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20 August 2003

Child-murdering culture watch

Goddamned psycho islamist scum bastards.

JERUSALEM - A suicide bomber blew himself up Tuesday on a packed bus on a main thoroughfare in Jerusalem, killing at least 20 people, Israel Army Radio said.

The militant Islamic Jihad group claimed responsibility in a call to the Lebanese TV station Al Manar. The attack killed three children and wounded at least 100 more.

"Future Zionist Oppressor lies dying after bus incident" - ABC News

"See what those shitty Jews put their children through" - anonymous Federal Labor Party MP

"That's what you get for not understanding Root Causes, you little slut" - The Green Left Weekly

I guess the "cycle of violence" has started again. My bet it will go something like this;

1- Israel makes concessions for peace
2- Arabs murder Jews
3- USA calls for Israel to show 'restraint'
4- Arabs murder more Jews
5- World community calls for Israel to end the brutal occupation and make concessions for peace
6- Arabs murder more Jews
7- Hamas, Hizbollah, Al-Qaeda call for the destruction of Israel and the extermination of all Jews
8- Arabs slaughter more Jews and dance in the street in celebration
9- Go to #1

My message to Israel: Seek out and kill those terrorist bastards. Do not wait for more attacks. Do it now. Build that wall. Do not give up one fucking inch of land. Not now. Not ever.

How many more Jews will be slaughtered before the world stops fucking around with these Islamic genocide-loving scum?

Oh please

In one of the most shameless pieces of pure race-hucksterism I've seen recently, the morons at ATSIC have "ordered" Prince Harry to stop "stealing" their art.

THE Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission has ordered Prince Harry to stop stealing Aboriginal symbols and painting styles.

"His family has been stealing from us for 200 years," ATSIC's culture, rights and justice committee chairman Rodney Dillon said yesterday.

Mr Dillon, just back from the UK where he negotiated the return of indigenous remains, said Prince Harry's own Aboriginal-inspired paintings were "cultural theft."

Not if he painted them, you asshole.

They have accused the Prince of breaching intellectual and cultural property rights.

"Cultural property rights"? Hey Rodney, you're speaking English. You're using my language without my permission. I demand compensation for the distress you are causing. And you damned black people are allowed to write books and everything, just like decent European folk. You'd best apologise for that too.

While we're playing this racist game of self-righteousness, how about we apologise to black Americans for "stealing" rock n' roll?

"When people [do] this without any understanding of the spirit of these things, it means they are being very disrespectful," Mr Dillon said.

No, it means he's a guy just painting a picture. Get over yourself.

Mr Dillon said Prince Harry would be forgiven because of his youth, and promised he would be welcome to speak with indigenous artists during his Australian visit to gain a proper understanding of the spirituality of their works.

"It is offensive but I don't think we should be too hard on the young fellow ... I think he has just got to learn what he can and cannot do."

How generous of you. He paints his own picture in a style he likes and you see it as your prerogative to "forgive" him.

No race has ownership of any "style" of Art. To say otherwise is to embrace a philosophy of humanity that made Mein Kampf so popular. Having dark skin does not excuse you from spouting such disgraceful, racist idiocy.



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