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Idiots in the woodpile: flag burning and other crap

Proof that the Labor party doesn't have a monopoly on the brain-dead;

Flag burning should be an offence and more Australians should fly the flag at home, federal Justice Minister Chris Ellison said today.

Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson last week proposed that flag-burning be made a crime. Many critics regard outlawing flag-burning as a limit on free speech. But Senator Ellison is so in favour of the national flag he's getting an unusual Christmas present - a flagpole.

And he said he believed it was a good idea to ban flag-burning.

"Yes, I think it should be an offence," Senator Ellison told the John Laws radio program. "My wife's buying me a flagpole for Christmas. I'm going to fly the Australian flag at my place. "I regret I haven't done it before, I think more Australians should."

Senator Ellison said he would encourage moves to make flag-burning an offence.

Dear Senator Ellison: go fuck yourself

This is a democracy, and people have a right to express their opinions regardless of how stupid they are. We don't have blasphemy laws anymore, and I've yet to hear any good reason why we should implement a secular equivalent.

Odd that these tedious pro-statist conservatives are essentially aping leftist doctrine, ie. that "proper thinking" can be legislated.

What is it that the burning-ban advocates are attempting to accomplish? Do they honestly believe banning flag-burning will make people respect the flag? Frankly, if flag burning gets banned here, I'd be more inclined to spit on it than respect it.

Maybe they don't want people's feelings hurt. Well, tough titties. If you're a spineless git so wimpish that you need legislation to prevent you from hearing nasty things, then get get the fuck out and move to North Korea - that kind of thinking is still very big there. Don't be telling me what kind of political expression I can engage in.

Let the silly unwashed commie peacenick wankers burn their flags, and let the scum face the scorn and derision of their moral betters. I sure don't want some politician enforcing the correct attitude. It's a legitimisation of idiocy, and undermines the credibility of democratic principles. And no matter what level of sophistry you engage in, banning flag burning is censorship: you are stopping free speech, get it? A flag which represents a country which censors opinion isn't worth protecting.

The Soviet Union had a beautiful flag, so does (or did) China, Pakistan, Nazi Germany, taliban-controlled Afghanistan and most of the tinpot hellholes in Africa. Every country has a flag, few of them have democractic freedoms. So why is it that so many right-wingers are supportive of such idiotic legislation? Why is a flag so fucking precious? Did having a pretty flag make Stalin's regime a noble one? Can't these morons devote their energies to something more important?

What's the big deal about flag burning anyway? If they paid for it, they can do whatever the hell they want with it as far as I'm concerned. I'll be damned if some self-righteous crusading asshole is going to tell me what I can do with my property.

I'm not generally a fan of official nationalist iconography. Flags are more often than not hideously ugly pieces of aesthetic vomit designed to make me "feel good" about my country. Sorry dudes, if you need a piece of coloured cloth to make you feel good about living in a prosperous democractic nation, you're a wimp. And I'm not interested in protecting the feelings of gutless weasels with legislation that sets such a dangerous precedent.

To borrow a phrase from PJ O'Rourke: I want Australia to be an open forum for all ideas from all folks, yet us yell and criticise and insult each other. I want it to be a giant glorious intellectual bar-fight where the sensible overwhelm the idiotic.....

....but the burn-ban advocates - the big snivelling babies - want to run away and call in the cops.

Another conservative idiot

While I'm on the subject of conservatives are dickheads too, check out the demented ravings of Dinesh D'Souza;

The Democrats should stop hiding behind "freedom of choice" and become blatant advocates for divorce, illegitimacy, adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, and pornography. Indeed the Democrats could become the Party of the Seven Deadly Sins.

This crap was printed in usually respectable National Review. I guess Fred Phelps was busy.

Thankfully, Michele, The Rotty and Arfur have given this kook a bollocking already.

Derrida speaks....coherently for once

Thanks to Hot Buttered Death for the heads-up on this interview with frenchie philosophical god Jacques Derrida - the author of Of Grammatology - one of the most unintelligible books of all time.

A minor, mysterious triumph.....

Tex has become a bit of a born-again chess geek this year. Investing in a proper wooden chess set and doing some reading on playing the game.

I often play games against Chessmaster 6000, which I always lose, even against the lower difficulty levels.

Last thursday - for the hell of it - I played a game against the "Kasparov" setting - the second highest within Chessmaster. And I won. I then lost a game at a lower difficulty level and lost another against the basic chess program that comes with Mac OS-X.

I really can't figure this out.


Quote of the day

Ducking this issue calls for real leadership
~ 'Diamond' Joe Quimby

Face it, John Lennon was a wanker

An arrogant, self-righteous, half-wit hippie popster who lectured western society on it's evil & corrupt ways from the luxury of his multi-million-dollar Manhattan apartments.

If you agree with these sentiments, you should go and read Bleeding Brain's brilliant dissection of Lennon's famous dirge, Imagine.

John Howard, our (not really) racist Prime Minister

If you haven't seen it yet, you should read Alex Robson's response to Labor airhead Craig Emerson's claims that John Howard - as a result of his apparently anti-asian racism - has "turned his back on Asia". As usual with anti-Howard leftie rhetoric, the emotive verbiage tends not to stand up very well to the analytical eye.


I can be reached on AIM thru the nickname "monkifuzz" (don't ask)

E-mail is still appreciated at: tex {at} whackingday {dot} com


Quote of the day

I'm 30. I should probably start at least thinking about baaaay-bees. I like them. But don't they cost lots of money and stuff? And I know they poop in their pants, which is pretty rude if you ask me.
~ Rachel Lucas

Another darn fine ride

Went on a long day-ride today, with 3 chaps from the aus.motorcycles newsgroup - a 'netride' as we call it. A big loop from Canberra to Bateman's Bay, then back via Bemboka, Brown Mountain, Nimmitabel & Cooma. Very warm and sunny all day. The glare was pretty bad though..... glad I wore my dark visor.

The most remarkable thing was the almost total absence of speed cops...on a weekend.

Also met my brother & his missus at Bemboka, who happened to be going to Tathra for the night. Small world.

Alone in The Middle of Nowhere

I'm a sucker for stories about the aussie outback. The vast inhospitable empty spaces of my homeland have always fascinated me. I've been lucky enough to travel thru some parts of it.

Today's Age has a great little story on what is officially the smallest town in Australia: Betoota, and it's only resident - Simon Remienko

[The] hotel is a fortress, its thick sandstone walls attached to a three-metre, locked wire enclosure. If he is not in the mood for visitors, which is almost always, he ignores the doorbell. Betoota's water supply is tenuous and power comes from a generator. Summer temperatures frequently soar into the 50s.

[for my american readers, 50c = 122f]

Mr Remienko cooks on a wood-fired stove. A few years back, his washing machine broke down. Transporting it hundreds of kilometres for repairs was too difficult. "I just hand-wash my clothes now," he says.

He drives to Birdsville for groceries once a month - almost a three-hour trip each way. Occasionally, for a change of scenery, he drives 1400 kilometres to Adelaide to visit friends - four days each way.

Heh. What a guy. Be sure to include Betoota in your australian travel plans, folks......


Quote of the day

I have no intention of uttering my last words on the stage. Room service and a couple of depraved young women will do me quite nicely for an exit.
~ Peter O'Toole


This is me
Obscure american symbols
Danielle House!!

Tex comes to America....and he needs your help

I'm thinking of travelling to the USA n' Canada in '03. No, I don't need any money. Read on......

Suppose I have 5-6 weeks to travel around. Suppose I start in LA. Suppose I want to see both big-ass cities and remote wilderness, and of course, lotsa small, cute towns on the way.

Your challenge: invent a basic itinerary/route for me. One paragraph per week would be ideal.

Should I make this trip a reality, the person who gives me the best itinerary will be rewarded with an exciting prize.

Should that itinerary include a bias toward interesting motorcycling routes, the winner will receive two exciting prizes.

Anyone who suggests Hollywood or Disneyland will be disqualified.

Anyone who wishes to meet me, buy me food/booze, sleep with me or buy me a motorcycle is encouraged to let me know now, so you may be incorporated into my plans.

Now get to work! Send your suggestions to me at: tex {at} whackingday {dot} com

More amusing search strings

Some search strings thru which people have found this site.............

pics of satan himself and his chicks

Yep, that guy's the mack-daddy of them all

fundamentalist snakes

As opposed to a liberal snake?

paul keating meet the press

Anyone using their time to look for Paul Keating on the web needs to get laid.

pissing in pants

Sorry mate, you're looking for Radio National

airbrushed snakes


audio files of john gotti

"I'll scare chicks into liking my two-inch penis"

ayn rand malcolm fraser

trying to double your boredom?

bad harleys with chicks

All Harleys are bad Harleys. The motorcycle is one of two products the Americans are very bad at. The other is beer.

ben shapiro conservative

I would have suggested "idiot", but it's your search....

the dirty little spokesman said my cunts make up is just shit and he didnt lik


why mundine got knocked out

Because his mouth was larger than his talent

how to cheat pokies

Sledgehammer. Works every time

snakes and sluts

What is it with you freaks and your snake beastiality fetish?

sylvia browne bullshit philosophy


And - as usual - there were a few billion searches for "Holly Valance [fill in the blank]"


Quote of the day

For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, 'It might have been.'
--John Greenleaf Whittier

Oh my goodness, whatever shall we do?

I can't wait for the "let's surrender!!" brigade to applaud this...

Jakarta: Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri has spoken out for the first time over police raids on Indonesian Muslim homes in Australia, warning Prime Minister John Howard to bring an end to the operations.

The usually media-shy Megawati told reporters that she had called on Mr Howard not to conduct raids, widely described here as "sweepings", on the homes of Indonesians suspected of links to terrorist organisations.

"I have already in a direct way said that to Howard - not to carry out sweeping, there's no need to get excessive," Megawati was quoted as saying by the respected broadsheet newspaper Kompas.

"If there's an event that happened in Indonesia, or happened in Russia or in the Philippines, is it necessary that the citizens of those countries are isolated?" the Media Indonesia broadsheet also reported her as saying.

Megawati's comments are likely to raise diplomatic tensions between the two neighbours over the response to the Bali bombings.

Ack!! Asians are criticising us!! Let us all apologize for our racism and beg them for forgiveness while we hand over some more aid money.

I wouldn't be surprised if Bob Brown and Kerry Nettle have already volunteered to be the first brave souls to lick Megawati's boots clean, and condemning Howard for arrogance and racism for standing up for Australia's interests and not groveling to this corrupt Jakarta crack whore.

The Indonesians are - of course - not exactly qualified qualified to lecture us rude white people about democatic rights or heavy-handed police procedure, given that they have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of civilians over the last 40 years. Ah, but they have coloured skin, and this makes them right, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, our great friend, the Malaysian PM - Dr. "Keep your mouth shut or I'll send the boys around" Mahatir -has criticised Australia for being dangerous for Muslims. Oh yes? Malaysia doesn't seem so safe for muslims either, particularly this one.


I just figured out I'm about a month behind in answering e-mails. I'm slowly getting thru them, honest. In the meantime, keep sending them in.

..and yes, I will be updating the Great American Beer Quest soon.

An interesting take on elephants

Here's Bovination on the future of elephants.


Quote of the day

"I’ve had the sort of day that would make Mother Theresa kick babies"
~ Penguinboi

The Very Deep Thoughts of The JJJ left

Over at JJJ's Morning Show discussion boards, you can see the great minds of the Green Youth at work....

On flag burning

And perhaps, if the media bothered to cover the issues clearly, they wouldn't have to burn flags, get beaten up by police, put their lives at risk etc.

Put their lives at risk? Heh

On Bali/Sep11

The more and more i heard about this whole terrorist thing, I look back in history and wonder if it's that different to the French Revolution. These terrorists come from the third world countries, who can hardly afford a roof over their head and food, so I hear. They are the peasants. We are the nobles, us Westerners.

We keep most or all of our money to ourselves, we overindulge ourselves hugely. Everything we need we have and far more, we have so many things we don't need! We could put our money into something else like: saving people in the third world from starvation, give them somewhere to live some clothes on their back.

Are we being a bit ignorant, we want it all to ourselves, we're not willing to give up a sixteen cinema Megaplex just so some humans can have some food! No way! Maybe the terrorists (who don't forget mostly come from the 'third world') want to get rid of us as they think we are arrogant and aren't willing to share our money around?! I don't know it's just a thought. But it's surprisingly simular- on a global scale!

I noticed this bozo hasn't donated their web-enabled PC to save some African kids. Ideology is best exercised when it's covenient I guess.

Aussies in green......

The great news came thru today that the Kawasaki MotoGP team might have two Australian riders in 2003: Andrew Pitt and Gary McCoy.

It is incredibly rare for a team to have both it's riders from the same country, particularly a country without the sponsorship cash that no-hoper Spanish riders can summon at will (can someone explain to me any other reason why Carlos Checa still has a ride?).

One hopes it will not turn out to be a poisoned chalice for the boys. The Green Machine is a long, long way behind the development curve of the other Japanese manufacturers, and given their half-assed efforts in the World Superbike Championship in the last decade, one wonders whether they have the grinta to match it with the big boys. One hopes so: there are signs of a no-bullshit revolution going on within Kawasaki's internal staff, with their outdated product range recently been given a massive kick in the arse, and the GP squad being promised an unlimited budget.

(image via mcnews.com.au)

The Hammer on Fischer

Charles Krauthammer is not only a great geopolitical columnist, he can write a mean article about chess too: I found this piece from ten years ago, where he offers a scathing view of nut-job Bobby Fischer's farcical '92 "comeback" in Yugoslavia.


Quote of the day

Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs. Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers' eyes. Being vexed, a sea nourished with lovers' tears. What is it else? A madness most discreet, a choking gall and a preserving sweet.
~ William Shakespeare

Heidegger and Nazism

For the european philosophy geeks among us, my fellow ANU wage-slave John Quiggin has some interesting thoughts on our favourite existential nazi.

Can Heidegger's nauseating political life be separated from his philosophy? Read and discuss........

Please discuss: God vs. Satan in '04

Watched again with the joy the great Simpsons Halloween episode where visiting aliens Kang and Kodos take over the bodies of Clinton and Dole and run for the presidency. Got me thinking (in my beer-hazed state): what if God n' Satan were the two US presidential nominees in '04? This race would be a tough one to pick.....

Strengths: scores highly on traditional values, tough on crime. Seen as stern but honest. Trustworthy, dependable.
Weaknesses: old, stuffy image. Absolutely no sense of humour. Lame campaign team consisting of italian geezers in robes and creepy firebreathing preachers with american accents. A declining devoted demographic. Vulnerable to claims of being a "soft arse" on welfare and charity.

Strengths: kick-ass Gen-X appeal. Stylish, funny and hip. Great clothes. Master of soundbites. A brilliant and ruthless campaign team. Scores highly on hawkish attitudes to foreign policy: them furriners are gonna be scared of this mutha.
Weaknesses: too heavy on the sex-drugs-rock n' roll for many. Soft on crime and a total potty-mouth. Lots of skeletons in this cupboard - reporters keep washing up on the beach.

My pick? Satan by a nose. Feel free to add your own thoughts: tex {at} whackingday {dot} com

Zimbabwe: the next genocide nightmare?

Here's a very troubling piece.

Frodo Wickstein

Scott at Eye of The Beholder has some interesting thoughts on the Lord of The Rings movie.

Bike season is over

The last MotoGP round of the season last night. Dammit. Now there's nothing to watch on Sunday nights anymore. At least the final race of the year was a cracker: Alex Barros once again beating the world champ to the flag. It makes one wonder: how would the season have turned out if Barros had the RC211V from the start of the year?

Mighty Wrighty

Paul Wright has some fine commentary on the unbearable Robert Manne and the even more insufferable Phillip Adams. (permalinks didn't seem to be workin' so just view the entries for 4th November).


Went on an overnight jaunt to the coastal town of Bermagui on the weekend. Good way to relax, and the ride over Brown Mountain and thru the Bega Valley Shire is as great as ever. Those damned roads were just made for motorbikes.

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