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Very subtle cartoon

Lovely, huh? It translates (I think) as "I congratulate you personally, Sharon"

The Return

Finally, hybrid NY/Aus blogger James Morrow hath returned. Welcome back. And he shows why I always tell everyone to get a big-ass travel insurance policy when they go overseas.

Adventures in smoky climes

Just got back from an overnight motorcycle trip to the Snowy Mountains - where there are a lot of fires burning right now. More details & some cool pics tomorrow.

The important news is that despite the road closures, the beer supply at the motel was unaffected.


Quote of the day

One ought never to turn one's back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half.

- Sir Winston Churchill

The wages of appeasment

No reason to have these pictures in the same spot.

None at all.

North Korea today withdrew from the global nuclear arms control treaty.

Pyongyang said it would devote its nuclear activities to peaceful ends and would not build weapons "at this stage".

Oh, well that's a relief.

Maybe they want more hugs from Jimmy Carter.

Maybe the horrible americans should stop being so damned rude to them. They're working towards peaceful ends dammit, didn't you hear?

Oh, if only we'd learn to stop our warmongering, aggressive ways... this endless imperialist expansion of democracy and capitalism...

Can't we all just get along?

Well this could be interesting: Tamada joins MotoGP

Honda are giving one of their prized V5's to Japanese Superbike ace Makoto Tamada for the 2003 MotoGP season.

Tamada - who has won 3 out of the last 4 superbike races held in Japan - is clearly no mug.

With Pramac sponsorship, the bike (almost certain to be last year's model) should be competitive, depending on how well Tamada adjusts to riding outside Japan, and on the development of the Bridgestone tyres the team will be using. With an exclusive Bridgestone front-row at last year's Phillip Island GP, the company definitely looks capable of providing decent quality rubber.

Still, it's a tough field this year, so don't expect Makoto-san to do much outside of Motegi and Suzuka. Still, he could add quite a bit of excitement to the upcoming season with occasional flashes of brilliance.

What a piece of shit

Damian Penny has a pic of a truly stupid machine: a "motorcycle" powered by a Dodge Viper engine.

It has four wheels "to handle the power output", or so Dodge sez. Problem is, it's heavier than a B-52, and with 4 wheels + a mile-long wheelbase it's limited to travelling in a straight line. How exciting.

Why the hell would any moron would want to stick a stupid, heavy Viper engine in a bike anyway? There was once a side by side comparison done between a Viper and a Yamaha R1. The little R1 blew the viper to the weeds, much to Dodge's chagrin. At least the Viper could steer. I don't know what this concept piece of junk is supposed to do, apart from extract money from extremely stupid rich people.....

Cor Blimey!!

South Korea sucks says Dave Sims, and with good reason too.

Gosh, now here's a surprise...

Hong Kong is going down the toilet, all thanks to the All-Knowing Wise Leaders in Beijing.

More insanity from The Religion of Peace

Did you know?.......

The source of all terrorism is Charles Darwin.

This article will examine this disaster Darwinism has brought to the world and reveal its connection with terrorism, one of the most important global problems of our time.

The solution to all terrorism is Islam.

To state briefly, the Islamic political doctrine is extremely peaceful and moderate.

Hahaha. But hey seriously, did y'all hear the one about Osama and his pet pig Ummah?....


3-2-1 Contact

Apologies to all who have sent me e-mail recently to which I have not responded. I'm getting to it, I promise. Thanks to all who have written in. It's always great to get feedback, opinions, suggestions, links and whatnot.

E-mail is always welcome: tex {at} whackingday {dot} com

I can be reached on AIM thru the nick monkifuzz

Top Ten Conspiracy Theories of 2002

The sad part is, he's semi-serious.

Hooray for Mo Mowlam

...for stating the bloody obvious.

Sharon squeezes the Psycho Death Cult till they bleed sez Daniel Pipes. He's right too.

Global warming? What global warming?

Aaron Oakley has some interesting news items.


Civilised & sophisticated Europeans

The French are going back to one of the few things they're good at: persecuting Jews.

Michael Moore gets whacked

Our favourite gun-totin' Texan babe takes on our favourite media moron. The results are a thing of beauty.

My shot at Hollywood

I figure I've got a shot at a career in showbiz. I've started by writing an entire series of ER, further developing the high-quality screenwriting that show wins so many awards for. Here it is for your enjoyment.


"Stat!! Stat!!"
"Gimme 40cc's of tuforsexoxypropenuramine"
"Stat!! Stat!!"


"Stat!! Stat!!"
"Gimme 40cc's of tuforsexoxypropenuramine"
"Stat!! Stat!!"
"I love you"
"oh, go to hell"
"Stat!! Stat!!"


"Stat!! Stat!!"
<Random gunman runs in, causing havoc, bunch of people nearly die, everyone goes "phew", and security isn't bumped up>
"Stat!! Stat!!"


"Stat!! Stat!!"
<BIG ETHICAL PROBLEM arises, causing much arguing and furrowed brows. Shots of weeping children. Token mean character says something nice for a change, and the problem is resolved>
"Stat!! Stat!!"


"Stat!! Stat!!"
<Eriq La Salle broods. Ming Na Wen looks pretty and confused. Anthony Edwards looks in the mirror, looking really, really troubled. Noah Wylie says some more annoying stuff. Romantic arguments abound>
"Stat!! Stat!!"


"Stat!! Stat!!"
<Token lets-talk-about-lesbianism episode>
"Stat!! Stat!!"


"Stat!! Stat!!"
"Gimme 40cc's of tuforsexoxypropenuramine"
<bunch of stuff happens around Thanksgiving. Gooeyness ensues. Everyone gives thanks for working at the world's only hospital with no ugly doctors>
"Stat!! Stat!!"


"Stat!! Stat!!"
<BIG DRAMATIC EVENT, where of course all births, deaths and marriages happen at the same time>
"Stat!! Stat!!"

ER SCRIPT, ep 9:

"Stat!! Stat!!"
<David E Kelly takes over the show. The entire female cast is replaced after they all die of anorexia-related complications>
"Stat!! Stat!!"

TV at it's finest.


More e-mail from the loony fringe

Reader Troy C. thinks I am running an anti-american website......

life is very matter where you live. what color or race you are. it seems like u took the time to see how many bad things there are with america and forgot to see the good things.

Care to provide some examples?

we live in a world where someone will always be on top this is a univesal thought.....for example in a family there are your parents in a town there is a council in a state there are officials in a country there is a goverment....that will never cahnge as far as i can tell.....if america was not on top....who would be????

Geopolitical allegory clearly aint this fella's strong point.

...your thinking deep but your not quite deep enough.....

Kinda like your grammar. By the way, the "..." are Troy's: the e-mail was an entire page-worth of unbroken text. I'm just showing the more coherent excerpts.

.....america has its prblems as does any country state city or family.......but id rather a libral country govern the world than a socialist or communist country.....lets not even think of australia....shit you really dont have much to say here....what do actually do over there in your safe haven?

We usually send troops to help the Americans, even before a hundred or so of our "safe haven citizens" were bombed by Islamofreaks.

whos aid do you come to

Well, there are a few thousand East Timorese who are alive thanks to the fact that we went over and started shooting the bastards who were killing them.

....what the hell do you worry about...

Apart from being the latest target for muslim terrorists, I guess there's nothing to worry about.

.....only a redneck thinks as you cant even see it.....

That's probably because rednecks are not generally atheists who favour legalising gay marriages, regulated prostitution, and medically prescribed heroin. bitching and whinning like a sploiled baby......things will change....but in time....not at your pace sonny the worlds took a million years for nature to change the enviornment.....maybe it will just take another few hundred to change that too long for you?????

I'll defer my answer till after you explain what the hell you're talking about.

we just have an extremly open society ....with many choices....some ppeople eat mcdonalds and some don't....some believe in war some don't.....its up to each individual to process what they see and hear and to make their own choices from it.....

Well damn, now I feel all bad about defacating on all those American flags. Lucky this guy spotted my America-hatred before it's too late. far as movies that the only movie you can come up with in your defense.......just one.....ok you can have it.....but who cares.....america makes great movies....

What "movie"?

........why are u so jealouse????

I'm jealous because Barbara Streisand doesn't tour here. You filthy yanks are keeping her all to yourselves. Fuck you all to hell!!

.....can u see now how you are a hypocrite.

Go back to your abandoned missile silo and drink your moonshine, you freak.

What he said

Strawman has a few word's about Islamic scumbag & freakzoid Sheik Taj El Din Al Hilaly's arrest in Sydney. Hilaly - who loves to rant about world Jewish conspiracies (amongst other fundamentalist swill), and still doesn't speak english after two decades in this country - describes police actions as un-Australian. What a sick joke.

I notice his appalling spokesman - Keysar Trad - was moaning again about the media about prejudice against Muslims. Kinda funny coming from a fella who wrote this stuff.

Tex's unpopular cultural opinions

"great" movies that suck

Citizen Kane
Gone With The Wind
Paris, Texas
The Searchers
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Breaking The Waves
Dances With Wolves
Forrest Gump

"great" actors or directors that suck

D.W. Griffith
Alfred Hitchcock
John Wayne
Jimmy Stewart
Robert Altman
James Dean
Wim Wenders
Robert Altman

"great" books that suck

Brave New World - Aldous Huxley
Crash - J.G. Ballard
Interview With The Vampire - Anne Rice

The Stranger - Albert Camus
Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand
anything by James Joyce


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