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3 July 2003

Computer geek help required

The driver for my PC's internal Compaq SD-612B DVD-ROM has shit itself for some reason.

Does anyone know where I can download a suitable driver?

The amazing Uri Geller

Uri Geller fearlessly predicts that Michael Moore will still be fat at Christmas.
James Randi shows us that Uri's 'powers' are proving as useful as always.....
On the James Whale Radio Show in the UK, Geller predicted that David Coulthard would win the Formula 1 motor race in the UK. He exhorted the listeners to shout "Win, David, win!" or words to that effect. Coulthard had a crash in the first lap at the first corner, and as a result of the damage had to retire on lap 3.

In the UK's "Big Brother" TV show In July 2001, Geller tried to get people to stop one contestant, Paul, being evicted from the Big Brother house by placing their hands on the TV screen. Paul was evicted soon after.During the Wimbledon Games in 2001, Geller announced he was using his "powers" to back tennis star Tim Henman. Henman lost to Ivanisevic.

In 1997 Geller predicted that a horse named "Go Ballistic" would win the Grand National. The race was abandoned.

On 14 December, 1996, Geller tried to get the viewers on the "Noel Edmond's House Party" BBC television program to psychically support the English cricket team then touring Zimbabwe. The first match started the following day. He asked viewers to place their hands on an "orange circle'" (there's one in his "Mind Power" kit) and "wish the England cricket team to win." There were five matches between England and Zimbabwe between 15th December, 1996, and 3rd January, 1997. England lost three and drew two.

In 1996, Geller asked everyone to touch an orange spot on the TV screen in order to make England win the 1996 European Football Championship. Immediately after that process started, they got knocked out of the competition by Germany.

Geller worked for the Reading Football Club, assisting them psychically, but it all boomeranged when the team was relegated.

England -vs- Scotland: Appearing on GMTV on Friday, 12 November, 1999, Geller said he was going to use his "powers" to help Scotland beat England, after he'd helped England win the last time they met. The result: England beat Scotland 2-0.

England -v- Argentina: Appearing on GMTV (a TV outlet in the UK, though no one knows what GMTV stands for) on Monday, 29 June, 1998, Geller predicted that England would beat Argentina 1-0 in their game to be played on Tuesday, 30 June. The result: England lost in a penalty shoot-out, the full-time score standing at 2-2 and no goals being scored in extra time. David Beckham was sent off, reducing the England side to 10 men. Of course, GMTV features all sorts of psychics and astrologers, so failure is ignored.

Exeter City Football Club: We've already mentioned this latest "curse." Geller became a co-chairman of this 3rd Division club in 2002, but at the end of the season they were relegated, and the owners were being investigated for some "irregularities."

But hey, Uri still has Aussie-grown idiots to love him.

Really, really useful gun laws

Rachel Lucas has a few things to say about Australia's latest fantastically stupid "gun buy-back".

A disarmed population, just as many criminals carrying guns, and a lot of people with a politically-correct sense of smugness.

I feel safer already.

Tex's first law of government: The inevitable failure of legislation will be seen as a justification for even more legislation.

Cease-fire: Palestinian-style

Meryl Yourish brings us up to date with the sterling efforts of the Palestinians in seeking peace.

Oh for fucks sake

Obesity litigants may target Cadbury

I propose we target the litigants.....with rifles.

Winning the war on terror

William Bacon brings some wonderfully horrible news to John Pilger fans worldwide.

Crawling out of the woodwork

Damian Penny's post about the US supreme court sodomy decision has attracted a bunch of psycho gay-haters like flies to shit.

Check out this freak:

Good too know you think its healthy when a man puts his dick in another mans anus......isn't that just beautiful???

Seriously though......your pc idiocy aside.......homesexuality is completely treatable. Of course Damien and other soft conservatives do not want to acknowledge this because it conflicts with there agendas!


And indeed, we have seen Thousands upon Thousands of ex homo's lead constructive healthy hetersexual lives!!

Again, the whole gay philisophical underpinnings are completely shattered by the FACT that there are gaggles of ex gays now leading normal lives!!

Just as there are thousands upon thousands of people who are recovering alcoholics or any people from any serious addictive behavior!

What is it with freaks and exclamation points?

Good to know that "homesexuality" is completely treatable, and that sufferers are now leading healthy "hetersexual" lives.

Gotta love them conservative values. In my experience, gay-haters are generally people with serious sexual/psychological hang-ups. They're the modern version of the sorry-arsed dweebs who thought rock-n-roll would destroy society back in the 50's.

Get a life, you pathetic weasels.


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