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Idiots in the woodpile: flag burning and other crap

Proof that the Labor party doesn't have a monopoly on the brain-dead;

Flag burning should be an offence and more Australians should fly the flag at home, federal Justice Minister Chris Ellison said today.

Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson last week proposed that flag-burning be made a crime. Many critics regard outlawing flag-burning as a limit on free speech. But Senator Ellison is so in favour of the national flag he's getting an unusual Christmas present - a flagpole.

And he said he believed it was a good idea to ban flag-burning.

"Yes, I think it should be an offence," Senator Ellison told the John Laws radio program. "My wife's buying me a flagpole for Christmas. I'm going to fly the Australian flag at my place. "I regret I haven't done it before, I think more Australians should."

Senator Ellison said he would encourage moves to make flag-burning an offence.

Dear Senator Ellison: go fuck yourself

This is a democracy, and people have a right to express their opinions regardless of how stupid they are. We don't have blasphemy laws anymore, and I've yet to hear any good reason why we should implement a secular equivalent.

Odd that these tedious pro-statist conservatives are essentially aping leftist doctrine, ie. that "proper thinking" can be legislated.

What is it that the burning-ban advocates are attempting to accomplish? Do they honestly believe banning flag-burning will make people respect the flag? Frankly, if flag burning gets banned here, I'd be more inclined to spit on it than respect it.

Maybe they don't want people's feelings hurt. Well, tough titties. If you're a spineless git so wimpish that you need legislation to prevent you from hearing nasty things, then get get the fuck out and move to North Korea - that kind of thinking is still very big there. Don't be telling me what kind of political expression I can engage in.

Let the silly unwashed commie peacenick wankers burn their flags, and let the scum face the scorn and derision of their moral betters. I sure don't want some politician enforcing the correct attitude. It's a legitimisation of idiocy, and undermines the credibility of democratic principles. And no matter what level of sophistry you engage in, banning flag burning is censorship: you are stopping free speech, get it? A flag which represents a country which censors opinion isn't worth protecting.

The Soviet Union had a beautiful flag, so does (or did) China, Pakistan, Nazi Germany, taliban-controlled Afghanistan and most of the tinpot hellholes in Africa. Every country has a flag, few of them have democractic freedoms. So why is it that so many right-wingers are supportive of such idiotic legislation? Why is a flag so fucking precious? Did having a pretty flag make Stalin's regime a noble one? Can't these morons devote their energies to something more important?

What's the big deal about flag burning anyway? If they paid for it, they can do whatever the hell they want with it as far as I'm concerned. I'll be damned if some self-righteous crusading asshole is going to tell me what I can do with my property.

I'm not generally a fan of official nationalist iconography. Flags are more often than not hideously ugly pieces of aesthetic vomit designed to make me "feel good" about my country. Sorry dudes, if you need a piece of coloured cloth to make you feel good about living in a prosperous democractic nation, you're a wimp. And I'm not interested in protecting the feelings of gutless weasels with legislation that sets such a dangerous precedent.

To borrow a phrase from PJ O'Rourke: I want Australia to be an open forum for all ideas from all folks, yet us yell and criticise and insult each other. I want it to be a giant glorious intellectual bar-fight where the sensible overwhelm the idiotic.....

....but the burn-ban advocates - the big snivelling babies - want to run away and call in the cops.

Another conservative idiot

While I'm on the subject of conservatives are dickheads too, check out the demented ravings of Dinesh D'Souza;

The Democrats should stop hiding behind "freedom of choice" and become blatant advocates for divorce, illegitimacy, adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, and pornography. Indeed the Democrats could become the Party of the Seven Deadly Sins.

This crap was printed in usually respectable National Review. I guess Fred Phelps was busy.

Thankfully, Michele, The Rotty and Arfur have given this kook a bollocking already.

Derrida speaks....coherently for once

Thanks to Hot Buttered Death for the heads-up on this interview with frenchie philosophical god Jacques Derrida - the author of Of Grammatology - one of the most unintelligible books of all time.

A minor, mysterious triumph.....

Tex has become a bit of a born-again chess geek this year. Investing in a proper wooden chess set and doing some reading on playing the game.

I often play games against Chessmaster 6000, which I always lose, even against the lower difficulty levels.

Last thursday - for the hell of it - I played a game against the "Kasparov" setting - the second highest within Chessmaster. And I won. I then lost a game at a lower difficulty level and lost another against the basic chess program that comes with Mac OS-X.

I really can't figure this out.