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15 October 2007

Bizarre search string of the day

actress who has sex snakes on a plane



Election '07

I'll have more to say about this horror-show shortly.


Arguing about freedom with a communist

Lotsa arguing over my post at the ALS site.


Scared of Xenu

Looks like Tom Cruise is a bigger fruit-loop than I imagined.

For those of you who think the Scientology cult are a bunch of harmless nuts, please read this and this.



I missed posting on the 40th anniversary of filthy commie murderer Che Guevara's joyous execution.

Well, to make up for that, here's two pictures of Che at his finest:

Mwahaha. How ya doin' down there, maricón?


"We have a right to be thieves!!"

Apparently, it's really really evil to sell your own property at a price you decide is fair. Well, that's according to Newscorp airheads Gemma Jones, Jill Singer and those scumbags at the ACCC.

Richard Pratt and his Visy group face judgment next week for one of the most serious breaches of business law - engaging in price fixing with a rival.

Mr Pratt and his senior executives have admitted to having been involved in price fixing in Australia's $2 billion cardboard box market with arch rival Amcor.

Gosh, two entities deciding on a price for their property. How bloody horrifying eh?

Well I guess it is, if you're a fucking amoral half-wit who believes that you are somehow entitled to someone else's property at a price you want.

You can blubber about "price fixing", "irresponsible corporations" and "consumer rights" all you want, but there's a word for obtaining property in this manner: theft.

You are never entitled to what someone else produces, unless you have completed a voluntary contract of sale. You think the price is too high? Don't fucking buy it. Nobody owes you anything.

Don't hide yourself behind a cloak of legal nobility. If you believe in the "crime" of "price fixing", you're merely an arsehole who believes in the use of capricious state power to obtain property whose price you were not willing to pay.

You're fucking thieves, so stop dressing it up.


Rock the Casbah

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has seen this movie. The trailer sure looks interesting.

Yes, I know it was made by a bunch of commie arseholes, and it is sympathetic to the Islamist side, but I've also heard the movie itself is an excellent, dry, historical look at the "hows and whys" of the insurgency vs. counter-insurgency, with a realistic, fair portrayal of the French military forces (as this scene seems to indicate).

So, what of it? Is it worth a look?

ten freakiest people on earth

Holy shit.

God bless these wonderful weirdos.


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