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6 July 2003

Gratuitous gorgeous beach photos

I went on a motorbike ride to Tathra this weekend. The beach at sunset is a place of aching beauty. The photos don't do it justice, but they're still pretty good....

Looking north. You can see the haze created by the surf-spray.

Looking south-east toward Tathra cliffs.

The breaking surf.

Looking toward that same beach the next morning from the cliffs.

Looking out to sea from the same place.

Oh, and here's the cabin we stayed in. Very comfy. And cheap.

The best part was that because it was winter, there weren't many people around.

Bike stuff - Part One (good stuff): Magic rubber

No, I don't mean condoms.

Performance motorcycles are not good for one's bank account. I just had a new set of tyres fitted to my bike, at the not-so-modest cost of $475. My last ones lasted 9400kms, and they were absolutely shagged by then. These ones will most likely be replaced after 7000-ish kms.

Why the outlay for these black rubber hoops? Because when it comes to sportsbikes, the rubber maketh the performance.

The difference in bike behaviour caused by different tyre brands often amazes people new to sportsbikes. An ill-handling bike can be transformed into a quick-steering and stable machine, simply by picking the right brand of rubber.

The new tyres on my ZX9 are Metzeler Sportec M1's, and they are - quite simply - fantastic. Offering superb feel, quick steering, mid-corner stability and fabulous traction.

My previous tyres were Michelin Pilot Sports. Decent tyres, but these new Metzelers are the biz. If you're on a sportbike, be sure to get a pair of these at your next tyre change. Worth every damned cent.

Bike stuff - Part Two (bad stuff): Carb Icing

So here I am having returned from my overnight trip to Tathra on the NSW coast. A fantastic weekend. A illegally fast motorcycle beneath me, awesome roads, great scenery and one of the best beaches in the world.

Sadly, setting out yesterday morning was not so fun.

Motorcycling is not only expensive and dangerous, it can also be really uncomfortable and bloody scary.

To start with, the initial stage from Canberra to Cooma nearly resulted in me freezing to death when we hit an Arctic fog around 30kms from Cooma. Even with my thick bike gear and thermals on, I was so bloody cold I nearly turned back - and this was at midday. I've never seen fog - even in winter - on the way to Cooma at this time of day. My breath froze on my visor, I couldn't see for shit, the road was slippery (not helped by my brand new tyres, which are covered in a waxy substance it usually takes 150kms to get rid of), the other road users were idiots, my fingers were so cold I could hardly use the brake lever.

And then, joy of joys, I experienced first-hand what so many had told me about: the wonders of carb-icing.

My Kawasaki ZX9R is the only bike in the 1000cc sports class still using carburettors. It also uses Kawasaki's wonderful Ram Air system, which acts as a very simple, very cheap and very crude form of turbocharging. It's what gives the ZX9R it's massive top-end power and without doubt the best sound in motorcycling: the deafening howl produced as huge quantities of air are sucked into the engine.

The carbs and Ram Air work wonderfully well, except when it's really cold. And you know what happens then? To put it crudely: the engine freezes. Well, not exactly, but essentially there is ice where there shouldn't be, and instead of running on four cylinders, the bike will suddenly be running on two.

This has scary consequences: I was overtaking a bus and as I got alongside it the bloody throttle died, then suddenly came alive again as I tried to accelerate. So the bike doubled it's horsepower in a fraction of a second. Having never experienced carb-icing before, this was a seriously unnerving experience, especially as the back tyre squirmed and slipped as it suddenly tried to cope with a doubling of horsepower. Thank Jeebus I wasn't going around a corner at the time.

So here I was, frozen stiff, in an arctic fog, fighting a brutally powerful bike which was going spazzo, constantly having to pull the clutch in and rev the shit of of the bike to clear the carb-blocking and making sure the whole bloody engine didn't seize up. And the slimy road surface was not helping in trying to stay upright.

Kawasaki were supposed to have fixed this problem. Frankly, they've got a long way to go.

Ah, the things we do for love.

5 July 2003

To my American readers...'s still 4th of July over there, so a happy 4th of July to ya! Or as I prefer to say: "Happy America Balls day!"

(anyone who gets this very obscure Simpsons reference wins a free beer)

There will be no more posts today. I'm off for a ride to the coast. Will be back tomorrow.


3 July 2003

Computer geek help required

The driver for my PC's internal Compaq SD-612B DVD-ROM has shit itself for some reason.

Does anyone know where I can download a suitable driver?

The amazing Uri Geller

Uri Geller fearlessly predicts that Michael Moore will still be fat at Christmas.
James Randi shows us that Uri's 'powers' are proving as useful as always.....
On the James Whale Radio Show in the UK, Geller predicted that David Coulthard would win the Formula 1 motor race in the UK. He exhorted the listeners to shout "Win, David, win!" or words to that effect. Coulthard had a crash in the first lap at the first corner, and as a result of the damage had to retire on lap 3.

In the UK's "Big Brother" TV show In July 2001, Geller tried to get people to stop one contestant, Paul, being evicted from the Big Brother house by placing their hands on the TV screen. Paul was evicted soon after.During the Wimbledon Games in 2001, Geller announced he was using his "powers" to back tennis star Tim Henman. Henman lost to Ivanisevic.

In 1997 Geller predicted that a horse named "Go Ballistic" would win the Grand National. The race was abandoned.

On 14 December, 1996, Geller tried to get the viewers on the "Noel Edmond's House Party" BBC television program to psychically support the English cricket team then touring Zimbabwe. The first match started the following day. He asked viewers to place their hands on an "orange circle'" (there's one in his "Mind Power" kit) and "wish the England cricket team to win." There were five matches between England and Zimbabwe between 15th December, 1996, and 3rd January, 1997. England lost three and drew two.

In 1996, Geller asked everyone to touch an orange spot on the TV screen in order to make England win the 1996 European Football Championship. Immediately after that process started, they got knocked out of the competition by Germany.

Geller worked for the Reading Football Club, assisting them psychically, but it all boomeranged when the team was relegated.

England -vs- Scotland: Appearing on GMTV on Friday, 12 November, 1999, Geller said he was going to use his "powers" to help Scotland beat England, after he'd helped England win the last time they met. The result: England beat Scotland 2-0.

England -v- Argentina: Appearing on GMTV (a TV outlet in the UK, though no one knows what GMTV stands for) on Monday, 29 June, 1998, Geller predicted that England would beat Argentina 1-0 in their game to be played on Tuesday, 30 June. The result: England lost in a penalty shoot-out, the full-time score standing at 2-2 and no goals being scored in extra time. David Beckham was sent off, reducing the England side to 10 men. Of course, GMTV features all sorts of psychics and astrologers, so failure is ignored.

Exeter City Football Club: We've already mentioned this latest "curse." Geller became a co-chairman of this 3rd Division club in 2002, but at the end of the season they were relegated, and the owners were being investigated for some "irregularities."

But hey, Uri still has Aussie-grown idiots to love him.

Really, really useful gun laws

Rachel Lucas has a few things to say about Australia's latest fantastically stupid "gun buy-back".

A disarmed population, just as many criminals carrying guns, and a lot of people with a politically-correct sense of smugness.

I feel safer already.

Tex's first law of government: The inevitable failure of legislation will be seen as a justification for even more legislation.

Cease-fire: Palestinian-style

Meryl Yourish brings us up to date with the sterling efforts of the Palestinians in seeking peace.

Oh for fucks sake

Obesity litigants may target Cadbury

I propose we target the litigants.....with rifles.

Winning the war on terror

William Bacon brings some wonderfully horrible news to John Pilger fans worldwide.

Crawling out of the woodwork

Damian Penny's post about the US supreme court sodomy decision has attracted a bunch of psycho gay-haters like flies to shit.

Check out this freak:

Good too know you think its healthy when a man puts his dick in another mans anus......isn't that just beautiful???

Seriously though......your pc idiocy aside.......homesexuality is completely treatable. Of course Damien and other soft conservatives do not want to acknowledge this because it conflicts with there agendas!


And indeed, we have seen Thousands upon Thousands of ex homo's lead constructive healthy hetersexual lives!!

Again, the whole gay philisophical underpinnings are completely shattered by the FACT that there are gaggles of ex gays now leading normal lives!!

Just as there are thousands upon thousands of people who are recovering alcoholics or any people from any serious addictive behavior!

What is it with freaks and exclamation points?

Good to know that "homesexuality" is completely treatable, and that sufferers are now leading healthy "hetersexual" lives.

Gotta love them conservative values. In my experience, gay-haters are generally people with serious sexual/psychological hang-ups. They're the modern version of the sorry-arsed dweebs who thought rock-n-roll would destroy society back in the 50's.

Get a life, you pathetic weasels.

2 July 2003

We're alive again

The URL seems to be working again, so welcome back to all of you.

If you've sent me any e-mail in the past few days, you'll need to resend it, as I only just got my e-mail back: tex [at]

Or you can keep using my temporary one: killpilger [at] It's just too good not to use.

Oh, did you read the posts from the last two days? Scroll down....

This week's carnival of Green Left lunacy

Our Green Left friends are praising the wonders of Cuba again.

The existence of political prisoners is another hobby horse. Of course, no believer in freedom can accept that a person should be imprisoned simply because of the ideas that he or she professes. Nonetheless, a hundred or so countries suffer from this blight, and for less clear motives that those invoked by Cuba.

Thank you Dr. Mengele.

Elsewhere, we have some attempted leftie satire:

The World Health Organisation today issued a new warning against non-essential travel to the entire Western hemisphere following renewed concerns about the spread of Severe Loss of Perspective Syndrome (SLOPS).

Side-splitting stuff. Note their mention in the article of the "idiot public". Greenies really don't seem to like your average Joe do they?

Then there's another nauseating, delusional report on Palestinian 'resistance':

The Israeli government understands that it cannot halt attacks on the Palestinian civilian population because these attacks are an integral part of the occupation strategy of collective punishment.

Israel adopted this strategy as a response to the mass demonstrations which occurred in the first few months of the intifada. By randomly killing Palestinian civilians, including a large number of children who were participating in demonstrations, Israel hoped to suppress these demonstrations.

Will the Israelis ever stop their non-existent huge massacres of civilians?

Oh, and we have some more really crap commie poetry:

the pain
in Baghdad is there
and everywhere
and real

You mean, the 'pain in Baghdad' is in Baghdad? Well I'm glad that's cleared up.

all day and night
the news reporters
report it:

And all day and all night,
As I read this crap,
Tex gets a headache,
which is a headache.

and they await...

to steal the oil
that saddam had once stolen,

Except they slipped up and gave it back to the Iraqis.

and to plant diseased fast food stores
over bomb craters

just like
everywhere else

in the

Yep, the practice of selling food continues to horrify greenies worldwide. Why don't the poor people just die with their cultural dignity intact? Ingrates.

And finally, the always unmissable movie reviews section gives the highest praise possible to the Eminem movie 8 Mile:

8 Mile is by no means Das Kapital: The Movie.

*snerk* Yesiree, there's a let down for ya.

Commie slut tours Oz

Tim Blair does a fine fisking of a puke-inducing article in The Age on the wretched daughter of legendary commie murderer Che Guevara.

Good news for horny Krauts

It's now legal to have sex while you are driving.

Third-world rationality

Ten donkeys marry as Madras runs dry.

1 July 2003

Quote of the day

Memo to the Jehovah Witnesses: Ringing people's doorbells at 8:30 on a Saturday morning is NOT the way to convert them to your religion.
- Mr Hayes

Site stuff

Finally my DNS info swapped over today, so everyone will hopefully be seeing this webpage via the normal URL very soon. I'm now in the capable hands of Hosting Matters, who will hopefully prove better service providers than the nightmare known as

30 June 2003

One year ago today.......................

Yes, is one year old tonight.

Please send praise, money and gifts.

I've met many great folks, made fine friends, and gotten a lot of free booze out of this blogging caper. It's been fun.

Check out my archive summaries for some of my greatest hits.

The most popular post - by far - was the immortal How to be a good anti-American.

Readership in my first month was around 60 readers a day, and slowly climbed until it reached around 520 readers per day, where it has stayed.

Most of my mail comes from Americans.

And no, I'm not moving to Moveable Type. If you don't like the way this site looks, don't read it.

Thanks for reading this past year. Here's to another 12 months.

Quote of the day: let's build a bigger fence

In the last 33 months more than 250 suicide bombers have entered Israel from the West Bank, while none have entered from Gaza. Why? Because the Gaza Strip is surrounded by a security fence.


Atheists for Israel

Kick-ass post by the Yobbo.

Michael Moore plummets ever-deeper into the pool of insanity

Rachel Lucas brings us the latest lunacy from Michael Moore. It's a stunner, even buy his standards. He's pissed of at Dubya for not planting WMD evidence. Or, uh, something.

Cease-fire (AKA 'muslim terrorists take a breath')

Is there any serious person who thinks the latest Palestinian cease-fire is not merely an opportunity for the Islamofreaks to regroup before the next round of jew-killings begin?

Meryl has a few observations:

here are my predictions for, oh, the coming week: There will be some kind of terrorist attack. (Actually, I'm guessing there will be between ten and twenty per day, just as there always are.) IDF forces will try to destroy another Hamas terrorist cell. Hamas will declare that Israel has not fulfilled the terms of the hudna, and they are no longer bound by the cease fire. The EU will blame Israel for her "lack of restraint." The U.S. State Department will issue a statement saying that the Israeli actions are "not helpful."

Den Beste chimes in:

Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have declared cease fires. Is anyone surprised to learn that both formal announcements consist primarily of demands for things wanted from Israel?

And the joint announcement by Hamas and Islamic Jihad states that it's only for 3 months, and that it is conditional on a long list of Israeli concessions which aren't going to happen. (For instance, they want all Palestinian prisoners released.)

So we need a betting pool: how long until the next suicide bombing attempt? My money says it will be less than four days.

Four days, four weeks...our Jew-killing friends can't just give up their favourite hobby.


Young'un aussie Anthony West has become the first Australian in 28 years to win a race in the 250cc GP class. Congrats.

27 June 2003

Bloody hell.....

Does anyone know what became of this story?

The United States wants to give two teams of Canadian snipers the Bronze Star, a decoration for bravery, for their work in rooting out Taliban and al-Qaeda holdouts in eastern Afghanistan, but Canadian defence officials put the medals on hold

Those fellas better have damn well got their decorations, you bureaucrat bastards.

If anyone has recent developments in this story, please let me know: tex {at} whackingday {dot} com

One of the snipers scored a hit from 2.43 kilometres. Holy jeebus.

Thanks to J. Heinrichs for the link.

Just what we've all been looking for

Thanks to Yobbo, here is Avril Lavigne's ass.

Iraqis want the USA to stay says a new poll.

Sixty-five percent of Iraqis polled in Baghdad claimed they want the U.S. military to stay until Iraq is stable and secure; only 17 percent want American soldiers out now.

The Iraqi people have spoken.

What she said

Michele on Ann Coulter:

So John Hawkins, the interviewer premiere of the blogosphere, landed a talk with Ms. Coulter. I read it, read it again and shook my head at the fact that the woman cannot come up with a vaguely serious answer to anything. Her words all reek of "I know you are but what am I," and her playground, cat-fight attitude is wearing very, very thin.

Indeed. As I've said many times, Coulter is the Michael Moore of the right: a deceitful, brain-dead, dishonest dingbat with thousands of fawning groupies slobbering over every load of shite that spills from her mouth.

Being an anti-communist doesn't give you a right to suck.

Take the political quiz

Yobbo's been on a bit of a roll of late. Now he's put up a quiz which rates your general political outlook. The context/examples are Australian, but it's a good universal test.

My results

economic freedom: 19
social freedom: 14

(Scores are explained in the test)

I still think some of the questions are badly structured, but it still beats the crap out of the ridiculous political compass test.

25 June 2003

Quote of the day

...the time will come when we'll be people again and not just Jews!

- Anne Frank, 11 April 1944

Canadian bastards....

The Canucks have banned dwarf tossing! Where is their sense of fun dammit?

Stupidity and Palestine

Sage has some thoughts.

Bet ya didn't see this one coming

So I submitted this site's name into the blogmatcher engine.

And which blog am I most closely matched with?

John Quiggin


Is this the world's best character actor?

Is there actually anyone capable of pulling off such an astounding range of varied (and convincing) roles as New Zealand's Clifford Curtis?

as Pablo Escobar in Blow
as "Smiley" in Training Day

I first saw this fella in his towering performance as an Iraqi dissident in Three Kings. Sadly, I couldn't find a picture of his cameo in The Insider as Hezbollah leader Sheikh Fadlallah.

Curtis - a Maori - has a great face which allows him to appear Hispanic, Arabic, you name it. But it's only a support to his immense acting talent, which if you've never seen in action, I can recommend without reservation.

More from the Religion of Peace

Me and my transexual pig Ummah were doing some recreational websurfing this evening when we came across the lovely website for the Islamic Resistance Support Association.

Here's some excerpts their psycho-essay: The Jewish Gold in Switzerland

We understand that they push the "Holocaust" for two reasons: first, because they make lots and lots of money from it, and second, because it protects them from criticism and enables them to get away with the most outrageous behavior, behavior that would not be tolerated in any other people.

They have just collected $250 million in cold, hard cash from the Swiss in blackmail money: money which the Swiss gave to them not because there was the slightest evidence that the Jews were entitled to any of it, but simply to avoid a boycott. And the Jews are aiming for $7 billion more from the Swiss the same way. Anybody else who tried a stunt like that would end up in prison for extortion.

But the fact is that we do have a Racist Jewish problem in the world. It is by far the biggest and most dangerous problem we have. It is worse than our crime problem, worse than our drug problem, worse than our political corruption problem. The Racist Jewish problem, in fact, lies at the root of nearly all of our other problems. If we are to have a future we must solve it. We cannot let ourselves be buffaloed by the "Holocaust." We must face the fact that, regardless of all the nice, inoffensive Jews you may know as individuals, all of the Jews who mind their own business, the Jews as a whole are destroying our society. Their policies are poison to us. And with their control of our news and entertainment media and their corollary control of our political system, they have a death grip on every country. We must have the courage to stand up to them and to do everything necessary to break that death grip.

We must free our media and our government from their influence. Otherwise they will destroy us as surely as they have destroyed every other society in which they were given free rein.

Nice people.

Oh, and then there's the essay saying the holocaust never happened. Some of the more amusing claims...

- Auschwitz was merely "large-scale manufacturing complex" for Synthetic rubber (yes, really).
- The Jewish deportations from Germany were arranged by the Jews themselves.
- Anne Frank never existed

Welcome to the bizarroworld of fundamentalist Islam. And people still think of the Israelis as the bad guys in the Middle East.


Quote of the day

Lastly, I do not need to be saved. I am not a bad person because I do not accept Jesus Christ as my savior. I am not faithless or without any kind of beliefs. I do not want my soul healed, there is nothing wrong with it. I do not want you to send me pamphlets. I am not an empty vessel. I am not evil.


More shameless capitalist lust

I want all my rich readers to buy me this stuff....................

Honda SP2

Dragunov Sniper Rifle

Honda Blackbird

Holden SS Ute


The greenies sure love their tyrants

The Green Left Weekly are squirting pints of semen again over Fidel Castro. They've printed an article by some diseased pond-scum cunt named Julie Webb-Pullman praising Castro's brutal island prison as a haven for freedom:

HAVANA — Shortly before dawn on June 12, I joined the throngs pouring through my central Havana neighbourhood to gather on the Malecon, before marching on the Spanish embassy to protest against the recently released European Union statement against Cuba.

I imagine her march didn't take her past the nice "sanitoriums" Mr. Castro constructed especially for use by homosexuals and AIDS sufferers.

The mood was inspired and inspiring; people of all ages, sizes and colours united in defence of their socialist revolution; of their freely chosen, popular, and highly respected government and president; and of their right to sovereignty and self-determination.

Freely chosen. Jesus H. Christ.

I was extremely proud, and humbled, to see this proud and dignified exhibition of what it is to be Cuban — strong, united, tolerant, intelligent, aware, assertive, fun, expressive, caring and committed.

She forgot a few words, like imprisoned, persecuted, harassed, tortured and murdered.

Next week in the Green Left Weekly: the Save Uday! pledge drive.

Iranian student protests: an American plot!!!!

Yes, you guessed it, it's the Green Left Weekly again. They never met a murderous, non-democratic regime they didn't like, and they're horrified by the thought that pro-American, pro-democracy students might overthrow the lovely tyrant mullahs and begin a democratic, free society. It's all NeoConJew regime-change cabal plotting apparently.

What to do about Iran?

An interesting post & discussion going on over at the ALS site.

Our nice Asian neighbours

Dr. Mahathir's 'All the filthy jews' keynote address was a big hit at this years UMNO conference

You remember Malaysia? One of those fine progressive little Asian societies the Labor party says we have to grovel to and be careful not to offend? (All under the guise of a nice "independent" foreign poilcy free of horrible Americans)

Well, it appears those Malaysians really do have a lot to teach us about correct cultural values:

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Officials of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's party gave out copies of U.S. industrialist Henry Ford's anti-semitic book "The International Jew" to delegates at their annual assembly on Saturday.

The book, first published in the 1920s, also contained the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" -- originally published in Russia in the early 20th century and used down the decades to peddle theories of an international Jewish conspiracy.

Yeah, we really want these people as our allies. Why are we sticking with those filthy Americans?

(Thanks to Damian and LGF for the link)

I think I love Rudolph Guliani

Go gettem Rudy! The Euroweenie intellectuals will not be pleased. Mwahahaha.

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Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index


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