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28 August 2003

The List of Truth

1: Western capitalist democracy is superior to all other forms of society and culture.
2: Ronald Reagan won the cold war and defeated communism.
3: The Soviet Union was an evil empire that murdered millions.
4: Socialism kills, free markets feed.
5: Wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt is the moral equivalent of wearing a swastika.
6: Public transport sucks.
7: The founding of the United States is the greatest thing to happen to the human race since the Magna Carta was signed.
8: Eddie Lawson is the greatest motorcycle racer of all time.
9: The free market is the most fair and efficient method of allocating resources.
10: Public broadcasters should be shut down or fully privatised.

The Guardian
loves Fidel

"Cuba's not perfect, but...."

Oh puke.

The 10 most influential Australians of the 20th Century

Scott Wickstein has counted the votes and come up with the list.

I chose five of the folks on his list. Here was mine.....

Robert Menzies
Gough Whitlam
Edith Cowan
Germaine Greer
Reverend John Flynn
Neville Bonner
Frank Packer
Don Bradman
Paul Hogan
Edward 'Weary'Dunlop


"Tom Paine" over at Silent Running is to become an Aussie. Now, certain rules have to be followed for our citizen-to-be, like no more smug mockery every time the All-Blacks win the Rugby.

He had a dream

Pity his successors made it turn to shit.

FORTY years ago today, Martin Luther King delivered possibly the most powerful speech in American politics since Abraham Lincoln defined what the United States stood for in his Gettysburg and Second Inaugural addresses of 1863 and 1864.

The century separating the speeches by the two men, both of whom were to be murdered by racists, was a shameful time for all Americans who believed in the promise of the Declaration of Independence, "that all men are created equal".

It was why King described his dream of hope "that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will be judged not by the colour of their skin but the content of their character".

Yet now, the "civil rights" movement is lead by worthless racist gangsters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who's entire agenda is judging people by the color of their skin. The sad part is, so many people don't see the hypocrisy.

Slamming the French

Fine piece in Frontpage on the humanitarian disaster in France.

As the numbers of heat deaths climb, a final figure of close to 20,000 is being seen as not unrealistic – in other words, a humanitarian disaster.

Meanwhile, the death toll in Guantanamo Bay, which the French are in the habit of condemning with dainty disgust as barbaric, sweltering, fetid and inhuman, remains remarkably stable: None.


27 August 2003


Busy writing job applications. Back tomorrow.

25 August 2003

The Road to Kookville

When I was in Sydney a few weeks back, I was rummaging through a cheap-ass book store, and stumbled across a real gem for only $1.95: the remarkable tome The Threat: Revealing the secret alien agenda by David M. Jacobs PhD.

If you want a case study in how well-spoken, well-educated people can argue passionately for the most insane beliefs, you'll have a hard time going past this effort.

Jacobs uses interviews with the mentally handicapped real alien abductees to show how alien invaders are conducting a secret breeding program, incubating fetuses in human hosts to create human-alien hybrids.

Part of this process is the creation of the fascinating Extrauterine Gestational Units within the pregnant women. Apparently the aliens fill the pregnant women with "air" to create extra space for all them little alien eggs. Jacobs knows this because the women reported these bizarre symptoms during pregnancy:

I was feeling really big. I felt really big.

and even more unheard-of sensations:

It feels like someone is rolling something inside me.

Alarmed, Jacobs convinced one of the women to undergo an ultrasound, and he makes a shocking discovery:

...the ultrasound showed the space where the mass had been, but the mass was gone.

Gasp - the evidence was gone and replaced by a regular preganancy. Creepy, no?

Elsewhere, Jacobs manages to devote one whole page to the small technical problem of aliens being able to travel such distances merely for the sake of hanky-panky and anal probing. He says:

The problem is not how the aliens get here but that they are here. The "how" is ultimately a technological detail.

Ah well that settles it then.

I found it odd that the aliens (who - amazingly - all speak English and bear a remarkable resemblance to the oily muppets in Close Encounters) would go to so much trouble to create a secret abduction & breeding program and undetectable interstellar spaceships, yet at the same time all seem very keen to tell the abductees all about themselves, their home planet and their breeding program without even bothering to erase their memories or brainwash them.

Jacobs goes on to outline the incubation process, adult alien hybrids (who show behaviour amazingly similar to selfish, horny adult men), alien takeover plots, and other random dementia. It really is an amazing exercise in controlled madness.

It could be worse: he could have written Stupid White Men.


The Wog is back!!

24 August 2003

Picture of the day

Eating pussy is fun.


What da f#*@?????

Not everyone entering the Manx GP does so with the serious intention of winning.

John Kileen from Dublin turned up to Saturday’s first practice session on his 1000cc Honda Varadero complete with full pannier set. The V-twin attracted many strange looks and numerous jibes about couriers but Kileen proceeded to set a 90mph lap and finish 21st out of 23 riders in the Senior class.

This is like showing up at the Le Mans 24-hr with a Winnebago.

For all the lovers of the English language

This is way cool: the compendium of lost words.

(Thanks Carol)

Why the West is superior to Islam

Absolutely indisputable proof of the total moral supremacy of western culture and its inevitable triumph.

This one isn't safe for work

Say hello to the Phallosaurus, once thought extinct.

Pining for Clinton

Hot on the heels of the departure from American shores of Guardian moron Matthew Engel, comes the departure of Observer correspondent Ed Vulliamy, who tells us he's fallen out of love with America because the Evil Guy From Texas has taken over, and the 'coolness' of Bill Clinton's presidency is no longer there.

The result is a comically childish whinge about Bush-as-usurper, evil NeoCon conspiracies, how the Clintons were victims of a wicked right-wing conspiracy, the Americans' lack of understanding of the poor souls in Al-Qaeda, and about how Ed's cool friends like Susan Sontag, the Dixie Chicks and John Cale are being brutally repressed (or something).

21 August 2003

What he said

Columnist Miranda Devine is capable of cutting through wooly-headed PC thinking, but like James Morrow points out, it's a great pity she's so full of shite herself.

James Russell on Piers Ackerman

Please give a big hand for the fat cunt, if you would, in recognition of his sterling adherence to blinkered partisan ideology in place of any actual thought.

Heh. Indeed. Ackerman is a grade-A fuckwit. Always has been, always will be. A bloated recycler of every piece of pro-statist god-squadder bilge that eeks out of the arse of hypocrite conservatives the country over.

The psychosis of the Australian left: Margot Moonbat on the Hanson verdict

Margot Kingston must be wetting her pants right now. The Queen of Evil is in prison. Though this is really a side issue, as it allows Kingston to trot out the usual leftist grab-bag of lies:

So, the self-proclaimed mother of the nation is in jail, and the man who took her policies and finessed her beliefs is Prime Minister of Australia.

Margot Kingston: journalist, leftist, drunkard, blogger, idiot

The left love this fantasy. It gives them an explanation for why their God - wretched Prime Minister Paul Keating - was destroyed in the '96 election. The magical country of peace n' multicultural hugs under Keating was stolen away by the evil, racist Hanson fairy, Australia turned into the Fourth Reich, with John Howard as king usurper.

With Howards crushing victory in '96, and the obliteration of the left's hideously unpopular cultural agenda, Australia's out-of-touch left was caught like a deer in the headlights: left in a state of cognitive dissonance, unable to comprehend that the majority of the population didn't think like them after all.

But of course, the answer was not that an electorate had made a reasoned choice, but rather that the left's righteous place at the helm of the country had been stolen from them by fearmongering, deceit and racism. It was some kind of horrible trick. Surely Australians couldn't be such a bunch of evil, right-wing, xenophobic bastards.

For the last seven years, the left have shown their utter contempt for the Australian population they are supposed to represent. Their commitment to democratic debate melts like snow whenever they are on the losing side. For it is this same population who - when living under Labor governments - are always hailed as a friendly, egalitarian, knockabout nation of people, are derided as fearful, stupid, racist, xenophobic, selfish and ignorant whenever John Howard wins an election or an opinion poll. Howard could only win by "stealing" the policies of Hanson, who had created an air of racism out of thin air, spoiling our journey along the cultural rainbow.

Voters are stupid. Voters are ignorant. Voters are racists. Voters are all these things because they been voting for the wrong people since 1996.

The delusional arrogance of the Left is a kind of solipsism that borders on the lunatic. For them, leftist cultural and economic policy are a kind of natural human condition which no sane person could question for a moment. Defeats at elections are to be explained by cruel magic performed by wicked right-wingers performing to a willing population of ignorant, greedy racists who just don't know what's good for them. It's as if the voters were the hoardes of Tolkein's orcs commanded by the evil wizard Saruman in Lord of The Rings, aided of course by the evil conspiracy of special interests, greedy capitalists and menacing media barons.

The left displays an almost comical level of stupidity and double-think. Howard had been derided publically as an anti-Asian racist since the 80's. He had been caricatured for his right-wing geopolitical and social policies his entire career. Yet - amazingly - the left claims with a straight face that not only did the voters elected him as PM in complete ignorance of his past, but that he had taken his long-held policy positions from a marginal political figure who emerged decades after him.

Howard just kept winning elections and opinion polls. Hanson and One Nation - this great evil force which was going to turn us into Nazi Germany - faded into oblivion when their 15 minutes were up, as pretty much anyone with a brain predicted they would. Yet, the great Howard-as-Hanson myth keeps resurfacing to comfort the idiot left, to hide their unpopularity with the average Australian voter. To them, there are no legitimate concerns about national security, immigration, law-and-order, interest rates and unemployment, there is only Howard's wedge politics, racism and fearmongering.

The most alarming thing about Australia's political left is that it never seems to grow up. They seem to think contemporary Australia will go away if they close their eyes long enough and repeat the same fantasies often enough. I can only hope that the Labor party at least can return to the real-world pragmatism it showed in the early 80's. Not only do we need a sensible opposition, we need them to be at least a half-sensible government when they next win office. If they're infected with the Margot-gene when that happens, then may Jeebus help us all.

20 August 2003

Child-murdering culture watch

Goddamned psycho islamist scum bastards.

JERUSALEM - A suicide bomber blew himself up Tuesday on a packed bus on a main thoroughfare in Jerusalem, killing at least 20 people, Israel Army Radio said.

The militant Islamic Jihad group claimed responsibility in a call to the Lebanese TV station Al Manar. The attack killed three children and wounded at least 100 more.

"Future Zionist Oppressor lies dying after bus incident" - ABC News

"See what those shitty Jews put their children through" - anonymous Federal Labor Party MP

"That's what you get for not understanding Root Causes, you little slut" - The Green Left Weekly

I guess the "cycle of violence" has started again. My bet it will go something like this;

1- Israel makes concessions for peace
2- Arabs murder Jews
3- USA calls for Israel to show 'restraint'
4- Arabs murder more Jews
5- World community calls for Israel to end the brutal occupation and make concessions for peace
6- Arabs murder more Jews
7- Hamas, Hizbollah, Al-Qaeda call for the destruction of Israel and the extermination of all Jews
8- Arabs slaughter more Jews and dance in the street in celebration
9- Go to #1

My message to Israel: Seek out and kill those terrorist bastards. Do not wait for more attacks. Do it now. Build that wall. Do not give up one fucking inch of land. Not now. Not ever.

How many more Jews will be slaughtered before the world stops fucking around with these Islamic genocide-loving scum?

Oh please

In one of the most shameless pieces of pure race-hucksterism I've seen recently, the morons at ATSIC have "ordered" Prince Harry to stop "stealing" their art.

THE Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission has ordered Prince Harry to stop stealing Aboriginal symbols and painting styles.

"His family has been stealing from us for 200 years," ATSIC's culture, rights and justice committee chairman Rodney Dillon said yesterday.

Mr Dillon, just back from the UK where he negotiated the return of indigenous remains, said Prince Harry's own Aboriginal-inspired paintings were "cultural theft."

Not if he painted them, you asshole.

They have accused the Prince of breaching intellectual and cultural property rights.

"Cultural property rights"? Hey Rodney, you're speaking English. You're using my language without my permission. I demand compensation for the distress you are causing. And you damned black people are allowed to write books and everything, just like decent European folk. You'd best apologise for that too.

While we're playing this racist game of self-righteousness, how about we apologise to black Americans for "stealing" rock n' roll?

"When people [do] this without any understanding of the spirit of these things, it means they are being very disrespectful," Mr Dillon said.

No, it means he's a guy just painting a picture. Get over yourself.

Mr Dillon said Prince Harry would be forgiven because of his youth, and promised he would be welcome to speak with indigenous artists during his Australian visit to gain a proper understanding of the spirituality of their works.

"It is offensive but I don't think we should be too hard on the young fellow ... I think he has just got to learn what he can and cannot do."

How generous of you. He paints his own picture in a style he likes and you see it as your prerogative to "forgive" him.

No race has ownership of any "style" of Art. To say otherwise is to embrace a philosophy of humanity that made Mein Kampf so popular. Having dark skin does not excuse you from spouting such disgraceful, racist idiocy.


19 August 2003

New digs

After a painfully long hiatus from blogging, James Morrow returns to the fold with his new site The Daily James.

And Gaz Pukka has an excellent new look for his page. (Oh, wait a sec, I see he's changed it again. Where are the Gaz pics?)

Useful advice

Paul Jane offers a helpful suggestion for those wanting to use Spanish words in their writing.

Okay yakkunz, here ya go

After enduring mockery from my elders and betters for my new car thoughts, and having been frightened by Tim Blair's emerging homosexuality, I have decided to look toward slightly less "micro" vehicles for my entry into the four-wheeled world. Not the whole list. Just the ones I could be bothered to put up right now................

Ford Falcon XR6

Ford Escape

Mazda 6

Suzuki Grand Vitara


18 August 2003


Was busy motorbike riding and socialising last weekend. Last night I had an ISP outage to contend with. Oh well, I'm back now.

Quote of the day

And I think you'll all agree that via my mathematically quantifiable analysis, Arnie should be president of the world and Heath Ledger cleaning public toilets on Pluto.

- Tony Taylor

The ideal replacement

Yobbo has found the perfect guy to take Hugh Mackay's spot at The Sydney Morning Herald.


If you ever want to convert someone to motorcycle racing, show them a tape of last night's MotoGP race in its entirety.

Hero picture

One of my personal gods: Kif - the ever-suffering starship officer from Futurama.


Discomfort in The Mother Country

Jason Soon aint much enjoying the English summer.

The Green Left Weekly spreads hoax

The stinky, brain-dead ones are growling about the latest Evil American Cultural Outrage.

A woman’s place is in the struggle: Hunting for Bambi

After mud-wrestling, we didn't think it could get much worse. “Hunting for Bambi”, the latest form of “adult entertainment” for some in the US, is a sadistic twist on the already sadistic sport skirmish (paintball).

“Hunting for Bambi” involves shooting paintballs at naked women within a hunting scenario. The punters, dressed in army fatigues, pay up to $30,000 for a game, which is taped so they can take it home and show it to their buddies.

The women aren't allowed to wear any form of clothing, only sneakers. According to founder Michael Burdick, “The main goal is to be as true to nature as possible . I don't go deer hunting and see a deer with a football helmet on, so I don't want to see one on my girl either.”

Yikes. Those American capitalist pigs. Hey, it's another excuse for really, really deep greenie cultural analysis:

The appalling welfare system in the US also leaves many women financially desperate. This will get worse if US President George Bush succeeds in planned reforms to crack down on single mothers getting money to live on.

The US media constantly reaffirms that to be valid and part of the US community, one must be affluent. Yet wealth is available to very few. For example, 20% of the global population consumes 80% of the world’s resources, the remaining 80% of people have to fight over the crumbs. This division is also evident in the US.

Those who have limited funds, and limited ability to earn more because of poor education, are forced to degrade themselves to live up to expectations.

By blaming women, furthermore, the misogynist instigators of games like “Hunting for Bambi” get away with it, and can continue to profit out of the objectification of women.

Thank god we have the greenies to keep track of all the evil in the world. Too bad the whole thing is a hoax.

Fellating Fidel

Misha examines the BBC's fawning coverage of the left's favourite tyrant.

Jeebus, not again

Niall Cook has another interminable post in which he waffles at length about non-issues before finally spitting out his justification for using my money to fund the ABC. What can you say to this lunacy?

I don’t have to justify spending YOUR money, which it isn’t anyway, anymore than I need to justify spending MY money, which it isn’t. Taxation is not our money.

Um, where did they get it from then?

But before then, we have his attempts at argument:

Southpark is televised on SBS, which doesn’t help Tex’s argument much given that he decries the very existence of the national broadcasters,of which SBS is one.

Mmmm, well seeing as I'm forced to pay for SBS, I have a right to watch it. Should the opportunity arise for me to withdraw my involuntary support, I will quit watching it. By the way, I have seen exactly 3 episodes of South Park, one of which was in the USA.

And here's his reponse to my posting statistics proving the unpopularity of public networks:

Says who, Tex? Says Tex, that’s who.

No, says the ratings figures. Here's the SBS figures (which Niall provided, proving his memory is as bad as his reasoning ability) and here's the ABC figures which are actually worse than the 16% I quoted first.

C’mon, at least make a fist of it. Don’t simply resort to a Bandwagon Fallacy because you have no other avenue.

Um, here they are again stupid guy:

% of taxpayers funding the ABC 100%
% of taxpayers watching the ABC 16%
% of taxpayers funding SBS 100%
% of taxpayers watching SBS 5.5%

Can't refute them? Didn't think so. He does however whinge about them:

Just a note to readers: The above ARE NOT definitive data. The above are selective representations of what Tex would have you believe. The realities of television viewing public over an extremely small programming sample as Tex has attempted to use, as opposed to overall users of national broadcaster electronic programming would be vastly different to the above. I originally provided the example in refutation of his 'near-zero' premise. Now it's being taken as the be all & end all in ratings evidence. I’m left to wonder just which out of Tex or myself, is living in the real world.

So? Provide different figures. The fact that you have not speaks volumes. I'm providing them out of context? The provide the context. Show us these "vastly different" ratings figures...... the silence is deafening.

The bottom line is that Tex is not comparing like with like in his argument that the ABC should not exist because it can’t compete.

No, it shouldn't use my money to exist. If it can survive via private subscription then that's just fine by me. How many more times do I have to explain this for you to understand, you dolt?

The ABC is a NON-COMMERCIAL broadcaster. Capitalised so it catches Tex’s attention. Its funding comes from Joe Bloggs.

Well, D-U-H. Niall sez it's taxpayer funded. Did anyone else not get that impression from my last three posts?

I’d love Tex to explain to me why, if because it cannot avail of commercially based funding and cannot compete on the same level, the Corporation still participates in Logie awards, indeed wins a few too. Surely one needs ratings to win awards, or are they just handed out because the public don’t rate the broadcaster? I’m sure Tex will have the answer to that one.

Niall, the ABC wins the industry voted awards, not the popular voted ones, on account of the ABC not being popular and all.

You want to break up the ABC, per se, because YOU don’t like it and YOU believe YOUR viewing and listening choices are superior to mine.

No I don't. I want you to pay for your choices, and for me to pay for my choices. You are not paying for my Foxtel channels, but I am paying for your ABC.

Tex, it’s clear that you have a gripe, but it’s a gripe you can’t substantiate.

Aside from proving hardly anyone who pays for public broadcasters actually watches them of course. Niall considers this point unimportant.

It’s a gripe you can resolve by opting out of the system which you are a part of. If you’re willing to do that, then be my guest.

No, I can't opt out, because paying for the ABC and SBS is mandatory. Get it?

Continual argument through the use of Ad hominem and a host of related logical fallacies does nothing to further your reasoning.

Statistical proof with links are dismissed as logical fallacies. Well, Niall is a far-leftie after all.

It’s painfully obvious to me that you can’t hold a debate and simply need a lever off which to pivot your ludicrous need for vitriolic comment.

As refuting simple statistical evidence, elementary reading and knowledge of simple principles of taxation are little beyond your abilities, it seems debate is not something you know much about.

This is like trying to teach algebra to a hamster.

14 August 2003

Advice from The Bunyip

The Bunyip dispenses his car philosophy.


Been through three days of computer hell thanks to the goddamned Blaster worm, but normal service has resumed, praise Jeebus. Though there's little to blog about tonight. Will be back tomorrow.

The new Socialist Wanker is out

Be sure the read the enthralling essay claiming that capitalism is the cause of all wars.

Looking for older whackings?

Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index


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