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14 September 2004

A great day for freedom

America's 10-year-long ban on ownership of military-style assault rifles expired on Monday night.



13 September 2004

In case you were wondering

I've been ill.

I'm better now.


Quote of the day

I am no enthusiast for the democratic process, which I just regard as little more than a system of legitimising proxy mugging. I can see a role for democracy as a countervailing force even in a limited-government minarchist state, but as currently practiced it is rarely more than just a way to try and appropriate the money of others, impose restriction on competitors and generally add the force of law to personal prejudices in ways that conflate state and society to the profound determent of the later.

- Perry de Havilland, Samizdata


The World According to George Monbiot

While in the midst of my last virus-induced vomiting fit, I had time to peruse George Monbiot's website. It's not an activity I'd recommend to healthy people.

Reading his collected thoughts reminded me of the final scene in one of the Pink Panther movies, where Herbert Lom's character - driven mad by his hatred of Clouseau - lies straightjacketed in a padded room, writing messages on the walls with a crayon between his toes.

Monbiot's mental powers may be on par with Inspector Dreyfuss, yet in today's world, Monbiot gets employed by broadsheets like The Guardian, saving the taxpayer the cost of keeping him medicated.

Monbiot's worldview is an upchucked hodgepodge of dreary Marxist prophecy, Luddite pre-industrial fantasy, sub-Chomsky politics and ecological paranoia.

Yet what sets Ol' Moonbat apart from his hate-the-world ideological comrades, is just how much he seems to enjoy wallowing in his own misery. While raving batheads like the ISO, radical Islamists and the Greenies are at least marching towards some nutty new dawn, George seems to spend most of his time saying we're fucked, and we deserve it. All that's left is to strip off our clothes and go hump fruit in the forest.

There are three obsessions which seem to feed everything George writes:

1a- Modern society is destroying the environment.
1b- No-one, especially not capitalists, must be allowed to use market mechanisms or new technologies to limit environmental damage.

2a- We are running out of food so everyone will starve to death.
2b- No-one, especially not capitalists, must be allowed to increase food production to feed the hungry.

3a- the capitalist system exploits the third world and keeps it poor.
3b- No-one, especially not capitalists, must be allowed to globalise their businesses and give opportunities to the third world.

That pretty much covers everything he writes. Let's look at some specifics.

Take George on energy:

The oil industry tells us not to worry: the market will find a way of sorting this out. If the price of energy rises, new sources will come onstream. But new sources of what? Every other option is much more expensive than the cheap oil which made our economic complexity possible.

Gosh. Sounds like the end, don't it? I guess people with brains could point out several hundred examples of new products getting cheaper as a new market develops, though this seems a little beyond Monbiot. Or more likely, solutions scare Monbiot, as they tend to play havoc with his apocalypse fantasies.

Think I'm being mean? Have a gander at his sociopathic ideas on environmental aesthetics:

Like other lifeforms, we exist only to replicate ourselves. We have become so complex only because that enables us to steal more energy. One day, natural selection will shake us off the planet. Our works won’t even be forgotten. There will be nothing capable of remembering.


It seems to me that the only higher purpose we could possibly possess is to seek to relieve suffering: our own and that of other people and other animals. This is surely sufficient cause for any project we might attempt. It is sufficient cause for the protection of fine art or rare books. It is sufficient cause for the protection of rare wildlife.

Biodiversity, in other words, matters because it matters. If we are to protect wildlife, we must do it for ourselves. We need not pretend that anything else is bidding us to do so. We need not pretend that anyone depends upon the king protea or the golden toad or the silky sifaka for their survival. But we can say that, as far as we are concerned, the world would be a poorer place without them.

Not surprisingly, Monbiot - horrified by the prospect of despoiling ecological aesthetics - has no problems with bludgeoning us all into becoming good, green, global citizens. He wants to ban private motor vehicles, air travel, stop the evils of advertising and tax corporations till they choke. We can't help the poor to grow GM crops to feed themselves, because GM food is, um, evil or capitalistic or something.

Oh, and have I mentioned his...erm....interesting ideas about economics?

Capitalism is not even mathematically possible, let alone biologically viable

Yes, that's a real quote. It comes from this essay:

We are going backwards. The reason should not be hard to grasp. Our economic system depends upon never-ending growth, yet we live in a world with finite resources. Our expectation of progress is, as a result, a delusion.

He might be on to something here. Well, except from all the actual progress which has taken place I guess.

Capitalism is a millenarian cult, raised to the status of a world religion. Like communism, it is built upon the myth of endless exploitation. Just as Christians imagine that their God will deliver them from death, capitalists believe that theirs will deliver them from finity. The world’s resources, they assert, have been granted eternal life.

It's kind of like saying that your average doctor believes in immortality.

It is possible to change the way we live. The economist Bernard Lietaer has shown how a system based upon negative rates of interest would ensure that we accord greater economic value to future resources than to present ones. By shifting taxation from employment to environmental destruction, governments could tax over-consumption out of existence.

Uh, what?

Oh wait, here's the money quote:

Overturning this calculation is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. We need to reverse not only the fundamental presumptions of political and economic life, but also the polarity of our moral compass. Everything we thought was good—giving more exciting presents to our children, flying to a friend’s wedding, even buying newspapers—turns out also to be bad.

Lovely bloke. Providing for your children, consuming for enjoyment and travelling to see friends is evil, but dismantling modern society for the sake of ecological aesthetics is the new moral imperitive.

Not surprisingly, Monbiot drops his moral objections where it suits him. He flies the Evil Skies to give international lectures. He travels by car when he needs to. Global corporations and the mental pollution of advertising are A-OK when they help to sell his books. And the bloke seems rather keen to appear on the idiot box at every opportunity.

Monbiot builds his ideological comforts on the lives of others, discards his ideals when they prove incovenient, then has the nerve the lecture the rest of us on responsible citizenship.

I've finally worked out what I'm reading: this is Mein Kampf on acid.


"Suicide-bombers are evil, but...."

The Green Left Weekly gives us their view on the Jakarta bombing:

Such acts are inhumane, stupid and futile. But they are also a symptom of a world where poverty, desperation and hopelessness about the future, and humiliation of culture, religion, race and nation are more and more pronounced. These evils are driving some people to acts of insane cruelty.

Those who can most be held responsible for this situation are the people in power: those who decide things; who design how the world works; who declare wars, invade countries, support foreign occupations and blithely continue policies wreaking economic terror on the billions of people who live in the Third World.

Natually, when Islamic lunatics conduct their slaughter, the Israelis aren't without blame....

The Australian government should also end its support for the barbaric and cruel occupation by Israel of Palestine. It must immediately announce an end to its shameful support for the Israeli wall of terror.

And while we're on the subject on Israel and the Green Left Weekly, check out terrorist-loving hag Rihab Charida's report from Ramallah.

Oh, and as for the Beslan massacre, you'll never guess where the Green Left's sympathies lie.


Another car I want

I gots me a hankering for a Holden HSV Maloo ute

Firebreathing performance, great looks, nice interior, and I can stick my bikes in the back.


Christ, not again

Crazy Joe Vialls' reaction to the Beslan massacre and the Jakarta bombing: psychological warfare and mini-nukes launched by the Zionist cabal in New York.

No, really. It's amazing these Zionist plotters ever have time to go to the toilet.


15 August 2004

At last

I've finally updated the Spleen page.


Iran-Iraq to destroy USA & Israel (sayeth Crazy Joe)

Crazy Joe Vialls doesn't give up. The poor fellow hasn't yet seen any of his brilliant predictions come to pass. These have included;

- The Russians would wipe out Israel and the USA.

- Filthy Zionist agents would invade America.

- Filthy Zionists would invade Arab oil fields.

- Filthy Zionists would slaughter thousands of people in Miami.

- The fearsome Islamic cleric Al-Sadr in Iraq would destroy the US invaders.

- The fearsome Saddam would drive the Americans out of Iraq.

- The might of Arab Air Power (stop laughing dammit) would destroy the Israelis and Americans.

- The Zionist North Korean regime (no really) would nuke Los Angeles

Not to be deterred from his brilliant geopolitical analysis, he has now predicted that American forces in the middle East will be wiped out by a fearsome Iraq-Iran coalition, who are now apparently armed with big scary rockets....

Since 1989 Iraq and Iran have quietly amassed more than three hundred block-2 Aérospatiale Matra Exocet and Chinese C 801 sea-skimming missiles, purchased to protect Middle East crude oil from theft. Back in 1982 a single Exocet was responsible for sinking the British destroyer HMS Sheffield, and then in 1987 aother single Exocet cut the American frigate USS Stark in half. Now these 300+ refurbished and updated sea-skimmers have been placed on high alert. Their most likely target is a giant U.S. aircraft carrier trapped in the narrow waters of the Persian Gulf, loaded down with 70 aircraft and 5,500 very vulnerable American sailors

And the the Israelis should be really scared too;

Those licking their lips at the possibility of reprisals against Iran had best shut their mouths again, because there will not be any. Every attack jet that bursts out of an Iranian valley will be carrying the correct insignia of the Iraqi Air Force, notionally and factually at war with America since the illegal invasion of its sovereign territory. It will be defense at its very best, and entirely allowable under the umpire's rules. If the Zionists ignore the umpire and attack Iran, it is reasonable to expect that two unstoppable Mach 2.0 supersonic nuclear Sunburns will then be launched in the direction of Tel Aviv and Haifa. Game, set and match.

Joe seems to have a fetish for Arab nukes. I think he's just trying to get Richard Neville to shag him.


More motorcycle testing

A few days back I test-rode two very different motorcycles: Kawsaki's massively powerful ZX-12, and Honda's all-purpose Transalp 650.

Kawasaki ZX-12

Let's get this out of the way: the ZX-12 is the fastest production vehicle on earth.

Yes, it's faster than a Lamborghini Murcielago. No, I'm not kidding. It goes from 0-100kph in 2.9 seconds. It has a real, measured top speed of over 300kph. And that's in stock-standard, on-the-road condition. The Lambo will cost you $600k. The ZX12 will cost you $20k.

Unfortunately, beyond the thrill of the straight-line acceleration, I didn't particularly enjoy riding the ZX-12, despite my soft spot for big roadburners.

The big Kwak is very uncomfortable for this class of bike, with too much weight on the wrists and a hard seat. The bike steered well but the front end felt strange, meaning I didn't feel secure in corners. The light-switch throttle made city riding a jerky, irritating experience.

On the up-side, it looks horn, sounds great, the mirrors & fairing work well and the finish is top-notch.

Ultimately, the ZX-12 is in a strange no-mans land between the new generation of nimble-but-powerful sports bikes, and big, comfy sports-tourers. It's also expensive to buy, and you'll have to own your own rubber plantation to keep the thing in tyres.

A great autobahn bike, it simply feels out of place everywhere else.

Honda Transalp 650

After riding a Triumph Tiger a few months back, I was keen to test Honda's entry into the dual-purpose market.

Dual-purpose bikes are not "dirt bikes" (they are too heavy for that), but rather bikes oriented toward road use, but with the capability to tackle dirt roads and sand where the need arises.

I actually enjoyed riding the Honda more than the Triumph. The Honda's 650cc v-twin engine has enough grunt for the highway and most importantly for overtaking duties.

The ergonomics are great, with the high-wide handlebars making for a real feeling of control for traffic, cornering and dirt duties. Tight U-turns are a cinch.

The clutch and gearbox are smooth, the seat seems comfy, the wind protection is very good.

And as is typical for Honda, the instrumentation, build-quality and finish are top-notch.

There's a bunch of accessories to go with it too: hard luggage, heated grips, etc.

If I get around to buying a dual-purpose bike to do my around-Aus ride one day, the Transalp will be very hard to beat in the value-for-money stakes.


11 August 2004

Fresh Nutty Dick

Richard Neville has a new "essay" up.

It's the usual deranged and distempered prose, except there's something rather amusing this time: Richard throws in a few rants about "mini nukes". You know, those frightening, non-existent weapons the Americans aren't blowing us up with.

To my overseas readers: Richard isn't just some conspirazoid headcase on the web. This idiot is actually a well-known and respected media commentator.

Richard might well end up as crazy as his fellow "mini nukes" loony, Joe Vialls.


Updated stuff

I've added a whole bunch of info to the about page.


9 August 2004

Goodbye dickhead

Butler resigns as Tasmanian Governor

Unfortunately, he'll probably be sucking on the public tit in the form of a massive pension for the rest of his life.

I would say something comforting like "it beats having to put up with the stupid git in public life", except it didn't work for Malcolm Fraser.


"The world game", my arse

John Hawkins is right on the money: soccer sucks

Put quite simply, if there were a competition for the "most boring, least action packed sport on Earth," soccer would be a strong contender for the crown. I mean, almost every sport you can imagine has more going on than soccer. Baseball, golf, cricket, WNBA basketball, slow pitch softball, ping pong, freeze tag, foosball, you name it, it's all a thrill-a-minute rocket ride down the side of Mt. Everest compared to footie.

Soccer is like watching the "Blair Witch Project" for the sixth time, counting grains of sand on the beach, or trying to sing every verse of "37,000 bottles of beer on the wall". How all of these "soccer hooligans" can stay awake through an entire game, much less muster the energy to riot afterwards, is beyond me.

Moreover, soccer is such a tedious "slug race on a sheet of flypaper" sport, that the only enjoyment most Americans get out of it is knowing that when we win, the fact that we don't care is like a shiv to the heart of soccer fans from whiny, ungrateful, countries around the world who complain incessantly about our country.

The problem I have with soccer isn't just the game, it's the fans, who are all-too-often obsessive, humourless bores who simply cannot fathom how anyone could fail to have an interest in this shit game.

Yes, Les Murray and Johnny Warren, I'm talking about you.


Attention Los Angeles residents

Crazy Joe has discovered that you're about to get nuked by in, um, North Korea.


General Tommy Franks: honorary aussie

This is cool.



Check out this brilliant photo of Sydney Harbour.

Thanks to Slatts for the link.


This week's Greens

The current collection of sociopathic lefty bluster is particularly energetic...

- Rohan Pearce blathers "Michael Moore's media critics are the liars".

But for all the snide asides about Moore's work being inaccurate, none of the critics have found incontestable errors of fact in the film.

Not surprisingly, Pearce The Dickbrain chooses not to mention David Kopel.

- The greenies are still in love with one particular mass-murderer...

Cuban children, whose physical, mental and moral health is the number one priority of the revolution, are protected by more severe laws than those of the United States and that they all attend school, including more than 50,000 who suffer from mental or physical disabilities and that, without exception, receive specialised care in special education centres

Gee. Sounds like paradise. Must be why thousands of them throw themselves onto rafts and risk drowning to get to the USA.


3 August 2004

Quote of the day

Justice is not a frivilous thing, Simpson. It has little if anything to do with a disobedient whale.

- Seymour Skinner, The Simpsons


Shameless discount-grubbing

Can anyone recommend a cheap motel in Sydney?

Proximity to the city is probably out of the question, but being short walking distance to a train station would be good enough.

Or, in the unlikely event one of my readers actually runs a motel, I will gladly offer plenty of cheap publicity in return for a discount.....



Some google searches through which people have found this site...

''troops vietnam circumcision''

The infamous Hebrew Hellraisers

al sharpton alien abduction

If only

calvin hobbes so far behind

Behind what?

fuck you fuck your fucking pizza and fuck frank sinatra



Idiot of the day

One of aus.politcs more frequent posters goes by the handle of "The Man". Today, he shares his latest brainwave.....

To believe there is an Israel means you must first believe in Judism.

As an Athiest, I do not believe in Judism, therefore I do not believe Israel is a real country. Like the other 6 Billion people in the world, the idea of a Jewish state is ridiculous.

The country of Palestine however, I do know to exist. I can go and look at maps pre-1948 and see the country clearly marked as Palestine, in fact it's been that way for thousands of years.

Therefore Israel is merely subjective... and i do not believe in it

Not surprisingly, 'The Man' has announced he will be voting for Mark Latham.


Another list of truth

1: The Americans did not "arm Saddam". The peace-loving French, Russians and Chinese did that.

2: The CIA did not put Saddam in power.

3: There was never an Arab nation of "Palestine".

4: Brian Cox made a much better Hannibal Lecter than Hopkins did.

5: Formula 1 is the world's dullest motorsport.

6: Truck racing is the world's dumbest motorsport.

6: Synchronised swimming is not a sport. Ballroom dancing is not a sport. Aerobics is not a sport. Chess is not a sport. Figure skating is not a sport. Rythmic gymnastics is not a sport.

7: Basketball is a sport, but that doesn't stop it from sucking.

28 July 2004

Quote of the day

Even my boogers are spicy

- Ralph Wiggum, The Simpsons


Site stuff

I've fiddled with the sidebar on the left, and updated my "about" page.


In Pizza Veritas

If you're new to this site, check out my mini-essay on Pizza & Capitalism.


Favourite TV characters, part 2...

Character: Lieutenant Kif Kroker
Actor: voiced by Maurice LaMarche
Show: Futurama


27 July 2004

Favourite TV characters, part 1...

Character: Simon Adebisi
Actor: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Show: Oz

Played with surprising restraint and sly humour by former model Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Simon Adebisi - a Nigerian-born cop-killer - ruled over the experimental prison wing 'Emerald City' for four seasons.

A grand schemer of rare cunning, utter ruthlessness and eerie charisma, Adebisi rarely got his hands dirty in his desire to control Emerald City's drug trade. While occassionally exploding into a violent rage, Adebisi's gift was in the plot and counter-plot, the turning of one prisoner against another.

Not only a great character, he was used brilliantly by the writers/directors, and was a key ingredient in making OZ such a compelling, bloody treat.

Foreign Aid vs Fido

Great little piece by Alex Robson.

The lies and lies of Michael Moore

For those inclined to believe anything they see in Farenheit 9/11, I suggest reading through Dave Kopel's long and devastating demolition of this supposed "documentary".

Saying it again, because it's fun

Harleys suck.

Actually, Harleys are kinda cool, because they prove you can succeed no matter how bad your product is, so long as you have the right marketing skills.

.....Engines which couldn't pull a lesbian off your sister.....

This wheezy, overweight piece of crap will set you back thirty thousand dollars...

.....soggy suspension which is deliberately designed not to work (I'm talking about the horizontally slanted rear shocks, so designed because they look cooler that way)..... quality which would shame even the Italian manufacturers (Harley's big, anemic engines have the worst stress tolerances in the motorcycling world, not to mention the shit finish and muddy brakes).....

....handling which resembles a chaff bag filled with custard. You can forget going around corners on these things: even if the crap suspension and crummy overweight chassis was up to it, they have zero ground clearance and a wider turning circle than a bus......

...minimal luggage-carrying capacity & terrible passenger seats....

....they're ugly. To all those people who ride chromed-up Harleys: do you have any idea how stupid you look?

....comfort is much overrated. Apart from the shit suspension sending every bump directly up your spine and through your kidneys, you have crap seats to deal with. And a bolt-upright riding position produces the not-fun "wind-sock" effect....

...ludicrously overpriced. These bikes would be a rip-off at half the price. If you must have a cruiser, buy Japanese: better engines, suspension, reliability, comfort and value.....

So, it's safe to say that I don't "get" Harleys. If the only places you ride are long, smooth highways with no bends, then a Harley would make sense.

Personally, I'd rather eat hair. If I wanted a slow, boring bike, I'd buy a scooter. At least they can go around corners, and I'd have the money left over to buy a real bike.

Green vomit

The tree-hugging, freedom-hating stalinists are in fine form this week....

- Coca-Cola is really evil or something.

- they're wetting themselves over Michael Moore's Fiction-mentary. However, they don't seem too keen to discuss Dave Kopel's demolition of the movie, beyond saying...

Unfortunately for Bolt, Kopel and their ilk, Moore has produced an extensive list of sources for all the claims made in Fahrenheit 9/11 and posted rebuttals of claims that his film is inaccurate on his website (<>).

Well actually dumbass, he's hardly rebutted anything in Kopel's essay. Go click this link: Kopel has listed Moore's responses... there aren't too many of them. I especially note the lack of response to Kopel's dissection of Moore's looney Unocal pipeline conspiracies.

Then there's this howler...

As Moore pointed out in an interview with the July 12 Time magazine: “There's lots of disagreement with my analysis of these facts or my opinion based on the facts. But there is not a single factual error in the movie. I'm thinking of offering a $10,000 reward for anyone that can find a single fact that's wrong.”

I notice Moore hasn't come good with this promise, which would probably leave him $500,000 poorer if his lack of responses to Kopel is anything to go by. Note how many times Kopel has explicitly labelled Moore's claims as lies, and how few times Moore refutes it.

Given the Green Left's love of Castro's totalitarian state, it's no surprise they love a movie like this. Leftism and reality rarely meet.

Back to Michael Moore again

Some sorry-ass, Castro-loving looney has set up a Moore-loving website 'Who's with Michael Moore?'.

Some of the dorks in the comments are provide amusement:

When I visited the US a year ago I was shocked and horrified at all those stars and stripes flags hanging outside people's homes.

Castro locking up political opponents is A-OK, but people flying flags is horrifying.

20 July 2004

Sasha's duet

Ms Castel has a couple of excellent posts up right now after a brief absence.

The first deals with religion and the followers thereof.

The second is a review of the mesmerising prison drama OZ. A show where physically, mentally, and emotionally, everyone is fucking everyone else up the ass.

The nanny state marches on

In an effort to prevent the terrifying 'crimes' such ticket scalping, a collection of local government statist pricks wants to give park rangers the power to search bags.

Rangers may soon be allowed to search people's bags, picnic baskets, eskies and even drinking bottles in some of Sydney's most popular parks.


Unlike most police search powers, there is no requirement in the draft rules for rangers to suspect criminal activity before conducting a search - and if park visitors refuse, they could be removed and fined $175 if they try to come back.

The draft rules state anyone must "open any bag, container or other thing" they have and "permit inspection of its contents" if asked by an "authorised person". The Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust has proposed the powers and released them for public discussion.

Let me get this right, I'm in a public place, I'm not conducting any criminal activity, but some little prick official has the right to search my bag, and I'm going to forcibly removed and fined if I say no?

Go forth and multiply, you commie scum.

Any park ranger trying to search my person is going to get punched in the face. You have been warned.

A question for film buffs

Is Warren Beatty the worst actor of all time?

Honestly, I can't say I've ever seen a scene with him where he didn't appear to be A) constipated, B) trying out for a hair gel commercial, or C) looking at his cue cards.

Yes, I've seen Bugsy. I've seen Bonnie and Clyde. I've seen that piece of crap with Natalie Wood in it that Elia Kazan directed.

The man cannot act. I've seen Dennis Rodman turn in better performances than this putz.

Beatty is so jarringly out-of-place, regardless of setting, script quality, co-actors or film genre.

His only comedic skills are unintentional. His dramatic roles are like Krusty The Klown playing Travis Bickle. His romantic scenes have all the grace of Anna Nicole-Smith dry-humping Snoop Doggy Dog. He doesn't even have the cheesy bad-actor appeal of a William Shatner.

Not surprisingly, Beatty is a multiple-Oscar winner.

19 July 2004

Quote of the day

Remember lieutenant, the quickest way to a girl's bed is through her parents. Have sex with them and you're in.

- Zapp Brannigan, Futurama

Zionist Air Attack on U.S. Planned for October 2004

So sayeth Crazy Joe.

Greenies shilling for Castro

Still pining for their lost hero Saddam Hussein, the Green Ones still have their brave poster-boy thug in Havana to look up to:

With these and many other provocations looming over the Cuban people, they have nevertheless been able to beat the odds and have established a society that has stood against the capitalist rampage that we see all over the world.

Cuba's population of 11 million people has access to some of the world's best health and educational facilities. The infant mortality rate is one of the world's lowest. According to World Health Organisation statistics, as of 2002 Cuba had a lower child morality rate than its immensely richer, northern capital neighbour.

Awwww. Paradise indeed. Well, so long as you're not an advocate of democracy or critical of Castro, or are gay, or want to own private property, or want to leave Cuba.

As for the ungrateful little bastards who try to swim to Miami to escape this workers' paradise, well, they are labelled as terrorists.


A map of the world, from an Aussie perspective.


Report: Israel's 'first strike' plan against Iran ready

Israel has completed military rehearsals for a pre-emptive strike against Iran's nuclear power facility at Bushehr, Israeli officials told the London-based Sunday Times.


An Israeli defense source in Tel Aviv, who confirmed that the military rehearsals had taken place, told the paper: "Israel will on no account permit Iranian reactors - especially the one being built in Bushehr with Russian help - to go critical."


"If the worst comes to the worst and international efforts fail," the source was quoted as saying, "we are very confident we'll be able to demolish the ayatollahs' nuclear aspirations in one go."


With most of the planet turning into Islamofascist-appeasing wimps, it's good to see that the Israelis - as usual - understand what needs to be done in dealing with these prehistoric savages.

(courtesy of the delightful Kathy)

...and while I think of it...

Fuck Mamdouh Habib. Little Talibani sack of shit. I hope he dies. Fuck him and his family.

Your taxes at work

Give this man your tax money. He knows what is good for you.

Media Watch windbag David Marr used almost the entire length of this week's program to inform us of a horrifying truth: the Today show one morning showed 21.5 minutes of ads instead of 16.

Ye Gods!!!!!!

Yes, horrible. This is apparently a violation of a voluntary code of practice. Marr finds this disgraceful, and wants lots of lovely government intervention to prevent us from watching more ads, coz as we all know, we need to government to protect us from having to choose if we want to watch ads or not.

I'm so glad this cretin gets to use $1.2 million of my money a year, aren't you?

Fucking tax-sucking parasite wanker. The sooner the ABC is privatised, the better. If people think this ponce is providing a useful service, let them pay for it.


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