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2 March 2004


The next time you hear some dickhead tell you that George W. Bush is just like Adolf Hitler, print out this post, wrap it around a cricket bat and smash their skull in with it.

The World Snoozebike Championship

The once-great World Superbike Championship got underway in Spain last weekend, and if the action was anything to go by, this year's competition will rival Formula 1 for sheer, processional boredom. As expected, the Ducatis dominated. Of course, it's mostly Ducatis out there, the other factories having abandoned the competition.

Superbike is dead. Long live MotoGP.

The madness is upon their minds

Here's some of the more"thoughts" from this week's edition of the Green Left Weekly....

John Pilger gives us his deep thoughts on the Redfern Black Racist Dickheads eruption:

On a hot Saturday morning, 17-year-old Thomas “TJ” Hickey was impaled on a metal picket fence in circumstances which the police, politicians and journalists say are “in dispute”. There is no dispute in the block. TJ was being chased by police, or at the very least riding his bike as fast as he could to get away from a provocatively cruising police car.

There is no dispute, because every Aboriginal youth in the block, and in every city and town in Australia, can expect to be harassed incessantly by police.

You have to admire his craft with words: he makes a young idiot having a bicycle accident a result of a murderous grand racist conspiracy of nasty white people. He can provide no evidence of course, but that's so terribly old-fashioned. Pilger goes on to give us some Richard Neville-grade nuttiness in discussing historian Keith Windschuttle (I've emphasised my favourite parts):

Windschuttle has been the darling of an influential group of white supremacists, who buzz around the far-right magazine Quadrant (once funded by the CIA). They deploy their arguments in a manner not dissimilar to the way David Irving used his history texts to promote Holocaust denial, with the difference that they have been given generous space and tacit support in the press.

We can see why Pilger is so beloved by the left. Unable to refute anything Windschuttle has actually written, he shrieks about unspecified "white supremacists", CIA conspiracies and holocaust denial. Most writers would have to be up to their eyebrows in chemical refreshment to write this gibberish.

And on that note, we visit Tariq Ali, who is doing what he does best: apologising for homicidal lunatics:

More than 50 people died on February 2 alone, when a car bomb ripped through Iraqis queuing to join the police force.

The US military blamed al Qaeda loyalists and foreign militants for this and other suicide bombings. But occupations are usually ugly. How then can resistance be pretty?


In Vichy France and occupied Yugoslavia and later in Vietnam, Algeria, Guinea and Angola, collaborators were regularly targeted. Then, as in Iraq today, the resistance was denounced by politicians and the tame press as “terrorists”. When the occupying armies withdrew and the violence ceased, many of the “terrorists” became “statesmen”.

Not surprisingly, he a popular commentator with the left.

Elsewhere, nutjob Indigenous activist Sam Watson offers some intelligent observations about Redfern:

Watson argued that the incident had exposed “the lies and half-truths, all the bullshit about the Coalition government’s brand of social experimentation”. Aboriginal people, he said, had been “marginalised, terrorised, oppressed and hunted” under PM John Howard.

“Every single Aboriginal person in this land now knows that the massacres and murders are still going on”, he said.

“That’s why we’re having a mass community meeting — so that we can organise after-hours patrols of our community to monitor the safety and security of our young people.”

Watson is scathing about the police, arguing that they harass not only black people, but protesters: “There’s no safe place in Australia. All police forces are party to this horrendous campaign to crush and destroy any form of dissent.”

The cops can kill an Aboriginal child tonight and they can walk away scot free. If any member of the public goes and knocks off a cop they’ll be dead in a couple of hours. What we have is a regime of terror and brutal repression designed to entrench the ruling class and deny ordinary working-class people any rights at all.

This explains the brutal non-arrest of Watson, and the hasn't-happened-yet bombing the Green Left HQ.

North Korea: the ninth level of Hell

Thanks muchly to Damian Penny for pointing this out:

If you want to hear "hate" coming out of the mouths of school kids, go to the schools of North Korea, as a Dutch television crew did, and you'll hear hate from that country's teenagers directed at the United States.

Western television reporters rarely get into North Korea, but remarkably they let a Dutch television crew in to see how they're using Holland's most famous book, “The Diary of Anne Frank.”

That diary, of her life in hiding during World War II, is now being studied in North Korea's schools. But Anne Frank's plea for peace and freedom got lost in translation.

North Korea is using her diary, not to teach how Anne suffered at the hands of the German Nazis, but to warn the students how they could suffer at the hands of those they call "American Nazis."


A few nights ago I saw a BBC documentary on North Korea. The crew was - at every second - shadowed by their government approved "tour guides". The food they were eating in the hotels was the best available, yet it looked like a collection of scraps from a dumpster.

The TV showed only one channel - government propaganda. The book stores only stocked books written by or about The Great Leader. Every billboard showed the face of The Great Leader. Every piece of art - every single piece of it - was either a picture of The Great Leader or a missile hitting the United States. The "museums" told stories of how The Great Leader single-handedly defeated Americans in the Korean war, and all the exhibits were captured military equipment.

The statues in Pyongyang were all focused around The Great Leader, where visiting foreigners could pay for the privilege of laying flowers at the foot of the statue, then bow in respect.

Few buildings had lights or air conditioning which worked. The only farms they were shown were carefully prepared, with clean dwellings for the workers, but where nothing in particular seemed to be growing, where young girls sang songs for the visiting Brits, all of which - of course - were about The Great Leader. Out in the "farming" region, the only vehicles on the road were the ones carrying soldiers and weapons.

From their high hotel balcony in Pyongyang, they could see people scavenging for food scraps in the grass near the river. The entire city looked like a tomb. There were few cars in the streets, no people out shopping, no kids playing in the parks, in fact, no sign of life or activity at all. The only people they talked to droned on like zombies about the godlike Great Leader.

As they flew out of this nightmare, the reporter encountered an American aid worker who had just spent two weeks in prison for telling a joke about the great leader.

Of course, the reporter could not visit the concentration camps where thousands are exterminated every year, the torture chambers, the regions of the country where millions are now starving. Not that there's any doubt these things exist - if the government-approved tour of the lifeless totalitarian sewer of Pyongyang was the best that North Korea could show, the rest of the country must truly be living in the lowest depths of hell.

Of course, it's just not sophisticated to call the North Korean regime "evil" is it? John Pilger, Richard Neville and Robert Fisk never criticise the North Koreans, because the USA and capitalist democracies are what must be feared (they export their imperialist hamburgers and footwear to ignorant savages the world over).

I remember reading an issue of the Socialist Worker just after Kim Il Sung died. That magazine - which regularly labels the USA, Australia and Israel as racist, murderous lunatic nations - sent a message of condolence to the North Korean people over their terrible loss.

I've been saying for a while now that the leftist filth who sympathise with the North Korean regime, with Fidel Castro, who wear Che Guevara t-shirts, who label Dubya as the new Hitler, who write for The Green Left Weekly, that these people are - morally speaking - exactly the same as the Gestapo squads who rounded up Jews in Europe.

Communists. Such lovely humanitarian people....

25 February 2004

Reader mail

From: Mental Mike
To: tex
Subject: Your amazing site.


I just had to email and say, your values amd opinions are straight out of a box of cereal, they are tiresome, not particulary insightfull or even well expressed.

Your site is a mirror of your own fear and ignorance.

Awwww thanks.

A cranky letter to the USA

For fuck's sake, don't you people have more important things to worry about than Janet Jackson's tit and gay marriages?

As a person who has the greatest admiration for the USA, let me offer some constructive criticism:

You guys defeated communism and helped win a world war. You got that way by having a powerful capitalist system, a strong, optimistic national identity and a willingness to focus and go and bomb the shit out of the bad guys. Got that? Good.

Your country isn't going to be destroyed by boobs on TV or homosexual marriages. There are actually much more important things to be worried about right now: like certain groups of people who are trying to figure out how to detonate a fucking nuclear device or release a bioplague on American soil.

Janet Jackson's ugly tits don't matter. Bullshit hetero-only principles of 'family values' don't matter. Mel Gibson's Jesus movie doesn't matter. The stupid-as-fuck "war against drugs" doesn't matter.

There are people out there - right now - who are tying to kill you, you dig?

Go drink a beer and stop acting like such fucking assclowns already.


Sex & The City

I'm glad to see that Steve-H thinks that show is a pile of crap as well.

23 February 2004

Green Left does Redfern

The racist riot by mindless, violent thugs has not surprisingly gained the whole hearted support of The Green Left Weekly.

The day of TJ’s death, community members allege police drove up and down the block, taunting people over the death, racially abusing them and inflaming grieving relatives and local youth.

The police presence and patrols increased throughout the day. At around 4pm, the police began to close down streets surrounding the residential block. Local young people began throwing rocks, venting anger built up over years of police brutality and harassment.

Hundreds of riot police with dogs were deployed to take control of the streets. The Aboriginal community, led mostly by youths who had known TJ, mobilised to stop them.

Wow, those heroes, mobilising to stop the evil whiteys invading and doing whatever it is whiteys are supposed to do (like handing over their tax dollars maybe).

And in a development which really says it all, our Green dweebs happily report that the South-West Sydney Islamoloons are endorsing the actions of their oppressed brothers:

Young people living in Sydney's south-west, regularly targeted by the state ALP government’s “law and order” and “anti-terrorist” policing, have seen the Redfern Block's resistance as an inspiration.

How proud they must be. Maybe the rape gangs will start throwing Molotov cocktails too?

“The way the police treat young people, especially youth of colour, is pretty much the same in Redfern as it is in Bankstown”, 26-year-old Bankstown resident and Palestinian activist Rihab Charida told Green Left Weekly. “They intimidate and harass us whether we've committed crimes or not.”

And I bet Rihab probably can't come up with any harrassment other than cops arresting nice Bankstown folk who have actually committed crimes.

They also link to the website of "The Block", which advocates "Genocide Prevention", which is a well-known non-existent problem in Australia.

Elsewhere in this week's bulletin, a bunch of freaks tell us how wonderful life in Cuba is, especially for concentration camp inmates homosexuals.

Islamic insanity, vol.28682457263476291711741803

A northern Islamic state in Nigeria that is at the heart of a spreading Africa polio outbreak declared Sunday it would not relent on its boycott of a mass vaccination program which it called a U.S. plot to spread AIDS and infertility among Muslims.

And muslims wonder why they have an image problem.


Kev Gillett defends the Aus gov's decision to purchase the massive American Abrams tanks to replace our ageing Leopards.

The worst show on TV?

Tony the Teacher hates The Bill.

I have to agree. I've seen better acting in high school drama productions, and better scripts in Neighbours. I can only assume the show is used as a kind of dramaturgical vacuum cleaner: used to suck up Britain's most talentless actors and writers. I'd watch Days of Our Lives over this bilge any day of the week.

22 February 2004

Fuck summer

I hate hot weather. Thank you. At least it cooled down today. I hope it lasts.

Wot she sed

Emily Jones and I are in complete agreement: Ann Coulter sucks.

A deep political question for my American readers

Is it just me, or does John Kerry look like one of The Munsters?

Fat people and crazy muslims

Alan Anderson rips into a psychotic new piece of "fat tax" legislation in the UK (don't laugh, you can bet your ass that Labor will try it here in the next few years), and the "kill the infidels" ravings of Paul Keating's psycho Islamic friend, Shiek Hilaly (why, oh why hasn't this piece of shit been deported yet?).

Freshly polished Dick

Richard Neville has spruced-up his website. His bio page has a picture which really says it all.

17 February 2004

Black racism

In case you missed it, a couple of nights ago, a bunch of brain-dead assholes went on a rampage in Redfern, Sydney, because some stupid kid crashed his bicycle and died (there was a police car in the area at the time, which means - of course - the cops "murdered" him).

In today's Sydney Morning Herald, Ray Minniecon wrote a truly inane piece, claiming it's all whitey's fault for not understanding the true nature of urban Aboriginality or something. A mess of bad history, neo-pagan spiritual drool, racist essentialism, cultural stereotyping and general idiocy.

For me as an Aboriginal person Redfern is a place where one can interact with a powerful collective will to struggle against imperial forces that continue to interfere with - and endeavour to reinterpret our history - our identity, and our future prospects from a very different colonial perspective.

What can you even say to this nonsense? Vague blather about "imperial forces" might impress the likes of Phillip Adams and Richard Neville, but that doesn't make it mean anything.

We are one of the oldest cultures on Earth, yet in the heart of the city we are still so very young and tender in our attempts to adjust, manage and control our affairs within the fast-moving pace of city life.

Consider the following. For 50,000 years we have never had any desire or reason to build cities, let alone live in them. For 50,000 years we have never had any desire or reason to develop a market economy based on a complex centralised value system we call money. For 50,000 years we had no need for complex organisational structures.

You haven't been doing anything for 50,000 years. You haven't been around that long. You are part of urban australia, with the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities as everyone else. So I must draw the conclusion that these grand historical narratives are a load of balls. Don't peg yourself to a history which you have had no connection with, just on the basis of your skin colour.

For almost 200 years we were locked away from the new Australia that was built on our lands without our input by these systems. And it has only been in the past 40 years (remember 1967) that we have been rightly given the opportunity to discover what the new builders have done with our country and our people.

Yes, terrible, but how does it affect you? How does it excuse mindless violence? Why don't all other Australians in similar urban settings behave like this then?

For Aboriginal people, the most important value that we possess is relationships. We live to relate to each other in the right way. We yearn to relate to our land in the right way. And we desire to relate to the spirit world in the right way.

The abuse excuse: we have to get drunk and throw Molotov cocktails, because we're abbos. You're in the real world now pal. You have rights and opportunities: how about making something of them instead of blaming whitey for alcoholism and violence.

A lot of people from many countries have made lives for themselves in Australia - they've done it through work and creating a space for themselves in a land that really is alien to them. Many "white" Australians from dirt-poor backgrounds have improved themselves. Why can't the thugs in Redfern do the same? Maybe it sounds too much like hard work. And when they've got fools like Minniecon rationalising every instance of bad behaviour, there's even less incentive to fix things.

Minniecon, like Marcia Langton, like Geoff Clark and many others, infantalises Aboriginality to the degree where it become a self-fulfilling case of self-impotence.

To hell with these worthless race gangsters. Forget The Evil John Howard, if anyone is causing cultural genocide, it's the likes of Minniecon.

16 February 2004

Something wrong with this picture?

How much lower can this bastard stoop?

The increasingly creepy Richard Neville has posted this picture - supposedly of the bombing of the Baghdad suburb of Shua’le - with the caption "9,500 Iraqi civilians killed; John Howard has 'no regrets'":

Richard used these awful images to accompany some emotive blubber:

The Pentagon maintained that the blast must have been caused by Iraqi anti aircraft fire, while the locals said they saw an American plane overhead and a sliver of silver. Fisk managed to get his hands on a smoldering fragment of the bomb, which displayed a 12 digit serial number, as well as another number, ending 96214. Fisk published these codes in his UK newspaper, The Independent, available Online. Hours later, the citizens of the net had sourced this missile to a plant in McKinney, Texas.


This plant is owned by the one of the world’s biggest arms suppliers, and a favourite of own Defence Force, Raytheon.


With another click of the mouse, I discovered that one week after the superior solution was dished out to the people of Shuale, the then chairman & CEO of Raytheon, Daniel P Burnham was actually in Canberra, Australia, where he addressed the National Press Club.


As far as I can ascertain, during the question time, not one member the Press Club audience was discourteous enough to ask the Chairman of Raytheon how he felt about the accuracy of missile 96214.

A pity noone has yet asked Richard about the accuracy of the picture he used with this story.

I remembered seeing this picture before: the child on the left is an Israeli, who was badly injured when some Palestinian scumbag blew up a bus in Jerusalem. One of a long line of similar atrocities Richard has little interest in, except where the pics of Jewish victims of Islamic terror can be used as fake pictures of American terror.

What was that about American propaganda?

More........... Richard Neville discovers "the internet"

Other than faked-up photo montages, Dick gives us another unhinged essay, encompassing the evils of inhuman telephony services, and Richard finally becoming aware of the existence of this thing called The Internet:

Some time later my wife returned from the journey a changed woman, realising that her identity was no longer confined to a single location … or nation, or category. She had become postmodern woman. Her writings, her name, her reputation, she realised, all floated around in cyberspace, unbounded. Her sense of self had suddenly become globalised. She was now a citizen of the net.

And all us of here tonight, are we too citizens of the net? Sure we are. But what kind of citizens? Are we passive… and inert, part of a vast sleepwalking target market, or are we active, globalised and engaged?

Most of us are sane people with a PC and a telephone line.

Richard goes on to tell us why this internet thing is really, really important, by linking it with the stinky "we hate capitalism and democracy"-fest in Bombay.

The reason I flew off to Bombay at short notice and at some cost, was to attend what turned out to be one of the most amazing events of my life. It was like a world music Woodstock without the mud, and the Nimbin Aquarius Festival without the pot.

In other words, being surrounded by ugly hippies without loud music or pot to ease the pain. Sweet Jesus.

This vast hothouse of dissent & social justice dreaming hit the headlines in the Times of India, and sparked debates on Asian TV. Let’s conduct a little test. How many of you here have ever heard of the World Social Forum? Let’s see a show of hands. (In an audience of 400, about a dozen hands are raised.)

An odd question to ask his audience, seeing as he can't stop talking about it.

How many of you have heard of another event , which took place at the same time - the World Economic Forum at Davos? (A 90% show of hands).

Er, I hadn't actually.

Even though this event attracts less of a crowd and fewer original thinkers & social reformers...

(They were people with jobs then)

....your raised hands are a sign of the times. It confirms the triumph of economic man, homo economistus, who now stands proud on top of the rubble of a world at war, a world reeling from social injustice and one in the throes of an eco calamity.

A world with now fewer tyrants, less poverty, a non-greenhouse climate and more wealth than at any time in history. Richard liked it better when the Soviets were killing everyone with their peaceful, non-corrupt culture of conquest.

In the West, the World Economic Forum is front page news, day after day, while the World Social Forum is barely a footnote.

Front page news?

Is this Australia in the 21st century - so multicultural in the food halls, so myopic in its global vision?

Somone can't tell the difference between knowing something is there, and actually caring about it.

Out in the big wide world, there’s actually something shifting in the wind, a new mood pushing at the edge of our awareness. What could it be?

My guess is, we can smell all the Forum-goers coming home from Bombay. Why couldn't you have stayed there if you were so damned happy?

Richard lets us know how ignorant and stupid we all are, and why we really need this internet thing:

So how come the global sample of Social Forum awareness is so much out of kilter with the awareness of it in this group? A minute ago you were all riding high, imaging yourself to be worldly wise & informed citizens served well by your media – but no – a huge event of global significance passed you by, glued as you are to the information systems controlled by homo economistus, our non diverse and highly homogenised corporate media.

Or maybe, just maybe, few of us care about a bunch of brain-dead, whinging dorks who want us all to live in the forest and make love to ferns.

Dear Richard, get this through you fucking head, once and for all:

We have not been deprived of your wonderful societal vision through censorship, or the Nazi Howard government, or the Americans, or McDonalds, or the nasty capitalist media.

There is no vicious cabal trying to squish your dissent. We are not brainwashed.

We know where to look for the lunacy and lies you and your deranged ilk are peddling. We can go read Indymedia, we can buy John Pilger's books, we can read Michael Moore, we can read your website. And that Internet thing you've just discovered which will lead to our intellectual awakening? We've been using it for a decade.


Get it?

14 February 2004

Yay me

It's my birthday tomorrow. Show me your devotion by buying me something.

If you're very rich and crazy, a Nissan 350z (just to make Tim Blair jealous), Toyota Prado, Ford f250 or a Holden Cross8 would be much appreciated.

For my non-rich readers, a gift certificate from these folks would be great.

Failing that, send me an e-card with naked pictures of Katherine Heigl.

13 February 2004

Time to emigrate: Hugh Mackay to construct a better Canberra

Last week, a truly horrifying government policy was announced:

The ACT Government has announced it will reduce long- term unemployment, target poverty and tackle childhood health and education over the next nine years, through the implementation of Building our Community - The Canberra Social Plan, issued yesterday.

Whenever I hear government and community together, I want to reach for my shotgun. The last thing a community needs is more goddamned government. Huge, wasteful spending on feelgood programs. Oh joy. There was more.....

The Government has defined seven social priorities to be addressed over 10 to 15 years - economic opportunity for all Canberrans, respect, diversity and human rights, a safe, strong and cohesive community, improved health and well-being, and to lead Australia in education, training and life-long learning.

This means we can looking forward to "hate speech" laws, loony lands rights claims, crime-ridden public housing projects, some kind of anti-fast-food laws, and lots more spending on pretty much everything.

Fucking great.

Ghastly as that news was, what came later was infinitely worse:

It will also establish a Community Inclusion Fund, in a bid to attack the causes of poverty and exclusion, to be implemented by a Community Inclusion Board chaired by social researcher Hugh Mackay.

Oh. My. God.

Hugh Mackay, the genius 'social researcher' who's stunning insights into Australian life resemble high school bog graffiti: young people like to hang out in groups, the Americans will kill us all, people who don't vote Labor are selfish nazis, terrorism makes people worry quite a lot, and mobile phones are really, really popular.

This snivelling wimp, this blithering lefitst conspiratorial imbecile, is going to have a position of political influence in my city, to going to help determine government policy and the conduct of everyday life.

Oh Great Satan, get me the fuck out of here.........

Future ethnic cleansing

Kim Du Toit brings us a report of disturbing rumours among South Africans of an ethnic holocaust once Mandela dies.

You can bet that if it happened, the left would turn a blind eye, the rest of Africa would applaud and Kofi Annan would announce how very, very concerned he is.

Fearless Islamic Warriors

I saw that the brave Iraqi "resistance" have slaughtered 44 unemployed job-seekers. Must be part of that whole "sticking up for Iraqis against the evil invaders" thingy.

Pilger, Fisk and The Green Left Weekly are no doubt already figuring out reasons why Israel and the USA are responsible for this.

9 February 2004

More car blogging

I really, really want a Mazda 6, especially the yummy sports-hatch version.

You can keep your RX-8. It does nada for me.

I thought they just made you fart

...and stupid quote of the day comes from the Socialist Worker, discussing white Australian racism:

Shane Warne's plea for baked beans during a tour of India says as much about the Australian mentality as his dietary habits.

This is the kind of Deep Political Analysis only commies are brave enough to give us.

Elsewhere in this month's issue:

• The two dopes jailed for vandalising the Sydney Opera House were apparently jailed for "political protest"

• As usual, our idiot commie friends are confusing conference majorities with popular opinion regarding illegal immigrants:

Latham and the factional strongarms used the full force of the party machine to crush the wishes of the conference majority.

Gosh, he's acting like a democrat. The horror.

Oh Jeebus

If I wind up on the same plane as this fucking nutjob, I'm gonna try to take him out ASAP:

An American Airlines pilot asked Christians on his flight to identify themselves and suggested the non-Christians discuss the faith with them, the airline said.

The case was handed over to the airline's personnel department for an investigation, spokesman Tim Wagner said today.

"It falls along the lines of a personal level of sharing that may not be appropriate for one of our employees to do while on the job," he said earlier.

American's Flight 34 was headed from Los Angeles to New York's John F Kennedy Airport on Friday when the pilot asked Christians on board to raise their hands, Wagner said.

The pilot, whose name was not released, told the airline that he then suggested the other passengers use the flight time to talk to the Christians about their faith, Wagner said.

Passenger Amanda Nelligan told WCBS-TV of New York that the pilot called non-Christians "crazy" and that his comments "felt like a threat". She said she and several others aboard were so worried they tried to call relatives on their cell phones before flight attendants assured them they were safe and that people on the ground had been notified about the pilot's comments.

This fella is in some serious need of on-the-job training.

Nice, lovely communists

You know, when I read stories like this, I comfort myself my remembering that the USA and Israel are much, much worse:

Estimates back in 1998 were that as many as 800,000 people were dying in North Korea each year from starvation and malnutrition caused by Kim's ruthless and irrational policies. World Vision, a Christian relief organization, calculated that 1 million to 2 million North Koreans had been killed by "a full-scale famine" largely of Pyongyang's creation.


Some 200,000 men, women, and children are held in these slave-labor camps; hundreds of thousands of others have perished in them over the years. Some of the camps are so hellish that 20 percent or more of their prisoners die from torture and abuse each year. The dead can be of any age: North Korea's longstanding policy is to imprison not only those accused of such "crimes" as practicing Christianity or complaining about North Korean life, but their entire families, including grandparents and grandchildren.


Soon Ok-lee, who spent seven years in another North Korean camp, described the use of prisoners as guinea pigs for biochemical weapons.

"An officer ordered me to select 50 healthy female prisoners," she testified. "One of the guards handed me a basket full of soaked cabbage, told me not to eat it, but to give it to the 50 women. I gave them out and heard a scream. . . . They were all screaming and vomiting blood. All who ate the cabbage leaves started violently vomiting blood and screaming with pain. It was hell. In less than 20 minutes, they were dead."

Gas chambers. Poisoned food. Torture. The murder of whole families. Massive death tolls. How much more do we need to know about North Korea's crimes before we act to stop them? How many more victims will be fed into the gas chambers before we cry out "never again!" -- and mean it?

Of course, it is nasty and unsophisticated to refer to North Korea as "evil". Filthy communist bastards.

The legacy of Lennox

Good bit over at East Side Boxing about where newly-retired heavyweight champ Lennox Lewis stands on the list of all-time greats.

Lennox is/was an odd duck. A wild and sloppy boxer in his early years, he matured into a great fighter in his thirties. If he could have overcome his occasionally sloppy discipline and lazy ego, he might have made it to the top off the all-time greats list.

3 February 2004

Quote of the day

I noticed that 244 devout Muslims were killed in a stampede while on Hadj. [...]

One thing is for sure: the CIA probably caused it. We know they sent secret messages to all the Texans on the Hadj, so that none of them were killed. We know this because no Texans were among the dead, and because a grad student in Brazil told us so.

- Al Maviva

Read this

Damian Penny on the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza:

There is no strategic reason why Israel should be building settlements in Gaza, and considering the resources put into maintaining them, I think Israel is doing the right thing. But if the Israelis think this will somehow turn international public opinion in their favor, they're sadly mistaken. Pulling out of Lebanon didn't help them - to Arabs (and the likes of Robert Fisk) the "legacy of Israeli occupation" is responsible for all of Lebanon's problems, and pay no attention to a civil war which raged for 7 years before the IDF showed up. Or the current Syrian occupation. Or the fact that southern Lebanon has been turned into a de facto Hazbollah statelet.

Israel could pull out of Gaza, and nothing will change. They can retreat to the 1967 borders altogether, and nothing will change. The Arabs want Israel destroyed, period - and most of the world really couldn't care less.



Our favourite animated cadaver is reporting from the World Commie Forum in India.

Maybe the six week break between these entries was as much of a relief to you as it was to me. How sick I was in December at the sound of my impotent fury.

He reports on the exciting events:

For five days 100,000 delegates from all over the world crammed into vast, dusty exhibition grounds on the outskirts of Bombay, united in the dream that Another World is Possible.

Oh thank God these guys are on the case. I was getting so sick of modernity.

It was a non stop festival of singing, dancing and street theatre, with no Big Brother or revolutionary elite, no corporate sponsors, no imposed vision. In the thick of the crowds for several days I didn’t witness a single act of drunkenness or bad behaviour, (apart from two dreadlocked media reps), not even when delegates turned back the delivery trucks from Coca Cola.

Sweet jesus, I'd hate to get stuck in an elevator with this lot. You'd spend two hours discussing Lima Beans.

It was a riot of free speech and feisty debate.

Hey, sounds like Australia or something.

There was even a revolution against the revolutionaries, instigated by an aggrieved phalanx of the disabled: “Look us in the eyes”raed the banners.


Most of all, this was a solution-seeking celebration of ideas, of grass roots aspirations, and a living, breathing demonstration of the massive, multi-cultural yearning to turn the future into a friend, instead of a concentration camp.

Except you're not protesting against countries which actually have concentration camps.

This hasty report cannot do justice to the array of provocations lurking within the hundreds of seminar tents, many of which could be regarded as “weak signals” of oncoming issues of significance. Water, water everywhere, so much of it privatised, re-branded and being pushed upmarket by multinationals, who shut off the “blue gold” when payment is late.

Richard prefers people to die of thirst. It's authentic.

The sovereignty of citizens over natural resources, food, plants, DNA and even the building blocks of matter is slipping away.

What the....

Oh, and you must read his next paragraph, which I'll not paste here. It's about poison skin creams being sold by the Pentagon.

You just can't make this shit up.

Richard's finale is the usual we're-going-to-die gloomism:

Deep down I realise the forum will not change the world in a flash, that the gap between rich and poor is widening.....

Never mind that there are less poor, and many of them are getting wealthier.

....that sooner or later we are all stuck behind the sink with a mortgage, watching friends being carted off to chemotherapy....

Neville is horrified by home ownership and modern medicine. Does this man have even the slightest shred of sanity left?

....sighing as comrades are cajoled by a cynical media into fussing over the contours of Nicole Kidman’s lips, or is it her hips, turning our backs on our past, settling for the shopping religion, reeling from gadget envy …. no longer bemused by the wrinkled ex dope dealer’s offers of bulk Viagra & Prozac , no longer amazed by promotions of IBIZA HIPPIE CHIC the new perfume by ESCADA “ happy, wild, crazy, energetic, excessive, trendy”. And meaningless. We’ve lost the Balearic isles, we’ve lost Byron Bay. Can Brave New World be far behind?

Not if the World Social Forum can help it.

So, they're going to: stop the spread of drinkable water in the third world, prevent people from wearing sun cream, ban home ownership and cancer treatments. Not quite sure what the point of this is, but you can bet the explanation contains the words America, NeoCons, Israel, McDonalds and vegetables.

Richard Neville - humanitarian.

2 February 2004

Welfare, poverty and charity: a libertarian view

In the discussion forum on the ALS site, John Humphreys gives an excellent, super-brief guide to a libertarian position on welfare and personal responsibility.

A new consideration

Been thinking more about 4-wheeled vehicle purchases, and I gotta say the Subaru Impreza RS looks like damn good value.

Punchy engine, fine handling, build quality, cruise control and the traction of all-wheel drive.

Anyone out there got an opinion on these machines? (no, I'm not getting the WRX)

Again with the Green Left Weekly

This week's edition of idiocy includes:

- Tony "SIEV-X" Kevin, having seen his "Aus government murdered boat people" conspiracies go nowhere, is now claiming that Aussie SAS troops went on an "illegal killing spree".

- author Arundhati Roy gives us some insane ravings, involving thanksgiving turkey, genocide and racism:

That's how new racism in the corporate era works. A few carefully bred turkeys — the local elites of various countries, a community of wealthy immigrants, investment bankers, the occasional Colin Powell, or Condoleezza Rice, some singers, some writers (like myself) — are given absolution and a pass to Frying Pan Park.

The remaining millions lose their jobs, are evicted from their homes, have their water and electricity connections cut, and die of AIDS. Basically, they're for the pot. But the fortunate fowls in Frying Pan Park are doing fine. Some of them even work for the IMF and the World Trade Organisation — so who can accuse those organisations of being anti-turkey? Some serve as board members on the Turkey Choosing Committee — so who can say that turkeys are against Thanksgiving? They participate in it! Who can say the poor are anti-corporate globalisation? There's a stampede to get into Frying Pan Park. So what if most perish on the way?

What the fuck?

- Middle-Eastern crime gangs in Sydney are all just a big nasty myth invented by shock jocks and biased law enforcement.

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