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Victor Davis Hanson shreds Arab Street


Something strange is happening, as if all the old conventional wisdom proves daily insolvent. Each hour Saudi Arabia appears a more untenable ally, panicky as the light of truth shines into its deepest recesses. The Arab street sinks more and more into irrelevance, as lunatic as it is impotent; its anti-American hatred is to be welcomed rather than feared, given what it presently represents: gender apartheid, religious intolerance, tribalism, and anti-Semitism. Middle Eastern leaders may shake fingers and talk tough, but they have no moral credibility and still less power — and, like former Eastern European Communist hacks, are likely to become the flotsam and jetsam in a tidal wave of change.

Link via Little Green Footballs.

Escaped mental patient writes in

Both Tim Blair and myself have been blessed today with some truly insane correspondence from one Dave Barry (sadly no relation to the real Dave Barry).

Tim got the juiciest ravings, with Demented Dave claiming that "September 11 was organised by a consortium of 14 US and European companies under the aegis of the Carlyle Group". But thankfully, Dave saved a few pearls of wisdom for me;

Check your history, young fool.
It's all happened before.

What's "all happened before"?

Right winger? Well you talk the talk. Don't tell me you don't walk the walk! Hypocrite.

Dave seems quite upset I'm not living up to his stereotype, being that I'm a supporter of gay rights, legalised drugs & prostitution, pornography, abortion, euthanasia and am all in favour of bad language/violence and naked bodies on TV.

Of course, I heard all this in the thirties. Then you guys were known as fascists, and we fought a war to get rid of your ilk.
Pity you fascists found a safe haven for these views in the USA. Tex old pal. Hmmmm...
Don't for one second imagine that you sound much different to Hitler or Mussolini.

Well, except for the fact that neither Hitler or Mussolini were pro-Israel small-government libertarians. Never mind moonbat, please continue......

Oh, and if you think the USA is a democracy then you're even more uninformed than I thought.

Well fuck me, I thought elected representatives & officials were signs of democracy. Guess they're really agents of ZOG or something.

It gives the appearance of a democracy, but is in fact a collegiate system.

Wow! Did anyone else hear about this "electoral college" thing? When did the jews sneak that one past us?

And it doesn't have compulsory attendance at a polling station and is thus wide open to corruption - witness the last presidential election.

And what exactly did that have to do with compulsory attendance? Oh, did I mention Dubya won all the recounts?

Australia has a far, far superior electoral system. You should know that!

Well, I do know that. Gawd bless the preferential voting system!

Didn't they teach you anything in school? Let me rephrase that. Didn't you learn anything in school? Besides the useless stuff that didn't even get you a job that you spent seven years (seven Years? Are you a slow learner or what?) supposedly learning?

Yes, I learnt how to read & write: I spent five years in university, not seven, you bozo.

Sorry. I shouldn't pick on you like this. I apologise. You are young and foolish. Hopefully one day you will learn enough to realise how little you actually know, and will learn to act accordingly. As it is I must say that from the perspective of age you know NOTHING. All you are doing is damaging yourself and a lot of other people, but you are obviously too young to realise that.

And who are these "lot of other people" who I've "damaged", my delicate little flower?

And if you didn't like Holy Smoke can you explain to me why you actually watched it all the way through?

Kate Winslet has nice tits, I had a six-pack of beer to drink and there was nothing else on.

Don't you have any powers of discrimination and the will to act? Apparently not.

Well, I like nice tits & beer, whereas you spent your Friday evening writing long, bizarre e-mails to authors of websites you don't even like. Real exciting life you've got yourself there, nerdling.

PS. The greatest invention of the twentieth century?
According to the French it was Australia... Give that a few moments thought.

Wow, that's deeeeeeep man. OK, I've thought about it....

1- Australia wasn't "invented in the 20th century"
2- I don't need a bunch of eurofrogs telling me this is the greatest country on earth

Which leads to the conclusion

1- You're stupid
2- You're a sad nerd with no life


PS. what's it like being a loser?


Terrible movie

Just watched Holy Smoke. Apart from Kate Winslet's loveliness, this train-wreck of a film is one of the most incoherent pieces of crap I've seen in years. Too flaky to be a drama, a total failure as comedy or satire. What the hell was this movie supposed to be about? What a mess. Avoid at all costs.

Another episode of "conservatives are fuckwits too"

The normally superb Frontpage magazine gives us this piece of offensive idiocy by Joseph Collins which is worthy of Ann Coulter, describing an Episcopal bishop as a "fifth columnist" as a result of his near atheism;

One of the few positive aspects of the current civilizational conflict in which we are enmeshed is that it is forcing us to recognize that one cannot fight a something with a nothing. The Christian roots of America's founding can provide spiritual and moral strength for a war against Islamist terror.

(Right. I guess trivial details such as having the strongest constitutional secular democractic system has nothing to do with your strength. And of course, your citizens of other faiths or no faith are unimportant too. It's up to you brave, moral christian church guys to light the path)

But this will only work if the Christianity in question is in good order. Some people have been beavering away to see that it instead sinks into a relativistic quagmire of near-atheism that can offer us no help. Case in point: John Shelby Spong, former Episcopal bishop of Newark, NJ.

Collins then goes into full jesus-freak mode, howling at length about Spong's theological arguments. Blah blah, how dare he doubt the literalism of the bible, yak, yak yak. And so on.

He then goes for the Ann Coulter method: start talking about something else completely unrelated to the previous topic, and attempt to connect the two via osmosis. The points Collins makes about Spong's absurd geopolitical "root causes" analysis are good ones. What he hasn't done, is made any substantial connection between Spong's "weak christianity" and his apparently treasonous nature. He conveniently brushes over the number of very faithful "real christians" who have voiced opposition to the war on terror, and the many non-church-types who support it.

For Collins and his scum-laden ilk to use the war against islamofascism to spread their "you're not worthy" theology is a disgrace. Shame on Frontpage for publishing this shit.

Agony Imam: reporting live from the heart of the Islamic Psycho Zone

A lot of muslim Ned Flanders send their fascinating questions to Browsing through the endless list of queries reveals the astounding fundamentalist psychopathology at the core of this retarded religion.....

One poor soul ponders the sinfulness of urinating...

Q: Feel urine toilet water splash when passing.We shower after each time that we use the toilet-doubtful.Cant change to"low-pan" as we are renting.Please advise if to shower or not for paak saaf/salaah.

A: Before using the western toilet, exercise precaution, for example, put toilet paper in the pan to avoid urine splashes, etc. If one is merely doubtful of splashes, then there is no need to take a shower after relieving oneself. and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Here an opinion is given on the evils of hand-holding....

Q: Is it permissible for husband and wife to hold hands in public while travelling?

A: It is immoral for the husband and wife to hold hands in public. and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

And here's a question about Uncle Sam;

Q: Can I join the United States Army?

A: It is not permissible to join the United State’s Army. and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Yeah, them jarheads are going to hell.

And here's Islam's ideas on democracy....

Q: How is a Islamic government supposed to be? I mean how do you elect the ruler, is he elected for life, etc, etc; how does it run?

A: In principle, according to Shari’ah there are 3 ways of electing a ruler:

- Bay’at: Taking allegiance to a particular person, like the companions took allegiance to Abu Bakr (Radhiallaahu Anhu).
- Deputism: A current ruler consults his council and stipulates a ruler after his demise.
- Consultation: Ruler appoints certain responsible citizens and hands over the autonomy of appointing a ruler after his demise. and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Kinda sounds like North Korea. Yeah, no reason to worry about Islam here.

And here's the topic we've all been waiting for: suicide bombings....

Q: What is your opinion on the suicide bombers in Palestine?

A: If a community is oppressed and denied its basic human rights, it is
permissible for them to fight against the oppressors and free themselves
from such oppression. It is permissible for them to engage in Jihaad -
risking their lives in the hope of saving themselves from oppression.
The people of Palestine are the most oppressed people and live in constant
fear by the rule of the Jewish oppressors. Their extreme frustration and
hardships have led them to behave likewise - to resort to suicide bombings.
Assuming the suicide bombing is evil but this evil is opposed by a greater
evil for which there is no adequate substitute, therefore, their act will
also be justified as lesser of the two evils in terms of the Shari'ah.

And this is just lovely.....

Q: My question is can you kill a disbeliever who doesn't accept Islam. Please tell me in details with simple English understanding?

A: It is not permissible to kill a disbeliever if he does not accept Islam. However, in a situation of jihad, if the disbelievers are conquered, they will be invited to Islam. If they refuse to accept Islam, they will be ordered to give jizya (tax). If they refuse to give jizya, then only will they be killed.

Aw shucks, such kindness. My racist non-muslim self is grateful.

Oh, and they certainly don't like homosexuals....

The acts of homosexuality and lesbianism are certainly a perversion and a serious deviation from the inherent nature of man. These acts of defiance against human nature are also even viler and uglier than adultery. There is consensus among both Muslims and the followers of other religions that lesbianism and homosexuality are evil and filthy practices. This is why it is not surprising to find that Islam so vehemently prohibits it and adopts such a harsh attitude against it.


"it has been confirmed that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said, 'Kill the one who sodomizes and the one to who lets it be done to him.'


Among the evil consequences of this sin are the many deadly and contagious diseases that result from it. Some of these illnesses are such that medical science -- with all its might, power and advanced technology - has failed to combat or even fully comprehend, let alone cure it. Certainly no one is able to rise above the Will of Allah Ta'ala and escape his wrath!

Yeah, you tell those fags, Mullah.

Of course, I just can't imagine why Islam has an image problem.


Two Afghani teenagers died in a car accident on Xmas eve. Tragedy enough. Yet now some typically shameless multiculturalist huckster is taking this opportunity to blame it on the government. Thanks to reader Alfred for the heads-up.

Tim Blair has lost his mind

Why, Why???


Current listening

CDs been going into my brain recently......

Ride the lightning - Metallica
Little Queen - Heart
Dave Matthews Band live mix CD
Songs of faith and devotion - Depeche Mode
soundtrack to The Thin Red Line - Hans Zimmer
Twitch - Ministry
Come taste the band - Deep Purple
Brand New Bag - The Mother Station

Merry Christmas

To all my readers: Merry Christmas, and thank you for your support of this website.

In case you're interested, my gifts included a Homer Simpson "freezer" mug, a very nice shirt, a book about customised motorcycles, a chess book, a six-pack of Cooper's Sparkling Ale (the world's best beer) and a very fetching gold-sequined Santa hat.

Hope you will have (or have had) a wonderful day with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas

Vampires cause havoc in Africa

Next time some greenie freak or nostalgic theologian tells your that our modern, scientific, industrial society is corrupt, immoral and that we should return to the noble ways & beliefs of old, you may want to point out this story to them;

Rumours that Western aid agencies are collecting human blood in return for food aid in famine-stricken Malawi have spread panic among villagers, who are barricading their homes, fearing attacks by vampires. The anxiety is so great in parts of the south that farm workers in one of Africa's poorest countries are staying at home.

President Bakili Muluzi, who has accused the opposition of spreading the rumours that his government was colluding with the aid agencies' "vampirical" demands, has been forced to dispatch a team of cabinet ministers to the area to reassure the people.

Interesting to note that even The Independent can't find some way of blaming this lunacy on the Americans.

Eject Eject Eject!!!

One of my favourite American correspondents - Bill Whittle - now has his own blog. Anyone who reads Rachel Lucas' site will be familiar with Bill via his essay on gun ownership. This bloke can write.

Bad words

Bleeding Brain has a few entertaining thoughts on words that just don't sound right. It's a good list, but he forgot ukelele, usury and Arkansas.


Quote of the day

The main reason that the United States has become as militarily powerful as it has is because the rest of the world has proven it can't be trusted to keep an eye on things. WWII happened because Europe couldn't be bothered to smother Hitler in his crib. Even when atrocities happen in Europe's back yard, the question is always "When will the US do something?" If we are an empire (and I don't think we are one, either), we are one created by the inadequacies of our allies and the incompetent opportunism of our enemies.

- M. Scott Eiland

Monbiot sez: end famine by becoming vegans ( really, I'm not making this up)

Guardian whinger George Monbiot assures us that famine would not exist if we (ie. "The Rich") all give up eating meat, fish and dairy products. No really.

...and in other Guardian developments, perpetual hate-america idiot Matthew Engel's jabberings have become so loopy he doesn't even seem to know what he's complaining about anymore. Check out this long, utterly incoherent screed, which seems to have something to do with religion, dubya and Christmas cards.

Why old commies never die

Superb reading over at Samizdata on the continuing appeal of the insanity of Marxism. One choice excerpt;

marxism holds no truths for those who examine the world rationally, but it is extremely seductive for those who do not. Capitalists and right-wingers are rightfully contemptuous of the incoherence of marxism but, perhaps, they fail to appreciate that marxism is so attractive to so many precisely because of it's incoherence. It may be gibberish to left-brain objectivists but, by the same token, it is attractively intuitive and holistic to right-brain subjectivists. Marxism is a means of abdicating from the weighty responsibility of applying intellectual rigour in solving socio-economic problems.

The Marxists I've met are eerily similar to religious fundamentalists: a total inability to grasp reality, ignorance of history, unthinking belief in core truths, and a total lack of any sense of humour. Marxists are worse though in one important respect: they've killed millions more people.

This is fun

Check out the highly amusing Aaron's Rantblog. The Jane Fonda illustration is a delight.

Save Anne-Sophie!! Support Québec independence!!

Anne-Sophie is one of my best friends. She is a hottie. She loves her hometown of Québec City.

Unfortunately for her, Québec is still part of Canada, and she wants out. And let's face it, who can blame her? Canada is a beautiful country sadly run by neo-European idiots who seem determined to destroy the economy, increase bureaucracy, apologise to terrorists and spend all their time squealing about Americans (hey, sounds like New Zealand).

So do Anne-Sophie a favour: send good vibes or say a prayer for an independent Québec. And if you travel to Canada, choose the big Q over Ontario.

C'mon folks, save my good friend who suffers every day under Canuck tyranny.

Oh, and she said she'd sleep with me if I helped make another referendum happen, so you'd be doing me a favour too. Pleeeeeease, I mean, you should just see this girl's ass.........



Idiot of the day

Blockhead Brian Reade at The Osama Daily has this hysterical screed;

Why can't Tony Blair do a Liz Hurley? (He's already got the false accent, the phoney acting skills and a partner who was caught with their pants down). Why can't he turn round to Bush and say, "The screwing is over. I'm not some lonely, frightened, little lapdog, dependent on your economic power. My country can not only cope much better on its own, but it would feel a lot cleaner for doing so, and win a lot more respect.

Yes you limeys, overthrow your american imperalist shackles and gain the respect of the French and Arab dictators.

Sheesh.... grown, educated men with an inferiority complex about Americans. Is there anything more pathetic?

Oh's another one

The Osama Daily's other resident cerebral embolism is Paul Routledge, who advocates fearless rebellion against the evil USA;


Bad grammar, and you call Dubya stupid. OK, so you're apparently "against states", which is puzzling seeing as Old Blighty doesn't have any.

AS citizens, we have little power to prevent our leaders going to war against Iraq.

We only have the vote, and that only once every four or five years. And the politicians know that most elections are about the economy, not their idiotic foreign adventures.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: the left really don't like the majority exercising their democratic choices do they? I guess it gets in the way of correct ideology.

But we are also consumers, and in the run-up to war a Boycott America campaign has been suggested. These principles could provide some guidance:

(One can hear Alan Greenspan pissing his trousers already)

- DO not go to the United States as a tourist. Stay at home and see what a much finer country ours is.

Bad food, urban decay, overpriced everything, and english weather!! Woooo!

- DO not buy or drink American wine, beer or spirits. Give me Tetley's any day.

Avoid American beer? Good idea. Problem is he's advocating drinking the english stuff: flat, warm and as tasty as a Soho hooker.

- DO not eat American food. Stay away from McDonald's and all the other fast-food outlets.

Yes, though you'll have to eat english food instead, which for most people on earth is an attractive a proposition as Turkish jail rations.

- DO not pay to watch American films. They are full of noise, foul language and violence.

Good advice. Stick to intellectual British fare like Trainspotting, Snatch, Lock Stock and 2 Smoking barrels and The Long Good Friday.

- DO not buy American newspapers or magazines.

The downturn in The New York Times' english readership will really kick 'em in the balls.

- DO not use Americanisms. Instead of "Hi!" let's go back to saying "Good morning." No more "Yeah!" A "yes" will suffice.

Ooooh, yeah.... way to sock it to Rumsfeld!!

- DO not wear American clothes. Throw the baseball cap in the dustbin (not, emphatically not, the trash can).

Man, where was this guy when Lenin needed him? What is this...Revolution for Dorks 101?

- DO not fly American airlines anywhere. It's probably safer not to.

Yeah, use Aeroflot: "If we're late it's because we're dead!"

- DO not smoke American cigarettes. They are bigger killers than al-Qaeda.

Non-american cigarettes are of course completely safe.

- DO not, above all, believe the lies that will spew out of the Anglo-American spin machine once the conflict gets under way.

Care to name any specifics, fatso?

- IF we try to live by these simple precepts, perhaps one day the United States will be forced to mend its violent, imperial ways.

Oh yeah man, they're shaking in terror at your fat-middle-class-twat non-rebellion. You can do nothing except mouth off juvenile anti-american slogans, adopting the typical lazy intellectual posturing of the leftist gasbag.

Not only don't you have the intellectual capacity to detail your EUnuch bluster, you don't even have the balls to propose real actions to back them up.

Go home and play with your trains, loser.

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