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17 September 2003

More of the agonizing pain that is Ross Gittens' life

Chief Economics Wussy at the Sydney Morning Herald, Ross Gittens, is moaning again about the abundance of choice and freedom capitalism produces.

In his latest word-bilge, Gittens fawns over some godawful "the world is going to hell" book written by Labor party muppet Lindsay Tanner.

After more than a decade of A-grade economic performance and rising prosperity, the question a lot of people are asking is: if we're so rich, why aren't we happy? Tanner's answer is that developments in the modern world - not just economic reforms, but changing technology and our move to more liberated, individualistic lives - are causing our relationships to break down.

Gittens - of course - cites no evidence for this.

Humans are social beings. Our lives have meaning essentially in the context of our relationships with other human beings. So relationships are central to the wellbeing of individuals and society as a whole.

Gittens' powers of sociological insight are a thing of wonder.

Tanner says information technology is changing the way we relate to each other more dramatically than we realise. On the face of it, mobile phones and internet emails greatly increase our contact with friends and relations. That may be a plus - but there are also negatives.

"My mobile phone might help me stay in touch, but it also interrupts face-to-face conversation and personal interaction," Tanner says. "Mobile phones can seriously detract from the quality - and quantity - of time we spend with our children."

So? Turn the fucking thing off, you dickhead.

Here comes the obligatory whinge about customer service:

Then there's the advent of telephone call centres, the great "efficiency" I think has done most to depersonalise (that is, damage) relationships between big businesses and their customers.

Yes, it means someone will be able to take your call when you phone them. What a horrible development.

He goes on to state the revelatory point that free markets are a result of individualism and libertarianism. You know, unlike all those collectivist free markets we've heard so much about.

And he comes his grand moan:

Freedom for the individual is fine - up to a point. That point is reached when the pursuit of individualism starts to erode the relationships that provide our emotional sustenance. It's reached when noble sentiments about individual freedom degenerate into the mindless pursuit of materialism.

"mindless pursuit of materialism" - ie. buying a nice home, a car, the yearly holiday, Xmas presents for your family, and building up retirement savings. Things which will provide for your future and the future of your family. As a capitalist-fearing wussy, one shudders at the thought. You greedy bastards all of you. You should be unemployed at home, reading Heidegger to your kids and teaching them about an "authentic existence".

It's worth noting too, that the grossly obese Gittens' idea of "mindless materialism" doesn't inlcude gorging himself with donuts.

Tanner argues that by now, our crowded lives are gradually shredding our relationships with each other.

"We've built a society in which we have less time for our children, less interaction with our neighbours, less involvement in the community, and less participation in collective activities,"

Which I guess explains the continued popularity of this, this, this, this and this.

It's taken the economic rationalists years to twig that the free market system depends on an elaborate network of community relationships and social trust in order to function properly.

No, Mr. Economics Writer, the free market system depends on people being able to spend their money on what they want, without twats like you telling them what they should be spending it on.

So rampant individualism is undermining the very economic system that champions the interests of the individual. Without an underpinning of social inclusion and economic co-operation, a market system first becomes a lot more costly to run (because you can't trust anyone) and ultimately descends into gangster capitalism.

And we've already seen what Gittens means by "gangster capitalism": the nightmare of people being able to choose between different products. Let's recap what Gittens said a few weeks ago, when he wrote one of the biggest howlers in the history of australian journalism;

For a start, consumers often find the choices they're presented with quite confusing. You're being asked to compare an apple with an orange

Those vicious "gangster" capitalists, mercilessly inflicting different fruits upon us.

How has this unsatisfactory state of our relationships come about? Through neglect. Tanner says that, since the industrial revolution, it's the material aspects of human relationships - economics, in other words - that have dominated politics in the developed countries.

Noooooooo!!....really? A stunning development that, given that since the industrial revolution, people have actually gained the ability to vote and earn money. I guess Gittens and Tanner prefer the love and hugs you only get with feudalism.

Governments and political parties have largely ignored relationship issues, perhaps assuming they're the responsibility of priests and psychologists.

Or perhaps they assumed these were private matters for individuals and families and that, just maybe, politicians should keep their bloody noses out of it.

And then we've had the attitude that we don't want governments engaging in "social engineering". What's apparent now, however, is that - whether they think about it or not - government policies do affect relationships.

Great. Ross wants some good old government micro-management of our private lives. We can have Brian Harradine, Natasha Stott-Despoja, Martin Ferguson and Bob Katter determining our relationships. Gee, does this sound like fun to you?

Tanner argues that, just as major cabinet decisions are required to be accompanied by formal assessments of their likely implications for the budget and for the environment, so they should be accompanied by assessments of their implications for our relationships.

Yes, and the answer to those implications is for the government to do a lot less of everything. That's not the way for Tanner and Gittens though. They want a Ministry of Cuddles.

It would be no magic solution, obviously. But at least it might help move our politicians to a higher level of enlightenment

'Enlightenment', of course, meaning bigger government.

Motorcycling beats space travel

More people dream of riding a motorcycle than going in to space according to a recent survey conducted for the BBC.

The pole asked 20,000 people the one thing they most wanted to do before they died and more of them said they wanted to ride a motorcycle than go in to space, climb Mount Everest, or… visit Disney World.

See? This is what I've been telling you people all along.

Tyson vs. Foreman: the great fight that never was

Mike Tyson
Older, fatter & slower, but still packing a punch that could kill elephants: George Foreman in the 90's

A fascinating piece over at East Side Boxing about the reasons a Mike Tyson vs. George Foreman bout never eventuated back in 1990.

Could the jolly old fat bald guy, 15 years past his prime really have been a match for the seemingly invincible Iron Mike? Most laughed at the idea. Everyone it seems, except Tyson himself.

Goodman stated that Tyson said Foreman was much better than people thought, and was a dangerous fight for any of the top heavyweights. Goodman proceeded to explain how Tyson was calling Foreman a big con man, and explained that the grandpop act was just a front. He said Tyson saw Foreman as trying to set up the boxing world into thinking he was a pushover, knowing that he really wasn't. Tyson said Foreman was a wolf in sheep's clothing. Goodman continued to say that after seeing Tyson's response to King trying to push him into a fight with Foreman, he had no doubt that Tyson had fear of Foreman.


It is absolutely a fact that Mike Tyson was afraid to fight 41-year-old George Foreman--the same Foreman who Evander Holyfield would fight and beat in April of 1991. I have not a doubt that had Foreman and Tyson fought anytime between 1990 and 1997 that Foreman would have knocked Tyson out inside of three rounds. Tyson just has nothing to beat Foreman with; his edge in hand speed would have been a non-factor. He can't beat him by backing away, and he would have gotten his head handed to him if he brought the fight to Foreman. In addition, Foreman was bigger, stronger, tougher and hit harder. Not to mention the fact that Foreman had a better chin and no fear or doubt, unlike Tyson, who was full of fear and self-doubt.


I haven't a morsel of a doubt that Tyson just doesn't match up with Foreman, and he knows it. If Tyson of 1990 was afraid of an old Foreman, think how petrified he would of been of a prime Foreman, the one who stared down both Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali in 1973 and 1974.

I kinda agree. Foreman in his prime would have destroyed Tyson within two rounds. I disagree that the older George would have finished off Iron Mike so easily, though my money would still be on the old man. His sheer size, concrete chin and savage hitting power would get Tyson in the end. What a shame we never saw this.

15 September 2003

Climaxing for Clinton

Oooh!! Do me with your big wand Bubba!!

Check out this load of simpering drivel from that noted cheesebrain Anne Summers, already recoiling from the upcoming visit of Evil Dubya, and pining for the days when we were visited by the world's most famous sex-predator.

Bush's presence is likely to trigger anti-US demonstrations of a kind we have not seen since October 1966 when president Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) became the first US president to visit Australia.


In November 1996 Bill and Hillary Clinton stayed in the country a whole five days. They shopped, went snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, played golf and jogged (him), investigated women's issues (her) and generally relaxed. Everywhere they went, they were mobbed by friendly, even adoring crowds.

A notable highlight of the trip was on November 21 when Clinton stood in Sydney's Domain and addressed a lunchtime crowd. Thousands of people had streamed from the city to get a first-hand look at the famous president (and this was pre-Monica) and to have the incredible experience of hearing him speak in person.

That day Clinton looked ahead towards the 2000 Olympics and said he could not think of a better place for the athletes of the world to come together: he spoke eloquently of how Sydney was, in his eyes, a model multicultural city.


As Clinton spoke that day, many in the crowd were in tears. He had held up a mirror to our society and many, if not most, of those who were there preferred his image to the one being proffered by Hanson. We liked what he said about our city and, by implication, our country. We felt proud and we were moved.


Unlike Clinton, Bush will not brave an outdoor crowd. He will speak to the Australian people from the safety of the Federal Parliament. Given his reputation for rhetorical bumbling, we know not to expect to be inspired, let alone moved.

We can also not expect him to bomb pharmaceutical factories to distract the public from his weird sexual obessions, nor expect him to ignore several offers to hand over Osama Bin Laden on account of being too busy getting blowjobs in the oval office.

Stupid bint.

The Death Penalty

Top-notch article by my libertarian & ANU colleague Alex Robson.

Near-death experience

I made the mistake of channel surfing at 10.30pm and accidentally came across talentless commie Brit singer Billy Bragg singing some atonal dirge about Evil White People, or something. Fucking mullet.

Where can I buy this stuff?

Thanks to John B. for this: some bitchingly cool new-style PCs.

Living on the edge

Welcome to the latest thrillseeking activity: Extreme Ironing!

(Thanks to Dan for the link)

A crash-course in languages

This is great. I especially liked some of the useful french phrases:

We surrender!
Nous nous rendons!

Yum! Beaver cheese!
Yiaaaam! Du fromage de castor!

A pot of rabbit-noses in cream, please.
Une casserole de museau de lapin à la crème, s'il vous plaît.

I am not a saboteur disguised as a camembert. I am a real cheese, lieutenant. Honestly.
Je ne suis pas un saboteur en déguisément de camembert. Je suis un véritable fromage, Lieutenant. Je vous le jure.

My God! They're throwing Danish mustard! Run for your life!
Mon Dieu! Ils lancent de la moutarde danoise! Sauvez-vous!

Rationing? Is that a problem? Everything is edible.
Rationalisation? Cela pose-t-il problème? Tout est tout de même comestible.

Unfortunately I cannot come and eat poodle guts on Friday. I'm attending a revolution.
Je ne puis malheureusement pas venir à votre dîner d'intestins de caniche ce vendredi. Je participe à une révolution.

Mommy, when I grow up, I want a whole farm of cows with a cold, so we can always eat cattle snot.
Maman, quand je serais grande je veux être propriétaire d'une ferme entière de vaches enrhumées, ainsi nous pouvons toujours manger de la morve de bétail.

Tell me, have you ever eaten an exploded pacific isle? Me neither. We must do something about it.
Dis-moi, as-tu déjà mangé de l'île de l'océan pacifique sautée? Moi non-plus. Il faut qu'on fasse quelque chose.

(Thanks for Carol for the heads-up.)

13 September 2003

Quote of the day

"When it comes to defending a terrorist like Yasser Arafat the world mobilises, but when women and children are killed in the streets of Israel, the UN Security Council is silent – it's hypocrisy"

- senior Israeli official speaking to AFP on condition of anonymity

When penguins feel mischievous

Thank to Dan for this. Hehehehe

Menu link things

Thanks to a bug, the Draggin Jeans link on the right-hand menu had been pointing elsewhere for god knows how long. I've fixed it. (Draggin Jeans makes kevlar-lined jeans for motorcyclists, in case you were wondering).

Being a big boxing fan, I've added the excellent East Side Boxing to the menu. Any sport which makes the medical profession and the weasels at The Canberra Times that angry has got to be worthwhile.

What's happened to the World Superbikes site? It's gone back to it's pre-2001 "under construction" notice, so I've removed it from the menu.

Red Max

Motorcyclists reading this should head over to the Red Max online store: they're selling their protective riding jeans at 50% off. They make a great alternative to bulky leather pants and are vastly more protective than normal jeans or cargo pants. They're offering a similar deal on their jackets too.

12 September 2003

Quote of the day

"I prefer the hands-on touch you only get with hired goons"

- Charles Montgomery Burns

Admin note

It was the week from hell at work, hence the low posting. Full service should resume tomorrow.


Johnny Cash dead at 71.

Rest In Peace man...

Emily takes on Noam Chomsky

Ms. Jones gives the sociopathic professor a serious bollocking.

Bloody filthy savages

More peace and love, muslim-style.

More vehicle pondering

More possibilities. I'm not buying a V8. Get over it.

Toyota RAV4

Holden Astra

9 September 2003

Quote of the day

Ooh, so Mother Nature needs a favor? Well maybe she should have thought of that when she was besetting us with droughts and floods and poison monkeys! Nature started the fight for survival, and now she wants to quit because she's losing. Well, I say, hard cheese.

- C.M. Burns

Dangergirl moves sideways

Sasha Castel has a new URL:

The Earth Stops: Richard Neville has a new essay

Our own nutmonger is back. His latest effort is the utterly batty anti-war howl "Poor Fellah my Planet". Check out the very first sentence;

I would feel much better today if I’d been wrong about the “war on terror”, because well over 60 thousand people would still be alive. Ten times that number would not be seriously injured.

Six hundred and sixty thousand killed and injured? His sources? John Pilger, an Iraqi doctor living in Britain, and the Iraqi branch of Nazimedia.

Later in the same paragraph, this stomach-churner:

Israel, an assassin’s lair, would not have turned Gaza into a concentration camp.

Thank you, Dr. Streicher.

The rest of the essay is not for the weak-of-stomach. I think I prefered Richard when he was unintelligible.

Rodney King needs another beating

Rodney King was arrested again. He was speeding at 100 miles an hour, high on PCP, when he ran a red light in Rialto, California on August 27. It is just a matter of luck that King hasn’t killed someone yet. This was his fifth arrest since a kangaroo court awarded him $3.8 million some years ago because the LAPD had “violated his civil rights.”

The rest of David Horowitz's piece on this degenerate, wife-beating thug makes for great reading. Espcially this bit:

Will Rodney King’s fifth arrest teach anyone anything? Hardly. First, because no one wants to even talk about it. But second, nothing will be learned for the same reason that liberals reading this column will consider it mean-spirited and lacking compassion. Of course the same liberals have already forgotten the 58 people who are dead because of Rodney King and the criminals he and his supporters inspired – (I am thinking of the late unlamented murderer Damian “Football” Williams). Nobody cares about the innocent victims of the protesters for social justice – the 2000 Koreans who lost their businesses to “black rage;” the four cops who lost their careers because they beat a reckless criminal who was resisting arrest and refused to go prone.

Personally, I'll never forget when the first Prez Bush visited Australia after the LA riots - a huge group of white, stinky middle-class uni students furiously screaming slogans at Bush's motorcade: No Peace!! No Justice!! Burn, LA, Burn!!

Lovely people.

Hot Buttered Woggage

Damn, The Wog is on a roll right now, giving the boot to Germaine Greer and Paul Keating, amongst other stuff. Welcome back to the blogroll woggy.....


As far as motorbike racing goes, last weekend blew goats.

First, Neil Hodgson the World Superbike title at Assen, which says more about the standard of competition this year than it does about Neil.

Neil is a good rider, and has won a few races in the past, but has never been anywhere near championship-grade in the face of real competition. This year, his Ducati 999 was one of only two full-factory superbikes in the field, with Honda,Yamaha, Aprilia, Benelli and Kawasaki all withdrawing from the competition, and the top riders had all left for greener pastures. Ducatis have won every race this year, making it the dullest championship in years. What a bore.

And after one of the greatest GP races of all time a few weeks ago in Brno, Sunday's MotoGP race was a snoozefest from start to finish. Rossi and Honda won by miles.

8 September 2003

Quote of the day

Who cares about what the French are doing when my tits feel heavy?

- The great Cantinera, explaining why she's never taken up blogging

Today's tasteful political cartoon

From that blubbering rag, The Canberra Times:

Yup. Prime Minister John Howard... conservative = terrorist

Ah, so clever and witty these leftie commentators. Check out Pryor's other dreck.

The Truth hurts don't it Mr. Fisk?

Imagine the date is September 12, 2001. Ask yourself this question: Are you willing to bet that two years will pass and there will not be another terrorist attack on American soil?

I will wager that there is not one person reading this column who would have made that bet two years ago.

There is only one reason for this relative security that Americans enjoy. It is not that the terrorists have given up their violent agendas or their hatred for us. They have not. It is not because America’s borders are secure or because America’s internal security systems have been successfully overhauled.

There is one reason – and one reason alone – that Americans have been safe for the almost two years since the 9/11 attacks.

That reason is the aggressive war that President Bush and the American military have waged against international terror and its Axis of Evil. The war on terror has been fought in the streets of Baghdad and Kabul instead of Washington and New York. By taking the battle to the enemy camp, by making the terrorists the hunted instead of the hunters, President Bush and the American military have kept Americans safe.

- David Horowitz

Two wheels, big red heart, one brain cell

Been ploughing through my copies of Two Wheels, when I came across a column by Grant Roff.

Roff is an example of so many petrolheads I meet: reverse rednecks. Fat, ageing, leftist yobbo gastropods who spend their lives drinking beer, farting, talking bikes and screeching about how the Americans are to blame for them becoming ugly old cunts with no girlfriends, crappy jobs, zero IQs and low incomes.

This particular cockstain - writing under the name "Groff" - is a confessed 'former' communist who is perpetually grumbling on about evil capitalism not giving him stuff for free, about how capitalism is evil coz he doesn't earn as much money as Bill Gates, and how he has a permanently shrivelled dick because he's weally, weally scared of big, bad Americans.

I give you these particularly brilliant comments:

America has been in the news quite a bit recently. It's president, despite knowing that his country consumes about 80 percent of the world's resources and its economic and foreign policy enslaves most of the planet, doesn't understand why it's the subject of terrorist attacks. Here's a tip even Althea could give your George: assist in the more equal distribution of wealth

Yes, maybe he could stop all the foreign aid to Africa give some money to the billionaire Osama Bin Laden.

Turns out his self-righteous America-hating rage has less to do with his kindergarten geopolitical analysis, and more to do with the fact he was refused entry for lying about being president of this bunch of scumbags.

Naturally, like all socialists, this man who proudly allied himself with the most murderous ideology in history now blithers about the vicious nature of American bureaucracy.

Emily rocks

Hawthorne's finest citizen rips into Euroweenie culture snobs and the horrid Yoko Ono.

Saddam's bum-boy wails again

The journalist pines for his would-be paramour, who was deposed before he could receive the analingus only a tongue as skilled as Pilger's could provide...

John Pilger - who has never met a mass-murdering psychopath he didn't adore - becomes more of a west-hating sociopath every day.....

The brutality of the occupation of Iraq — in which children are shot or arrested by the Americans, and countless people have “disappeared” in concentration camps

"Concentration camps". Sweet jesus. I loved this line:

murdered journalists, toppled statues and encouraged wholesale looting

Oh, and apparently the evil white people are slaughtering protestors:

When Iraqis have protested about this, the extremists from outside have shot them dead.

And his opinion of American & British troops?

They are no different from the death squads the Americans trained in Latin America.

Yeah. Lots of fearless, intelligent journalism here folks.

Freedom of speech, commie-style

The sociopaths at International Socialist Organisation reckons the real reason Pauline Hanson deserved to go to jail was not electoral fraud, but racism.

Hanson's real crime is that she talked about "freedoms" while taking advantage of democracy to attack the rights of blacks, migrants and refugees.

They're a little short on detail as to what "rights" hanson was attacking.

If Hanson's appeal is successful or her sentence reduced, it will legitimise undemocratic practices and give a green light to racism.

Whatever you say Tovarich. They hate Hanson, but they seem awfully keen on that noted humanitarian, V.I. Lenin. Hanson used impolite language, Lenin implemented a system which murdered millions.

Welcome to modern socialist thought.

About time

Paul Bickford has finally scored himself a readable blog.

6 September 2003

Quote of the day

The only reasons Guevara is on T-shirts is because he is good-looking and he was too stupid to live, reasons known to create long-lasting icons. Look at Kurt Cobain.

- Cantinera

One vote, one beer

The LDP has asked me to be a candidate in the next federal election. I said I'd do it if they bought me enough beer.

Actually it'd be perverse fun running a campaign along the lines of: vote for me - I'll cut all your welfare payments and you'll have to pay to send your kids to school. But hey, cheap beer!

A quick word from the management

Thanks to all who responded to my car post some weeks back, offering advice, commentary and colourful insults. I've hardly answered any of those e-mails yet, so I just wanted to thank everyone who wrote in.

Honda's gem

I went motorbike testing today, the ride of choice was Honda's new but low-key CB1300.

Big naked bikes have never done well in Oz, and Honda's latest has arrived with little fanfare. Frankly, I had little interest in it. Honda tend to make very well-built but characterless motorcycles, and I haven't been impressed by big nakeds recently. They tend to be heavy, bulky, with awkward top-heavy handling. I thought the CB1300 was going to be another one of these with a dull, detuned engine, especially as I had recently been underwhelmed by that company's CB900.

Talk about a surprise. The CB1300 is a gem of a motorcycle, and a genuine alrounder. The 1284cc injected in-line four-cylinder powerplant offers plenty of grunt.

Unlike most other big nakeds, the ergonomics feel good too, with a comfy seat and well-positioned handlebars. The old-style needle-n-clock speedo and tacho work well, and are well-complimented by the digital clock and fuel guage.

The biggest surprise was the handling: it steered beautifully, with none of the top-heavy "oil barge" feeling displayed by Kawasaki's ZRX1200. It flicked from side-to-side with little effort and was beautifully stable. It is a heavy bike but it doesn't feel it. The suspension felt well-sorted - soaking up the bumps while retaining enough stiffness for fast rides through the twisty stuff. The brakes are easy to use but offer lots of stopping power.

You do get a lot of windblast on the bike, but Honda offers an accessory windscreen (albeit for a whopping $478). Pillion accomodation looks good too, with a decent rear seat and large grab-handle.

At $15,990 ride-away, the CB1300 is a great all rounder: comfy enough for touring, sporty enough to go nuts on. It's also $500 cheaper than Kawasaki's brilliant Z1000. That bike is lighter, has a more flickable chassis, a more "fun" engine and much, much sexier styling. The Honda has better stability, pillion accomodation and a price advantage.

Hmmm...looks like I'll need to do a back-to-back comparison soon.

The orange devil's little brother

Well, well, well, it seems Kawasaki is releasing a smaller version of the wonderful z1000 next year: the z750.

It will have a 748cc version of the bigger brother's four-cylinder injected engine, an (obviously) lighter chassis, and the single exhaust instead of the attractive (but admittedly inefficient) four-in-one system of the bigger bike.

I can't wait to ride one. Kawasaki are making a serious comeback, after years of plummeting sales resulting from a conservative, outdated range of machines. It looks like ex-Mazda guru Shunji Tanaka has done wonders in his short time at the head the big K's bike division. With this new bike, the Z1000, the sexy ZX6 and the upcoming flagship - the ZX10, Kawasaki have transformed themselves into a manufacturer that now offers the sexiest, most futuristic-looking performance bike lineup.

Well done lads, great to see you back.

Anti-Semitism in the old country

Alarming article in Frontpage about jew-hatred in the UK.

Something very strange has happened when middle-aged and elderly Conservative Britain applauds the anti-American, anti-Israel sentiments of someone who a few years ago they would have thought was a dangerous revolutionary. So why does Middle Britain now think Israel and the United States, rather than al-Qaeda, Saddam Hussein and the “axis of evil,” are the root cause of world terror?


This has produced an Orwellian situation in which hatred of the Jews now marches behind the banner of anti-racism and human rights; and in which, moreover, a strategic nexus has been forged between Europe and the Arabs. Europe has waited more than 50 years for a way to blame the Jews for their own destruction. So instead of sounding the alarm over genocidal Islamist Jew-hatred, the Europeans have embraced a narrative that depicts the Jews as Nazis.

The result is that anti-Semitism, underground since the Holocaust, has reemerged under the guise of anti-Israelism. The old anti-Semitism wanted to destroy the Jews; the new anti-Semitism wants to destroy the Jewish state. So Israel is demonized and delegitimized. Many in Britain now believe Israel is as illegitimate as was apartheid South Africa.

Wonderful. Naturally of course, the left still bleat about racism against Muslims.

3 September 2003

Ted Rall: portrait of a lunatic

A great rant against leftist sociopath cartoonist Ted Rall by Al Maviva over at Sasha's site. A sample:

I'd say that he is a left wing fuckwit, but I think left wing fuckwits actually believe in something, at least to the extent their little deluded brains are capable of it.

No, Rall is something worsen than a fuckwit. He's a nihilist. He lives at that far left wing of the far left wing, where it morphs into marxist-tainted lunacy. He's a feces flinging monkey, but for the fact that calling him a monkey would be a slur on primates.

There's more, much more.

The problem with Simon

Good post by Steve Edwards on our woeful Federal opposition leader, though I'm dubious about his assertion that Crean can never be elected PM.

More geopolitical wisdom from

The drooling two-wheeled losers are blubbering again, celebrating a bunch of greenie psycho arseholes torching some brand-new SUVs:

I like their style

Then they get around to talking about Iraq:

it is bad for Americans to kill Iraqis, but Iraqis are quite justified in killing Americans.

It's enough to make me want to drive a Volvo.

The last political post?

I hope this isn't Scott's last political post, because it's a damned good-'un.

The Liberal Party has always said that it was the party of smaller government, of self-reliance and the rights of the individual against the state. And it has made the occasional genuflection to these ideals. There have been some modest tax cuts. Moves have been made to improve public choice in medical insurance, (in what has been a very difficult climate.) But there has been no concerted effort to persuade the public as a whole that the public can and should take the lead role in organising their own affairs. It seems to me that the Australian public remains as wedded as ever to the idea that ‘Canberra knows best’.

Read the rest.

1 September 2003

Quote of the day

I'll keep the money and you can have the rope.

- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

His divine right to a free lunch

In some analysis worthy of capitalism-fearing wussy Ross Gittens, Niall Cook is whinging about the horrors of paying fees for ATM use.

Most people are prepared to pay a fee to withdraw money from another bank's ATM. It's called making a consumer choice. A choice noone is obliged to make. Niall's having none of it though, and blows his lid with this childish screech:

We're a captive audience, a dedicated user group, an addicted collective of easy access money junkies. Who gives a shit where it comes from, as long as it comes. Yeh, so what if I have to pay $1.30 to use a Commonfilth ATM. The Wankbank machine is 100 metres away & I need money NOW!!

He gives us some history:

So, here we are, twenty years after the introduction of the ubiquitous ATM and everyone has their plastic access card & PIN. Of course, a few things have changed. Like the fact that we originally sold our customers on the idea that this was a totally free service being offered by your friends, the banks. Fucking idiots we were, staff & customers alike.

Well, the "fucking idiots" were people like Niall who seemed to have trouble comprehending that banks operate as businesses and not charities, and that if he didn't like their service, he didn't need to bloody well use it.

Here's some fantasy-land nostalgic whining:

It's all a part of what banking has become. Gone is the edict of service.

Oh yeah, I miss that wonderful "service":

- I really miss having to travel to a branch and standing in queues for 40 minutes just to get that good old-fashioned "service".
- I just hate the fact I have 24/7 access to cash.
- I just hate the fact that the nasty banks are enabling me to conduct all my transactions online, any time of the night or day.
- I just hate the control this gives me over all my own accounts without ever having to visit a branch.
- I just hate the mass of information that is available on banking fees and charges on the web, in bank brochures and over the phone.
- I just hated the fact that I was able to travel to the USA & Canada with no cash or travellers cheques, and was able to stick my ANZ card into any ATM in that continent and pull out as much cash as I needed.
- I just hate the fact that in the last two years I have been able to take out two bank loans without being obliged to visit a branch.

Yeah, I sure do miss all that service we used to get in our pre-ATM paradise.

But noooooo. This stuff is bad, because cheapskate luddite mumblers like Niall hate having to pay for his massively expanded ability to manage his money. Guess it sounds too much like hard work.

Here cometh the big revelation:

The moral of the story, and the associated link, is that of the major con job. We've all been conned, customer & bank staff alike. This is how banks make money.

Hate to break this to you boyo, but most of us are already aware that banks make profits. And we know fees are part of it. Go read your bank statements sometime, or the documents available from your bank upon request: this means you haven't been conned. You have made a choice to use a service for which there is a cost. Don't blame the bank if you're too bloody lazy to examine their fees and services, or shop around for a better deal.

If you don't want to pay the price, don't use the service. And stop moaning your sorry arse off about not getting something for nothing.

Sex on wheels

Set for release in 2004 is Aprilia's totally revamped RSVR. I want one of these so bad I can taste it. Sleek, sexy, with that big, booming and utterly horny V-twin engine. I mean a real v-twin, with horsepower, and handling. Not those big, fat, boring tubs of tractor-shite known as Harleys.

This - my friends - is a real motorcycle.


The Green Left Nazis

Their latest newsletter/magazine/compost heap is out. Among this week's gems....

- The Jews apparently sabotaged the ceasefire & roadmap to peace. You know, the one where Palestinians keep murdering Jews but the Jews can't shoot back. The article includes this classic quote:

In the eyes of Bush, to kill terrorists is a good thing.

- The wonderful terrible news that Mumia Abu Jamal is slowly dying.

His eloquent advocacy for the poor and oppressed has made him a target of the repressive state establishment.

Well, that and murdering a cop.

- Oh, and lots of America-Is-Evil stuff. Go read.

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