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30 January 2005 - 11.45pm

Go Marat!

Niall Cook throws a spazz over my support for Marat Safin in the Aus Open final tonight:

A Ripe Candidate For A DOS Attack

Here's a real Aussie for ya. This guy wouldn't know shit from clay about determination and stamina. Fuckwit!


(I'd like to point out to our Asian-hating racist that inviting DOS attacks on people probably isn't a smart move)

Hey Niall, how'd you enjoy tonight's match?

Marat Safin marks his triumph at Melbourne Park.
Photo: Sebastian Costanzo













Hehehehehehhe. Must be all that "determination and stamina" shining though, eh Niall? Maybe if the silly twat concentrated on tennis instead of throwing hissy fits at officials, he might have won.



30 January 2005

"Zionist Elite Prepares to Desert America"

With 'Fortress Americas' now in tatters because of Russia's coalition with Brazil and Venezuela, Wall Street's neocons and other Zionist traitors will desperately try to avoid War Crimes Tribunals and the waiting hangman's noose.......

And guess where they're headed?......

.....wait for it....

Tasmania fleeing aboard special jets to a little-known Australian island

<Tex waits for the snorting and laughter to die down>

Yep, our old friend Joe Vialls has another essay up.

Every member nation of the "Coalition of the Willing" has lost soldiers in Iraq, apart from Australia, whose military personnel have been wrapped in cotton wool and separated from front-line combat duties. Why is this so? Because the Zionist criminals simply cannot risk a domestic public backlash against the obsequious 'rulers' of their new Australian retreat.


As the stolen Boeing 747 lumbered through the night sky on its way from America to Australia, it was difficult for the 250 unshaven occupants to comprehend how they had fallen so far so fast. Their eyes were red from lack of sleep, and from the sudden realization that as the most wanted war criminals in the world, the only place they might find sanctuary was a former penal colony on an obscure island south of Australia. The El Al pilots on the Boeing's flight deck scanned the horizon nervously, looking for a pair of KC-135 aerial tankers, two of twelve stolen from American taxpayers in early 2003, and dotted along the route in order to keep the big birds and their Ziionist passengers aloft, long enough to reach the only island that might shield them from the hangman's noose.

I'm not sure if Joe thinks this is actually happening, will happen, or has happened. The bloke is so deep into looney-tunes land it's kinda hard to tell.

Sadly, despite many years as an investigator and essayist, Joe Vialls continues to be mistaken for Ren Hoëk.

I'll summarise the remainder of the essay in point form:

  • The WorldWide Jewish Cabal had plans to rule the earth.
  • their all-purpose escape strategy was called "Project Ark", where they'd steal a 747 and a couple of refueling jets, and fly around while they launched a nuclear war on the rest of the planet.
  • Joe Vialls knows this because he has access to "Classified documents" (presumably marked "copyright Matt Groening")
  • Project Ark's chosen destination for the airbound Murdering Kikes and The Stooge President was the island of Tasmania. It is "easily defended" and "climate and scenery not unlike New England, plus a very rich range of food and wine".

Now here's where it really gets interesting:

  • The Zionist Pigs would face resistance from brave, heavily armed native Tasmanians, who "might object to 1,500 arrogant Zionists (backed by armed Mistaravim terrorists from Palestine), laying down the law and requisitioning the best properties on the island".
  • The Zionist invaders would also commit "multiple rapes and sodomy" on the wives and children of the brave Tasmanians, as "Old Jewish sexual customs die hard".
  • Thus, the Brave Tasmanians had to be disarmed for 'Project Ark' to be successful.

And here it comes:

In April 1996, to reduce the risk of serious resistance, a four-man Jewish Mistaravim (Civilian Special Forces) team carried out a particularly gruesome mass murder at Port Arthur in Tasmania, which resulted in the deaths of 35 tourists, with another 22 seriously injured. The Zionist-controlled media convicted an intellectually impaired young man called Martin Bryant on television without a trial, then used the 'demonstration massacre' to confiscate most defensive firearms from Australian citizens.

(Joe uses some rather creative photo analysis to back up this argument)

Joe says all this contingency planning was necessary because the Jewboys secretly knew they were doomed:

Basically, when members of the American public finally discover how many of their fellow citizens have really been killed in Iraq, and how many grievously wounded, there will be a riot on Capitol Hill, and you won't want to miss it.

Given the accuracy of Joe's other predictions, I wouldn't hold your breath for this one.

We are promised more fascinating details on the Zionists' mass escape from America in Part 2 of this essay, due sometime soon. By the looks of it, it has something to do with Jews and Boeing, or something.

Joe can be reached here: Write to him and tell the lonely old soul how much you appreciate his fearless search for the truth.


Go Marat!

I don't give a shit if he is an Aussie. I hope this whinging, snivelling brat gets his arse kicked in the final.


Old coot still moaning

The Sydney Morning Herald's senile Alan Ramsey - who's dreamy love affair with Mark Latham crashed head-on with reality on election night - is very, very unhappy with Latham's demise as opposition leader:

It was a public execution, not a resignation. A year ago Mark Latham gave the Labor Party heart and its voters hope. He was the political heretic who brought life to a dead Opposition. A year later, after he'd failed to deliver in 12 months the electoral gratification that the fumblings of Kim Beazley and Simon Crean had been allowed to bury, ever deeper, across almost eight years, Labor did to Latham what in a more primitive age was done to heretics. It burnt him at the stake, in front of us all, to the applause of a mostly accommodating media and those interests, internal and institutional, that Latham's confronting leadership style had so offended. Now we have Beazley again, the first time in Labor's 104-year history of 17 federal leaders it has felt desperate enough to revive one of them.

No mention of course, of Latham's staggering political ineptitude and borderline-psycho behaviour. To Ramsey and his ilk, there is little difference between Latham and the archangel Gabriel.

Still, I shouldn't complain. Watching Labor 'true believers' enter their ninth year of mental meltdown is a wonderful sight to behold.


25 January 2005

Sydney University's friendly terrorist

Sydney Uni is hosting a conference featuring Red Brigade terrorist Antonio Negri.

Scott Campbell has more (scroll down to 20 Jan).

What I'd like to know is, why exactly was this scuzzball given an entry visa?


Dim bulb

Niall responds again:

I'd simply like to say a heart-felt 'tah muchly' to Canberra's cloth-eared cretin for the accurate manner in which he has clarifies my tolerance of people just like him.

Context, 'Tex'. "The circumstances in which an event occurs; a setting". It's a shame this poor laddie can't understand his native language.

I guess Niall missed the link to his post, with all the nice "context" in Niall's own words and pictures.

I'm surprised this bloke is actually capable of using a web-browser....



Crazy Joe has posted a frightening update to his Nasty Jews Persecute Prince Harry essay.

Jewish Lobbies Try New Internet Suppression Angle

Scary stuff. What was this "suppression": death threats from hoards of Zionists? portscan attacks from Yiddish Hackers?

No, it turns out the terrifying "suppression" Joe refers to was an e-mail which talked about photo copyright.

Curiously I can find no support for this ingenious email in written American or other Copyright Law, but it does bring into sharp focus the sheer level of Jewish anger at Prince Harry's refusal to bow the knee, and obsequiously hang his head in shame at Auschwitz. Never mind the millions of British war dead in Prince Harry's own country, who are obviously of no concern whatsoever to the furious Jewish lobbies.

Joe's courage in the face of such horrors is truly the stuff of legend.


Property is Evil!

So sayeth Zoe Williams, in a laughably stupid Guardian piece, in which she argues that buying investment properties is "naked greed":

There is absolutely no moral justification for buying somewhere to rent out. It has a direct impact on the welfare of other people, specifically other people with less money than yourself. It garners cash that you didn't earn, from people who will be forever locked out of this easy-buck scheme by the fact that you've forced the prices up.

'No moral justification', apart from providing for your future through a voluntary series of transactions. As a loyal Guardianista one does shudder at the thought......

Williams - of course - blithely dismisses the uncomfortable, simple truth that housing prices are caused by demand for accommodation.

No demand, no nasty evil people buying rental properties. What exactly does this bimbo not understand about this?

(Scott Campbell has more on this too)


Blogroll changes

On the right: I've added a bunch of scooter-related links.

On the left: deleted a few which, a) haven't been updated in ages, b) take too bloody long to load, c) I simply don't read anymore.


Motorcycle racing: finally, a year that won't suck

Testing season has begun in SBK and MotoGP. MotoGP looks as good as ever, but the real excitement is that the World Superbike series is finally going to be worth watching for the first time since the 2000 season.

Why? Simple: all the manufacturers are back, and there's a 1000cc limit for both twins and fours.

2003 was a horror year, with only Ducati entering a factory team, and saw Neil Hodgson win a two horse race while all the good riders had fucked off to MotoGP. 2004 was a slight improvement, with a semi-competitive Honda team featuring whizkid Chris Vermeulen, yet the series was still a Ducati benefit.

This year, all the manufacturers have factory-backed bikes, we have competitive fours, twins and triples, and all the good riders are back. Check out the lineup

Yamaha (R1)

Noryuki Haga
Andrew Pitt
Norick Abe
Sébastien Gimbert

Honda (CBR1000)

Chris Vermeulen
Karl Muggeridge
Frankie Chili
Ben Bostrom

Suzuki (GSXR1000)

Troy Corser
Yukio Kagyama

Ducati (999)

Regis Laconi
James Toseland

Petronas (FP1)

Garry McCoy
Steve Martin

Kawasaki (ZX-10R)

Chris Walker

I mean, Yowza.

That's four guys who have won GP races, two World Superbike champs, three World Supersport champs, nine who have won world superbike races, one American Superbike champion and bunch of others who have won races in national superbike championships. Talk about a depth of talent! And all on competitive machinery.

Every single person on this list has a realistic chance of winning races (yes, even the Petronas guys if it's wet). Championship wise? Here are my five favourites to win the title, in order or likelihood:

1: Chris Vermeulen - nearly did it last year in his rookie year with a brand-new bike, brand new team and no setup data. If he stays injury-free, he's an easy pick for no.1.

2: Troy Corser - it's been nine years since Corser won the title for Ducati, and after two frustrating years developing the underpowered Petronas, Corser has finally scored himself a fast motorcycle again - the Suzuki GSXR1000 with the crack Alstare Corona team. He's been fast in testing so far, yet ever since his disastrous tilt at Grand Prix racing in 1997, he's been hopelessly erratic: sometimes miles faster than everyone, at other times back in the pack, usually blaming the tyres. Corser will need to lift his game, but he's got the machinery, team and talent to do it.

3: Noryuki Haga - like Corser, Nori-chan hasn't been the same since doing the GP thing. Two dreadful years with Aprilia and an erratic year with a possibly quite crappy Ducati may have dulled Nori's edge. Still, the guy is back on an inline-four superbike, and with an extra 250cc this time. If he can get a grip on the bike early on, even Vermeulen may not be able to stop him.

4: James Toseland - the current champ, who impressed me enormously last year with a sensible attitude and disciplined riding. His championship is slightly tainted by the "Ducati advantage" last year, but all that is gone now. He's up against some serious talent on equal machinery. Still, I think the lad has the skill and mental fortitude to defend his title.

5: Regis Laconi is a distant number 5. He's in with a shot, but the bloke gives "inconsistency" a bad name. Regis is essentially a more skilled incarnation of Norick Abe: bloody fast, but often off the boil. I'm putting him on this list because he certainly has the talent to beat these guys, but honestly, I can't see it happening this year.

Praise Jeebus: World Supers is back.


24 January 2005

Quote of the day

The ALP has become a Party of 2 halves: pancreas and spleen. Maybe the upcoming bloody post mortem will show that what the ALP really needs is a brain.

- Richard Makarewicz in the Sydney Morning Herald letters page


Idiot of the day

THE ONLY aspect of this disaster that is "natural" is that the tsunami happened in the first place. The widespread death and destruction the tsunami has brought is largely man made.


Part of the reason why Thailand suffered less than Acheh or Sri Lanka, despite the appalling losses, was the fact that the Thai economy is more developed.

People can withstand the impact of disasters better if they live in stronger houses and do not need to scrape for a living in small boats on the coast. Nearby towns can come to the rescue much faster.

- Giles Ji Ungpakorn, Socialist Worker


I think I'm gonna hurl

You'll need to keep a bucket nearby for this one: Noam Chomsky's interview with Radio Havana Cuba.

The staggering hypocrisy and moral equivalency on display simply beggars belief.


More from Niall

Niall responds.....

Canberra's nonsensical noodle-nut, Tex, has seen fit to thank me for my opinion and offered advice on racial issues. And I'd thank him for his advice, if only said advice was proffered in the same context as he infers it was originally expressed. Just goes to show, one simply cannot take what one reads on Timmy Blair's site as fact. One wonders, how long this slag-fest can go on for.

Hmm, what was this context? Oh wait, here it is.....

The simple facts of the matter are that the offending driver was Vietnamese, obviously ignorant in the context I labelled him, didn't speak english, had slitty eyes (slanted, squint, non-almond, call 'em what you like because I do), is slimy in the context under which I labelled him considering he fucked off from the scene before I could get at him and if I choose to call him a 'shitty little prick', I will. The only inaccuracy in the whole tirade is the vehicle description, which when I ran the registration, discovered it to be a Mazda Tribute.

I'm putting these pics back up because the people who chose to regard the description as racist obviously miss them terribly. They've kept the text stored, anal I know, but that's the right for you, and I'm grateful for that. I didn't need to try and remember what I'd written. Let's get this straight. This Vietnamese cunt damaged my property. I reserve the right to rant at and about him however I see fit. That some in the blogosphere see fit to label me racist is their problem, not mine. If the arsehole had been white Australian, I'd be labelling him accordingly as well, and doubtless using far more colourful language. Black, white or brindle, my blog, my profanity, my outrage. Don't like it, then fuck right off. Context, people. Context. Not opportunity, but then again, that's the right for you. No valid argument and incapable of debate, so it's down to opportunity everytime.

So, in other words, in the context of a traffic accident, Niall justifies racial slurs because he thinks they are accurate. Quite what "slitty eyes" and the guy's Vietnamese nationality have to do with being a crap driver isn't quite clear. Then again, this is Niall we're talking about...........


17 January 2005


Brisbane's online Wookie - Niall Cook - doesn't like my opinion of summer.

I Love Summer!

Rabid right-wing ridiculoso, Tex, can't take the heat. Get out of the kitchen then, Tex.

Thanks Niall. Advice appreciated. Now let me return the favour:

If you have a problem with slitty-eyed, slimy little Vietnamese sharing your urban spaces, maybe you should move out to the country, bwana.

Don't thank me, it was a pleasure.


The Imam speaks!

The Ask Imam "online fatwa resource" gives the latest pieces of guidance which Muslims with severe mental problems can use to cope with the horrors of the modern world......

Subject: children's books & toys

I note from previous responses on the subject that images of people and animals on toys and clothing are disapproved of. Given that almost all children’s books and toys have some form of image, does the Imam have any advice on how to avoid these? I am particularly concerned about educational toys and books which our children have little option but to use. Would the keeping of such toys and books be permitted if they are stored away in a utility room / shed or similar, i.e. away from the living and sleeping rooms?


1. Images of animate objects are not acceptable. However, in the case of toys or children’s educational books, you may purchase such items and deface the image in some way or the other. Where this is not possible, the books may be kept in the living area provided they are put away in a cupboard, etc.

2. You should avoid giving such books or toys to them. Yes, if the toy itself has itself has a small picture on it, you may give it to them. For example, a toy car with a small picture on it.

The idiot questioner also has infant children it seems...

Is it permitted for a father to bathe a baby or toddler, change soiled nappies, pour water over their private parts in order to inculcate the practice of instinja, wash bums after they have done toilet etc. To what extent did our Prophet engage in these activities with his children?

Ugggh. Islam, it seems, is not good for the brain.


With friends like these.......

I bet Prince Harry wishes he'd never worn that nazi uniform. Not only has he been widely condemned, but he's also gained some supporters he could do without:

Shock Jewish Double-Standard on Prince Harry

In 1290 AD, King Edward the First made a royal decision in parliament to banish all Jews from England. This statute was never repealed, meaning that all Jews in England today [though not necessarily in Scotland or Wales], are illegal immigrants subject to immediate deportation.


I do not normally comment on actions by religious groups or cults of any persuasion, but the recent massive worldwide Jewish attack on 20 year-old Prince Harry, son of Prince Charles and third in line for the British throne, cannot be allowed to go unchallenged and unanswered.


In brief, Prince Harry wore a hired WWII German Army Afrika Corps uniform complete with a swastika to a private fancy dress party. You think this is a big deal? Not at all, because over the last thirty years I have watched successive Jewish stage and film producers use identical uniforms and swastikas in multiple attempts to denigrate the German people in general, and so-called German 'Nazis' (National Socialists) in particular.

This deliberate western media demonization of the German people has been so successful, that nowadays in Germany itself it is impossible to deny 'The Jewish Holocaust' without being automatically thrown in prison for two years [no appeals considered] , and the swastika has been outlawed, despite its humble ancient origin representing the revolving sun, fire, or life.

The swastika was widely used in ancient Mesopotamian coinage as well as appearing in early Christian and Byzantium art, where it was known as the Gammadion Cross. It also appeared in South and Central America, widely used in Mayan art during the same time period. Certainly the swastika was adopted by Adolf Hitler for his flag, in the same way that Japan adopted the rising sun, but so what? Cynical readers should note that in 2005 the sun is still allowed to rise, even in Tokyo.


It is a documented historical fact that over many centuries, Jewish moneylenders managed to control the British and other thrones by stealth, using an international network staffed by financial experts who manipulated various kings and queens into fighting wars best suited to Jewish international interests. In Britain this was brought to an abrupt end by Edward I (nicknamed "Longshanks" by his affectionate subjects), who was outraged that a bunch of moneylenders would dare to tell him what to do. Was he, Edward, not the lawful King of England?


since the 17th Century, no politician has dared to repeal Edward the First's popular statute, which is still on the books today, in turn leading to Jewish moneylender determination to bring down the English [now British] monarchy at any cost, and by any means possible.
The reasoning behind this is very simple. Remove the British Monarchy, and the loyal Brigade of Guards which protects its members, and a corrupt British politician would repeal Edward's statute in a flash, thereby giving the international moneylenders de-facto control of the United Kingdom.


In its haste to demonize and vilify Prince Harry, the media pack made wild assumptions, deliberately invented words that Prince Charles did not utter to or against either of his sons, before wildly demanding that Prince Harry [and Prince Wiliam], be forced to visit Auschwitz to publicly acknowledge the 'terrble suffering of the Jews". Harry was then apparently supposed to visit the 'Holocaust Museum' in Nottingham, which is yet another tiresome Jewish instrument used to focus public attention on the suffering of an insignificant minority of the 57 million war dead, and 100+ million maimed and seriously injured in World War II.

Now then, if the Jewish lobbies were sincere in their apparent 'horror' of the German Nazis and the millions of deaths inflicted during World War II, they would have demanded that Prince Harry repent by going to visit British war cemeteries full of British war dead. Now think about this, people, think about it very carefully! Harry is British and a Protestant, and there are millions of British war dead available - so there can be no honest motive in trying to force the young Prince to attend garish and extravagant minority Jewish war memorials, frequently though unwittingly subsidised by British taxpayers.

Most readers will have heard the continual pathetic and emotional whining about "poinson gas beng used at Auschwitz", although there is no hard scientific evidence proving that it was. However, there is a wealth of hard evidence proving that poison gas was first used in war by a German Jew named Fritz Haber, who on his first day at the front managed to kill or blind between 5,000 and 15,000 British troops with chlorine gas at Ypres, France. Haber was later awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

There's lots more where this comes from. Including some fascinating Jewish-Moneylenders-murdered-Princess-Diana theories, a rant about Jewish "uncontrolled rage and iinsanity" [sic] and some truly wacko rambling on how Harry's teenage female admirers are now all going out and buying swastikas in defiance of the "Jewish lobby".

Oh, and Oliver Cromwell was a traitor to England because he didn't have the Jews wiped out.

No really. Go read.


Return of the Green Left Weekly

The Stalinists are back. Does anyone else think it slightly odd that these revolutionary numbskulls take their holidays during a season that is an excess of the horrors of Christianity and capitalism?

Anyway, their latest issue is a doozy. Some features include:

- an ejaculatory review of the Che Guevara movie.

- a plea to understand North Korea. (It's all the Americans' fault)

- this brilliant headline: "Chavez calls for world ‘anti-globalisation' network". So, its first act will be to disband itself?

- an inspirational letter from convicted Victorian union thug Craig Johnston to the Cuban Five:

My name is Craig Johnston. I am in prison in Australia for crimes against the capitalist state. Myself and 16 other trade unionists fought to defend our members’ jobs when they were sacked.

You could say that. You could also say Johnston destroyed property and assaulted people.

Cuba is a beacon of light for so many of us around the world.

Except for political opponents, homosexuals and anyone who actually wants to leave the place.

A working socialist system that looks after people, not massive profits for multinationals.

No democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, or freedom of association. Wonderful.

While I’m in jail, I’m studying Spanish as when I get out, I hope to travel to Cuba to see the revolution in action.

Maybe he could ask Fidel why he has murdered thousands of political opponents.

Fucking commie scum.


16 January 2005

I hate summer

It was 41c on Friday, and was still bloody hot yesterday.

I hate summer.


More French incompetence

While the USA and Australia are saving lives, the French are proving to be as bloody useless as ever.

Link via LGF.


Peace-loving Palestinians

The recently "elected" chief Palestinian mass-murderer already has his death squads in action.

Yeah, we should really give these people a state.


Raging tool

Just watched Scorcese's Raging Bull, a film which one particular group of critics claimed was the best film of the 1980's.

Frankly, I dunno what all the fuss was about. De Niro's protrayal of middleweight champion Jake LaMotta may be accurate, but his character is as tiresome a protagonist as you could imagine.

The film amounts to: LaMotta shouting at people, thumping opponents in the boxing ring or bashing his wife.

This is the problem with the movie: I couldn't give a shit what happened to the paranoid, misogynist schmuck.

The narrative was poor: LaMotta's connections to the mob are only vaguely sketched, and you have little clue as to his motivations most of the time. Cathy Moriarity does a great job with a badly-written role as LaMotta's wife. Joe Pesci has little to do other than his usual Goodfellas-psycho riff as LaMotta's brother and manager.

The production values weren't too good either. The black n' white cinematography was pedestrian (it certainly added little in terms of atmosphere), the sound mix was terrible (it was genuinely hard to decipher some of the dialogue) and the boxing choreography - while better than Rocky - was still painfully artificial.

Why Scorcese thought this asshole's life merited a movie is beyond me. It's not a bad movie, but it's vastly overrated and is honestly not worth the effort.


Praise The Lord

It should now be obvious to most Australians how we really did dodge a bullet on October 9, 2004.

Can you imagine this sickly, mentally unstable crybaby as our PM?

Praise Jeebus most of the voting public were sane enough to send this dick back to Green Valley.


And while we're on the topic.....

Steve Edwards has a good post on the Labor leadership squabbles.


11 January 2005

Quote of the day

Some commentators - including Decca Aitkenhead on these pages last week - think our campaign is wrong, and blame British colonialism for Jamaican homophobia. But today's Jamaicans are responsible for today's anti-gay abuses. They are, like everyone else, capable of free will, rational thought and ethical choices. Those who are homophobic are not compelled by history or poverty to be anti-gay.

To suggest that the people of Jamaica cannot change laws and values inherited from the British colonial era is to infantilise them.

- Rob Berkeley.


Just another homicidal Palestinian creep

Daniel Pipes takes a look at the new "moderate" Palestinian leader.


Today's idiot

The immortal Gregory Shearman at aus.politics:

If you have evidence [al-Qaeda and Hamas] are planning to kill people then present
it to the fridge magnet.

and about poor, innocent Osama re. September 11:

You have evidence of Osama's involvement? Present it to the fridge magnet.

Further comment unnecessary.



Watched In The Bedroom the other night. Powerful performances, beautiful cinematography and what could have been a compelling story.

Unfortunately, the film's pacing is so unrelentingly glacial it makes the movie all but unwatchable. It's so goddamned slow.

I don't necessarily mind a slow pace, provided it's used to build mood, atmosphere or lets the audience think about something (Terrence Malick's movies for examples). None of these apply to this movie. Scenes drag on forever over things which do not enhance either the story or the characters.

This material desperately needed a different director and editor. The ingredients were there. Sadly, it got ballsed up royally on the way to the screen.



7 January 2005

"If I were a billionaire" - the series continues......

I posted a few weeks back how I would have my own jetcopter. I've decided on another toy I'd acquire: a Mack Truck, with sleeper cabin. I wouldn't have a trailer. Just stick a tray on the rear of the chassis to carry my motorcycles.

The ultimate in interstate highway cruising. The ability to squish any Nissan Skyline you come across and the massive consumption of the planet's resources, which would royally piss off the greenies.


Keeping the kiddies away from teachers

Kim Du Toit has a great post on the home-schooling of his children.

I guess Kim isn't one of the people Jamie Glazov was talking about....



Can any of my Australian readers provide me with feedback on local ISP broadband plans? I'm looking to upgrade to a plan, hopefully for no more than $50 per month. I've fucking had it with dial-up.


A reminder

If you have your own webpage, then please add the anti-spam links to your page that are listed under "Death To Spam" on the right-hand sidebar.

Having these links on your webpage helps to bugger up the spambots. So please, add the links when you have a spare moment.


4 January 2005

"Did New York orchestrate the Asian tsunami?"

With Afghanistan and Iraq already lost, the Wall Street bankers were all desperately looking for other ways to control our world, when suddenly and very conveniently, the Sumatran Trench exploded. Trick or Treat?

This was written by our favourite web-psychopath Joe Vialls. Joe - in his psychotic haze of jew-hatred and conspiracy delusions - had decided there was a sinister hand behind last week's natural disaster:

So the only question we must ask, is whether this tsunami was a natural or man-made catastrophe? A natural event would be horrifying enough, but if the tsunami was man-made, then we are unquestionably looking at the biggest single war crime in global history.

Joe Vialls pictured contemplating
life in a parallel universe

Joe's theory? You guessed it: a Zionist NeoCon nuclear device, buried in the ocean trench:

I will be circumspect as to exactly how a large American thermonuclear weapon managed to arrive at the bottom of the Sumatran Trench, though all of the seismic evidence and preparedness for the resulting mission indicates strongly that this is the case. After all, we are back to the age-old question of "who benefits?", and in this particular case, "Who is insane enough to kill more than 150,000 civilians just to hang on to power?' Based on their past performance in Iraq and other luckless countries, it would seem that the only realistic candidates are Wolfowitz and company, striving as always to create a "One World Government".

Certainly no other nuclear powers including Russia and China stand to gain anything at all from such an outrageous mass murder, so, as always in the end, we come back to Sherlock Holmes via the pen of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: "When you have ruled out the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, is the truth."

For the Zionist Cabal, obtaining a thermonuclear weapon in America is no great trick, especially when we have the precedent of 100 small 'decommissioned' air-to-air atomic warheads being smuggled out the Pentagon's (civilian) back door, to form the core of the Jewish State's current nuclear arsenal. Once a weapon system is out date and out of service, loyal uniformed US military personnel can no longer track it.

Joe points to "irregularities" in seismic readings and "mysterious" US naval movements as evidence for this.

What's the point of all this nuking? Why, it all plays into the Zionists' grand plan of course!

To force subservience on Asia, and ensure the lion's share of incredibly lucrative reconstruction contracts, all that was needed was a very large tsunami targeted on the selected nations, which was easily within the capabilities of a large thermonuke.


If everything had gone to plan, then Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India would have been in hock to the IMF and World Bank for thirty or more years - time enough to wait for the price of oil to come down again after the lethal fiasco in Iraq. At the same time, if the Indian Government had taken the bait, the deadly Russian-Chinese-Indian-Brazilian coalition would have been dead in the water. Not a bad day's work for a single thermonuclear weapon discreetly removed from the decommissioning process.


If I remember correctly, shortly before Christmas I received a large number of emails from various people about some "German Guy", who apparently claimed that Wolfowitz had got hold of a critical weapon and was going to nuke Houston on either the 26 or 27 of December. I never did read the whole email, but it seems very likely that it was initially circulated by Wolfowitz or one of his ilk, as a classic disinformation distraction. Try something along the lines of "You suckers all watch Houston very carefully on 26 December, while I nuke Asia behind your backs… "

If you have any "critical intelligence" of use to Joe, you can e-mail him here and let him know.

Now, maybe it's just me, but do you think there's a possibility Mr. Vialls might have some kind of mental problem? Just a hunch.....


Minor Loony of the day

He's not in Joe Vialls' league, but here's an amusing post from aus.politics about the tsunami, from somebody named "Oxygen":

How we caused the tsunami

Polar ice caps melting would redistribute mass riding on the earths crust.
Any system is only as strong as it's weakest link and a rise in sea level
represents a greater load on the equitorial tectonic plates.
The pre-industrial era earth found equilibrium over millenia.
Ofcourse acknowledging Kyoto would have been a cheaper option fot the US
and Australia, but our leaders are elected for economic reasons and are
not expected to listen to rational voices. Will things get worse? I would
not buy on the SanAndreas fault.
Technology gave the world aids and now it has delivered the 2004 Tsunami

Heh. Rock on dude!


As I was saying

Back to the topic of great Korean movies.....

Sasha Castel has been enjoying that masterpiece of Korean Wrestling Cinema - The Foul King.

It's one of the funniest movies ever made, and the best Korean movie I've seen since the mighty Yongary: monster from the deep.......

Ahhh yes, a true classic. Think of Godzilla made with much, much less money.

You can gasp at the awe-inspiring SFX: the metal tube sticking out of the inflexible Yongary puppet whenever it breathes fire. The attack helicopters & missiles which travel forward by sliding down a piece of very-visible fishing wire. The hollow cardboard skyscrapers which bounce when Yongary knocks them over. The set for the action scenes: a stunning miniature city, made up of small toy cars, plastic trees, paper-mache buildings & backgrounds, all stuck to the top of what appears to be someone's dining table.

It has great audio-dubbing, which seems to be several seconds out of sync, even in the original Korean.



2 January 2005

Happy New Year

I've been drinking a lot of beer & muscat. I've also been fighting ISP problems which now appear to be solved.

Hope you had a fun New Year celebration, or a peaceful lack thereof.


Straight from John Wayne's dead rectum

I've had some bad movie experiences recently. First I sat through Evita, consoling myself with the thought that "it's all uphill from here".

That was before I saw Wild Bill.

Wild Bill is - quite simply - one of the biggest cinematic turds I've ever endured. Or tried to endure. I needed multiple attempts to get through it.

Imagine every cringe-worthy Western genre cliche plonked into the one movie. Imagine dialogue so bad it makes Steven Seagal sound like Sir Laurence Olivier. Imagine a list of fine actors giving the worst performances of their careers. Imagine a Natural Born Killers methodology in the crap cinematography, the claustrophobic sound design, the annoying jump-cut editing. Imagine that Mel Brooks had tried to turn Blazing Saddles into a serious drama once he got to the editing room.

Now, magnify all that by a factor of ten, and you have Wild Bill.

Jeff Bridges stars as wild west legend James Butler 'Wild Bill' Hickok. His performance consists largely of looking constipated while John Hurt rattles on with a lot of very dull narration.

Pixar fans will be glad to hear that Jessie the Cowgirl makes an appearance. Except this time she's called Calamity Jane and is played by Ellen Barkin. I still can't decide which one of them gave a more realistic performance.

The screenplay could have come from a website called "random western movie scene generator". Most scenes go something like this....

1: Wild Bill Shows up in some town, does a lot of drinking and shouting.
2: Some guy shows up, and yells dialogue like: "Wild Bill, you sumbitch! Ahm callin' you out! You low-down stinkin' horse-molester!"
3: Wild Bill shouts a witty retort like "watchoo call me, Mister?"
4: The guy shouts back "Aahhh called you a low-down sumbitch, Wild Bill!! I aint scared o' youuu!"
5: Wild Bill shoots and kills the guy
6: Wild Bill heads back to the bar, and listens while Calamity Jane and California Joe tell stories about Wild Bill (black n' white flashbacks and loud, irritating music occur). They are shouting every word of it. I'm assuming everyone in the Wild West had become deaf from all the gunfights.
7: Return to #1 and repeat until the 90 mins are up.

Look, I have nothing against a brainless western or two. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Silverado and Tombstone are some of the best Saturday night beer-n-popcorn movies ever made. They were beautifully crafted pieces of entertainment. Wild Bill isn't.

The director Walter Hill has never been a particularly intellectual film-maker. All his films are cliched macho-man actioners with zero-dimensional characters and wooden dialogue. In his early days, they worked: Southern Comfort in particular is a brilliant, unnerving riff on Deliverance. Wild Bill is a painful testament to just how badly Hill's abilities have eroded.

Good points? It's shorter than Evita, and the fella who played the Cherokee chief in the opium-dream sequence was kinda cool n' scary, though he looked about as Cherokee as William Shatner.

If you spot this film on TV, give it a look and savour a true experience in awful filmmaking.

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