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1 December 2003

My head feels fuzzy

Had the bender from hell on Friday - office Xmas party don't ya know. A case of beer, a case of wine, and six bottles of Wild Turkey were disposed of in merciless fashion. Oh, not to mention a swig or three of home-made liqueur.

I passed out in the toilet cubicle. I'm quite proud of myself.

Pretty much spent the weekend quietly recovering, saw us beat the crybaby Spaniards in the Davis Cup, and watched two spoiled wankers do idiotic things on the racetrack. (Congrats to Mr Ambrose on winning Ford's first V8 title since 1997).

Anyway, I'm busy with some other stuff tonight so I'll see y'all tomorrow.

27 November 2003

Headline of the day

Check out the headline to this story. Hehehehe.

(UPDATE: it appears the page has been removed. Pity. It involved a poor choice of words relating to Michael Jackson and a common activity involving the hand)

Thanks to Zoopie for the link.

Australia's own Jihad lunatics

Me and my transsexual pig Ummah were surfing the web tonight when we came across something I haven't read in a while: The Call to Islam, "Australia's leading Islamic periodical". A wonderful resource for budding Talibanis everywhere.

Here's their current editorial:

The Muslim Nation does not concede to Defeat

I'm so relieved your miserable, prehistoric, barbaric culture is so bravely leading the fight against modernity and freedom. How proud you must be.

the Taliban were never defeated, for they had executed a tactical withdrawal of their troops from major cities to preserve their arms and fighters

Clever stuff. Run away like a bunch of little girls, lose all your territory and lose government. Otherwise known as French Infantry Tactics.

The crusaders and their apostate agents have so far failed miserably in detaining even one influential member of the Taliban movement or Al-Qaidah.

Except all the ones they've captured I guess.

The only achievement of the US invasion was the spread of poverty, crimes, diseases, lack of security and drug trafficking in areas under the control of the satanic alliance.

Oh, and allowing 50% of the population to be treated in a semi-human fashion again. As a good fundamentalist, one is horrified by the thought.

Once again, and in a Zionist-like manner, the US administration exercised the same inhuman and barbaric policies in their attempt to take control over Iraq, as reflected through the random detention of Iraqi men, women, elderly and even children; and the destruction and looting of their homes and properties under the claim of ‘hunting down’ resistance fighters.

In a Zionist like manner indeed: with respect for human rights, freedom of speech and rebuilding infrastructure. Something the "Muslim Nation" has never accomplished.

It is about time the US realise they are fighting a losing battle against Islam, for Islam is the True religion of God. A nation that takes the True religion and its Shari’ah as a way of life can never be defeated.

It can never have democracy or anything resembling a modern civilisation either if the entire history of Islam is anything to go by. Your culture has produced not one single free, successful society. You invent nothing, you contribute nothing, and your "nation" is a poverty-stricken, uneducated cesspool of ignorance and hatred, despite your possession of endless quantities of black gold.

The Muslim nation may lose a battle or two but they can never lose the war.

News dude: they can nuke your entire civilisation out of existence any time they want. And there is nothing you could do to stop them, Allah-boy.

Jesus, you scimitar-waving losers couldn't even beat the Israelis, let alone the USA. This is why you blow up buses filled with schoolchildren and beat women to death. The impotence of Islamic rage is a thing of almost comical wonder.

Remember, this publication is written right here in Australia. I'm so glad our government let these nice people into the country, aren't you? And some people wonder why Islam has an image problem. Not that this stops them whinging about "the propaganda campaign hatred and fear against Islam and Muslims".

Oh, and did I mention their disgusting interview with the Chief Murdering Bastard of Hamas? Just check out these grotesque excerpts:

Firstly, this is the custom of the Jews, for they are the killers of prophets, and the killers of the preachers who enjoin justice. Their criminal nature will never change.

The Jews have designs and ambitions in Palestine and in surrounding countries, and they utilize terrorism to materialise their plans and accomplish their ‘holy’ prophecies.

our charter states Palestine is a Muslim land that falls under the category of ‘Waqf’ in Islamic Law. Hence no leader, group, people or any generation is permitted to surrender a single hand-span of it to a non-Muslim. This is why we do not recognise the sovereignty of Jews on a hand-span of our country.

we shall regain every hand-span of our country (encompassing all land) between its sea-borders (in the west) to its river (in the east).

Certainly the Intifada is continuing and shall not stop. Truce may actually be a cause for stirring up the Intifada not weakening it.

Finally, we can only thank our brothers in the Editing Team of Nida’ul Islam, and ask Allah (swt) to bless their efforts and guide them to that which He loves and is pleased with.

Welcome to Islam, The Religion of Peace.

Here's my stab at an open letter to the editor:

Dear Sir,

Get out of my country, you filthy fucking bastards.



The Museum of Burnt Food

Thanks to DC Jensen for this educational link.

Australia's "independent" journalists hand out the highest praise

Good to know there is an organisation in Australia dedicated to uncorrupted, independent journalism.

They assure us that:

The Australian Centre for Independent Journalism (ACIJ) is fully committed to the principle that democratic societies require independent, critical and investigative journalism of the highest standard.

And to show us exactly what they mean by "journalism of the highest standard", they've just endorsed the Stalinist lunatics at The Green Left Weekly:

As our mainstream press moves further to the right and mostly forgets those with little power or money, Green Left Weekly provides a crucial social justice perspective and lots of stories you won't find elsewhere. I particularly like its international flavour with is so much broader than the commercial media which seems to have blacked out most of the world -- Wendy Bacon, Australian Centre for Independent Journalism.

It's good to remember that the GLW's "social justice perspective" includes starry-eyed worship of Cuba - where 18,000 political dissidents have been murdered, where there are prisons for gays and AIDS sufferers, and where there is absolutely zero freedom of speech, assembly, movement, or come to think of it, where there are absolutely no independent journalists.

Nice people, these fearless, free-thinking journos.

Another Jew in Oz

'Tom Paine' has become an aussie.

Of course, according to some jew-hating freaks, Tom will now start spitting on 'real' Aussies and sell state secrets to his big-nosed Illuminati masters in Tel Aviv.

Capitalism is going to collapse!!.... no, it's really going to happen this time.....

The Green Left Weekly is predicting the downfall of capitalism...again:

Renowned Marxist historian Humphrey McQueen opened the conference with a key-note address on the topic “Can capitalism collapse?”. He said he had first considered this question when he was 19 at a seminar organised by Young Labor in 1960. Labor shadow minister Frank Crean had addressed the question of whether capitalism could survive, answering affirmatively, but only for another 30-40 years. McQueen argued that the scale of capitalist crisis that exists now puts the question of collapse back on the agenda again.

McQueen used the example of Chinese capitalism as it exists today, and its similarity with the early capitalism portrayed by Marx in Capital, as the herald of what a collapse might bring to the rest of the world.

Communist forecasters - the Hal Lindseys of the economic world.

Arafish's blood-stained riches

Great article at Frontpage about how the world's smelliest mass-murdering terrorist thug has diverted public money to wage his war to exterminate Jews:

Recently, 60 Minutes ran an investigative report on Arafat showing that he has diverted nearly $1 billion in public funds to insure his political survival. As Lesley Stahl reports, “Although the money for the portfolio came from public funds like Palestinian taxes, virtually none of it was used for the Palestinian people; it was all controlled by Arafat. [i]”


Arafat wants his people to believe that creating a Palestinian state is costlier than they realize and that he should not have to publicly clarify the many expenses involved in creating the new state. According to Mohammed Rachid, Arafat's former economic adviser, it is estimated that Arafat had over $300 million dollars in his possession in order to create jobs, improve the medical facilities and help put food on people’s tables. One need only view the poverty and lack of services in the West Bank and especially Gaza in order to see that funds were not allocated towards these ends. This raises the big question – why did Arafat not use the PA’s revenue in a way that would benefit all Palestinians?

The answer is quite simple. If the socio-economic conditions improved in Gaza and the West Bank Arafat would have a very difficult time maintaining the idea that Israel is “oppressing” the Palestinian people. Improving economic conditions in the disputed territories would possibly lead to a lessening of Arafat’s control over Palestinian affairs, and as his self-preservation at all costs attitude demonstrates, Yasir Arafat is more interested in maintaining control than improving the Palestinians’ situation. Moreover, the rise of hope produced by improved conditions in the territories would cause an immediate drop in the rational for terrorist activities against Israeli civilians. As long as the Palestinian people view peace as something prevented by Israel Arafat can continue cultivating the hatred needed to perpetuate the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

Wait a minute, isn't the suffering of Palestinians all caused by the evil bloodsucking Jews?

And can someone please explain why Israel just hasn't killed this piece of excrement already?

More of that non-existent anti-semitism

Damian Penny brings us more cheery updates. Personally, I still reckon all them Jews are just paranoid you know.....

Oh, and LGF links to another story on non-existent French anti-semitism.

But wait, here's another link, talking about those non-existent double-standards that come into effect when the UN deal with Israel.

These damn Jews and their delusional persecution complex. They're all just ganging up on us to make us all feel bad. Hell, next they'll start whinging about Babi Yar again.

25 November 2003

Guns, Blood and Guts

Someone in the ABC's PC-standards department must have been asleep at the wheel tonight. For a while I wondered if I wasn't just imagining it.

Tonight's episode of A Big Country Revisited was dedicated to a good old-fashioned aussie bloke - Bob Penfold - who has killed over 100,000 animals since first appearing on the show back in 1973.

The show opened with the old footage of him handloading his ammo, and describing in intricate detail how his hollowpoint rifle bullet tears through the flesh and bone of a deer. I could feel thousands of pants-wetting ABC watchers around the country going bonkers at that very moment. And it just got better as it went on.

Back in '73, Penfold was a humble panelbeater who enjoyed hunting deer in his spare time. The gun-fearing-wussy crowd were probably hoping this follow-up show would show him having mended his ways. Instead he had become even more non-PC and evil: becoming a millionaire running a business as a tour guide for rich americans (gasp!!) who want to come and blow away Australian wildlife with large, powerful rifles.

Much glorious hunting footage was shown. The EVIL visiting hunters blowing away their prey, and smiling about it afterwards. We also got to see our happy tour guide butchering the carcasses and sticking their now trophy-heads into carry bags, and dragging a large dead beast along the road via a rope attached to their car. Bwahahaha.

Everyone was having a great time of it, except maybe thousands of ABC viewers, who must be shitting themselves right now. Guns!! Hunting!! Dead Animals!! Unrepentant predatory white Americans!!

Without doubt, the best half-hour of TV I've seen in years.

Bob Penfold: Aussie, hunter, God.

And while I'm on the subject, here are some guns I'd like to buy

Browning BAR Safari (in .308 Win and with scope)

CZ 550 Safari Magnum (in .458 WinM)

Browning A-Bolt Eclipse Hunter (in .270 Win)


Great Illusion

Remarkable stuff. Those two squares are the same shade of grey.

Some other excellent brain-scramblers can be found here.

Thanks to Zoopie for the link.

24 November 2003

Richard Neville Insanity Watch

Our atrophied crackpot commentator has provided a link to conspirazoid site What Really Happened, saying it can enlarge your horizon.

Go wrap your head in tinfoil, Richard.

Russell Crowe: celebrity, actor, dickhead

An angry waitress has reportedly accused Russell Crowe of swearing at her after she offered him a salmon snack.

Vanessa Boni was working at a London party to celebrate the release of the Australian actor's new movie the Master and Commander star when she approached him with a tray of salmon nibbles, reports

Crowe was chatting with singer Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler, when the alleged incident occurred.

The 20-year-old Boni claims he reacted furiously to her - much to the shock of his celebrity companions.

"I was in a special VIP room and offered him a snack," Boni said.

"But he said to me, 'F--- off, with your f------ salmon.' I was completely and utterly shocked and just walked away. Sting and Trudie also looked shocked. I refused to serve him for the rest of the night and made a formal complaint. There was no evidence he was drunk - it was early in the evening. It was just outrageous."

Where's Mark Chapman when we need him?

Nah, no anti-semitism to see here.........

Zem at Vigilant TV brings us this lovely photo, taken in an inner Sydney suburb last month.

Another example of that non-existent anti-semitism those silly Israeli lackeys keep complaining about.

Oh wait, the people responsible for what's in the photo are "anti-zionist", not anti-Jewish. How foolish of me.

Arrghhh!!!! My eyes!!!!

Thanks to Darth Spacey for this. A quite brilliantly-designed optical illusion.

I'm so happy

The Guardian reports that the IRA-loving, talentless greasy dimwit Mickey Rourke is making a comeback:

I think this paragraph says it all:

Though none of his films hit it big in the US, Europe loved him, particularly France, where Rourke was embraced with a passion that only Jerry Lewis had known before him. 9? Weeks played for two years in Paris.


22 November 2003

Question of the day

is there yet any proof Osama had anything to do with 9/11?

A question someone actually asked at the A.L.S. website

Hating Israel

Some dweeb named Michael Talismann sent me an angry e-mail promising he had intellectually demolished me on his blog, over my Niall Cook/Israel post.

It was somewhat underwhelming. He adopts the politically-correct pose of modern Israel-hatred: put revolting anti-Jewish conspiracy theories inside a pretence to independent, honest thinking, and make it look like you're arguing against prejudice. Though I fear saying this makes him sound a lot smarter than he is.

This post is devoted to one such idiot. He thinks he is a “conservative” but to me he proves himself anything but.

Remarkable, considering I've never claimed to be a conservative, have posted numerous "why I'm not a conservative" items, support gay rights and drug legalisation. This is some insightful, investigative genius we've got here.

In fact, his entire post looks like a anti-Israel conspiracy rant with a cut-n-pasted article from Haaretz chucked in to make it look as if he knows what he's talking about.

In post after post of gushing, embarrassingly-poorly researched fawning dribble, he time and again seeks to prove his worth to his political masters in Tel Aviv.

Hey, it's those nasty, conspiring Jewboys at it again. Pity I'm an atheist.

Cue a rash of stupid rhetorical questions....

Why can’t these people just be loyal to Australia and its close allies?

I am. Next.

Why does he need to choose a side in a conflict that is not ours?

Palestine's Greatest Hero

Hajj Amin Al Husseini, pictured with his German pals.

Hitler's wartime ally, a man Arafat hailed as "our hero".

A man even Edward Said claimed had overwhelming support among Palestinian muslims.

Al Husseini demanded the extermination of all Jews in the Middle East.

Of course, the Jews are the bad guys...right?

Because one side is a democratic country which respects the rule of law and human rights, whereas the other side has rejected every peace offer and has at every stage attempted to exterminate the Jewish population in the Middle East.

Besides, if you believe what you say, then why are you bothering to write about this at all, if it is no concern of yours?

Trained, since birth, to respect, obey, admire and cherish the real benefits that we derive from our “alliance” with the Israelis.

Since birth? If you say so. Except I had little interest in the issue up until a few years ago. Talk about building a straw man.

Then there's three paragraphs of some demented rant against the Australia-Israel alliance, or something. This guy has serious problems sticking to the point.

I don’t begrudge the Israelis for what they do. They are perhaps the most pure, undistilled example of a self-interest-motivated people in the history of the concept.

Can't imagine why that would be, considering their neighbours have been trying to exterminate them for most of their history.

Through initiation rites, that person will be brought into the world’s longest-lasting anti-humanistic, anti-universalistic tribe in the world. And I, a Gentile, will be forever merely that to them.

Thank you, Dr. Streicher.

That they will go on to forever play lip-service to Israel as their spiritual “homeland” is nauseating. That they would sell Australia or America down the river for a nation they never may have visited is despicable.

This loon is off his meds. Who is he talking about who has "sold us down the river"? Oh, he means the filthy Jews.

And the lackeys. Oh Jesus, how they piss me off. One step away from being comdemned traitors in my books

Ya got me: I confess! I've been selling Australian babies to the Jooooos for their blood-rites ceremonies!

Then, after cutting and pasting my entire article, he goes on with this:

But none of that would occur for a moment to our red-necked friend here. He has his good guy in white (Israel and all Jews) and the bad guy in black (all stinky Arabs) and that is all he needs to know.

No, I've got the history of Arab attempts to slaughter Jews in the middle East. It's the history none of our Israel-hating loons seem to keen to discuss.

That;s fine with me, if that was as far as it went. If he wanted to wallow in fucking stupidity and servile glee, who am I to intrude? But when he thinks he is showing off his knowledge of the Israeli/Arab conflict, and only displays a stunning lack of basic knowledge, it annoys the shit out of me.

Conservative, Leftist, Greenie, whatever. I don’t care. But do your fucking homework. If you want to believe something, about anything, good or bad, learn about it first. THEN make up your fucking small-assed mind about it.

I have. Sorry it doesn't fit into your paranoid Evil-Jew-Conspiracies.

To mask his own meathead argument, our paragon of intellectual virtue then cut-n-pastes an article from Haaretz.

Some of which is almost comically insane. Some of my favourites:

- "the obvious effort the Palestinians are making to rehabilitate the trust in them".

ie. Go drive yourselves into the sea Jew-boys, or we'll start killing you again.

You will notice there is no mention of the PLO and Hamas official charters continuing to promise the destruction of Israel.

- Notice the lie about "occupied Palestinian territories". You know, the ones the Arabs lost in their war of Jew-extermination which they started.

- Lots of waffle of "sovereignty". Naturally, no mention that all these borders and secrutity arrangements were the bare minimum for Israel's to be able to defend itself from the Arabs who still have the destruction of Israel as part of their charter.

A question for Michael, Niall and other Israel-hating freaks: do you seriously believe any Muslim nation or militant group would not destroy Israel if they were able to do so? Muslims haven't wiped out the Jews because they can't. Jews haven't wiped out Muslims because they don't want to.

Do you dolts not understand the difference?

Back to the article.....

- This crap:

Why did the peace process fall apart just as it was making real progress toward a permanent agreement?

Palestinians entered the peace process on the understanding that (1) it would deliver concrete improvements to their lives during the interim period [...] But the peace process delivered none of these things. Instead, Palestinians suffered more burdensome restrictions on their movement

Gosh, I guess the Palestinian homicide goons had nothing to do with this.

and a serious decline in their economic situation.

Arafat has strangely been able to accumulate Swiss bank accounts worth more than $300 million. Strange he doesn't share the wealth.

Israeli colonies expanded at an unprecedented pace and the West Bank and Gaza Strip became more fragmented with the construction of settler "by-pass" roads and the proliferation of Israeli military checkpoints.

In other words, Arabs can keeping blowing up Jews, but the Jews need to stick by the rules.

Nah, no double-standards to see here folks.

Deadlines were repeatedly missed in the implementation of agreements. In sum, Palestinians simply did not experience any "progress" in terms of their daily lives.

Funny, it looks like homicidal Muslims might have had a lot to do with this.

- and some more:

Palestinians felt that they had been betrayed by Israel

Jesus, even the Saudi negotiator (Prince Bandar) told Arafat that they could not hope for a better offer, and described Arafat's rejection of it as a "crime".

- and finally, this vile lunacy:

The refugees were never seriously discussed at Camp David because Prime Minister Barak declared that Israel bore no responsibility for the refugee problem or its solution.

I guess the $30 billion compensation package didn't count for much then eh? (come to think of it, the Arab nations never seemed too keen on giving them refuge. What? You mean the Arabs were willing to use their own people as pawns to use against Jews??)

Obviously, there can be no comprehensive solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict without resolving one of its key components: the plight of the Palestinian refugees.

Damn those Jews and their filthy compensation money!

And, maybe it's impolite to ask: but why haven't any Arab nations offered to resettle Jewish refugees, driven out of other middle-eastern countries?

Great article eh? Could have been scribed by Arafish himself.

Now that his cut-and-paste substitute for argument has ended, Michael Talismann continues with his own ravings:

Every single assertion made by the “Conservative” blogger proven to be completely mistaken. Simple total lack of education on his part.

Sorry, your PLO propaganda is rather feeble.

BTW, I'm not a "conservative" blogger. Does this mullet actually do any research himself?

I suppose that, being a man of integrity, he will apologize to Niall Cook. Yeah, right.

Don't hold your breath, conspiracy freakboy.

But it isn’t his fault. He has been lied to, a lot. By Zionistic lobbyists, by mindless, uncritical political commentators,

"Zionist lobbyists". Sheesh.

Care to name some of these Zionist propagandists, creepoid?

and lastly, most sad of all, he is driven by a need to reflexically oppose everything that the people on the left assert.

Apart from my support for gay rights, abortion, drug legalisation and anti-censorship. Try learning to read sometime.

And "reflexically"? I think you mean reflexively. Surprised you didn't know that with all your education.

And last, he gives us this:

Oh, one last thing. As though to the insubstantiality of this guy's assertions, I checked a few of the links to a supposed plethora of anti-semitic sites that were out there.

It appears your brains are what is insubstantial: I stated clearly they were posts from the aus.politics newsgroup, not "anti-semitic sites". Idiot.

Well, not one of the links worked. Nor did many of the others that he had on his site.

The only ones which didn't work are the ones for the collected posts under particular names, and the "should jews be exterminated" one has been fixed. All the others seem to work fine.

By the way, the link you gave to my site is for the site URL, you didn't even use the permalink to the Niall Cook piece. You're not quite in a position to give lectures on correct linking, are ya?

Maybe he thought nobody would bother to check. He sure doesn't.

Except I did. They worked for 2 days. I guess Google Groups is a little volatile. Tell you what dumbass, here's some simple instructions even you should be able to follow:

Go to
Click on "groups"
Type in "aus.politics"
Do a search in that newsgroup for all those names I mentioned. You know, those non-existent anti-semites of yours.

The funniest thing? This sad troglodyte has me in his blogroll as a recommended link. Hehehehe.

19 November 2003


I'm busy right now. Writing job applications. I'm in a job I hate but which pays very well and has great perks. But I've had enough.

Back in a day or two.

16 November 2003

Quote of the day

You can play with your magic nose goblins.

- Ren Hoëk

Yes, it IS the Arabs' fault

Grotesque stupidity of the day comes from Niall Cook (I've added my own emphasis to my favourite bit);

I'm quite sick of seeing supposed Zionists, or supporters of anything and everything which eminates from the Jewish state or Jewish support groups and thinktanks labelling anything said or written opposing the Israeli position on middle-eastern politics as anti-semitic.


For mine, I believe the Jewish state has a right to exist, and a right to protection of its citizens. I also believe that Palestinians living within what is known as the Jewish state of Israel have the same rights. After all, Palestine existed for millenia before Israel. Violence perpetrated by either side against the other is futile, proving and solving nothing. I believe the only way to peace for both nations, and I do believe Palestine to be a nation state deserving of the name, is for both parties to use intelligence, logic and rational thought processes to find a solution. Compromise is the only way, and in compromise, both sides in any dispute have to give way. There is nothing anti-semitic in compromise, just as there is nothing anti-semitic in disagreeing with the Israeli actions against Palestinians. There is, however, a teminology which exists for what the Israeli nation would prefer for the Palestinian nation. It's called genocide. Oh, the irony of it all.

Dear Niall,

I contemplated not responding to this sickening bilge, but I realised your attitudes are most likely based in your lack of coherent thought patterns and an ignorance of history. So, for your benefit, here are some quick points you may want to consider.

If Israel desired the genocide of Palestinians, it would have happened by now. It hasn't despite it being well within their capacity to do so.

Arabs, on the other hand, have made plenty of efforts to exterminate Israel, and failed. The 1967 war for example, where a bunch of peace-loving Arab nations tried to drive the Jews into the sea, got their arses kicked and their territory captured, and started screeching about the nasty Jews "occupying Palestinian land".

Given that Israel is a democratic society built on principles of human rights and rule of law (something not one single Arab country can claim), they do not have a desire to exterminate their neighbours, they want their neighbours to stop trying to exterminate them. Do you not understand the difference?

"Compromise is the only way, and in compromise, both sides in any dispute have to give way."

Oh? Then please explain why the "Palestinians" (quotation marks because no such nation has ever existed) have rejected every compromise offered by Israel, including Ehud Barak's proposal, which included:
- a separate Palestinian state with it's capital in Jerusalem
- 95% of the West Bank
- All of the Gaza strip
- control of the Temple Mount

- an offer of thirty billion dollars as compensation for the 1948 refugees

Arafat - of course - rejected this proposal (why have peace when there are Jews to be killed?).

Tell me Niall, what else does this country - which owns the barest fraction of the land and almost none of the natural resources - need to do before Arabs stop their psychotic Jew-hating genocidal rage?

Apart from allowing themselves to be slaughtered, the answer is "nothing".

The Jews - despite having no moral requirement to do so - have done everthing they can short of suicide to compromise and make peace with the Arabs.

The Arabs do not want peace, they want Israel wiped off the face of the earth.

Get it?

Until the Arabs pull themselves out of their diseased culture of barbarism, murder, hatred and envy, there will be no peace in the middle east. And the Arabs will be entirely to blame.

Home-grown crazies

If you haven't done so already, check out the psychofreaks on the aus.politics newsgroup:

Lots of jew-hating:

The Israeli's have just attacked Syria, a sovereign nation. That is an act
of war, and I hope the Arab world pulls together and retaliates against the

I hope the Syrians and Iranians get their act together to build weapons of
mass destruction to defend themselves from these Zionazi aggressors.

Another chap is generously posting the Protocols of The Elders of Zion.

And there's the lovely thread Should Jews Be Exterminated?

Switching lunacies, one nutcase sees "Australian Idol" as a plot by fundamentalist Christians to overthrow society:

I read where the leaders of a fundamentalist christian church have
contacted churches throughout Australia urging their members to vote
for Guy Sebastian for Australian teen idol who is a member of their
church. Obviously if Guy wins they will use him to market their
religion to gain more power and money.


No doubt abortion will soon be raised as a big issue in Australia by
the fundamentalist christians will a big influence in politics in
Australia like they do in the USA.

I also recommend the collected posts of raving anti-semite loonies Fasgnadh, Peter Terry and The Man. Peter even has an e-mail address. Be sure to send him a virus or two.

Oh, and I actually work at the same place as this fellow. He actually refers to Australia and USA as"The 4th Reich" and talks a lot about "Zionists".

14 November 2003

Millions of anti-semites can't be wrong!

The following opinion headline actually appeared in today's Canberra Times:

Majority see Israel as a threat to peace: maybe they're right

Gwynne Dyer's loathesome piece actually makes the argument that if most Europeans think Israel is the most dangerous country on the planet, then it must be true.

Why did an average of 59 per cent of their citizens say "yes", that Israel is a threat to world peace? One possible explanation is that 59 per cent of Swedes, Dutch, Spaniards and Italians are rabidly anti- Semitic and spend their spare time desecrating Jewish cemeteries. Another possibility, however, is that they genuinely think that Israel's present government is a threat to peace.


You wouldn't have got 59 per cent of Europeans identifying Israel as a threat to world peace 10 years ago, when Yitzhak Rabin was prime minister and the Oslo accords had just been signed.

They have changed their minds in response to changing events.

There are plenty of sensible, moderate people in Israel, but they are not in charge at the moment. There are still some old anti-Semites in the 15 countries of the EU, and some new ones too (mostly among recently arrived Muslim immigrant groups), but the vast majority of the Europeans who said Israel is a threat to world peace are not anti-Semitic.

They are just scared.

I'd prefer the word "assholes", but what's the point of arguing with these creeps?

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