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I'm in lurrrrve

Today I test rode what might be the best motorbike I've ever ridden: the Kawasaki Z1000.

When I hopped on, I was stunned by how small and light it felt, despite being very roomy and being 12kg heavier than my ZX-9R. Immediately comfortable, with no "get used to it" time required. It just felt right.

The engine, a 953cc fuel-injected version of the ZX-9R motor, has been tuned for low-end grunt, and it delivers on that big time. Gorgeously smooth, grunty and crisp, it offered brisk acceleration in any gear, and the sound was lovely.

Good as the motor is, it plays second fiddle compared to the handling: the steering is awesomely quick, and the bike flicks easily from side to side. Aided by the upright seating position and high-wide handlebars, blasting this bike thru a tight series of curves is almost orgasmic, you feel totally in control. Yet the bike is supremely comfortable.

I can't remember a bike that was this fun to blast around on, you just want to ride and ride and ride for hours.

Drawbacks? Due to the total lack of fairing, you cop a lot of windblast, which could be tiring on a long ride. There was also a lot of rattling/vibration on my test bike. Pillion seat doesn't look that great, and there are no grabrails.

Eh, who cares. I want one, and I will buy one this year. Kawasaki have had a horrid time in the last few years, with a hopelessly outdated and outclassed range of machines, and collapsing sales worldwide. It appears the influence of Mazda guru Shunji Tanaka (who designed the Miata) has worked wonders. The bold new Z1000, and the new ZX6 are showing the Big K is - finally - going in the right direction.


Newsflash: leftie weasel squeals "I hate America"

This has got to be in the running for the most pathetically shrill hate-america rant of all time:

I knew that the wave of anti-Americanism that would swell up after the Iraq war would make me feel ill. And it has. It has made me much, much more ill than I had expected.

My anti-Americanism has become almost uncontrollable. It has possessed me, like a disease. It rises up in my throat like acid reflux, that fashionable American sickness. I now loathe the United States and what it has done to Iraq and the rest of the helpless world.

I can hardly bear to see the faces of Bush and Rumsfeld, or to watch their posturing body language, or to hear their self-satisfied and incoherent platitudes. The liberal press here has done its best to make them appear ridiculous, but these two men are not funny.

Read the rest, it gets much better. Thanks to Scott Eiland for the link.

Your ABC: indoctrinating your kids for the Greens

Thanks heaps to Aaron Oakley for pointing out this latest abuse of our tax dollar.

More good news

The ACT Labor government is moving us away from prehistoric morality and will allow same-sex couples to adopt children. Naturally, various self-appointed "Christian" spokesmen have been all over the TV tonight, howling with outrage. Isn't it about time we all moved into the 21st century?

Silent blogging

The chaps at Silent Running have found a new home, far away from the tyranny of blogspot.


YEEOWZA: Led Zeppelin release DVD & CD of archived live performances

I've been waiting a long damned time for this. Man, I'm bouncy right now.....

Wonderful news

Australia-UN relations hit new low.

Let's hope they get much, much lower, and soon. The less this country associates with those worthless, corrupt bastards, the better.

Bike stuff

Trevor Hedge thinks tank bags are da bomb. My 2 cents: I hate the bloody things, though I do have one for my ZX-9R in case I need to carry some groceries or some extra stuff to work. They can be handy, but I found they make riding bloody awkward if you're on a bike with a head-down, bum-up riding position. Nakedbike riders should have little problem. Try to go for a ride with one (full of gear) before you hand over the cash.


610 days and counting's been that long since "psychic" fraud whore Sylvia Browne agreed to take the Randi test. Still no sign of her. What a shock.

I didn't know it was April 1st

This has got to be a joke...right?


Kathy's back!! And she's knackering the French too. You can't ask for more.

The Acidman cometh

You get the impression Acidman (one of the most loveable cranky bastards in the blogosphere) isn't too impressed by Steven Den Beste's insufferable posturing?

Nietzsche's brain

Interesting piece of medical research caught my eye today: apparently German philosophical giant Friedrich Nietzsche died of brain cancer, and not syphilis as has long been assumed.

What was more interesting though, is a theory on why the syphilis story took hold:

The doctor who carried out the study claims that the universally accepted story of Nietzsche having caught syphilis from prostitutes was concocted after World War II by Wilhelm Lange-Eichbaum, an academic who was one of Nietzsche's most vociferous critics. It was then adopted as fact by intellectuals who were keen to demolish the reputation of Nietzsche, whose idea of a "superman" was used to underpin Nazism.

So Nietzsche not only had his reputation distorted by his psychotic, Hitler-loving sister, in death he had to wear the lies of academia. Sad.

It's about bloody time already

The NSW parliament is finally introducing legislation to lower the age for homosexuals to 16 - the same age as heterosexual sex.

This is worth celebrating to be sure, but the nasty stench of homophobia still pervades this move: the government's pre-emptive promises of "safeguards" to protect the kiddies from rampant faggotry, in order to appease fundamentalist thug Fred Nile and the redneck sector are a cowardly and nauseous disgrace.

Even in 2003, it appears many cannot get over their obsession with sexual morality.

'tis good for what ails ya

The Castel-Dodge's have discovered the solution to bad corneas and immigration problems: shooting therapy.

A question

Just how many fucking guns does Kim Du Toit have?

.....(and if I'm nice to him, will he let me play with them?)

Australia's money-draining motor industry

It's time we stopped spoon-feeding our car manufacturers says Paul Bickford. Amen to that.

The Harp Seal blows a neuron or two

Murray Hill flaked out a few weeks ago, advocating carpet-bombing the civilian population of Iraq, now the normally reliable Dave Sims seems to be in full meltdown mode over the existence of perverted atheists in cyberspace:

Everyone else considered irrelevant screeching, mischaracterizing the Christian position and ignoring points they can’t answer as valid methods of debate.

A point which might be worth considering, had he not just authored these statements..........

My belief in God is not there to make me happy, the way atheists cling to their religious solipsism to try to make themselves happy.

Gotta love the intellectual power of atheists. Can’t they see that it’s so obvious to everyone else that they’re just crawling with desperation to get away from a God they know exists but would rather He not?

The religion of Atheism is the religion of scowling unthinking misery and it’s faithful Atheist disciples’ job to spread that message to everyone they come into contact with.

This is the thing about atheists. At some level they understand they don't have an intellectual leg to stand on, that all they're doing is working out father/ authority hangups theologically

One quality that always strikes me about Atheists is their overwhelming suspicion of anything that would answer their questions and satisfy them.

Atheism is nothing but childish avoidance, it certainly makes no logical or rational sense.

The problem with atheists is that they understand all too well Who God is and what He expects. That’s the real problem, if they acknowledge the existence of God they don’t get to be the centers of their own universes anymore.

And my favourite...........

When Mao and Stalin and everyone else who murders in the name of atheism it's consistent with the nature of atheism -- if there is no God then you're your own little God and you're allowed to do whatever you want.

What a guy.


The Very Deep Thoughts of Laurence Fishburne

Larry Fishburne in Too Many Honkies

Visiting Hollywood dullard Larry Fishburne reckons Australia has a racist "vibe", despite not being subject to a single racist incident at any time while in the country.

His reason? There are too many creepy white people:

"The only way for you to really get this is you need to go to a country where there is nothing but black people and you need to be there for a month and a half or two months and you need to be in a room one day when you are the only white person in a room and then you'll get it.

"My first experience was that it was kind of isolated but then after the Olympics, a lot of people of colour arrived in Sydney and decided 'This is nice, I'm going to stay here'.

Nice to know skin colour rather than behaviour is what matters to you Larry. Damn this immoral pale skin.

Piss off home, you racist buttfuck.

obert Manne and Play School politics

Noone displays the wretched depths of progressive self-hatred than La Trobe University professor Robert Manne. Under the guise of offering his ivory tower wisdoms to the ignorant redneck populace, Australia's self-appointed Professor of White Guilt and PC Angst offers a childish appeal for the return of two-time loser Kim Beazley, to rescue the nation from the electoral clutches of the wicked John Howard.

Professor Manne displays culturally correct nose-picking technique

Manne - unable to accept the reality of democratic elections - offers dictatorial fantasies for the death of his perpetually unpopular progressive dogmas:

Howard has described himself as the most conservative prime minister in our history. This is an accurate assessment. In seven years of office he has killed off the prospect for an Australian republic and for Aboriginal reconciliation.

By failing to mention that the republic model was rejected by the Australian public in a referendum, Manne - as with all Howard-hating squawkers - displays the typical progressive/leftist hatred of democratic practice.

The desparate and self-delusional reduction of popular democratic opinion to the fantasy of the Evil Howard Autocracy might be excusable for high-school hairy-armpit activists, but Manne's moaning shows the vacuous infanitilism to which the progressive psyche in this country has plummeted.

As part of his juvenile thesis, the good professor offers fuzzy-logic and Whitlamite nostalgia to show the horrible destruction Howard has spread to his beloved ideological pets;

Under his prime ministership, the genuinely interesting conversation we once conducted about Britishness and multiculturalism has been closed.

What exactly is this piffle? The mumbling about this mythic "conversation" is an attempt to deny the reality that the leftist elites were talking entirely amongst themselves, and now cry repression to explain the utter indifference displayed by the ignorant bastards in the everyday public who - gasp - actually voted for the coalition.

Under him the quest for an independent Australian foreign policy has been abandoned in favour of a return to the tradition of seeking our security through service and loyalty to a great and powerful friend.

And here we inevitably hop to the geopolitcal bizarroworld of the progressive left: Keating's underhand dealings with the the brutal Indoniesian junta, humiliating kowtowing to Malaysia's thug PM, and the softlee-softlee approach with Singapore's police-state autocrats, is seen as the actions of a progressive visionary, while strengthening ties with our most important ally is a sign of evil white-boy colonial tradition and subservience to the evil yanks.

Manne goes on to treat us to some neo-luddite dreck, with a grab-bag of unsubstantiated anti-capitalist blubberings to whimper for the return of the 'big hearted' Beazley, based on some vague commentary offered by the two-time Labor loser in The Bulletin:

In the new economy, relations between individuals and corporations, both private and public, have deteriorated seriously, seen for example in the generalised hostility concerning the behaviour of the banks. In the new economy, as part-time and temporary employment has grown, the experience of the workplace has also deteriorated, with employees increasingly concerned about the unreasonable demands placed on them regarding hours and overtime, about the pressures to compete with fellow workers, above all about the insecurity of their jobs, and thus, their lives.

Under the neo-liberal dispensation, then, what many people seem to yearn for is a world in which they are treated not as consumers or as dispensable cogs in an indifferent machine but as citizens and as human beings. In placing the idea of respect at the centre of a new politics and, presumably, at the centre of the new Labor party policy program he will initiate, Beazley seems to me to have stumbled upon something both important and profound.

Manne - a respected intellectual - honestly puts forth this meaningless garbage about respect being put forth as actual policy by a Federal leader. He gives no examples of course, so we don't get to see this brave new world of Teddy Bear Fiscal Policy and Warm Cuddles Economics. Not that this would matter to Manne, who - like all progressives - values correct language and good vibes over effective management and selling your ideas to voters rather than intellectuals.

For God's sake, grow up.

Another great reason to hate communists

Murdering bastards.

Chocolate & protestors

Couple of good posts from Steve Dawson at the Aus Libertarian site. We have similar views on arts subsidies too.

Looking for older whackings?

Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index


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