full noise, esp. with the aftermarket pipe my test bike had fitted. The Honda sounded wicked too, but the Kwaka gets the nod.

Looks? Hmm. The Honda in black looks great, but the other colours are naff. The Kwaka is definitely an eye-grabber, but the nose still looks a little weird for me. The Honda in black it is.

Final thoughts

These might be the two most brilliantly engineered motorcycles ever made. I also know I wouldn't buy either of them. I'm not looking for a hardcore no-compromise sportsbike. In this age of the Road Safety loons and revenue cameras, I don't see the point in owning an expensive bike which can only be enjoyed when going mental. They're not suited to touring, carrying a passenger, or the daily commute.

Having said that, it doesn't mean I don't want these bikes. So, if I could afford to buy a second bike as an occassional weekend blaster, which one would I get?

The Honda.

The Kawasaki is definitely a more exciting bike with more "character", which would make it more tempting. But my head knows that it wouldn't be long before I'd tire of fighting the bike while really pushing the envelope. The refinement and stability of the Fireblade would enable me to ride fast for longer while staying relaxed enough to really enjoy a day out riding.

Then again, I'd still want to ride the Kawasaki. It's the most wonderfully mental bike I've ever ridden.

Wanna be fast? Buy the Honda.
Wanna feel fast? Get the Kawasaki.


3 May 2004

Tex in Sydney

I'll most likely be in the Harbour City on the weekend of the 15-16th May, visiting the Sydney Bike Show.

Hopefully, the Ducati stand will have these on display. They're certainly sexier than the ugly lumps they been releasing for the last six years.

Freedom, Cuban-style

I'm curious to see how these Castro-worshipping imbeciles will put a spin on this story:

A court in Cuba has sentenced a blind dissident lawyer to four years in jail.

The lawyer, Juan Carlos Gonzalez Leiva, was convicted of contempt, public disorder and resisting arrest.

The Cuban government made no comment about the trial, which lasted one day. Nine other dissidents tried at the same time were given shorter sentences.

The trial was held behind closed doors in the central town of Ciego de Avila and was the first of its kind in the country this year.

Last year, the Cuban authorities sentenced 75 opposition activists to jail terms of up to 28 years, prompting criticism from the European Union and the United States.

All 10 defendants in the latest trial were arrested on 4 March 2002, when they tried to visit an independent journalist, who had allegedly been beaten by police at a hospital in Ciego de Avila, 400 km (249 miles) east of Havana.

They have been detained since then.


Elizardo Sanchez, head of opposition group the Cuban Human Rights Commission, said he had received information of the trial from relatives of the dissidents.

He said: "Prosecutors asked for six years and Gonzalez Leiva received four, and the others got lesser terms that we have not yet determined."

Before the trial, the New York-based Human Rights Watch group said the situation was a "travesty".

"The trial of a blind lawyer, along with nine other dissidents, continues the repressive trend that was so glaringly evident last year in Cuba," it said in a statement.

Reuters reports...

All 10 were arrested on March 4, 2002, when they tried to visit an independent journalist who claimed to have been beaten by police and was taken to a Ciego de Avila hospital.

Apparently, one of the crimes they committed was 'disrespect for authority'. They're in jail because they criticised the The Great Leader and his workers' paradise.


Not that this makes any difference to the sort of people who inhabit the Green Left. When you define people who flee a totalitarian state as terrorists, it's no great leap to support the jailing of people who have the temerity to criticise Ol' Whiskers and His Perfect State.

Christopher Hitchens is right: the soft left is, at its heart, a fascist ideology.

(links via Vigilant TV)

Hey, let's give these murdering savages a state!

I see the big, heroic muslim warriors have butchered a defenceless woman and her children. A beautiful family, murdered by mindless muslim animals.

Another act of "resistance" from those peace-loving Palestinians. Don't expect too much condemnation coming from the world community about this.

The Islamist bastards were swiftly killed by IDF troops, showing that the Assholes for Allah are pretty good at butchering children, yet are fearsome as butterflies when it comes to fighting soldiers.

Memo to Israel: do not surrender one inch of land to these vermin. Hunt them down and kill them. Every single jihadist prick. No negotiation, no surrender, no deals, no compromise.

And kill Arafat while you're at it. It's way overdue.

Dave has more to say on these matters.

Can these Islamist creeps ever tell the truth?

Apparently not.

Loud screeching heard in local newspaper

If you're an unhinged, lunar-right crackpot in this country, your only print outlets are wack-job publications like Lock, Stock and Barrel.

If you're an unhinged, lunar-left crackpot, you get published by The Sydney Morning Herald.

Ever noticed how just much the left hate the general public, because the evil populace just don't know what's good for them?

Cheap blog-filler

Via Scott, a list of "classic" books. The one's I've read are in blue, the ones I started but was too bored to finish are in pink.

1984, George Orwell
The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, Lewis Carroll
Animal Farm, George Orwell
Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy
Anne Of Green Gables, LM Montgomery
Artemis Fowl, Eoin Colfer
The BFG, Roald Dahl
Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks
Black Beauty, Anna Sewell
Bleak House, Charles Dickens
Brave New World, Aldous Huxley
Brideshead Revisited, Evelyn Waugh
Bridget Jones's Diary, Helen Fielding
Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Louis de Bernieres
Catch 22, Joseph Heller
The Catcher In The Rye, JD Salinger
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl
A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens
The Clan Of The Cave Bear, Jean M Auel
Cold Comfort Farm, Stella Gibbons
The Colour Of Magic, Terry Pratchett
The Count Of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas
Crime And Punishment, Fyodor Dostoevsky
David Copperfield, Charles Dickens
Double Act, Jacqueline Wilson
Dune, Frank Herbert
Emma, Jane Austen
Far From The Madding Crowd, Thomas Hardy
Girls In Love, Jacqueline Wilson
The God Of Small Things, Arundhati Roy
The Godfather, Mario Puzo
Gone With The Wind, Margaret Mitchell
Good Omens, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
Goodnight Mister Tom, Michelle Magorian
Gormenghast, Mervyn Peake
The Grapes Of Wrath, John Steinbeck
Great Expectations, Charles Dickens
The Great Gatsby, F Scott Fitzgerald
Guards! Guards!, Terry Pratchett
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, JK Rowling
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, JK Rowling
Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone, JK Rowling
Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, JK Rowling
His Dark Materials trilogy, Philip Pullman
The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Douglas Adams
The Hobbit, JRR Tolkien
Holes, Louis Sachar
I Capture The Castle, Dodie Smith
Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte
Kane And Abel, Jeffrey Archer
Katherine, Anya Seton
The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, CS Lewis
Little Women, Louisa May Alcott
Lord Of The Flies, William Golding
The Lord Of The Rings, JRR Tolkien
Love In The Time Of Cholera, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
The Magic Faraway Tree, Enid Blighton
Magician, Raymond E Feist
The Magus, John Fowles
Matilda, Roald Dahl
Memoirs Of A Geisha, Arthur Golden
Middlemarch, George Eliot
Midnight's Children, Salman Rushdie
Mort, Terry Pratchett
Night Watch, Terry Pratchett
Noughts And Crosses, Malorie Blackman
Of Mice And Men, John Steinbeck
On The Road, Jack Kerouac
One Hundred Years Of Solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Perfume, Patrick Suskind
Persuasion, Jane Austen
The Pillars Of The Earth, Ken Follett
A Prayer For Owen Meany, John Irving
Pride And Prejudice, Jane Austen
The Princess Diaries, Meg Cabot
The Ragged Trousered Philantrhopists, Robert Tressell
Rebecca, Daphne Du Maurier
The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett
The Secret History, Donna Tartt
The Shell Seekers, Rosamunde Pilcher
The Stand, Stephen King
The Story Of Tracy Beaker, Jacqueline Wilson
A Suitable Boy, Vikram Seth
Swallows And Amazons, Arthur Ransome
A Tale Of Two Cities, Charles Dickens
Tess Of The D'urbervilles, Thomas Hardy
The Thorn Birds, Colleen McCollough
To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee
A Town Like Alice, Nevil Shute
Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson
The Twits, Roald Dahl
Ulysses, James Joyce
Vicky Angel, Jacqueline Wilson
War And Peace, Leo Tolstoy
Watership Down, Richard Adams
The Wind In The Willows, Kenneth Grahame
Winnie-the-Pooh, AA Milne
The Woman In White, Wilkie Collins
Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte


Who authorised this shit?

Hey Victorians, take a look at what your tax dollars are paying for in Brackistan. I only wish I could be in Mebourne tomorrow to participate in a well-aimed act of public urination.

Given the history of insanity of the Victorian Labor party, this sort of thing doesn't exactly surprise me.

29 April 2004

The joy of e-mail

Good old fashioned junk mail is so over, man. To be truly hip, today's spam requires the supreme cool of unintelligibility. Here are some of the more mysterious spams to hit my inbox recently...

prom convenient mallet burnt meniscus eI
You Need THIS! jt an pato jfiphxv
compensatory addle pinsky estate shrunk
inquisitor colloquia howdy decreeing dia
gangster potentiometer shore maladaptive
Let Girl Eat Ur Sperms monarchies caseme

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned Nigerian money-laundering scams?

Culinary follow-up

I knew this would happen. I find the world's best Chinese restauarant, and one month later they change management, chef, and menu.

The Oriental Express is now mostly Malaysian food, which isn't to my taste at all. Goddamnit!

Thanks to reader Mark for sending me some background info on the new arrangement.

A cinema in your own home

Anyone wanna buy a fabulous LCD projector? You get to watch your DVDs, videos or sporting events on a screen two metres wide.... or even bigger if you have the room. It's an NEC MT-600, in great nick and everything works. Comes with manuals, remote control and dust cover.

Trust me, you'll never watch movies on your TV screen again.

If you're in Aus and interested, e-mail me at tex {at} whackingday {dot} com

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Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index


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