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8 February 2007

Idiot of the day

Usenet donut David Moss, commenting at aus.politics on the famous toppling of Saddam's statue in Baghdad:

Deliberately destroying a publicly owned art work is actually a war crime. Some people take war crimes seriously.

People this demented are allowed to vote.


To protect and serve


(via Balko)


Usenet freak threatens to kill me

I think this bloke likes me:

Any muslim fighters who think the time has come to get rid of this sub-
human moron I assure you that you will identify him positively if you research archives of his posts on as well as well as the web archives of
You can find time-stamped archives of his website at other websites which chronicle the web.

He haunts usenet with multiple characters, resorting to attacking individual posters with several of his characters at a time using misrepresentative slanders, blatant outrageous lies, diversionary arguments to sabatage constructive debates.

This person who typically goes by the name Tex in places where his promotes his
whackingday website, is an example of the group of people on the internet worldwide who are trying to reduce the efficacy of our rare opportunity for freedom of speech free from organised media cabals into mindless inconsequential drivle. That is undoubtedly the MO of all his attacks - to sabotage constructive forums. Any threads which criticise Israel or expose false-flag terrorism against muslim people and nations are the prime target of this zionist

I have identified his full person and will post anonymously elsewhere on the internet who is is. I cannot post it here for when people finally track him down and executes him I may be held liable in part.

I can tell you that most recently he resides in Canberra.

It is specifically persons like this man who are wholly responsible for inciting sectarian violence in our community.


You will note that when posting in usenet Tex/Tropi/Sunny (and his other aliases I shall not bother to varify conclusively) nevers promotes his website. The reason for that is immediately apparent upon perusing his hate speech and mindless rhetoric. Even he is so ashamed of his destructive contributions to our community that he knows it would denegrate the character of everything else he is associated with.

He has been very careful to hide his true identity all this years but if you research for a while you will surely discover the identity and address of this troll. In order to confirm his latest residential address you may need an insider at his ISP to extract the information. There are thousands of muslims in such position who may afford this data.

I totally endorse the execution of this anti-human anti-muslim spamming troll terrorist.

Awww, aint he sweet?

Some background. The gentleman in question is one Jake McCrann, of Coburg. He is very cranky that I have been making fun of him.

Jake is a rather amusing specimen who surfaced on usenet early last year and commenced posting thousands of messages to a range of newsgroups, announcing that he had found out the "truth" about 9/11, and we would be amazed when we examined his "proof".

Jake is - to put it mildly - obsessed with 9/11 conspiracy theories. Jake believes pretty much all of them, even the ones which contradict the other ones. (WTC brought down by a controlled demolition, Pentagon being hit by a missile, planes being remote-controlled, etc. etc.).

These theories - of course - all focus around an evil Zionist cabal which controls the media, silences critics and randomly sends out death rays to assassinate Australian TV celebrities. In one month, he sent around one thousand posts to usenet, all spewing the same nutball shit, one after the other, regardless of the topic of the list he was posting to.

Jake's biggest hard-on is reserved for a web kook by the same of Daryl Broadford Smith. Jake-boy sees this dork as The Messiah of Truth, and includes the URL in almost every post. He also produces home-made Youtube documentaries as "ironclad proof" that the whole thing is a zionist plot.

OK, Jake's an obsessive, batshit-insane 9/11 conspiracy kook. Amusing yes, but that's not what makes Jake special.

What sets Jake apart is his amazing and ever-growing collection of Thom Lyons-esque fantasies. You thought Thom was a bullshit artist? You aint seen nothing yet.

You see, Jake started getting rather upset that people were laughing at his demented howlings about 9/11, and he was determined to make them listen. So began a proverbial typhoon of bizarre claims and threats. As each one failed to get the desired response, instead getting poor Jake even more ridicule, he kept escalating it with even more demented self-praise and threats.

Here is a small sample of some of Jake's amusing brain-farts...

- Jake understands the muslim mind. They have superior intellects to us zionist-brainwashed folks. Jake has a prize-winning muslim scientist friend working at a Melbourne university in the field of advanced rocket science who was "disappeared" by those in authority for reasons unclear.

- He has a IQ of 152. He was tested for it when he applied for entry to an elite Victorian high school he can't remember the name of. Despite his high-IQ, Jake doesn't seem to understand how the internet works, especially when he sends messages to USENET from the same IP address using different names, and wonders why everyone sees through his brilliant subterfuge.

- He retired at a young age after making millions in a business he can't remember the name of. This is despite claiming elsewhere that he was on the dole on Sep 11, 2001.

- He "fought with Hamas" in the Middle East. He couldn't detail when or where. He also fought with Hizbollah and is the leader of the Australian branch of that organisation.

- He is a member of the SAS who recently served in Iraq and promises to hunt down those who insult him.

- He is using his vast wealth to fund his 100,000 strong Australian jihadi army who will overthrow the government and hang all the people who don't believe 9/11 was an inside job. So you'd better not laugh at him anymore, or they'll come to get you. The problem is, the revolution was supposed to happen on Sep 11, 2006. When pressed for an explanation, we were told that petrol prices were too high for his revolutionaries to drive to Canberra.

- Other than his armed revolution on Canberra on Sep 11, 2006, as well as setting off bombs at Melbourne universities and the cafe at ASIO HQ.

- He renamed his private army The Australian Civil War Movement, and proclaimed they were the legitimate government-in-waiting, excitedly issuing many "bulletins" and "communications" to the terrorised Australian public.

- His private army is behind the insurgency in Iraq.

- has claimed to have postgraduate degrees in science, engineering, chemistry, business administration and economics.

- He takes the 9/11 inside job personally because his brother was one of the victims. Jake must have looked up the victims list and randomly picked this name: Charles Austin McCrann, and renamed his posting ID after him. The problem for poor dumbfuck Jake, is that Charles Austin McCrann was a middle-aged American corporate exec and minor film industry personality. After this was pointed out to Jake, he never mentioned Charles Austin McCrann again.

- WTC fell down because of a “controlled demolition”.

- He would start an assassination campaign against politicians and “traitors”.

- Steve Irwin was killed by a Mossad hit squad because he was about to “come out with the truth about 9/11".

- Peter Brock was killed by a Mossad hit squad for the same reason.

- Optus is run by Zionist agents who will be sued by Jake for throwing him off their service

- He has various degrees in science, engineering and business. Unfortunately, he can't remember where he got them.

- The Moon landing was faked. He knows this because Albert Einstein said it never happened.

- Canberra is an “impregnable fortress”, and his army would have to hide their weapons in national parks around the city before the revolution. Of course, he released this secret communique over a public usenet forum.

- Everyone who doesn't believe in the “truth” of 9/11 is a Mossad agent.

- despite his claimed Australian history, he said he only lived here for 5 years, and he is now "in Brazil".

- is convinced that another usenet poster - "sunny" - and I are the same person. Despite his "152 IQ", he can't read message headers.

Needless to say, Jake does not react well to being mocked. Last year sometime, he promised to slit my throat if I didn't stop mocking him.

Now he's promising to send my personal details to extremist muslims so I'll be killed.

You meet the nicest freaks on usenet :)

However, I'm really posting this as an enticement for you, dear reader, to experience the bottomless comedy of lunacy that is Jake McCrann. There's thousands of posts and too much madness to summarise here.

If you have a few days to kill, please visit the Google group archives, and search for messages from his various aliases: Jake McCrann,, Midex, FREEDOM AND JUSTICE, fidayeen, Udi Goldman, Israel Goldbergstien, Leader of the Opposition, URGENT AND OMINOUS, milliondollarexecutive, and a bunch of others I can't remember....


Your tax dollars at work

Apparently, the Aussie notion of a “fair go for all” means stealing my money to pay this asshole to poison the minds of children:

I am a teacher. I teach at a secondary school in Sydney's western suburbs

In fact, Mr. Bob Treasure is the head teacher of a faculty at the Erskine Park High School in Sydney. He's also an enthusiastic supporter of totalitarianism:

What's more, the considerably greater proportion of GDP expenditure on education in Cuba is spread evenly. It is designed to make opportunity the same for all. There is no palpable nor obscene inequality of private schools with abundant resources and public schools with few. The Cuban education system is one built upon social justice, and for that we say:


Sounds wonderful.

Blessed with Fidel's munificent education system, the young Cuban Eloi can use their reading skills on books they'll get jailed for reading , research things on the internet which they're not permitted to access , learn about other countries they're not allowed to travel to, learn about their government which they're not allowed to oppose.

Well, at least if they get sick, they'll be taken care of in Cuba's  glorious “free” healthcare system .

This is something of which the Cuban people are rightly proud, and it is something for which we say:


Well, I loved the cockroaches and blood on the floor. Very colourful. Viva Fidel !

Just the kinda guy we need teaching the young'ns.

I hope the bastard ends up under Val Prieto's floorboards.

(cross-posted to the ALS site)


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