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19 July 2005

A question for you all

Is tax evasion morally wrong?

Feel free to send me your own views at tex<<AT>>


Sad news (a.k.a. "The Jews Done it!!")

Joe Vialls is dead.


Guess the Israelis & Americans outlasted you, fuckstump.

Still, I've been robbed of so much future blog material. I guess I'll have to find a new web source for freakazoid conspiracies.

Joe's friends add this note:

Readers are advised to save Joe's articles for in the months and weeks ahead we can expect attempts to remove them.

Yes, this tends to happen when dead people don't pay their hosting bills, fucknuts.

18 July 2005

Condensed stupidity

A collection of quotes from this week's Green Left Weekly:

On July 13, Prime Minister John Howard announced that the federal Coalition government had decided to send Australian troops back to Afghanistan to help prop up the regime of US puppet President Hamid Karzai


In all the coverage of the July 7 bombings in London, a basic truth is struggling to be heard. It is this: No-one doubts the atrocious inhumanity of those who planted the bombs, but no-one should also doubt that this has been coming since the day British PM Tony Blair joined US President George Bush in their bloody invasion and occupation of Iraq.

These were “Blair's bombs”, and he ought not be allowed to evade culpability with yet another unctuous speech about “our way of life”, which his own rapacious violence in other countries has despoiled.


However, the methods and outlook of the London bombers bear more resemblance to the actions of the US and allies in Iraq than the bulk of the forces engaged in armed resistance to the US-led occupation.


Today Washington is trying to smear the Iraqi national liberation fighters with the “terrorist” tag.


Our leaders tell us we are at war; why then should we be surprised at being bombed? Do governments really think we can “shock and awe” the 7.4 million Baghdadis and, from the comfort of our homes watching TV, enjoy the “fireworks” of missiles demolishing cars, houses, water treatment works, electricity supply stations with impunity? We are all electoral conscripts, even the politically apathetic, and so we are all complicit in the crimes carried out in our name, even if personally we are vehemently against the illegal invasion of Iraq.


The young men who bombed London are considered by Kim Beazley to be “sub-human filth who must be eliminated”, but are in fact considered heroes in the same tradition that we celebrate. They gave their lives for God and country just like our young did at Gallipoli.


There are people with $3 million who really do feel that they are just scraping by, and they will feel the same way when they have $30 million or $300 million. That’s why they keep trying to drive down our wages and social benefits no matter how large their profits are already.


Oh, thank god for that

Crank site Truthseeker reports that conspiracy nut Joe Vialls is still alive after being struck down by a terrible illness:

To the many readers who have noted his absence in recent weeks, we are happy to report that Joe Vialls is still in the land of the living. However, in an email from him today Joe reports that he has been taken suddenly ill with total adrenal exhaustion.

Of course, there's something very suspicious about all this:

Coming shortly before the recent bombings in London, we cannot help but feel more than a little suspicious that the one man, who could have shed further light on the mystery surrounding these events, should be so suddenly incapacitated.

Was his incapacity the result of an attempt to shut him up? We cannot say for certain but we have our suspicions.

Of course you do. No dobt Joe's fearless analysis of the London bombings will deduce that "Wall St. Jews" carried out the attacks.

Odd though that these Jews of Death can cause Tsunamis & cyclones, launch "mini-nuke" attacks all over the world, cause Concordes to crash and carry out the Sep.11 attacks, yet they can't kill a conspiracy nerd like Joe Vialls who lists his home address on his own website.

Anyway, the Truthseeker's own archive of Joe's fascinating reports contain a few gems I hadn't noticed before, including:

- Smoking prevents lung cancer
- The Americans will never capture Baghdad, because Robert Fisk says so
- Arafat was an Israeli agent
- Cancer is merely a vitamin deficiency

It's all so exciting. Let us pray for Joe's speedy recovery.


Pollock - a review

Ed Harris plays Jackson Pollock in this biopic.

If this movie is accurate, Jackson Pollock spent his entire life passed out drunk, staring into space, or screaming in schitzoid rage. He threw some paint around too by the looks of things.


I guess fans of the artist might find this all very profound: there's tons of wank dialogue about art theory and long, pointless silences.

Harris and Marcia Gay Harden make one of the most chemistry-deprived couples in recent memory. No other character registers at all, beyond being bloody annoying

Pointless and dull. Avoid.


China's nuclear option

Good piece over at Frontpage.


Making fun of the frogs


14 July 2005

Quote of the day

I am not a "baby guy." I know women find it really sexy when men like babies. Sorry to disappoint you AGAIN. But this is an area where I just cannot work up any enthusiasm. It's hard for me to get excited about holding a smelly person who has nothing interesting to say and leaks continuously from every orifice.

- SteveH


These commies seem upset

The poor weenies over at The Communist Party of Australia have really blown a fuse over Beazley's naughty comments about terrorists:

Commenting on the London terrorist bombings Kim Beazley said it was the work of "subhuman filth who must be captured and eliminated".

Without retreating from unreserved condemnation of the bombing, Beazley's outrageous remarks shows that he has no understanding of the roots of terrorism — the years of frustration and killing of Palestinians, the war in Iraq, the mass poverty in many Arab countries, the persecution of Muslims in a number of western countries, the exploitation of the Arab countries by European and American imperialism and the steadily increasing anger in the Muslim world at their treatment.

Underlying Beazley's statement are racist sentiments.

Shame on him.

11 July 2005

Quote of the day

....Comes from the Guns n' Dope Party Position Paper #23

Little Tony was sitting on a park bench munching
on one candy bar after another.

After the 6th candy bar, a man on the bench across from him said,
"Son, you know eating all that candy isn't good for you.
It will give you acne, rot your teeth, and make you fat."

Little Tony replied, "My grandfather lived to be 107 years old."

The man asked, "Did your grandfather eat 6 candy bars at a time?"

Little Tony answered, "No, he minded his own fucking business."


The Silk Turd

I've always been of the opinion that restaurant critics are basically full of shit.

This evening's meal did nothing to change that opinion.

A local Chinese restaurant - The Silk Road - has often been mentioned in all those regional "best chinese restaurant" awards. No small achievment, as the quality of Chinese cuisine in Canberra is absolutely the equal of anywhere on earth. We thought we'd try it out. It is located in a small, quiet suburban shopping building (too tiny to be called a "centre"), which is usually a good sign in my experience.

The interior looks great - about as posh as you can get while being able to enter wearing a motorcycle jacket. Nice atmosphere.

The entrees (chicken satay sticks and crab n' sweet corn soup) were actually quite good, though overpriced, and certainly no better than at far cheaper local restaurants.

We ordered two cokes, which were flat. Kinda hard to screw up a soft drink, but these guys did it.

What really gave me the shits was the main course: supposedly "fried chili beef". Quite why it was called this is a mystery, as what we were given was a plate of fried, shredded carrot. I dunno about you, but when I order a beef dish, I want it to consist mainly of beef. There was almost no beef in this at all.

In fact, hold up your two little fingers and imagine they are made of beef, that would would be more meat than we got. There was actually so little beef I have no idea what it tasted like. All there seemed to be was a giant mound of fucking carrot.

Oh, and the fried rice had fucking peas in it. Wow, Haute Cuisine a la TV Dinner. Yeeeeurrcchh.

$41 for two entrees, flat coke, a crappy small fried rice and a mound of "beef flavoured" carrots.

Well, it all looked nice, which after all is what counts to restaurant critics. That and the icy, snotty waitress.

I should have stayed home and chewed my toenails.


Beazley grows a spine

Well whaddaya know, Kim Beazley has said horrible, rude, impolite things about the London bombers. Of course, lots of leftist weenies are outraged.


"Cuba Strengthens Socialist Economy"

The Green Left Weekly brings us a proverbial avalanche of wonderful news:

This year, Cuba’s gradual economic recovery entered a new phase, and the above measures indicate the government’s commitment to making sure the fruits of that recovery reach the poorest and most vulnerable citizens

(Um, I thought Cuba didn't have any poor people? Isn't this a classless society?)


As the economy began a gradual recovery in the second half of the 1990s — the government launched the “Battle of Ideas”, a multi-faceted social, cultural and ideological counteroffensive against the corrosive social impact of the market concessions.


Money isn’t everything, and this is especially true of socialist Cuba. Cuba is more than a post-capitalist society, it’s a people in power — a mass social movement for the liberation of humanity.


The revolution has immeasurably enriched people’s quality of life in ways which can’t be measured in dollars.

He's right ya know: such "enrichment" is usually measured in prison terms.

The cell of Dr. Oliver Biscet, sentenced by Uncle Fidel to 27 years in prison for the appalling crime of teaching Cubans about Martin Luther King.

In Cuba, you don’t need much money to live in modest dignity. Cubans don’t pay a cent for world-class health care and education.

What, they don't pay a cent for these world class medical facilities?

No dirty capitalist hospital could ever produce such world-class healthcare.

Those Cubans are so lucky, aren't they?

Like this guy, who was lucky enough to be able to take his father to these facilities on a wheelbarrow:

Welcome to Cuba, the paradise for leftists the world over.

- Where being imprisoned for political dissent is part of a "a mass social movement for the liberation of humanity",

- Where being robbed of freedom of movement, assembly, speech and being kept in poverty is part of the "government’s commitment to making sure the fruits of that recovery reach the poorest and most vulnerable citizens",

- Where enslavement of the entire population to the vanity of a mass-murderer, the mass poverty, the concentration camps for critics are examples of Castro having "immeasurably enriched people’s quality of life in ways which can’t be measured in dollars".

Hey, it all sounds wonderful to me. Odd though, that so few of the world's leftists actually want to go and live there.

*Sigh*.....So many communists in the world, so little time to beat them to death.

(photos lifted from the extraordinary site The Real Cuba)


Hayden breaks through

After three seasons of underachievment, Kentucky lad Nicky Hayden has blitzed the field to grab his first premier-class victory, at the first US GP since 1994.

Nice to see Colin Edwards finish 2nd.

Valentino finished 3rd. The brainless swarms of Rossi Ejaculators must be very, very cranky.


The Thumper

Maybe instead of a second-hand VTR, I'll get myself a second-hand Suzuki TLS-1000.

One of the most notorious sportsbikes ever made. Released in 1997, the brutal 1000cc V-twin excited and scared in equal measure.

Thanks to some dreadful suspension design, particularly the stupid rotary damper, the TLS was an ill-handling pig of a bike, which was involved in so many accidents that Suzuki was forced to perform a recall to fit a steering damper. The bike's reputation never recovered, and sales weren't as good as hoped (the same sad story was later repeated with the superbike-spec TLR, which I wrote about here) .

The bike did produce a considerable fan base, mostly thanks to its awesome engine, which delivered huge gobs of power and torque at the smallest twist of the throttle. With some suspension mods (most importantly, replacing the whole rear unit with a coventional shock) and swapping the 190-section rear tyre for a 180, the bike could be made much easier to ride, and by all accounts is a wickedly fun mount with tons of character, although it's still a bastard of a thing compared to the current batch of four-cylinder superbikes.

Personally, I've never been on a proper ride on one, so I'm keen to try it. I love the muscular looks and sound of the bike, and Australian journalists mostly reckon the ill-handling traits were exaggerated by European journalists (which is especially hard to understand given Australia's shitty roads).

There aren't that many on the used bike market though. People either crash them or want to hold onto them.

If anyone in Oz has one in good nick they want to get rid of, drop me a line.

7 July 2005

London terror attacks

Must have been caused by Buddhists.

Couldn't possibly have been caused by the followers of The Religion of Peace.


UPDATE: the lovely muslims at are blaming "anarchists" and "the French". Oh, and someone is blaming MI5.

Yep, tonight's the night to flush a few more Koran pages.

6 July 2005

Another peace-loving muslim


Of course, Islam is just the victim of racism and bad PR, right?


Dear Britannia

Yes, you have just received the dubious honour of hosting the 2012 olympics.

You will now enjoy billions in taxes being pissed down the toilet, appalling traffic congestion, inconvenient public construction, intrusive security and seven years of maddening hype.

But look on the bright side fellas: you have made millions of French people very, very unhappy.

And if that isn't the proverbial silver lining on a dark cloud, I don't know what is.


5 July 2005

Quote of the day

the further “in-country” you get, the harder it becomes to find a normal, civilised place to take a shit.

- Yobbo, discussing Asian public toilets.

Be sure to read his post, as it contains a wonderful new invention for the budget-conscious traveller.


"The America I love"

Richard Neville writes more vogon poetry.

This once popular media commentator's site reeks more and more of a ravingly insane psycho-creep conspirazoid site. From the unmedicated mental-patient graphics, to the raging, incoherent sentences, to the links to such sites as and, to the the freakzoid whining about Pentagon "psy-ops" plots that would give Joe Vialls a stiffy.

It's a stomach-churning mosaic of hate-filled 60's-hippy insanity. Richard is - quite seriously - at a point where psychiatric experts need to be called. This kind of social commentary needs medical attention, not ridicule.

And as I've mentioned before It says quite a lot about the Australian media that a man who is so completely fucking insane still gets paid work.


Headline of the day

"Why do these mass-murdering commies get such a good press?"

Good question, and a good article.

Rot in hell, you diseased commie cunt.



This space-filler is stolen from Vegemite Man.

Name: Yes I have one.

Nickname: Tex

Astrological sign: Aquarius

Age: 32

Height: 5' 11"

Level of Education: B.A. Arts (Hons), Diploma of Business Programming

Occupation: HR Projects Officer

Birthplace: Darwin

Marital status: attached but unmarried

How many children: zero

Do you drink (alcohol): Yes

Do you smoke: never

Favorite outdoor activities: Motorcycling. Walking on beach. Frisbee. Kites. (though I haven't done either of the last two in years)

Favorite indoor activities: Movies, web-surfing, TV, blogging

Favorite colors: None. Depends entirely on context

Favorite type of music: Like bits & pieces of most things, except country which is dogshit.

Favorite musical groups/performers: Led Zeppelin, Ministry, Heart, Massive Attack to name but a few.

Favorite soundtracks: Blade Runner, Conan The Barbarian

Favorite song at the moment: "My Happiness" - Powderfinger

What's in your home CD/Casette player right now: Nothing

Do you play an instrument: No.

One pillow or two: Two

Croutons or bacon bits: Croutons

Favorite salad dressing: None

Have you ever had your appendix or tonsils removed: Yup

Have you ever gone skinny-dipping: No.

Do you make fun of people: Only if they deserve it.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up: Chef.

What would be your dream job now: Writer. Civil engineer.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime: No.

Places you'd most like to visit: New York City. Sapporo. Rome. Seattle.

Your first car: None

Dream car: Something big enough to piss off greenies

Toothpaste: Any. Who cares about this shit?

Shampoo/Conditioner: Why?

Favorite season: Autumn

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite board/card game: Trivial Pursuit, chess, monopoly

Favorite hobbies: motorbike touring

Favorite sport to play: Indoor cricket, soccer

Favorite sport to watch: Motorbike racing

Least favorite sport to watch: Anything with horses or ribbons in it.

Most humiliating moment: I'll pass on this one.

Do you have any siblings: Four.

Do you get along with your parents: Yep.

Favorite place to chill: Mallacoota, Victoria.

Favorite place to visit: Melbourne.

What is your bad time of day: Trying to wake up.

What is your good time of day: lunch

Favorite perfume or cologne: Arabie

Favorite scent of candle: dunno

Favorite flower/plant: anything colourful

Favorite subject in school: none

Least favorite subject in school: Maths

Favorite authors: none really

Favorite book genre: none

Favorite book: The Ninja by Eric Van Lustbader

Current book I'm reading: None

Favorite magazine: AMCN

Favorite movie you have seen recently: Collateral

Favorite movie of all time: Blade Runner

Other favorite movies: Too many to list

Favorite actors/actresses: Kate Winslet, Annette Bening, Dennis Farina, Keith David and many, many others

Favorite TV program: The Sopranos

Favorite cartoon character: Road Runner

Favorite food: Chinese/Malay, Mexican, Indian

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Favorite ice cream: none

Favorite alcoholic Drink: Lambrusco

What is your bedtime: 1.30am on weekdays

How many rings before you answer the phone: Depends how far away it is, doesn't it?

The first thing you think of in the morning: Shower.

Favorite thing to do when you're home alone: TV, surf web, eat, drink.

Do you get motion sickness: Yep.

Thunderstorms - Cool or Scary: Very Cool

Pen or Pencil: Pen

Do you like to drive: I like motorbikes & scooters. Don't drive cars.

Do you sleep with stuffed animals: No.

Did you have imaginary friends or a blanket as a child: No.

What is on the walls of your room: Paint.

What words or phrases do you overuse: fuck

How would you characterize your political leanings: geopolitical hawk, otherwise libertarian.

If you could pick one super-human power, what would you choose: Death-ray from my fingertips.


28 June 2005

Quote of the day

"Sorry" don't suture my colon!

- Krusty the Clown


Question to my motorcycling readers

Could anyone who has ridden both the Honda SP1 and SP2 please e-mail me at tex <at> and let me know how the riding experiences compare.


TV from hell

Looks like Canadian public broadcasting is as bad as ours.

"Shania: A Life in Eight Albums"

Bwahahaha. Oh my god.


All hail the great god Vegemite

Southern redneck (and proud of it) Rob Smith has experienced the joys of vegemite.

And like all decent, civilised folk, he likes it. Sorta.

'onya Rob!


Manbaby throws a spazz

And to think this schitzoid fruit loop was actually considered Prime Minister material by many.

Australia dodged a bullet last October, that's for sure.


23 June 2005

Flag burning

I see a bunch of freedom-hating weenies in the US are trying to outlaw flag-burning. Certain political idiots in this country have similar ideas as well.

My message to them: grow the fuck up.

What I said back in 2002 stands today. A flag which is "protected" isn't worth wiping your arse with.



Perpetually dim Ozblogger Niall Cook offers more anti-US mumblings:

Straight out of the “Only In America” file comes this taudry tome. A turgidly tumescent titillaters tale of innuendo and slurs against former Democrat Party President Bill Clinton’s wife, Hilary.

Whether or not subjective claims that Hilary Clinton has no wifely or maternal instincts can be substantiated, or indeed, have any perceivable impact on her ability to carry out her duties as a US Senator, what should surely rate as most important in the overall scheme of events is that she does perform her duties. Clearly, she does, else she would not still be an elected representative and the Democrat Party’s preferred nominee for Presidential candidate in 2008. If, and one must presume it’s a gigantic ‘if’, Hilary Clinton harbours lesbian tendencies, what damn difference does her sexual preference make to the way she conducts herself as a professional person and elected peoples representative? To a non-American who is eternally grateful for the fact, I would have to conclude, none whatsoever.

Of course, such a book would never be written in Australia, would it?


The wonders of muslim immigration

Can't wait for this to start happening here, can you?

21 June 2005


I hate the flu.

I'd rather be in a dental office.


Dick Neville before he dicks you

Australia's favourite dessicated moonjuice freak has returned with another collection of jumbled paragraphs:

• Howard and Bush are Nazis
• Howard and Bush are really nasty Nazis
• Bush is going to kill the planet by firing bibles out of newly-militarised space stations
• Economic Growth is nasty

Oh, and he fills us in on the latest Greenhouse Effect Nazi American Holocaust:

Right now, villages in Bangladesh are disappearing into the sea. The warming of the Indian ocean intensifies drought in southern Africa. Low lying Pacific islands are starting to sink. Everyone knows this, because the ice caps are melting on the evening news.

Well, that settles that then. (Pacific islands are 'sinking'?)

As usual, Richard The Futurist tells us about the future:

Heads of state who reject collective solutions, such as the flawed Kyoto protocol, and the quest for a sustainability, may one day be charged with crimes against humanity.

I'd love to see the UN cabbage monkeys try that one, wouldn't you?

In the year 2030, could a third President Bush (Jeb jnr?) end up trying to stave off the clamouring masses with ballistic missiles – ones no less imaginary than the fanciful battalions of a failing Hitler. Perhaps a Laura-like Mrs Bush will be singing Stand By Your Man in the shower, as the water runs dry.

One thing we can count on – that the ever faithful ally, a bio-tech age-reversed Rupert Murdoch is still telling the inner circle that the green insurgents will soon be crushed, and oil prices will slip back to a mere $2000 a barrel any minute. But no-one is listening. Most of the White House neo-cons have already fled to their tax shelters, taking the silver. The rest are drinking the last of the wine.

Richard, I think your frontal lobe is suffering anal reflux.


Book review: James Ellroy's Black Dahlia

James Ellroy - the author of LA Confidential and other hard-boiled crime noir epics - is undoubtedly one of the literary world's most self-absorbed knobs (and that's really saying something).

Every one of his works has caused much pants-wetting in book reviewers worldwide, who love his hard-edged, unsentimental writing style.

I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about, and picked up this book.

It really has only one fault: Ellroy can't write for shit.

So enamoured is Ellroy by his own drool, that he spends an eternity fussing over period detail, 50's cop lingo, graphic details of sexual crimes, and pretty much everything not related to the characters (who remain dull and opaque to the very end), or the narrative (about 20 pages of story in a 380 page novel).

The lead character is so boring, so badly fleshed out, you don't give a shit about anything that happens to him, and his motivations remain a mystery throughout. The same applies to pretty much every other character too. Some of the plot twists and the final explanation are truly ridiculous.

I'd advise the guy to hire an editor, and pull his head of of his arse and write some actual stories. Except I'm never gonna read one his crappy novels ever again, so I don't much care what he does.


Book review: Mark Kram's Ghosts of Manila

Muhammad Ali: black icon, visionary, devout muslim, poet, street intellectual, voice of the people, civil rights hero, consciencious anti-war thinker.

Yeah, right.

Try racist, serial liar, backstabber, bully, idiot, adulterer, coward, hypocrite, raving loon, stooge, publicist for murderous tyrants and bad father.

This is the impression you're left with after finishing Mark Kram's devastating polemic against the ex-heavyweight champ.

Kram, a one-time writer for Sports Illustrated who spent many hours in Ali's company, delves into the long-lasting blood-fued between Ali and his nemesis Joe Frazier. The book actually doesn't have much to say on this, other than examining Ali's bigoted, sociopathic psyche. It is more a full-frontal assault on the mindless cultural deification of Ali, a man who could not be less worthy of such worship. Ali, needless to say, happily played a part in this myth-making.

Kram's book certainly isn't perfect. He occassionally lapses into long-winded psychobabble when discussing the Ali-Frazier fights, and fails to detail the side of Ali's personality even Kram admits was "generous".

Still, it's a devastating critique of Ali mythology and his sycophantic & gullible cultural allies (Norman Mailer, he's looking at you).



Nice people

The rescue of Douglas Wood has made the leftoids on usenet go insane with rage:

Isn't it just a little odd, that Woods after being held hostage for six
weeks did not loose any weight.

At the press conference in Australia he looked grossly overweight.

Not withstanding, he did not receive any medication for his 'serious'

He then trots out an endorsement of the Bush, Howard strategy in Iraq.

All this leaves me more than a little suspicious.

and this:

He sounded like a money-grubbing Yank on the news.

Saying "Waltzing Matilda" like a fucking idiot at random is proof enough... him
trying to pretend he's an Aussie when he's been living in California for yonks.

Lets be thankful he wasn't a U.S prisoner, where he would have been beaten,
sodomized and violated with nightsticks, stuck into human pyramids in gay
positions while blindfolded, smeared with shit and then photographed so he can
recall all these great memories.

The same fellow also said this:

I think they are all full of shit, including Wood.

"Waltzing Matilda" Wood yelled as he arrived in Australia.... what a fucking Yank.

Throw in some conspiracy theory:

Have a good look at Mr Wood. He seems remarkdly fit and healthy for a chap
who was kept in darkness and beaten every now and again for 47 days?
Wasn't staged was it?

And this:

If that dumb, fat mercenary pig does go back to Iraq, as he says he
might, how many days would he survive?

Steve Edwards brings us some more charming leftie reaction.


Our next Poet Laureate

Very, very deep.


Ann Coulter with a dick

Gibbering ultra-conservative loon Adam Yoshida - who once described homosexuals as a "threat to national security" - gives us his opinion on Deep Throat guy Mark Felt:

I hate him for what he did and I wish him, and his family which hails him as a hero for what he did, nothing but the worst.


So it is that I cannot find it in my heart to forgive W. Mark Felt for his crimes or to wish him well. So far as I’m concerned, he can go straight to hell and, with any luck he’ll be getting there sooner rather than later.

The reason for Yoshida's brain-fart? Apparently, Felt was responsible for the communist victory in North Vietnam and the Iranian revolution.

What's wrong Adam? That time of the month?


17 June 2005

If only I were rich

Back in Feb 2003 I listed the bikes I'd most like to buy.

Here's my top ten wishlist as it stands today. Click on the name of each machine to see my review (or failing that, the manufacturer's page):

KTM 990 Superduke

1000cc v-twin

Honda VTR-SP2

1000cc v-twin

Honda VTR1000F

1000cc v-twin

Aprilia RSV-R

1000cc v-twin

Triumph Speed Triple

1050cc inline triple


1200cc horizontal twin

Honda Goldwing

1800cc horizontal six (!)

Buell XB12R

1200cc v-twin

Honda CB1300

1300cc inline four

Kawasaki ZX-6R

636cc inline four




15 June 2005

Dear Jihadists: Take THAT, camelfuckers....

Douglas Wood has been rescued in a military operation, no doubt much to the chagrin of the ABC, Fairfax columnists, socialists and appeaser-monkeys Australia-wide.

Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor

- Robert Heinlein


I'll be having a beer in honour of the rescuers tonight. May their god/s bless them all, and Douglas Wood.

The sweetest part? Wood was rescued by the new Iraqi army, with help from the wicked American invaders. It's enough to drive the Galloway-boosters to suicide.....


13 June 2005


Just got back from Sydney, where I spent the long weekend. Some brief notes:

- I wanna live in this building.

- the new shopping complex at Bondi Junction is very, very big.

- the beef vindaloo at Indian Planet on Pitt St. is fantastic.

- the grub at 'Paddington 1' is very good, particularly the gourmet pizzas. Nice cozy atmosphere too.

- Oxford street is one of the few places on earth where you can tell you've arrived by the number of homosexuals you can spot.

- none of the workers on Sydney's train system seem to be able to speak or understand english, or - come to think of it - even know the names of each stop.

- at the markets at the outdoor mall at Bondi Junction, one of the female vendors went nuts, started screaming, throwing her three tables of merchandise around, then marched off leaving all her mess behind. The lookers-on were rather confused.

- "waterproof" motorcycles gloves aren't.

- surely the NSW government can do something to make the streets around Surry Hills and the CBD not smell like stale piss and vomit.

- every internet cafe in Sydney is full of insane Chinese and Vietnamese teenagers screaming at each other.


Sickening, but not in the slightest bit surprising

It seems the University of Tasmania doesn't mind using mass-murderers to recruit students.



The link in the "Geena Davis caused 9/11" post from last week has been fixed. Thanks to reader Paul for alerting me to it.


My Five Favourite Books

Actually, it's more like 'five of my favourites', and are in no particular order:

1. Fatal Vision - Joe McGuinness

2. The Ninja - Eric Van Lustbader

3. Cardinal of The Kremlin - Tom Clancy

4. The Real Frank Zappa Book - Frank Zappa and Peter Ochiogrosso

5. Human, all too human - Friedrich Nietzsche

(Via Samizdata)



The self-proclaimed "world's greatest athlete" got beaten yet again.

Great going Anthony. Tell me, when exactly are you going to start to "rule supreme" and fight racial injustice on the world stage? Hint: you might want to actually start beating decent fighters.


7 June 2005

Quote of the day

Jesus died for our sins. Dare we render his sacrifice meaningless by not committing any?

- Jules Feiffer


Windschuttle is a god

Here he is delivering an unholy beating to the shameless lying traitor John Pilger, and the Arab-tyrant-loving cretin Robert Fisk.


Geena Davis caused 9/11...or something

One of our local Islamic kooks reckons the action movie The Long Kiss Goodnight is proof that the CIA caused 9/11.


Books for Jesus Freaks

.... the fuck??


Desecration for fun

I just remembered that I own a Penguin edition of The Koran. I think I've used it as a beer coaster, but it's otherwise in good condition.

I'm trying to think of giving it a fitting end. Perhaps....

- tossing it next to the urinal cake in a male public toilet?
- use it to wipe the chain lube grease of my motorbike rear wheel?
- shredding it with gay porn photos so Allah and Adam Ramjet are mushed together?
- shredding it and using it to cover the floor in a puppy pen?
- softening in water before using it to wipe my arse?
- using the pages as tissues? (Is snot sufficiently blasphemous?)
- writing notes in the margins? (eg. "Muhammad fucks donkeys")
- dousing with meth. spirits then setting alight?
- begin the slow process of tearing off tiny strips and eating them?
- sell it on Ebay as a shooting target?

Any other ideas for the "Destroy The Koran" project?

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