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20 October 2004

Quote of the day

Campari & soda is very refreshing but when I drink it, I get the urge to stop bathing & hate America

- J. Baker


Quote of the day II

You know when you Grandfather started getting up there in years and started talking about how he invented spoons? I think this is the case with Jimmy Carter.

- Danny Donovan


Quote of the day III

Has anyone seen my purse? Because I've been keeping money next to my tits.

- Cantinera


Those lovely Cubans again

I wonder what excuses the Green Left psychos, the Communist Party of Australia and the Cuba Solidarity Campaign will make up for this:

Daniel Orlando Gómez is facing doom.

On September 26, the 22-year-old resident of Santa Clara, Cuba stood in front of the local Communist Party headquarters and confronted Fidel Castro’s totalitarian regime. "Fidel, you have electricity and the people don’t," he declared, referring to the frequent blackouts Cubans endure. (The Spanish word for blackouts, apagones, figures prominently in contemporary Cuban vocabulary.) Gómez also said, "Fidel has been deceiving everyone for almost 50 years."

Soon after, police seized Gómez from his home and beat him and his wife with batons. Gómez, who suffers from mitral valve prolapse, required hospitalization after going into convulsions.

After release, police charged him with "disrespect" of Castro, for which he can be imprisoned up to three years. ("Disrespect" also applies to other party functionaries.) Thus, the most basic political critique is a crime in Cuba.

Noose. Tree. Communists.


What is it with this guy and "mini-nukes"?

Joe Vialls and something about Zionists and oil cartels.


Phillip Island

I'm back from the MotoGP race. Actually had great weather at the track for once, though I got soaked on the freezing 730km ride home. Some brief notes:

- the bikes are fucking loud this year. It's the first time they've run completely unsilenced. For the first time, I actually needed earplugs.

- Watched the race with Paul Bickford at the 'Siberia' grandstand. If you ever want to buy grandstand tickets for a race at Phillip Island, this is definitely the place to sit.

- Anybody who thinks Valentino Rossi is the 'greatest of all time' needs some serious mental therapy. News dudes: beating Sete Gibernau does not make you the greatest of all time. Gibernau is the guy who finished fifteenth in the 2000 series, despite riding a factory NSR500. He finished behind the TSR bike fer chrissakes.

- The road from Sale to Bairnsdale is one of the most boring in existence.


Oh, there he is

Richard Neville has resurfaced after Labor's federal election defeat. Oddly, he actually has a moment of clarity:

Cheer up dissenters; three years is not eternity. Cool the hysteria. Beware the tendency to moralise. Break free from the ghetto of groupthink and learn to communicate a noble vision for humanity with grace, good humour and deep listening - a goal that often eludes me.

I don't expect him to follow his own advice, and he doesn't:

Yes, the times are perilous. The world is burning, and we have rewarded a government that adds fuel to the flames. Kyoto is spurned; Iraqi citizens are murdered in their homes at midnight by skyborne cowards who are treated as heroes. It is mad, it is criminal. Howard puts our nation on the wrong side of history and is lauded by voters, cheered by the majority of media mercenaries. That’s why dissenters lose their cool. Rage and despair seems legitimate – ever more so the closer you get to the truth – but it fails to win hearts and minds in an age of shaky abundance.

And it wouldn't be a Richard Neville essay without some cabal conspiracies:

US efforts to control the future of oil has upped prices, already forcing fishermen in Asia to hang up their nets, sell their boats and … then what? Nothing is done to seriously promote alternative energy. Everything is spin. The world is a sitcom and the neo-cons are writing the script.

Wow. Oil, Asian fishermen, neocons and alternative energies all in the one paragraph. If Richard's mental development continues at this rate, he'll be able to write graffitti in toilet cubicles any day now.


More nice peace-loving communists

A charming essay from the Australian group Socialist Alternative: "Why Israel Must Go":

WHY WOULD ANY decent person support a state which began its existence with the dispossession, expulsion and murder of large numbers of the original inhabitants, and went on to create an undemocratic society which favours one group and discriminates against all others on ethnic and religious grounds; a state which invades and occupies territory outside its own borders, systematically terrorising the population and stealing their resources?

Israel is such a state. Yet Israel’s right to exist is defended not only by right-wingers, but by some on the left and even sections of the Palestinian leadership. Revolutionary socialists argue that the state of Israel should be destroyed and replaced by a multicultural, democratic, secular state.


To create an exclusively Jewish state with a Jewish majority, the Zionists had to destroy the Palestinian economy, steal the land and kill or drive out as many Palestinians as possible, all of which was done with extreme violence – and the blessing of all the great powers.

Yet many who sympathise with the Palestinians still insist on Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. The best outcome, they argue, is for a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

But such a state could never be viable.

Lovely people. Lots of other nice "exterminate Israel" essays here.


13 October 2004


I've discovered the website of the 'Cuba Solidarity Campaign'.

Their FAQ section contains some rather interesting notions. As an example, take the answer to "Is Cuba democratic?":

Out of the revolution there arose a number of mass popular organisations which to this day continue to wield considerable influence over Cuban society. These include the trade unions, the Federation of Cuban Women, the National Association of Small Farmers and, very importantly, the Committees for the Defence of the Revolution. All these have extraordinarily high levels of membership numbering in most cases around 95% of their potential constituency.

These popular organisations are the backbone of the Cuban people's high level of participation in decisions which affect their everyday lives. But they are also complemented by a unique electoral system of direct democracy which the government proudly boasts, with justifiable reason, makes it the most democratic state in the world.

"Unique electoral system". I'll say.

This system in Cuba is based upon universal adult suffrage for all those aged 16 and over. Nobody is excluded from voting, except convicted criminals or those who have left the country.

Ahh, universal voting. What a paradise.

The nominating process and the huge participation in the last election clearly show that the deputies to Cuba's parliament enjoy massive public support.

Well, that's that then.

Here's another question: "Is Fidel Castro a dictator?"

If Castro is such a dictator, why did he receive such overwhelming support in the elections? Why is it also that his position as the country's President is decided by parliament and that members of his government are also voted in by parliament?

Dunno, maybe the rigged elections, death squads and gulags have something to do with it.

Excitingly, the convicted murderer Mumia Abu-Jamal authors the answer to "What has socialism done for the people of Cuba?"

[Castro] has practiced his creed of socialist revolution and restoration of basic human rights that are unimaginable in the bank vault of wealth in the West.

That's nice commie, I hope you die.


Away for a bit

I'm headed to Phillip Island tomorrow morning for this weekend's MotoGP race. Back Monday. Taunt some lefties while I'm gone. And if you're in Canberra, vote for the Liberal Democratic Party in Saturday's election. I've already lodged my pre-poll vote. Make sure you go do your duty and vote LDP.


11 October 2004

Election quote of the day

According to Democrats leader Andrew Bartlett, this is "a disaster for democracy." Which is true, if you define "democracy" as "being dicked around by unpopular, legislation-blocking mutants."

- Tim Blair, commenting on the coalition's success in the senate election


Where, oh where, is Richard Neville?

It's been two days since the election, and not a peep from him.

Maybe he flushed himself down the toilet.


Who I voted for

The choice in my seat for the House of Reps was truly awful. I had to put one of the Democrats as my second preference. Eeeuurcchh. Here's how I marked my ballot paper:

1- Belinda Bariner (Lib)
2- Aaron Matthews (Dem)
3- Jim Arnold (Citizens Electoral Council)
4- Annette Ellis (Labor)
5- Sue Ellerman (Greens)

The senate was a little more interesting:

1- Dave Edwards (Independent)
2- Gary Humphries (Lib)
3- Ian Morrison (Lib)
4- Tim Janes (Christian Democratic Party)
5- John Miller (Christian Democratic Party)
6- Kate Lundy (Labor)
7- David Smith (Labor)
8- Rachel Jacobs (Dem)
9- Peta Bourne (Dem)
10- Jeanette Jolly (Australian Progressive Alliance)
11- Ryan Deebank (Australian Progressive Alliance)
12- Roland Manderson (Greens)
13- Kerrie Tucker (Greens)

Dave Edwards - 'The Squeedgeeman' - is a fellow who makes his living washing car windows at traffic lights. He ran on a process of tax reform. Sounded much better than any of the other morons on this ticket, so he got my first choice. Sadly, he didn't win. At least that wretched commie bint Kerrie Tucker failed to get a seat.


More federal election reactions

Serial Sydney Morning Herald whinger Alan Ramsey - who has spent most of the year assuring everyone that Howard was fleeing in terror from the mighty Latham juggernaut - has blown a gasket over the election result:

How on earth could we have put this scheming, mendacious little man and his miserable claque back in office for another three years? Worse, how could we have brought them to the very brink of absolute control of the nation's entire parliamentary process and authority?

Very easily, as things turned out, to the cost of the rest of us and our national self-respect.

For almost nine years this Government, incompetent in most everything except mediocrity, debauched its word and the people's trust, along with voters' gullibility, their ignorance, their taxes and, in the end, their greedy self-interest.

Awww, chin up wanker. He's given you three more years of column material.

I thought we had more brains, more self-respect. I was wrong in thinking enough voters "just might" see through the confidence trickery of John Howard, master illusionist and toad of a human being. I apologise for nothing.

The old fart really doesn't like people, does he?

Meanwhile, the perpetually outraged weenies at The Green Left Weekly are very, very cranky:

Before these elections, hundreds of thousands of people who disagreed strongly with Howard’s pro-war, anti-social and anti-environment agenda hoped that the job might be done through the ballot box on October 9. They were disappointed.

The electoral system is rigged in favour of the ruling corporate elite. The ALP “opposition” was never a real opposition. It continues to share the Coalition’s neoliberal, corporate-first ideology and agenda. The real opposition over the next period will be made in the streets.

"in favour of the ruling corporate elite" - ie. the candidates people actually want to vote for. The Greenies are very upset we didn't pay them enough attention. One wonders how badly the Greenies will suffer from Relevance Deficit Sydrome now their influence in the senate has been obliterated.


Gloating... just for fun

More election feedback, but this time, from coalition voters in the letters section of The Australian:

Could you please convey to Phillip Adams the sincere apologies of all those voters who were so undeserving, ungrateful and stupid as to not take any notice of him.
Ian M. Cook
Chapel Hill, Qld

Bad news for Tasmanian forests, but there's always a silver lining; Phillip Adams may have died from apoplexy.
Michael Guppy
Moruya, NSW

Is it too much to expect that this time Phillip Adams will leave the country?
Peter Raftery
Indooroopilly, Qld

Prime ministerial candidates who claim economic responsibility should not go around hugging Gough Whitlam.
Sandra K. Eckersley
Marrickville, NSW

A brief message for all your correspondents who have been swamping these pages with anti-Howard smart-arse two-liners. Up yours.
Stuart Hastings
Robina, Qld

HAS an Australian media ever been so disconnected with the Australian people? I suggest more Nescafe and less latte.
Peter Cain
Newstead, Tas

MY one great regret about the return of the Howard Government is that I wasn't there to see the look on the faces of Alan Ramsey, Mike Carlton and Phillip Adams. Mind you, I did enjoy Kerry O'Brien's obvious disappointment.
Ted Porter
Artarmon, NSW

I CANNOT think of anybody who assisted John Howard and the Liberal Party in this election more than your columnist Phillip Adams. He has the potential to keep them in power for years to come. The Liberals should try to cultivate more of his ilk. Keep it up, Phillip.
Len Tournier
Delacombe, Vic

Well said lads.....


A fearless dissident

A brave, brave American woman offers her support to her beseiged Australian comrades:

We in the US are very involved in the presidential campaign, and working to get rid of Bush. But I wanted you to know that here in suburban Washington, DC, some of us are thinking of you, and supporting you in your efforts to get rid of Howard (elect Latham?). Someday I really want to visit Australia, but I won't do so under a Howard regime. Have always loved Australia, have always wanted to visit, and would have in these 2001-2004 years, except for Howard. I don't even buy Australian wine anymore, on principle. Supporting you from afar.

Danielle Greene
Falls Church
Virginia, USA

The pillars of the Australian tourist industry are crumbling as we speak.



The funniest damned news ticker you'll ever read.

And he's quite right: despite her loopy politics, Senator Natasha Stott-Despoja was a babe on Channel 9's election coverage.


Suck my ineluctably-supplementary-mediated cock, you fuck

Jacques Derrida - the world's largest intellectual hairball - has croaked at age 74.

I had to read this cunt's unintelligble sludge during my university degree. Some people found it very profound to read 25,000 pages of text, which basically said the same fucking thing over and over: stuff doesn't mean what it says.

Here I present you one of the introductory paragraphs from Speech and Phenomena:

In the one case 'to differ' signifies nonidentity; in the other case it signifies the order of the same. Yet there must be a common, although entirely differant (différante), root within the sphere that relates the two movements of differing to one another. We provisionally give the name differance to this sameness which is not identical: by the silent writing of its a, it has the desired advantage of referring to differing, both as spacing/temporalizing and as the movement that structures every dissociation.

Uh, yeah. Hey, how about an excerpt from his essay on Rousseau? This is actually one of his more coherent paragraphs:

To produce this signifying structure obviously cannot consist of reproducing, by the effaced and respectful doubling of commentary, the conscious, voluntary, intentional relationship that the writer institutes in his exchanges with the history to which he belongs thanks to the element of language. This moment of doubling commentary should no doubt have its place in a critical reading. To recognise and respect all its classical exigencies is not easy and requires all the instruments of traditional criticism. Without this recognition and this respect, critical production would risk developing in any direction at all and authorise itself to say almost anything. But this indispensable guardrail has always only protected, it has never opened, a reading.

And on and on he went for forty bloody years. Fucking French piece-of-shit-writing-maggot.

I'll leave his wretched intellectual legacy for others to review. I just want the months of my life I spent reading the pretentious asshole to be given back to me.

I hope Jacques Derrida is getting buttfucked by elephants in hell right now. I want professors who teach this shit to have their testicles eaten by the Ebola virus. I want cultural theorists who quote him cleaning toilets in Lubyanka.

His death is too small a punishment for his sins.


The ACT election

Yes, those of us in Canberra get to vote again this weekend. Thankfully in this election I've got decent candidiates to vote for: the Liberal Democratic Party.

Hey, if you were running for office they'd vote for you.


10 October 2004...... 11.40pm

More election observations

- Peter Garrett seemed to be choking back rage in the TV interviews. Apparently we'll all be sorry that we didn't "think about the deeper issues". He mentioned his irritation that the voters hadn't listened to the edicts of the "43 eminent Australians".

- Amused by the comments from Labor campaign hacks that Latham had "won the campaign but lost the election". Would have loved to see the results of Latham losing the campaign.

- Robert Ray looked suicidal. Bob McMullan did too, but he always looks like that.

- On the ABC's coverage, Nick Minchin was desperately trying to stifle the world's biggest shit-eating grin the entire night.

- Anyone else see the interview with Bob Katter? He was drunk off his ass.

- Latham himself - the fat, glass-jawed wussy - looked close to tears during his speech. Fucking wanker. Now sod off back to Western Sydney and fuck up their local government again.

And on that note, I leave you with my favourite photo from election night '04:



Election reactions........

After last night's crushing coalition victory in the federal election, I had a great deal of fun observing the reactions of those on the losing side.

Some, needless to say, are not taking it well:

Subject: Well...I've Been Proven Right Again....The Australian Public Are Fucking Idiots!!!!

Not just slightly silly...but totally retarded! Not only have they returned
Howard to power, but they have increased his majority and possibly given him
control of the senate...almost total power! He's not just Jackboot Johnny
anymore....he's SUPER Jackboot!!! Ignorance, greed and cowardice has won
the day. Australia has shot itself in the foot, hoping it will improve it's
tap dancing! We are going to pay a very, very, very severe and terrible
price for that stupidity! The consequences of this election will be beyond
anything the gutless voting public can ever imagine. In two years this
country will be totally unrecognisable....and I'm going to be laughing my
ass off as the wheels fall off and we crash and burn. This country deserves
every single second of the pain and suffering it is going to reap soon.

This wisdom was brought to you by "Clayton" at aus.politics. It displays the same po-faced miserablism and contempt for the public that typifies the left.

Some of the commenters at Chris Shiels' blog seem to be internally hemorrhaging:

The average Australian voter, with little interest in the complexities of the real world, the world beyond their familiar boundaries, and with an instinctive desire to trust their leaders, will readily believe the message that comes from on high, via the mass media. They have no reason to look behind the headlines of the day. If the media play the same theme day after day, the masses will accept it as fact, even in the absence of evidence. Just as they believed the lies about WMD or children overboard. While it should be the job of the media to scrutinize and expose govt rhetoric, these days the media is the mouth piece of the plutocracy, and their job is to market the agenda of the ruling elite.

It's more of the deluded arrogance only the left can produce: the public are brainless, greedy bastards, unable to make rational choices (ie. voting Labor, Dem or Green).

This commenter doesn't seem as much arrogant as insane:

Something very important has happened here - Latho has actually won. I say this because despite the absolutely incredible spending spree by Ratty & co, the negative ads, the overwhelmingly pro Howard media, the unprecedented scare campaign AND having been in the job 9 months - the ALP has not been decimated. Its held its primary vote and had a small swing toward it. While this is not a true victory, 48% of the people still dont support Howard. This is a very solid foundation on which to start building.

Heh. May they have many more such victories. Hey, here's a real sqealer:

I'm not surprised so many of us here feel utterly devestated by this result. For someone with a conscience and an informed perspective on the world, it is really difficult to understand how so many people can endorse a lying, cowardly, warmongering bunch of rightwing bigots like this Howard govt. I know the RWDB's can't understand our perspective, they simply don't won't to face the fact that Howard is a lying, conniving, self-interested manipulator, I guess they can identify with that sort of personality and so they think it's quite acceptable, but you can tell by their ultra-sensitivity to criticism, that deep down, they know they are really pathetic, shallow minions, clinging to the apron strings of the rich and powerful.

Somebody fetch some pre-moistened towelettes. He continues...

What really gets up the noses of these RWDB's is the fact that, even though they can bribe and hoodwink enough voters to win govt, they cannot corrupt the values or break the will of the progressive forces in this country. I here them urging us to admit we're wrong and fall in line behind the small-minded, self-interested agenda of big business and the ruling elite. But they're wasting their breath, we're not about to sacrifice the principles we cherish, we won't be bullied or bribed, no way.

You don't need to be bullied or bribed, you've been beaten.

Over at Islamic Sydney, they're not taking it too well either:

A very sad indictment on the average Australian..... too stupid to realise they are being lied to constantly, or just dont care.

what part of the Australian brain was either: oversized and diseased, or not used today?

my first concern before anyone is Mamdouh Habib abd David Hicks. As for depressed people, the real people who need psycho-brain therapy is the Australian public who forgot justice and humanity and voted to defend unrealistic fear of insecurity

When a pro-Howard commenter complained about his posts being deleted, he got this reponse from the moderator:

Go and post your crap for somewhere else. You can call it censorship or bias or whatever I don't really care. Your post is highly provocative considering the feelings of others expressed thus far in this thread. More than your post will be wiped if you persist. This is the doctrine of the new Australia under Howard - social injustice and inequality. Doesn't feel nice does it?

And more...

Australia is turning into a nation of predominately conservative right wing racist rednecks. (Strong words yes but look at Howard's social policies over the years and try and convince me otherwise - anti-Asian, anti-Aboriginal, anti-refugee, pro-war, pro-monarchy, pro-Christian & white, dishonest, war & fear monger - and yet people vote for him.)

It's the old equation...

Labor victory = australians are progressive, enlightened, informed and generous
coalition victory = australians are racist, greedy and ignorant

That's pretty much Margot Kingston's take on things too:

The truth is that Australians feel so insecure, due to their high general debts and crippling mortgages, that they cannot tolerate any perceived risk. They are so focused on staying in front of the mortgage that they turn their faces away from Iraq and its consequences for Australia.


In June last year I wrote Howard's roads to absolute power. He took a giant step towards achieving that goal tonight. The minority of us who believe in egalitarianism, care for our environment, a strong democracy celebrating dissent and an independent Australia on the world stage must take stock.

We must join forces across the political divide to make a difference. We must create and nurture alternative media, and we must venture out of our enclaves to reach out to fellow Australians across the political spectrum and find quality candidates prepared to stand for public office with our committed support.

Margot then informs us that she's starting this life-or-death fight by taking a month-long holiday. You warrior-girl, you!

And who better to finish this post with than the raving nutters at the Sydney Morning Herald's Your Say section:

Absolutely disgusted. Shame Australia SHAME. To think that Howard earned your vote after he mislead us all on Tampa, Iraq and most importantly INTEREST RATES, is beyond belief.

The election results marks an END to honesty, accountability and above all a fair dinkum 'fair go' attitude that our nation was proudly built on.


Posted by: Hanan Hammoud

It is just plain sad and scary. This country is ill. A virus has infected it more than ever before. The Australian people have voted, but not all of them for Howard. Just because he wins does not mean that those who didn't vote for him should fall into line with the rest of the herd and accept his policies. We're in for a rough three years. Sorry if this is somewhat vague. It's completely perplexing.

Posted by: Dave Pulson

Yes, people vote, and the guy with the most votes wins. Very, very perplexing.

Anyway, back to the hysterics:

I am speechless with anger at my fellow Australians for re-electing this warmongering, lying gnome who - whenever confronted with the need to make a decision - has always chosen the most 'conservative' and unimaginative path to anything.

Howard is a miserable mediocrity, the worst prime minister this country has had in my lifetime, and the fact you out there - not me - have re-elected him is possibly the most extreme indictment of the spirit, intelligence and heart of the so-called "Australian people" that there could ever be.

Firstly we turn down the opportunity for a republic, and opt to keep that anachronistic dysfunctional "Windsor" family as our "monarchs", and now we re-elect a man who went to war just because George Bush told him to. And we don't even care that he lied, or shifts the blame onto others and then says he was never told.

Posted by: Lachlan Colquhoun

And here's some charming well-wishes for the Australian public:

On the subject of this travesty that occurred last night, I felt like lashing out with some vitriol at the blinkered individuals that caused it. I thought of proposing that Labor run dead in the senate. I thought they should argue the points against any unfair legislation but vote with the government on everything they put up. This I thought would have shown those selfish individuals that voted for the coalition but are never going to benefit form their largesse, how foolish they were yesterday.

They will never benefit from the coalition's largesse because they do not belong top the top 5% the coalition is governing for.

As justice would have it, they might have just done it to themselves. They might have just handed full control of parliament to these neo-conservative, quasi-christian crusaders that want to establish the new world order they have dreamt of.

I'm afraid that with a locked up media, it'll take more than a decade to overcome what occurred on Saturday, October 9, 2004.

We that look beyond our back fence, are going to suffer having to stand by and watch the dishonesty and abuse of power that we have been observing in the past half decade or more. Now however, if the Senate also falls, those that have been blind to it all, will also suffer.

They will suffer the results of their own ignorance.

There is justice after all!

Posted by: Rubens Camejo

I am deeply disappointed at yesterday's result, and have disquiet at how this reflects the motives of many Australians. I'm alternating between anger and a determination to keep motivated and interested in national affairs, and then to a feeling of "what the hell" and to just not caring about our image overseas, fairness for all, the Tassie forests (while they remain), the environment, and all the other issues I hold dear to heart.

I mean, what's the point in caring anymore? Obviously many of my fellow countrymen can't see beyond their hip pocket, and if we're selling our souls for short term gain, then maybe I'll just close my eyes and join in (maybe this really is The Matrix!).

Posted by: Frank Alvaro

What is it with lefties and The Matrix?

I'm twenty years old; this was my first federal election. I've never felt so devastated or afraid for Australia’s future. John Howard has been given free rein to destroy our democracy: his control will now extend to the Senate and the media, which are supposed to protect us from abuses of executive power.

Posted by: Adele O'Hare

Another leftist meme: conservatives winning an election = death of democracy

Here's a dork who is feeling great shame that we are becoming just like those horrible Americans:

I feel ashamed to be called an Australian today. To have a Prime Minister and party as divisive and cruel as they are running this great country says a lot about where we are going.

We are not different to the Americans now in that we only care about whats in it for me. Greed ,greed and then more greed. If only people could give a shit about all the other people who are hurting through Howard's agenda then we could or should be better off. But sadly that will not be happening.

Casualisation now is rampant in the workforce, people are in more debt now than ever, although they think they are better off. We send other people's sons and daughters off to a war based on lies and deceit. Howard passes the ball when ever he gets caught out lying.

But do most people care? No, just keep my pocket lined with a low interest rate. It was a big lie that sucked in more people than i would give credit for. We should be known as the lucky country, not the stupid one.

Want a real tatse of the future and what Howard and his cronies want? Jump on a plane to America where crime is rampant, prisons are over flowing , homelessness is higher than any other country, people work for wages as low as 4 dollars an hour, no free hospitals, no free education. The rich live behind security walls to keep us rabble out.

This man was put there as a mistake and will be remembered in years to come as the head of state who lied his way to the top and lied to keep himself there at the expense of ordinary Australians who are too ignorant and selfish to have any morals.

You have made your bed Australia.

Posted by: Steve Best

More Democracy-is-evil-we-must-choose-on-the-people's-behalf:

Democracy is an illusion! This election confirms it. What we need to transition to is a unified nation without state governments, one where national bodies for the various legislative requirments are set up based around local concerns - all reporting to the one national head. These national heads would then be elected based on their experience and qualifications.

Posted by: Jason Doherty

I can accept that the Australian people elected Howard regime for the 4th term in the Lower House. But to give Howard regime the control of the Senate as well? This I cannot fathom. I thought the Australian voters were intelligent people. I was wrong. It was like giving Dracula the control of the Blood Bank.

Posted by: P Tjhai

Democracy is fascinating to me. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the war – yet they appear to have voted for Howard. I don’t understand how this happened.

Posted by: Raph Kennedy

A victory for selfishness, greed, short-sightedness, ignorance, fear, and a fundamental lack of compassion for others. My friends and I sat in disbelief last night - a bunch of mid-to-late 20 somethings, a few post 30s - and none of use can understand who *votes* for these people.

Democracy failed us and all who think as we do yesterday: we have no representation in our federal parliament whatsoever.

I'm no fan of Labor. But I am ashamed to be Australian when that means immorality, lies and deceit has become a rewardable political strategy in this country.

Lock up desperate children; aggressively invade a foreign country against international law; curtail government support for education, health, the environment - and evidently the majority of Australia's population will love you for it.

Posted by: justin wood

I found this one particularly amusing:

After a night like that, we might well ask, where is our Mandela?

A triumph of greed over good, and of racism over reason.

They say that a country gets the government it deserves.

Well you got what you deserve, you bronz'D brave sons of the Southern Cross.

Hello new Australia.

Hello, you complacent, SUV driving, mortage-belt Christians.

Hello and amandla!

Bring on the interest rate rises, John.

Posted by: Coco Fuentes

Amandla to you too. maybe we can get Winnie over here to murder some of our children.

Unfortunately an individuals right to vote is no good if people are not informed enough to make the right descision. Yesterdays poll indicated they are not.

Posted by: Jonathon Yates

Election night confirmed what so many people have suspected for some time now. Australia is the dumbest nation on Earth.

I really can't believe the stupidity and short sightedness of the Australian people. But I guess it is true, we get the government we deserve. We are a small minded, pathetic people, ruled by fear and self interest and so it should be we elect a government of the same.

Posted by: Carl Baker

Here's the inevitable Nazi Germany comparison:

Unfortunately, I think we are a minority and for the first time in my life I think I understand how the German public turned a blind eye to what the Nazi party was doing in Germany & Europe in the '40's.

History repeats and usually we live to regret it.

Posted by: Jan Trethewey

Hehehe. Sorry, but I'm getting immense sadistic joy from this. I hope you are too.

Three more years!


10 October 2004..... 2.10am

Victory..... media and celebrities demand veto powers over future election results

For the fourth election in a row, Australians were told by their betters that they should feel terrible about themselves.

Once again, the Australian public refused to comply.

This result is a catastrophe for Labor. The Coalition - abused and pilloried by the media and culturati for the last four years - have increased their majority.

"Howard lied! Troops out of Iraq! The rich are getter richer, the poor are getting poorer!, Blah Blah Blah!!"

So much for Latham the saviour being in touch with the common man. So much for the great uprising of people punishing Howard for the Iraq war and "making us a terrorist target".

This is a shattering defeat for the left in this country, and we can expect much abuse of the wretched, greedy, racist, selfish, ignorant, stupid proliteriat from the usual grab-bag of lefty commentators, self-appointed human rights activists and other assorted wankers who simply cannot understand why the general public just won't do what they're told.

More on this subject in the morning whenever I wake up.


7 October 2004

Quote of the day

As US conservatives put it, freedom of religion does not mean freedom from religion. The "God-botherers" have as much right to participate in public debate and politics as anyone else.

It is high time that we had a party of this sort; a sort of protest vehicle for religious conservatives. The other target of protest votes, the Greens, represent a secular cult that is far less tolerant of dissent and more dangerous to Australia's future than evangelical Christianity.

- Alan Anderson


Very Deep Thoughts

I give to you - in its entirety - a recent post from aus.politics intellectual "xtremegreen"


Stirring, no?


One of life's little mysteries

The following words were written on a strip of paper I found on the floor at work today :

The hidden sphincter

Something tells me I'm never going to get an explanation for this one.


A question

Can anyone give me a sensible justification for compulsory voting?


The wonders of public healthcare

You gotta love people who favour "equality" over results.

4 October 2004

The Election

Who's gonna win?

Up until two weeks ago, I'd have said Labor by a nose. Now I think it'll be the coalition by that nose. Even Newspoll - which shows Labor ahead in two-party-preferred figures - shows them behind in key marginal electorates.

The professional pundits seem to be favoring Howard. But then again, they favoured Hewson in '93.

Prediction? The coalition by 4 seats, with the Greens having the balance of power in the senate.

Then again, a Labor victory won't surprise me in the slightest.

Should Howard win a 4th term, the left in this country will simply go out of their minds with rage. That alone makes it worth hoping for.

If Howard loses, I hope that the Shooters Party has something to do with it.


Bill Kills

I caught up with the DVDs of Kill Bill vol.1 and Kill Bill vol.2.

Tarantino's opus, split into two movies at the last minute, is unlike anything Tarantino - or anyone else for that matter - has ever done before.

Super-quick plot summary: Uma Thurman as 'The Bride' awakes from a coma four years after being shot at her own wedding. She goes after the assailants: her former colleagues in a squad of international assassins, led by Bill (David Carradine).

Vol.1.... must be said, isn't a good movie. Tarantino's style for the film - a cartoonish, over-the-top homage to kung-fu & blaxploitation movies - is all flash and no substance. An overdone masturbatory wanking session from a director who really needs to get over himself.

The giant showdown between The Bride and the yakuza army is the movie's centrepiece, and it's a bloody yawn. I find wire-fu pansy fight choreography - just as in The Matrix and Crouching Tiger - incredibly dull, and this sequence just goes on and on and bloody on. Quite simply, it sucked so much energy out of the movie that by the time the final confrontation happened, I just didn't care anymore.

Pity really, because there was so much I enjoyed about the movie. The inspired anime sequence showing the backstory of O-Ren Ishii, Sonny Chiba's philosophical swordsmith/sushi chef, the brief and brutal battle between The Bride and GoGo Yubari, the kitchen scene with Vivica Fox, the beautiful cinematography and the magnificent soundtrack.

The film ends with an interesting plot development, though with the entire backstory yet to be told. While Vol.1 certainly had it's moments, I was hoping for considerably more from the next instalment.


...and it delivered.

A drastically different creature to Vol.1, Vol.2 has everything the first lacked: a compelling narrative, character development, actual tension, more sedate pacing and a genuine sense of gravitas.

I won't give away any plot points: seeing this movie unfold in such an unexpected way is the chief pleasure of the film. This time, Tarantino does his genre-hopping completely within the confines of the story telling, rather than having it seem like a disconnected series of stylistic film school wanking sessions. This time, it's style with substance.

A few brief comments;

- for the first time, Darryl Hannah manages to a) look hot, and b) give a good performance.
- the action sequences are fewer, shorter, harder and vastly more effective.
- the burial sequence is one of the more intense scenes I've watched.

The last act of the film - involving David Carradine as Bill - is unlike anything you could expect and may be Tarantino's finest moment.

Overall, Kill Bill shows Tarantino at his best and worst. Thanks largely to vol.2, it's mostly his best. Recommended.


Hating George Orwell

The Green Left Weekly is throwing a hissy fit over Animal Farm:

It's not hard to see why Orwell is the darling of the ruling-class newspapers mentioned above. He may genuinely have attempted to provide a critique of Stalin’s USSR “from the left”, but all that he actually produced — in Animal Farm at least — was a banal piece of ruling-class propaganda.

Memo to commies: you idiots lost. Get over it.


27 September 2004

"Zionists Nuke The Australian Embassy in Indonesia"

Yes, it's Joe Vialls' latest.

...having already been micro-nuked twice at Kuta Beach in Bali, and the Marriott Hotel in Jakarta, the Indonesians were 99% certain their Muslim country would be used again for proxy attacks by the New Zion's false-flag fictional 'al-Qaeda' and 'Jemaah Islamiah' organizations.

There's also some exciting stuff about the mighty Russians coming to save us all from Zionists. Joe seems to have a hard-on for the Russians at the moment.


Tex's How-To-Vote card

For those in Canberra: vote for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in the ACT election on October 16. They're the only party in Canberra advocating less government. Less taxes, less intrusion into private lives, less gun regulation. Sounds like the only party to vote for as far as I'm concerned.

As for the Federal election: eeeurrrch. Let's just say I'm beginning to care a lot less about the prospect of Latham becoming PM. Howard's loony spending spree continues relentlessly, and a recent post by Tim Lambert reveals just how much of a gun-hating statist goon Howard really is. I had always taken Howard's awful 1996 anti-gun crusade as an act of one-off political opportunism, but as these comments reveal, there might be even more idiocy in store:

we will find any means we can to further restrict them because I hate guns. I don’t think people should have guns unless they’re police or in the military or in the security industry. There is no earthly reason for people to have … ordinary citizens should not have weapons. We do not want the American disease imported into Australia.”

Interestingly, Lambert's post shows Latham a more suitable PM as far as gun rights are concerned.

What a wretched choice we face: a high-taxing, high-spending, gun-hating, socially-intrusive half-baked conservative PM versus a mentally unstable idiot crybaby who wouldn't be capable of running a Subway franchise.

Still, the choice is a clear - if absolutely awful - one for me. With the exception of the gun issue, Latham looks likely to be a lot worse than Howard at pretty much everything (Kyoto anyone?). And if Latham doesn't scare you, one look at the opposition benches certainly should. Do you really want these freaks running this country?


Aussie motorcyclists vs. Stupid Americans

The mighty minds at are discussing geopolitics again.

We (i.e. the western governments and media) say they (i.e. the people of eastern cultures and beliefs) are performing inhumane acts and expect them to conform to our western style morals and ethics and never the twain shall meet. So beheading a prisoner is a pretty vulgar act, but is it really any worse than dressing someone in orange overalls, taking them to the other side of the world, housing them in a cage, making them listen to heavy metal music, interrogating and beating them and subjecting them to all sorts of other humiliation.

Be sure to read the rest of that thread. It's...interesting.


Decision made

I'm about to start the tedious process of getting a gun licence, which in Canberra is about as easy as a personal audience with Jesus.

Hopefully, I'll get to buy one of these: a Steyr Scout, chambered in .308 Win.

...and one of these: a Taurus Model 44 .44 Magnum (in this leftist wussy paradise, this may be naught but a dream, but I'll get a licence for it if I can)

It's not a particularly practical gun. The recoil from a .44 mag with a 4-inch barrel is horrid, and I shoot much better with .38's. Not to mention the ammo is disgustingly expensive. Still, the fact that it isn't practical doesn't stop it from being lots of fun.


Blogging somewhere else about showbiz

I've written a post about the decline of Robert De Niro over here.


Questions for motorcyclists

First, do any riders in Canberra or NSW know of a good outfit who do aftermarket suspension work?

Second, anyone else out there who has fitted Ohlins suspension components to their bike? If so, could you let me know how it went.

Third, is anyone reading this headed to Phillip Island for the GP in October? Myself and Paul Bickford will be there. Beer will also be present.


Undermining Australia

Good piece by Charles Krauthammer.


20 September 2004

Quote of the day

When life is good, it's better not to question why.

- Nikolai Stanislofsky, Oz


Shameless, imagination-free blogspace filler

I did this about a year ago. I'll do it again now:

Current Clothes: Black t-shirt, black cargo pants
Current Taste: chocolate
Current Hair: buzz-cut
Current Annoyance: lack of sleep
Current Smell: none
Current thing I ought to be doing: sleeping
Current Desktop Picture: a trio of cute beagle puppies
Current Book you're reading: Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell
Current CD in CD Player: Jimmy Page & The Black Crows Live at The Greek
Current Refreshment: Cold water
Current Worry: Stress

Food: pizza
Drink: orange juice
Color: none, depends totally on context
Album: don't know
Shoes: hybrid sneaker/boots from some chinese company. Comfy yet supportive...
Animal: Snow wolf
Movie: The Godfather
Song: "Magic Man" - Heart
Vegetable: carrot
Fruit: orange
Cartoon: The Simpsons


Well, it's official....

Brian Deegan is a crackpot.

The Adelaide magistrate, whose son was killed in the Bali bombing, has given an interview to The Green Left Weekly, where he blames terrorism on everyone except the terrorists.

I spoke to Brian Deegan the day after a bomb exploded in front of the Australian embassy in Jakarta, killing passers-by and security guards. Responding to my question about why the bombing happened, Deegan said: “For the very same reason that the attack in Bali occurred and the very same reason that more attacks will occur. And that is that the Australian government has joined in the `coalition of the willing' countries, ready to put to one side human decency, ready to put to one side international laws and to embark upon an illegal enterprise.

Right. It was all about international sovereignty. Oddly enough, the Bali bombers seem to offer a different explanation:

Samudra professed disgust at the behaviour of Western tourists in Bali.

"I saw bules (white people) doing vicious things, drinking and adulterous things there," he told his trial.

Now there's a sober ideology we can negotiate with. Not that Deegan sees much wrong with it, after all, we're just as bad:

“These people that are committing these atrocities and I don't back away from that — my God, they're just so wrong — but they would regard themselves as righteous and they would regard these atrocities as part and parcel of a war and after all it is we, as Western countries, that declared this war to begin with. We committed many atrocities before they did.”

As an example, Deegan points to the 13-year economic blockade of Iraq and its impact — the deaths of “an estimated 5000 children per month”.

“I mean, we can label them as terrorists, they label us as terrorists. I'm not so certain who's worse.

And here, Deegan offers offers some geopolitical naivete and moral equivalency that simply boggles the mind:

“I'm trying to put in practice what I preached on the bench for 16 years. If parties have a complaint, if parties have a dispute, I have been very successful, 90% successful in solving cases before they come to trial purely on the basis that I demand people negotiate. And it works. And now I'm trying to demand that this government negotiates before more innocents are killed.

“I mean, if these people are fanatics — which this government keeps painting them as — OK, well you can't really negotiate, but the reality is that they do have some righteous principles, they do not wish for Australia to be joining with a `coalition of the willing', or whatever you'd like to call it, of Western nations that are invading Muslim nations, it's as simple as that, and killing innocent Muslim babies.

Unbelievable. We should negotiate with this pack of racist, mass-murdering savages because they have "righteous principles" we can appeal to.

I can sympathise with Deegan's terrible loss, but that is no excuse for his disgusting amoral political posturing. Deegan is siding with those who would gladly butcher us all, and he deserves nothing less than our contempt.


Local commies throw a fit

The Socialist Alliance - which proudly supports Fidel Castro's totalitarian regime - is crying xenophobia because foreigners won't be allowed to vote in Australian elections:

Twelve-hundred and seventy four Auburn residents will be unable to vote in the upcoming federal election because they are holders of temporary protection visas, according to the Socialist Alliance candidate for Reid, Lisa Macdonald.

“Just under 2% of the electorate have been disenfranchised”, said Macdonald. “Unlike permanent residents, who are also unable to vote, it is extremely difficult for TPV holders to become citizens and have a say in our community.”

“It’s not really surprising that the Liberal government does not want these refugees to have a say as they have worked very hard to prevent them having access to the types of services most Australians take for granted.

It's OK for Cubans to be denied the right to vote in Cuba, but it's morally wrong to prevent foreigners from electing our parliamentary representatives. You gotta love that socialist logic.


Bike bargain of the year

For the next month, Honda Australia are doing a great deal on the brilliant VTR-1000: $13,990 ride-away.

If you're looking to get your first big bike, or have been wanting a litre-class sportsbike but lack the bucks, you can't do better than this.

This is a fast, attractive, ballsy 1000cc v-twin, which is easy to ride, comfy and...hell...just go read my review already.


Favourite TV characters, Part 3...

Character: Paulie Walnuts
Actor: Tony Sirico
Show: The Sopranos


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