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11 December 2007


So yeah, we have a new guvmint.

Despite some deranged hyperventilating on the right of the blogosphere, very little is going to change:

- The government will still over-regulate the economy and hold lots of inquiries into the high price of everything.

- Levels of taxation & government spending are almost identical to what Howard was going to do (ie. they'll continue to be massive and idiotic).

- Rudd is pro-US, pro-Israel, and will keep Australian troops in the Middle East.

- The "new" policy approaches are largely symbolic hands-wringing to make the Labor lefties feel warm & fuzzy (symbolism always being more important to that crowd than actual results). Dear 'Kevni' will somehow solve global warming by making petrol cheaper. Of course, he'll achieve niether, but the right noises are being made. He'll also say "sorry" to the "Stolen Generation", despite the fact that absolutely nobody, anywhere, has been able to find anyone who was "stolen".

So, more of the same idiocy plus pointless gestures in a cuddlier package. Still, at least that useless flesh-golem Peter Garrett has been muzzled.

The Liberals, on the other hand, are condemned to at least two terms in opposition. In light of that, they've chosen Australian history's most incompetent defence minister - Brendan Nelson - to eat the shit sandwhich for the next few years, while keeping the few competent members of the party out of the way for a while.


The joys of multiculturalism

Our friendly Hitler-loving Croatian futbol fans are at it again: they're enraged that a tour from Croat neo-nazi rocker Thompson may be cancelled. Naturally, they're blaming you-know-who.....

who the fuck do the jews think they are? They killed jesus!

fucken jews

I deplore the Jewish community in Australia for associating itself and providing funding to the racist Zionist movement in Israel that is responsible for genocide against the Palestinian people. The Jews should be the last ones to talk.

Once a Nazi, always a Nazi. You gotta love government-sponsored tribalism.


Lose The Game

If you win, you'll never know.



I dunno what's weirder, that Subaru have made a sportsbike, or that it's a single cylinder.


Photos from the Snowy Ride (10th November, 2007)

The weather for the Snowy Ride stayed dry this year, despite black clouds all over the place. Sadly, the dickhead quotient was very high. It's a miracle dozens didn't wind up dead.

Still, a fun day, and for a great cause.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger pic.

Cooma checkpoint
A Panther trike at Cooma
Adaminaby checkpoint
Adaminaby checkpoint
Adaminaby checkpoint
Near Kiandra
Near Kiandra
Tooma Dam
Tooma Dam
Tooma Dam
Tooma Dam
Thredbo: end of the ride
Thredbo - Village Green
Village Green
Village Green
Village Green
Village Green

I would have taken a lot more photos, but the day was short and there was much riding to be done.


Dick's World

Richard Neville's latest update begins thusly:

It's been awhile since the last update, because I imagined, in my self important way that the job was done, that a 21st Century consciousness would quickly unfold, and I could sink into oblivion, readying myself for the zero emission hospice.

Remember kiddies, this man is a respected "social commentator" and "futurist" held in high esteem by Australia's media outlets. I wonder what the movie will be like.....


Gratuitous babe picture

Gemma Atkinson




23 November 2007


This foul election finally happens tomorrow.

If you're going to vote at all (and I'd prefer nobody voted), please vote LDP. Those of you in NSW, please vote the LDP's Terje Petersen no1 in the Senate, as he actually has a small chance of winning a seat (and how bloody cool would that be: an actual Libertarian in government. That's something the idiot Liberal party hasn't managed in a century). As the LDP is the only party that wants to reduce the size and activity of government, it's the only morally acceptable choice as far as I'm concerned. Other than not voting at all.

As for the two main parties of arseholes, it doesn't matter who you pick. They are two groups of high-taxing, insane-spending, intrusive nanny-state arseholes. The 'big' minor parties are even worse: the Greens and the Dummycrats. Eeeeuccch....

As there's no LDP candidate for the House of Reps in the ACT, I'll just write "fuck you commies" on the House ballot paper, and vote LDP on the senate paper.

Other than that, bollocks to the fucking lot of them.


The Thin White Duke

Say hello to the gorgeous new Ducati 848, successor to the uninteresting 749, the little brother to the 1098.

For some reason, this Duke in white is just pure sex in the way its big brother isn't.

Better yet are the performance figures: 130hp from an 848cc v-twin. Bloody hell. If that's anywhere near accurate, it's a staggering figure. That's the horsepower of my 2002-era ZX9R, packed into this compact, fast-cornering package.

This thing is going to be a bloody rocketship. I can't wait to try one. That's a shitload of power from such a small bike, more than enough for the road, and it's lighter than its big brother.

Mind you, the build quality will be worse than a Vietnamese wristwatch, so it's the kind of bike I'd like to win as a prize rather than ever spending my own money on it. But still.....



It's simple: Soundgarden's Superunknown, released in 1994, was and still is the best hard rock album since Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti.

This sprawling, 16-song CD is as close to rock n' roll perfection as it gets. Loud, ultra-heavy, yet beautifully melodic. It was both disciplined and raw, ugly and beautiful. From the Who-On-Steroids Spoonman, to the semi-psychadelic stunner Black Hole Sun, to the slow, creepy stomp of Mailman, Superunknown was a non-stop tour-de-force of heavy rock greatness.

While Soundgarden had previously released some great songs (Loud Love, Holy Water and Jesus Christ Pose especially) they had never put it together across a whole album as brilliantly as this.

Some context is needed here. The whole grunge thing had been around for about three years, largely dominated by whiny Seattle dreck like Nirvana and those talentless singing armpits in Pearl Jam. None of these tuneless junkies could rock their way out of a shithouse. The songs were one-riff whines sung by twits who couldn't sing, played by musicians who couldn't play, produced by people who seemed to be doing the recording through a $5 microphone in somebody's garage. Soundgarden on the other hand, had always stood slightly apart from these clowns as talented musicians who had never quite reached their potential.

Superunknown hit the whole grunge/rock/metal world with the force of a wrecking ball. Other than the great songs, of which there were many, you had probably the best production of any album in the history of rock n' roll. The arrangements ranged from effectively simple and brutal on kickstand to multi-layered and hypnotic in the title track and Let Me Drown. Cornell - one of rock's greatest singers - was in never-better form and the playing and musicianship were on another plane from most other bands.

Like all the truly great rock n' roll albums, this one seemed to offer something new every time you listened to it. The first listen got me into the balls-out fast rockers, then later on I got hooked on the semi-psychedelic numbers, the much later the slow-riffing, ultra-dark songs like 4th of July and Mailman.

...and everyone loved it. The grunge crowd loved it. Commercial rock fans loved it. Even the leather-n-metal guys loved it (it was overwhelmingly voted as the No1 album of that year by hair-metal mag Kerrang!!).

Even now, 13 years later, Superunknown is simply a masterpiece.


Another live fuckup

After posting about the Van Halen disaster, I remembered another infamous live performance cock-up.

The following video is from Led Zeppelin's awful 1988 reunion performance at the Atlantic Records anniversary.

The fact that the keyboard sound didn't make it to the TV feed can't be blamed on the band, but there's no getting away from the fact that while performing Stairway To Heaven, Jimmy Page pulled off probably the most inept guitar solo of all time.

Oy that stunk.....


Coming up

Either tomorrow night or Sunday I'll do my next update, featuring some photos from The Snowy Ride, along with some other stuff......................



19 November 2007

Coming up....

I'm busy right now, but I'll be back some time in the next few days with some posts on, among other things;

- a gorgeous new Italian motorcycle
- some words on this weekend's federal election
- a review of the greatest hard rock album of the last 30 years (try to guess which one)
- links to a couple of live music clips
- a mention of one of the most wonderfully non-PC motoring articles of recent years
- some photos from the Snowy Ride on Nov 10th
- Richard Neville

....and other stuff too. Check back soon.

6 November 2007

The answer is "nobody"

Here's the very silly question.

Kudos to Sam Ward, for trying to talk sense into the wretched commie bastards.

My thoughts on this subject can be found here.


This tells you everything you need to know

The Greens have received the endorsement of the Communist Party of Australia.


Live, without the net

I didn't even know the Van Halen reunion was actually happening for real at last. Last I heard was Eddie booking himself into rehab.

Anyway, it seems they are on the road. I hope this disastrously out-of-tune performance of "jump" isn't indicative of the tour thus far.


...and on the subject of rock n' roll...

Here's one for you 70's rock fans: Keith Moon onstage with Led Zeppelin.

Horrible sound and video quality, but still worth it for the historical value.


Not excusing the inexcusable for the sake of convenience

A round of applause please for Tom Paine and his most recent Shire Network News podcast. It centres around an interview with Filip Dewinter, leader of the Valaams Belang, the Flemish nationalist party in Belgium.

It seems many on the right of the blogospghere are upset that this interview makes old Filip look bad, and argue that the interview should not have been aired because we need people like him as an ally against Islamic fanaticism.

Thankfully, Tom calls bullshit on this stupidity, and once you listen to the interview, you'll understand why. Dewinter at first seems like a rational, softly-spoken chap who must have just been picked on and misrepresented by some very PC lefty types..

This impression doesn't last long. Dewinter starts getting into very disturbing territory, such as arguing for an automatic pardon for Nazi war criminals, aiming for a "white Europe" and talking about being distressed if his daughter brought home a "negro or a lesbian". He dances around this crap quite a bit, saying that these ideads are just "metaphors" for a free, tolerant democratic Europe. He also squirms around the issue of Flemish collaboration with the Nazis in WW2.

The interview is calm and respectful. This is no hatchet job. Yet Dewinter still manages to make himself look like the creep he really is.

Kudos to you Tom.


29 October 2007

Who let the garbage in?

Thanks to Bolty, in the aftermath of a neo-Nazi rock group playing at a Croatian social club, we get to see these Croatian-Australian soccer fans show their love and tolerance for Jews, Serbs and non-Croatians in general.

"Hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews, anti-fascist Croatians, Gypsies and others were killed by the Ustasha in the Croatian concentration camps." - so we get condemned for doing the world a favour.

Symbolic map of Croatia, available at all Melbourne Knights games for 75 Deutsche Marks

Dunno about you guys, but after reading that - it makes me wanna go to a thommo concert and make fascist salutes even more!

think all Jewish publications have a standard document for various situations and all they do is change the date at the top and keep publishing the same crap. Get over it already... They control money, they control Hollywood, they got handed their own country by the British at the expense of the Palestinians, they've ethnically cleansed their little piece of the Middle East, and still have the balls to point their finger at others for what happened 60 years ago. Meanwhile, we have thousands of displaced people all over the world and half of our territories occupied by the enemy... but they're still the ones hard done by. They weren't the only ones who suffered millions of casualties in WW2... difference is everyone else has moved on. Fuck off and live in prok-free paradise and get over the whinging.

The Jewish propaganda machine strikes again.

Chelsea hajduk are playing Caufield in this weeks round. They are a jewish club, so because of that they have to play on a Sunday. Every other game of the year is on saturday , but because their Jewish,they play only on sundays. They want everything their own way! Hitler = answer

The first Melbourne Knights uniforms proved too uncomfortable for sustained play

Ah Bolty - Defending the faith of the Jewish minority and now taking it out on the Croats instead of the Muslims.... [...] And also, since when did Australian of any background bow to the Jewish people ? Never and we will never will bow to any minority....

Let us know Andrew and we'll send you the pic of hundred, no - thousands of people saluting in a fascist manner. Hope the Pratt's, Adler's and Lowy's of this world pay you well.

Mr Boltowitz has an obvious hatred of Croats for whatever personal, religious or political reason.
Being a flying Dutchman himself, we understand that this inbred hatred draws its roots from the Reformation, so it's understandable. Yitzhak Bolt is on the payroll people..."THE PAYROLL”, you know the one, where they steal from ordinary, hard-working Australians and pay puppets like Bolt to peddle their agenda against patriotic communities like Croats, who have done nothing but toil for the advancemnet of this country, not live off its lifeblood. It won't last forever Mr Bolt, so take yopur 30 pieces of silver while it's still on offer.

You're the racist cunt not us you dog. Hope you have a heart attack and die you pig.

Ah, the joys of multiculturalism. It is funny though to watch these neo-Nazi baboons wail about anti-Croatian prejudice. Bwehehehe.



28 October 2007

The Religion of Peace has been acting peaceful again

Unknown "youths", possibly Wiccans, have been going on a psychotic rampage in Amsterdam.

They've been protesting the hideous police-slaying of another "youth" who just happened to have been stabbing a police officer. Could happen to anyone I guess.

Fight da power kiddies!!!



The Snowy Ride - 2007

For any motorcyclists in the NSW/ACT region, I can highly recommend this fantastic event on Saturday November 10th. I should be going this year.

How it works: you pay $50 to enter, and spend the day riding around the awesome Alpine Way with hundreds of other riders getting your card stamped at various checkpoints. You all assemble at Thredbo village late in the afternoon for a presentation ceremony, where - amongst other things - your card goes into a lottery draw for a Honda Goldwing.

The event benefits childhood cancer research. It's a great ride and a great atmosphere.

Be quick though, as entries are closing in a few days.


Cletus Spuckler, is that you?

The Liberty and Democracy Party is contesting this year's federal election.

There was a bit of a ruckus some days back when one of the Senate candidates, Lisa Milat, appeared on A Current Affair. It was a disaster. First, Lisa was understandably wracked with nerves and 'froze up'. Second - and worst of all - was that the segment was a disgraceful hatchet job by the retarded TV show.

Lisa you see, is the sister-in-law of notorious serial killer Ivan Milat. Of course, she had nothing whatever to do with that lunatic's crimes, but the fact she is a (*gasp*) pro-gun-rights libertarian was enough to send the tabloid journos into a hysterical frenzy of truly comical proportions.

The gist of the report was:

1- Lisa looked very nervous and therefore not a real politican.

2- Sudden segue into scary photos of Ivan Milat. Of course, no connection whatsoever was made between Lisa and Ivan Milat's crimes. But hey, scary photos!!!! Guns!!!

3- Some senile old cop saying "Ivan Milat!!!! Guns are evil!!!". Essentially suggesting that Lisa Milat was planning to hand guns out to serial killers so they could shoot children and small puppies.

4- Lisa forgot the details of the party policy on euthanasia.

5- Senile old cop returns, doing his Guns-are-evil muttering.

6- Airhead host Tracey Grimshaw closes out by saying "The LDP is contesting this years've been warned". No really, that's what she actually said.

I was half expecting Kent Brockman to show up, backed by the theme music from Dracula.

So of course, all sorts of gun-fearing loser dorks expressed their outrage about the evil of guns all over the place. That was pretty much expected.

What has been amusing however, and the reason behind the title of this post, is the outrage from the more"conservative" end of the pro-gun crowd.

One common complaint was reasonable: that the party shouldn't have allowed Lisa to front the cameras without some preparation and coaching, especially given the easily predictable stupid beatup over the Ivan Milat non-connection. (Though media perception of gun ownership has been hysterical since the Port Arthur Massacre, so the public's view of shooters could hardly be 'damaged', as is the oft-stated concern. Just look at the recent outcry over the opening of a gun shop in Sydney)

Another point, considerably more stupid, is that the LDP will damage shooters' rights because it will "take votes away from the Shooters Party". Apparently these rocket-scientists haven't cottoned onto the fact that we have a preferential voting system.

But from this point, our mouth-breathing gun-monkeys started to get a little unhinged. It appears many of them are convinced the LDP is some kind of 5th column front group for a conspiracy of (don't laugh) Greens and homosexuals.

Especially the homosexuals. The gun nutters are obsessed with homosexuals. Just look at the comments culled from various idiots:

I never saw this Milat fuckup but given LDP is into queers and other weird shit it would not suprise me if they support that crap from the Greens on fucking dogs and cats etc.

Their members remind me of the greens.

Gay one legged black lesbian whales already have enough support as far as I'm concerned

it would be better for the LDP to concentrate on the greenies, the pot smokers, homo rights groups and similar groups which these sorts of policies appeal to

Who's your next candidate? the individual responsible for the port arthur massacre's mum? One of Hitlers mistresses?

Are the LDP the Greens in disguise?

No I disagree strongly with homosexual demands for all sorts of things. After they get "homosexual marriage" probably at the same time they will get rights to adopt children and we have enough paedaphilia in Australia already and fucked up children. [...]
Of course you will disagree with the above and claim neither is true. But we had the openly faggot Premier in this state, and later we had the "Family" paedaphile killings among others. Not connected you might claim. :

Poofters rights bloody hell whats next preferences to the Greens .

shooters as a whole don't want to be political allies with drug abusers and homosexuals, its a fact. Polar bears don't sleep with penguins.


Congratulations LDP you have done in single day what all the antis and greens could not in all the years following PA.

(Sure, apart from the anti-gun laws. Miss that one did you Bubba?)

the LDP are not a pro shooters party, they are trying to destroy us. please leave ! Can we please BAN any known LDP members from this site? Their motives are finally clear........

(The italicised part of that last comment had the text modified by the administrator. I believe the original had something about fuck off and die faggots)

Are DLP an extension of the Greens or some anti gun group?

(Er, the DLP is the Democratic Labor Party, shit-for-brains)

You have to be an extension of some anti gun crowd.

Spill the beans on who's putting you up to this.

I'm interested in guns not bums

As to recognising gay rights and the rest of the weirdo shit...I don't GAF about their rights. I have some unhealthy habits such as smoking too...but I don't attend a smoker's parade or prance around in everybody's face saying how cool it is I smoke. I do not think the image of shooters is going to be enhanced in any way shape or form by embracing, promoting or approving of gay rights. They can GAGF as far as I'm concerned

"Shooters ought to recognise there are plenty of non-shooters who deserve the same consideration." - We do mate, poofs are just not in that group

they must be an extension of the Greens or some other anti gun crowd.

an anti-gun '5th column'

5th Columnists is the appropriate term to describe them.

as many of the posts prove IMO that "shooters rights" is just a tacked on policy to try and get some extra votes. Their main game is the more extreme and weirdo policies.

These were the polite ones. The moderator of one site actually had to delete a lot of ranting about "faggots". I haven't even included the ones from non-LDP related discussions, like the parts about homosexuals supporting beastiality.

The priceless comment was this one:

they are making all shooters look like the rednecks the majority of the sheeple think we are

Gosh Cletus..."rednecks" you say? Can't imagine why anyone would think that.

For more on these inbred yokels, go here.


Buying another cat

I've decided my brilliant Zionist Cat needs a playmate. I'm thinking about getting a purebred from a reputable breeder.

I like British Shorthairs:



Another convergence of lunacies

We've all seen those "the moon landings never happened" kooks.

But I'm betting you've never seen one like Brad Guth, who believes that:

- the moon hoax was a plot by "The Yids"
- the "Yids" were also behind the Third Reich
- the "Yids" are covering up the fact that there is an intelligent civilisation on Venus

Brad's never explained quite why this sinister Jew/Third Reich cabal would possibly be interested in covering up life on Venus or faking a moon landing.

Brad's scribblings aren't as fun as the more concise kooks like Jake McCrann, as they are usually unbroken 10,000-word incomprehensible rants of pseudo-scientific gibberish about metals, atmospheric pressure, radiation, Jew/Nazi mysticism and Kodak film.

The only concise answers you'll ever get out of him are when you ask him why he can't provide the name of one single scientist, anywhere on earth, who agrees with him. He says they've all been threatened by the JewNazis to stay silent.

Of course.


'I can't imagine why this religion has an image problem': part 24,562

Islamist usenet headcase Kangarooistan reveals The Truth about the death of business mogul John Ilan:

Almost certainly CIA and Mossad

Count the numbers of left wing activists, reporters,  politicians, and muslims who suddenly die

 Compare the number of Right wing and christian/ jews who die suddenly or very young

Clearly there is a statistical case for suspicion

I recall how they convicted a doctor , Shipman I think , nick named Dr death , in England , who was convicted based on the statistical record of how many of his patients died suddenly , compared tho the national average

Clearly the number of left wing political activists and reporters and muslims who die suddenly , its clear the CIA and Mossad are involved in killing off their opponents

We can not be sure if they murdered Mr Ilhan

But statistically , its very very clear , the CIA / Mossad , christians and Jews Are indeed murdering many people , in much the same way as we know Dr Shipman murdered about 200 people

There is absolutly no doubt the CIA and MOSSAD are murdering thousands all around the world for the Christians and Jews

It MUST be stopped , and there is only one way to force they to stop murdering people for Israel

Westrn taxpayers who fund these mass murderers must be forced to account for their crimes in any way we have available

Ignore the facts if you want , but dont complain when its your babies turn to be murdered for Israel

As for me , Im never going to let the western taxpayers murder my babies and get away scott free m they are the real terrorists , even if they pay the CIA and MOSSAD death squads to do the killing for them

Western taxpayers have had enough time to correct their evil ways , its now time they answered for their many many many crimes

Heh. Whatever you say Bwana......


17 October 2007

Quote of the day

Strange site at first viewing this Whacking day. Bit like watching channel 10 coverage of the GP with ad grabs of Picture magazine and anarchistic pinko bashing thrown in. Have to look a bit more thoroughly to get the gist.

- a poster at the forums


Gratuitous babe picture

Tera Patrick



Inside every communist is a sociopath

Usenet communist 'Fran' (with whom I tangled here) gives us a display of her charming morals:

On refugees from Vietnam after the communist takeover....

Murderous collaborators leaving the mess they'd been part of after the US had been defeated on the battlefield

They were both refugees AND collaborators. That's why they feared "persecution".

These people were at best, the beneficiaries of their suffering and often played an active part in it. A number were 'rehabilitated'.

They supported a murderous regime -- so they were accessories before and after the fact. You can't support a gang of criminals and then cry innocent.

On supporting the heroic North Vietnamese regime....

Cheering the downfall of a bunch of criminals propped up by Washington Inc. Yes, I was and am proud. The Vietnamese paid a high price for their courage, but their blood sacrifice undoubtedly stayed the hand of Washington in the years that followed, and everyone whose country was spared an invasion by the US is in their debt.

Oh, and as to the genocide committed by Stalin and Mao, it was all the west's fault....

One can but observe that the rise of Stalin was a direct consequence of the enfeeblement of Russian capitalism by WW1 and the attempt to pressgang the Russian Bolsheviks into contining the war and repaying their Tsarist war debts, so in a very real sense, most of the deaths there can be lain too at the feet of the Entente and Alliance powers.

So too can the bulk of the deaths under Mao. Chiang Kai Shek, acting at the behest of Western Imperialism, put down the Shanghai workers bloodily despite the fact that Stalin, in 1927 had demanded that the CCP cooperate with him. There followed a long period of brutal KMT repression and then the invasion of Japanese imperialism, which of course, the KMT could not resist, precisely because they had no standing amongst the people. Even then though, following the defeat of the Japanese, Mao offered Chiang Kai Shek a role in the post-War arrangements -- the 'bloc of four classes' but instead he fled to Taiwan. China was a near fedual country with virtually no history of democracy, bar a brief flirtation under Sun Yat Sen early in the century. As with Russia, old patterns of rule soon reasserted themselves and the only institution capable of martialling the populace to meet the challeneges of agrarian reform, literacy and industrialisation -- the PLA became the core of the state.

But none of this really has much to do with 'communism' or 'Marxism' in any meaningful sense.


Such a deep concern for life and liberty.


15 October 2007

Bizarre search string of the day

actress who has sex snakes on a plane



Election '07

I'll have more to say about this horror-show shortly.


Arguing about freedom with a communist

Lotsa arguing over my post at the ALS site.


Scared of Xenu

Looks like Tom Cruise is a bigger fruit-loop than I imagined.

For those of you who think the Scientology cult are a bunch of harmless nuts, please read this and this.



I missed posting on the 40th anniversary of filthy commie murderer Che Guevara's joyous execution.

Well, to make up for that, here's two pictures of Che at his finest:

Mwahaha. How ya doin' down there, maricón?


"We have a right to be thieves!!"

Apparently, it's really really evil to sell your own property at a price you decide is fair. Well, that's according to Newscorp airheads Gemma Jones, Jill Singer and those scumbags at the ACCC.

Richard Pratt and his Visy group face judgment next week for one of the most serious breaches of business law - engaging in price fixing with a rival.

Mr Pratt and his senior executives have admitted to having been involved in price fixing in Australia's $2 billion cardboard box market with arch rival Amcor.

Gosh, two entities deciding on a price for their property. How bloody horrifying eh?

Well I guess it is, if you're a fucking amoral half-wit who believes that you are somehow entitled to someone else's property at a price you want.

You can blubber about "price fixing", "irresponsible corporations" and "consumer rights" all you want, but there's a word for obtaining property in this manner: theft.

You are never entitled to what someone else produces, unless you have completed a voluntary contract of sale. You think the price is too high? Don't fucking buy it. Nobody owes you anything.

Don't hide yourself behind a cloak of legal nobility. If you believe in the "crime" of "price fixing", you're merely an arsehole who believes in the use of capricious state power to obtain property whose price you were not willing to pay.

You're fucking thieves, so stop dressing it up.


Rock the Casbah

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has seen this movie. The trailer sure looks interesting.

Yes, I know it was made by a bunch of commie arseholes, and it is sympathetic to the Islamist side, but I've also heard the movie itself is an excellent, dry, historical look at the "hows and whys" of the insurgency vs. counter-insurgency, with a realistic, fair portrayal of the French military forces (as this scene seems to indicate).

So, what of it? Is it worth a look?


The ten freakiest people on earth

Holy shit.

God bless these wonderful weirdos.


7 October 2007

Quote of the day

Gloria Estefan is what you would get if the Taco Bell chihuahua impregnated Celine Dion



Tell me something I don't know

What's that you say? Soccer players are a bunch of cheating, prancing, primadonna pansies?

How could futbol fans not have noticed this, say, from birth?

'Beautiful game' my arse.


The inevitable convergence of kooks

The self-admitted Stalinists at the Communist Party of Australia are also keen devotees of the 9/11 'truther' movement.

What a surprise.



5 October 2007

Back in Oz

Some random images in the post below, but for now, some NYC observations:

It was nice to be in a place where everything doesn't shut down at 5pm. Sydney, take notice.

Went to see 3.10 to Yuma. Superb flick.

On the multiple interminable plane journeys, I watched Shrek 3, The French Connection, Casablanca and Pirates of The Carribean: At World's End. The people responsible for that last one should be beaten to death. Christ almighty, it was fucking awful.

Some reading material picked up on my trip: F. Paul Wilson's The Keep, The Battle for Spain by Anthony Beevor, The Way of the Wiseguy by Joseph Pistone, Michael Largo's The Portable Obituary and Only in New York - a collection of the New York Times' 'FYI' columns.

The pizza in NYC is awesome. My two picks: Perfecto on Broadway & 92nd st, and Grimaldi's in Brooklyn Heights.

Had my first Philly Cheesesteak. Oh baby.

The coffee in America is mostly dishwater. It's the national drink for crying out loud. Come on people, it's really not that hard to make. No wonder Starbucks became popular: it's one of the few places you can get a half-decent brew.

The coffee may be awful, but the Americans crap on every other nation when it comes to great breakfasts, which are huge and delicious, especially the bacon, which the Americans know has to be made crisp.

Another culinary delight: popovers.

I still hate the idiotic practice of tipping. Really, who thought up this pain-in-the-ass stupidity?

I went to a Yankees v. Orioles baseball game at Yankee stadium, which was a brilliant experience. Big crowd, very noisy, great atmosphere. Getting a beer aint cheap though: a can of Becks beer cost $8.75. Coors Light <eeeuggggh> cost $9.00. And we still had to drink out of paper cups. The hot dogs were a comparatively cheap $3 a pop.

Also, the idiot who designed the Yankee stadium seating system should be thrown into a large fire. So should the retard cops in crowd control.

I got real tired of people SHOUTING at me. By the time I actually made it to the observation deck at the Empire State Building, I was almost homicidal. Imagine waiting in line for 40 minutes, and having the same fucking asshole SHOUT REALLY LOUDLY about "take the Skyriiiiiiide!!!! <add thirty seconds of sales gibberish, and repeat>". Dude, shut the fuck up. I heard you the first fifty times.

Then there were the dickheads behind the beer stand in the hall at Yankee Stadium "GET YER ICE COLD BEEEEEER HEEEERE" while you're standing right next to them.

Really? 'Beer' you say? Gee, I never would have guessed with that giant sign behind your fucking melon head saying "Budweiser" and "Coors".

Oh, and the Gypsy Cab guys who get in your face right outside the airport terminals. "WHERE YOU GOING BUDDY!?!?!?!? WEST SIDE HUH?!?!? COME WITH ME!!!!".

And to top it all off, the NYC subway system seems to be filled with well-dressed black men with Jamaican accents who start shouting about Jesus to all the other passengers. This happened three times just in the carriages I was in.

Went to Greenwich Village. Nice area. Good ice-cream. The stinky hippies were giving me evil looks because I was wearing a USMC cap. Hehehe.

Went to the big courthouse building you always see on Law & Order. I'm a sucker for great architecture. Sadly, you can't take pictures of the beautiful mural in the main atrium. "Security" reasons. Murals are such dangerous things.

NYC subway stations are like a blast furnaces. Using them in high summer must be unbearable. The trains themselves, thankfully, are air-conditioned.

The 3rd Avenue bus has more old people than the entire state of Florida.

I went to watch this. Despite having zero interest in opera, I was quite entertained. Probably had something to do with this honey.

NYC really needs to do something about the giant piles of trash bags outside some apartment buildings.

Had an amazing meal at the festively decorated Mama Mexico, where we were serenaded by strolling mariachis.


Images of New York City (and some bits outside of it)

The street outside our apartment:

Yankee Stadium (as seen from the top tier):

One of the many views from the Empire State building:

Fifth Avenue:

Sensory overload in Times Square:

New York Public Library:

Another library shot (them New Yorkers know their architecture):

The Lady of Liberty:

Part of the Manhattan skyline, as viewed from a Ferry tour:

The Boathouse, Central Park:

The Bethesda Fountain, seen in a million TV shows and movies:

The foyer of the New York State Theater (home of City Opera):

Gaia-friendly stretch hummer in Greenwich Village:

Callicoon, a two-hour drive from NYC, right on the border with Pennsylvania:

The Delaware river at Callicoon:




Congratulations Casey Stoner, the 2007 MotoGP World Champion.

As you might imagine, the groupies of the "greatest rider of all time" are not happy:

well done casey my arse: [...] far superior machinery than the rest of the field. it's the bike and rules that has won the championship not stoner. it was clear from the first race of the year that the ducati had the legs and it was going to be a one horse race. in my opinion this was the worst motogp championship i have ever witnessed since becoming a fan over 15 yrs ago.

ALL I can see at the moment in Rossi NOT having the technical support or such a complete package as others do. Rossi's talent is WITHOUT question but the development, technical & engineering Yamaha are giving him is pathetic. There needs to be a big boot kicking somone's arse down at Yamaha for next year to be any better.

stoner is good but he aint no Rossi


rossi on the same bike and tyres would have kicked his backside.


Boooo. I don't support boring riders.

Awww, poor duckies :)



6 September 2007

Quote of the day

"Examples prove nothing"

Sydney Audio equipment salesman and usenet idiot Trevor Wilson, when asked to provide examples of his assertion that there is nothing anti-democratic about communism


Out-of-context cartoon of the day


Something else to waste your time with

Welcome to The Impossible Quiz.


Outta here.....

I'm off to New York City tomorrow. See you in three weeks.


30 August 2007

Feel the vibe man..........

Welcome to the deeply intellekshul blog of the Psychedelic Tourist.....

Sample post heading:

We're just ONE planted bomb away from a full blown fascist dictatorship!!!!

Yeah baby. Fight the power!!


Forget the horse flu....

....muslim internet freak Kangarooistan warns us of a neocon plot to murder camels!!!!

i know that the australian government has funded research
into Bio control of the camels in australia to stop muslim Aboriginals
from earning a living from camels so the christians can keep them poor
and more easily steal their lands

I was wondering if the Horse flu in Australia was an escaped virus ??

Of course. It's so obvious.


A t-shirt you must buy



A History of Violence

David Cronenberg is history's unheralded great film maker.

If he'd spent his life using his talents for commercial projects, or devoted to grand epics of faux-ernestness, he'd be insanely rich and/or need a room for his truckload of Oscars.

Instead, he's spent over three decades forging his own delightfully perverse and compelling path.

His preoccupation with the body and bizarre mutations and manipulations thereof have given us exploding heads, mutant genitals and The Brundlefly, amongst many other....... things......

It's easy to be put off by the often stomach-churningly weird elements of his movies, and ignore the fact that the guy is a genuinely great storyteller. There's rarely any flab, superflous narrative in his films. You're always paying attention.

Now and then though, Cronenberg drops his obsession with Body Horror and makes a "normal" movie.

A History of Violence is one of these.

It may not have mutant vaginas or sci-fi elements, but it's got the narrative force of a Cronenberg project. There's not an ounce of wasted energy in this movie, and it holds your attention, even when you're not sure where it's going.

Viggo Mortensen plays Tom Stall, operator of a diner in Smalltown USA and happy, loving family guy.

Old Tommy becomes the centre of national media attention after brutally dispatching two homicidal drifters who came to knock over his diner.

Pretty soon, a bunch of creepy Philadelphia gangsters show up in town, claiming Tom is actually an ex-mafia soldier named Joey. Unpleasantness begins to accumulate in Tom's little world.

This aint no cheeseball Bruce Willis action flick. It's a small, tense and intelligent tale of a happy family life meeting the brutal ugliness of mob violence.

The script is concise, clever and effective. The acting is top-shelf, especially from the four leads: Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello, a wonderfully creepy Ed Harris and a brief but memorable appearance by William Hurt. The violence scenes are short, unpleasant and devoid of any action-movie choreography. The production values, as can be expected from any Cronenberg movie, are excellent without any big movie "epic" phony-baloney.

Highly recommended.


The Real Deal

The phrase "great guitarist" is too often used in the context of stadium rock hairball poodles like Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie Malsteen, Steve Vai and all that lot. I'd rather listen to paint dry. These clowns don't play music, they are high-speed masturbators. High-speed soloing is boring as batshit.

Here are two guitarists who, as far as I'm concerned, shit on the hair-metal clowns from a great height: Leo Kottke and Andy McKee.


One of the worst cover versions you'll ever see or hear

You see, there's this "singer" named Amy Winehouse.

If you want to see just how incredibly awful she is, listen to her trying to sing Michael Jackson's "Beat it".

Bwahaha. Dear God.



21 August 2007

...and another absence...

...thanks to the fucking flu.

Life sure can be entertaining sometimes.


Man, I wasn't kidding

On Sunday night, Casey Stoner won another crushing victory in the Czech MotoGP race. Valentino Rossi - the "greatest rider of all time" - finished seventh.

The President of the Rossi fan club mourns the
greatest human tragedy since the holocaust

As was to be expected, the Rossi groupie army on the web are not handling it well:

It is a shame that the tyre rule has in a sense ruined this season, i'm not taking anything away from Stoner he is a class act but these tyre problems are not just hurting Valey, every michelin rider is experiencing the same problems.

(Nicky Hayden and Dani Pedrosa, both on Michelins, finished 3rd and 4th, miles ahead of Rossi)

This is a very bad development. The championship race is virtually over already with six races to go. That's a shame, and boring too. Michelin is having a very difficult season, and Rossi is the most prominent rider to suffer from it. To lose one second per lap is far to much.

I agree. He should have ridden faster shouldn't he?


That upper-case type and exclamation points make a compelling case.

Of all the years I've watched GP, this has got to be the most boring race ever. Dorma; plz do something about this. The new rules are suck!

U R smart. Must be one of those losers who dyes their hair yellow and shaves "46" onto their head on race day.

The only way they can beat Vale is by such irrational rule changes.

...and by beating him on the track.

Dear FIM and DORNA,

1. Please forbid electronic traction and launch control.
2. Please forbid engine braking adjustablity
3. Please forbid slipper clutches
4. Please Allow only one tire brand (unlimited choices, no "fly-ins")
5. Please increase fuel capacity by 2 litres.

Hmmm, strange how noone asked for these things when Rossi was winning.

I am so not looking forward to seeing the next motogp race. Stoner has sucked out all of life out of motogp. we had a good guy and a bad guy, now we've just got one guy on the fastest bike without enough personality to even like or dislike. its hard to care what happens with motogp at the moment.

Beating Valentino - "sucking the life out of MotoGP". It just aint fair.

Rossi is a deep rider meaning - he doesnt ride because he wants or for the sake of the fame, but because he has a deep understanding of the bike and racing, the physics and logics of it, the spirit of it and he rides for the improvement of it all . thats why he appreciates and thanks everybody who has a part in it as well, like his team. if anyone - he can develop and change the perception of things with his riding or perform a miracle: do the what seems impossible... so far havent seen stoner do any "miracles" at all. if anyone has, list me one?

Snerk. The Archangel Rossi.

You know, I can't believe this disrepect for Rossi (The G.O.A.T.) Yes stoner is good, Ducati has improved. But until Stoner takes a poor performing bike, Like Rossi (Yamaha) and make it a winner! Then yeah, He's better. It's evident Ducati just got it right and the other teams are behind, but it shows still the level of Rossi. No one else is performing close to him.

Yeah, the people beating him aren't "performing close to him". Bwehehehe.

Rossi is the best On two wheels like schumi was on 4 wheels. Even schumi took 4yrs before he could win in Ferrari where as Rossi has proved his skill by wining in the very first year on Yamaha.Even Mike Doohan has not done that.The tyre is what is causing his problems .When his tyres worked he could beat stoner even with Yamaha.Stoner has a long way to go and prove before he can be compared with Rossi.

Yup, aside from his crushing race victories, Stoner still has a lot to prove.

We all want to see great racing, But things have changes as of this year and not for the better!!!

How can they say its "The Whole Package - man, bike, tires", when the tires are limited! This sucks! I for one am ANGRY! Limitations are not right when it's a race for a championship! Not to mentiong SAFETY!!!!

I guess someone could tell this angry fellow that Rossi supported these tyre regulations. Right up until the point where he started losing.

I think ROSSI HAS ONLY BECOME BETTER WITH AGE.[EVEN if he looses this years title]

He is fighting for the title... with micheline tyrewhich is far worse than anyone of us r thinking This yrs michelin lacks both grip as well as Durability[ that rarely happens either ure tyre is very good woith the grip....but wont last races distance or u have a durable tyre but it is hard and lacks grip] ...BUT THIS MICHELIN IS DAMN DAMN HORRIBLE.

...and let me remind u that we only see the top speed advatage of ducati...but the acc. advantage is far more frightening

..and if rossi won 3 races this yr ..with all that ..STONER IS NOTHING

Yes, feel the power of Rossi-brand upper-case typing!

Stoner may well win the Championship now but if every race see's him use the very obvious speed advantage and power of the Ducati to just go from pole to victory he won't earn any respect from me. Ducati and Stoner dominating this season has led to it being a Formula One type Michael Schumacher affair and when he wins he's the most uninspiring rider in the paddock. The guy has no personality and is just like a machine. He could win forever but never have the respect that Rossi has. Its a shame because at the beginning of the season the bikes all looked to be closer than the 990's but whatever is going wrong has led to one man and one bike just leading fromt eh beginning. At least Rossi came from mid pack to take victory. I'm sure there are people close to the MotoGP championship who are scratching their heads at what is either a work of genious by Ducati and Stoner or a complete lack of development from ALL the other teams. It's madness.

Madness I tells ya! God-boy isn't winning!

I can't wait to see the wailing if/when Stoner wins the title. The level of enraged delusion on display right now is a sight to behold.


Breaking the wind

I like to educate my readers in the areas of high culture and science.

And on that note, here's everything you'll ever need to know about farts.


There is a god

Jennifer Hawkins wants to strip for the camera.



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