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27 August 2005

Fan mail

One of my UK readers sent me an e-mail today:

From: Anthony Taylor <>
To: tex
Subject: Scum

Just wrote to say that you characterize the worst king
of scum that exists on this planet. Would try to
reason with you, but the problem with you right-wing
fucks is you're too stupid to see reality as it is and
just stick to bigoted views. Instead I will try to
convey to you your essence, namely distilled scum. If
the revolution comes in your sad little lifetime I
will personally piss on your bullet ridden corpse.
Guevara was the best man to emerge in the 20th century
and right-wing fuckwits like you killed him. Anyway to
conclude, come over to England and get your teeth
kicked out of your rotten mouth.

Yours Sincerely,
Your Better

PS. You've never got laid, right? Its easy to tell
from your frustrated rhetoric.

Awww. Thanks for writing Annie. As reward for your efforts, here are a couple of nice pictures:

Guevara in his most useful role: compost.




The 4th Ashes test is like watching a car wreck. Australia could hardly be playing any worse.


The bike review I forgot to write - Honda's CBR1100XX Super Blackbird

A few weeks after testing Kawasaki's ZX-12 last year, I finally got a chance to try out Honda's big roadburner.

Released in Australia in 1997, the Blackbird has been overtaken by the ZX-12 and Hayabusa in the 300kph+ top speed stakes. While it has received a few updates (fuel injection, higher screen, updated braking system), it is essentially the same bike.

So, what's it like? It's a better bike than the ZX-12. It's much comfier, easier to ride, has better throttle response and it looks sensational.

As with other roadburners, the Blackbird is a big, heavy bike and is meant for the open highway and fast sweepers rather than twisty backroads. It is a mile-eater par excellence. A super-smooth hyperspeed cruiser which soaks up bumps and keeps you in comfort the whole way. The handling is pretty good for such a big machine, but like I said, it's not made for the ultra-twisty roads on the Alpine Way.

The blackbird uses Honda's much-maligned dual-braking system, which for this kind of bike works pretty well, quickly hauling the bike to a stop from high speeds.

Build quality and finish are first-class, the instruments and switchgear are work well, and the whole look of the machine is slick and classy.

The biggest problem with the blackbird is its suitability for Australian conditions. Our fast backroads are infested with ridiculous speed limits and swarms of police speed traps. Use this bike the way it was intended, and you're not going to have your licence for very long.

Bloody great bike though...

20 August 2005

Bashing Naomi Klein

Robert Spencer performs a spectacular disembowelment of Klein's obscene apologies for Islamic terrorism.


Blood & Beards: a review of Gettysburg

Caught the Civil War epic the other night. It makes Civil War buffs and the kind of people who like John Wayne movies wet their pants.

Definitely a mixed bag.

At around four hours in length, it holds your attention pretty well, though it varies between tension & tedium like a yo-yo. The movie consists of two elements: battles and speeches.

Some of the battle scenes are stunning, particularly the battle of Little Round Top, where Col. Joshua Chamberlain's 20th Maine corps hold off wave after wave of fierce rebel attacks. This unrelenting sequence is nearly an hour long and is utterly riveting.

Other scenes suffer from ponderous direction and incoherent editing. The climactic scene focusing on the doomed "Pickett's Charge" is a case in point. So much time is wasted showing soldiers marching to LOUD, STIRRING PATRIOTIC MUSIC, I was starting to mumble "oh, fucking hurry up already". The battle scene itself - while exciting in segments - is more confusing than exciting on the whole. At one point, it looks as if the rebels have overrun the union position, then seconds later the rebels lie obliterated.

This is especially disappointing as the movie mostly does a brilliant job letting the viewer visualise exactly what is at stake, where each side is on the battlefield, and the strengths and layout of the respective armies. This is no easy task and the film succeeds admirably for the most part. Kudos.

The cast - despite being burdened with endless big speeches set to LOUD, STIRRING PATRIOTIC MUSIC - is superb, bringing a warmth and humanity to the characters that even the tin dialogue, bloated musical score, and startlingly bad facial hair can't erase. Jeff Daniels, Tom Berenger, Stephen Lang, Sam Elliott and Richard Jordan lend an air of dignity and sadness to the whole affair. You really do get a great sense of the despair of men fighting their own friends and countrymen.

The one exception to this was Martin Sheen, who is badly miscast as legendary general Robert E. Lee. His perpetually befuddled characterisation fails to convey any of the charisma or gravitas that made Lee such a great commander of men in battle. Sheen comes across as Grampa Simpson in a uniform.

There isn't much context to place the whole battle in. Only a brief voiceover introduction is given at the beginning of the movie, and the causes of the war are only occassionally brought up in conversation, which seem to be lacking a certain something: no one - not even the Southerners - has anything bad to say about black folk. You half expect Martin Luther King to walk in at any moment with doves flying overhead.

Yes, I know the Civil War was started for reasons other than "slavery". But I'm damn sure the Confederate army didn't just consist of West Point gentleman having high-brow discussions on states' rights and sovereignty. A lot of them were backward, shit-eating illiterate redneck buttmonkeys who got all cranky when told they couldn't use them niggers as their own personal men-cattle.

I guess it's hard to show men having a heroic death when so many of them probably deserved it.

Still, Gettysburg is a good flick, especially if you're a war movie buff, and it definitely deserves to be seen on a big a screen as possible. Just a pity it had to be soaked in so much sentimental, patriotic blather.


Favourite TV characters, part VI

Character: Stewie Griffin
Voiced by: Seth MacFarlane
Show: Family Guy

"Damn you, vile woman, you've impeded my work since the day I escaped your wretched womb."

"Mother, I come bearing a gift. I'll give you a hint: it's in my diaper and it's not a toaster."


17 August 2005


Had a nice long weekend in Sydney. Ate like a hog and drank lots. Was fun.

One dinner was had at "Fiesta on Oxford", which was great. Mexican restaurants in Australia are about as common as phoenix eggs, so to actually find a good one was a blast.

Highlight of the trip: laughing my ass off as we were coming back into Canberra at the sight of a fuckwit in a Toyota Landcruiser trying to race me on my z1000. Heh.


Oh dear

It seems that senile Fairfax political correspondent Alan Ramsey has left a few important details out of his latest cut-n-paste column.

Poor Alan has obviously never recovered from his doomed love affair.


Tex in the USA, the sequel

I'll be returning to the USA (yay), either around November or sometime around March/April once it starts warming up a bit. Hoping to be there for around a month.

The vague itinerary at this point is:

- Los Angeles, 2 nights
- Santa Fe, 3-4 nights
- NYC, 10-12 nights
- back to LA for a night or two before flying back to Oz.

Wouldn't mind seeing Vegas and/or Chicago either, time permitting.

If you live in one of these places and want to buy me a beer or twelve, drop me a line: tex <at> whackingday <dot> com.

Cheap accommodation tips (*cough* *cough*) are welcome.


A Wog encounters an English pie


10 August 2005

I really hope this is just a rumour

Mike Tyson to star in a porno movie with Jenna Jameson?


More proof of global warming

It snowed in Canberra today.


Where the hell is Emily?

Start blogging again damn you.


Art for losers

If you're of the particularly idiotic persuasion, there's still time for you to catch the Paul Keating Musical.

How pathetic do you need to be to even think about going to see this? Oh wait, the article tells us:

Many disenfranchised voters relished the chance to return, momentarily, to a time when politicians were, well, interesting. And when Labor was strong. The time was right.

"I think the main thing was that there was a large amount of sympathy for the idea of a show about Keating, or a show celebrating what he stood for: Aboriginal reconciliation, republic, moving Australia forward socially," Bennetto says. "I know there were a lot of people who were really cheesed off with the current political climate. They wanted to go to something like Keating! and go: 'YEAH!' "

Heh. Says it all really.

9 August 2005

The Madness of King Neville - now in PDF

Oh brother....

8 August 2005

Quote of the day

Greenies dont care about the rational arguments behind Nuclear Power. They oppose it for the same reasons they oppose any other kind of power:

Power enables consumption and capitalism, and they'd much prefer we lived in the woods burning turds for warmth and eating berries.

- Yobbo


Lefty demands hatred of Australia

The Age's übersuckhead Terry Lane is actually outraged at a recent poll showing foreigners view Australia very favourably:

This is perception we are talking about, not reality. And there is no doubt that the perception of Australia benefits from widespread ignorance.

Worldwide "perception" of Australia is exactly what bleeding valentines like Lane have been wailing about ever since Howard came to power. Remember how were were all going to be regarded as a "racist pariah" and similar drool? Looks like it didn't happen, and the likes of Lane don't enjoy having their fantasies spoiled. Kinda like every time Howard wins an election, Lane and his ilk react with amazement at the populace's temerity at not doing what they're told.

And now, Lane expresses similar frustration at the people of the world for not sharing his rage at the stupid Australian population:

What is almost inexplicable is that neither Australia nor Britain seems to suffer from their sycophantic, obsequious relationship with the US.

Inexplicable! Those bastards.

We might be getting off lightly. We can only hope that Osama bin Laden hasn't noticed.

Guess Lane is upset we haven't had another Sari club bombing to teach us a lesson.

Steve Irwin, Neighbours, Home and Away and Bill Bryson's Down Under are credited by Anholt with creating a Shangri La fantasy image of Australia in the minds of people who have never been here.

Lane must be upset that his own efforts at creating a nazi-gulag fantasy of Australia haven't been as successful.

Perhaps the koala is the perfect national symbol for Australia — cuddly, lovable but not too bright.

Aww, sweet.

I think being neutered is a job requirement for working at Fairfax.


Buyer's market?

I'm sorta looking around for an apartment to buy right now, and it must be a competitive environment for the lenders & builders out there, because I got approved for a loan six times my salary, despite five-digit debts, little savings, one dependent, only two motorbikes for collateral and no deposit required. And the loan itself was a stock-standard variable-rate loan.

Oh, did I mention one developer was willing to eat the stamp duty himself?

On another one I'm looking at, the price has dropped by $17,000 in just over a month.

I'm hoping this trend continues.


Changed my mind

I'm not getting a PS/2 or Xbox. Might as well wait till I get a high-spec PC later this year for my games fix.

Thanks to all those who wrote in with info on this subject.


Ashes thriller

Last night, Australia lost the second Ashes test by two runs. An amazing game, featuring some brilliant and absolutely horrid cricket by both sides.

As Scott says: why the hell does Australia always lose these close ones?

I was watching that amazing match in Melbourne 1982, when Australia lost to England by 3 runs.

I was watching in 1993 when Australia lost to the West Indies by one run.

I was watching in 1995 when Australia lost to South Africa by five runs.

And I watched last night. It all gets a little hard to take after a while.

I don't what this means for the rest of the series. Australia's batting is absolute shit right now, and Glenn McGrath is out for at least one more test. On the other hand, England nearly managed to lose from an unloseable position: their bowling and fielding on the final day was terrible for the most part.

Australia still has the edge I think, but it's not a particularly comfortable one. Our blokes need to get their act together: McGrath or no McGrath.



Why am I saving up for an apartment when runout models of Honda's SP2 v-twin superbike are being sold for $17,995?

Arrrgh. Arrrrgh. So many wonderful motorcycles, so little money.


Where can I get one of these?

There's an amazing new piece of super-weaponry developed in Australia. It's called Metal Storm.

The unfortunately-named Wanda Fish at the Green Left Weekly provides a glowing recommendation:

Metal Storm, an Australian company whose shares have recently skyrocketed on the stock exchange, has developed a robotised killing machine capable of firing more than 1 million rounds a minute — enough to shred an entire building in the blink of an eye.

Bitchen ;)

It gets better:

an in-flight live-fire demonstration of an unmanned aerial vehicle did not receive clearance due to “operational restrictions”. The test would have mounted the Metal Storm 40mm weapon onto a Dragonfly unmanned aerial vehicle that would essentially create an unmanned combat air vehicle, capable of hailing down deadly arsenal of apocalyptic destruction. However, more recent announcements from Metal Storm’s CEO infer that a live test will be conducted soon, and that the aerial weaponry may be available for military application soon.

Sounds great so far. Fishface is wetting her hemp undies though, threatening that this will be used by Bush & Howard on anti-war protestors:

The potential for this weapon to be used by civil authorities to control angry crowds of protesters cannot be dismissed. Given the overwhelming response by millions of anti-war protesters prior to the invasion of Iraq, it seems only logical that Coalition of the Willing governments are keen to find new and more effective means of crowd dispersal, particularly if pre-emptive invasions of nation states continue.

Whatever you say, Fishface. She's very angry that this weapon will allow the Americans to destroy enemies without taking greenie-cheering casualties:

Now, the surviving Iraqi civilians face the terrible spectre of a robot that can devastate every living creature in a hailstorm of more than one million bullets a minute.

While the Iraqi death toll has the potential to mount to tsunami proportions, American soldiers can “safely” annihilate entire urban populations without personal risk. Metal Storm’s UVGs will be able to penetrate resistance pockets such as Fallujah, and indiscriminately kill every man, woman, child and animal in a storm of lethal bullets.

Dang, this thing rocks.

There's some usual blubber about corporations acting all corporation-y before she closes with this:

There is indeed a deadly storm brewing on the horizon of the war on terror. Only this time it is not the suicide bombers who threaten our world. It is Metal Storm in the hands of the coalition of killing.

Oooooh, scarwwwy, innit? We gotta start using these on some islamists. Makes me proud to be an aussie I tell ya.

You can read more of Wanda's crap at her own website, which features such gems as "the terrorism of debt", who's really responsible for 9/11 (hint: it's not Osama), how the terrorists in Guantanamo Bay are "heroes in this shameful and corrupt war against terrorism", and a fascinating essay on how she is no longer a "slave" of "her things". Oddly, she then unloads these evil "things" onto poor families, so they presumably can be similarly cursed. Nice lady.


A cute puppy & the fucking wanker who ate junk food for 30 days and complained he got fat

Radley Balko posts some pictures of his cute new pup.

Oh, and go check out his excellent "Spurlock Watch" site.


Gratuitous Katherine Heigl picture

Grey's Anatomy was on tonight, and she was the only good thing about it:


4 August 2005

Quote of the day

I've always wondered what they meant vis-a-vis the "benefits" of multiculturalism. Apparently, taxing hard-working citizens for the pleasure of jihadist welfare recipients is a "benefit". Introducing religious vilification laws to placate fascist ethnic leaders is now a "benefit". I'm not sure if either of these meets the technical definition of "benefit", but perhaps the chattering classes are reading different economic texts to myself.

- Steve Edwards, now blogging at the ALS site.


Unintentionally funny quote of the day

From the local propaganda outlet of the Cuban communist party:

Castro pointed out that proof of Cuba’s economic strength was the recent round of wage rises, and increases to pensions.

Those lucky Cubans. They will continue to enjoy the wealth and high standards of living the socialist revolution has delivered to them.


More commie poetry

The Green Left Weekly has found the next Bertolt Brecht:

Yippee Ki Yo

those yankee doodles
their big toys
and gloom
the new centurions
cast as
no-man’s land
growing larger every day
corpses pile up
reeking of democracy’s deception
only the desert
keeping it real
looks like
no intermission.

- William Fraser

William has a forbidden love with his "Enter" key it seems.

Maybe it's to keep those "world zero hollywood tens" from multiplying.


Non-brainwashed, free-thinker at work

A post from the aus.politics newsgroup, brought to you in its entire, unedited glory:

From: Mr. Interesting

Hello AUSTRALIA... are You SICK AND TIRED... YET OF ......

of being experimented upon be every DEMENTED ECONOPATH who thinks they have ANOTHER brilliant idea as to how to COME UP WITH MORE PROFITS at the EXPENSE of your STUPID PATRIOTIC GULLIBILLITY???????


Well, VOTE FOR THIS YOU DUMDFUCKS! (In the language of the bush, that would be translated as:


Then, when you get angry enough to want to complain to your
Parliamentary representative,,,,,


Tune in tomorrow, when appreciation will be raining upon you like a
fashionable new urban Christianity!

...............The HILLS Aaaaare alivvvvvveeeee with the sound of
"let's sell our pproperties to ourselves, making thousands of dollars
profit for ourselves... using the donations of the suckers who
actually thought we were honest..."

(I think if you check, you'll find that that last statement actually
works as lyrics to the original tune!)

"...that was interesting..."

Good to hear from you again, Mr. Latham.

31 July 2005

New look

Just felt like it, that's all. I'll change the "Past", "Spleen" and "About" pages later.


Games, games, games

As the PC I'm using is an ancient fossil (albeit a free one), I've decided I wanna buy a PS/2 so I can actually play some decent games at last.

So, some questions for those who know about these things:

1- What are some good driving games other than GT4? I'm looking for fun more than car-geek realism, though that's cool too. (Not interested in anything to do with F1)

2- Is a PS/2 really better value than an Xbox? If so, why?

3- Any opinions on Destroy All Humans? Kinda looks like a game version of Mars Attacks!!, which is definitely an attraction. I'm easily amused.

4- What are some good sports games?

5- Does anyone else find the PS/2 controller as bloody awful to use as I do?

6- I've heard the PS2 versions of popular Windows first-person shooters aren't that great (eg. Return to Wolfenstein). Opinions?

Please send me your feedback: tex <at> whackingday <dot> com. Make your answers as long and/or as geeky as you want.

28 July 2005

Arguing with a commie - update

The pro-Castro idiot I mentioned the other day is going absolutely bonkers.

Read the whole thread, concentrating on the charming opinions of "Prof Jonez". Among them:

- Cubans who try to swim to Florida deserve to die for "stealing public property" to build their rafts.

- Cuban exiles are "terrorists who when [sic] fugitive to avoid prosecution for their crimes".

- When asked about persecution of religious groups, we get "Why would any sane country tolerate biggoted perverted superstitious nonsense?".

Believe me, that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Thing is, he's absolutely typical of all Castro apologists: a sociopath with a raging insecurity complex about Americans.


Well, somebody is in for a surprise.....

From the letters page of the Communist Party of Australia newsletter:

John Howard has made life a misery for the worker, the wages are so low one may be better off on welfare. I’m earning wages in Brisbane that I was earning in NSW 12 years ago.

Yet the cost of living goes up and wages go down, if things get worse than they are I might move to Cuba.

At least the people and working class in Cuba are better looked after by comrade Fidel Castro and the Communist Party and not forgotten and abandoned, like John Howard has done to the people of this country and squeezing us all into part-time jobs where we have no security.

Yes, please, move to Cuba, fuckwit. Something tells me though that you may not like it there.


Puzzling search string of the day

OK, can someone explain this to me?


Great character actors, Part One...

Here's one guy I'll watch in absolutely anything:

Name: Luis Guzman

Best roles: Raoul 'El Cid' Hernandez - Oz, Eduardo Roel - The Limey


Thursday Threes

Three great fast food chains

Kingsley's Chicken (Canberra only)
Tommys (California)

Three Best Picture Oscar winners which suck ass

Forrest Gump
Terms of Endearment
Gone With The Wind

Three Great Restaurants

Wong's Magical Oriental Express - Canberra
Golden Orchid - Melbourne

Streets of Asia - Canberra

Three dreadful TV shows

Big Brother
Touched By An Angel

Three listenable live albums

In the Absence of Pink (Knebworth '85) - Deep Purple
Live Baby Live - INXS
Delicate Sound of Thunder - Pink Floyd

Three languages I'd like to learn


Three great old computer games

Star Ray - Amiga
Winter Games - C64
Wasteland - C64

25 July 2005

Baiting a Castroid for fun

In this thread at aus.politics, I took a brief swipe at Cuba under Castro, causing one Castroid to explode with rage.

Read and titter at the shrieking of one 'Prof. Jonez'. I especially liked this bit:

over 12 U$ presidential terms, 5 DEAD U$ presidents,
2 impeached U$ presidents, and Fidel Castro is still
kicking U$ ASS !!

Now go pound a banana up your ass, chimp.

Heh. Must be a Michael Moore fan.


Lifestyle changes

The always-interesting blogger A.E. Brain gets more interesting by the day.


Getting your priorities right

We've been treated to the mass-murder by Islamist loons in London, so what is the Green Left Weekly talking about? The poor oppressed Islamists of course...

Since the bombings, the Muslim community has been subject to numerous racist attacks, including many cases of violent assault and verbal abuse in the street and attacks on mosques, including racist graffiti, smashed windows and arson. One man has died as a result of a racist attack in Nottingham.

PM Tony Blair has helped to fan the flames of racism. He has denied there is any connection between the London bombings and the war in Iraq and instead laid the responsibility for the bombings at the feet of the Muslim community. The government and the media continue to repeat the mantra that to avoid further bomb attacks the Muslim community must “put its house in order”.

Yes, can't imagine why the muslim community is getting criticised.....

Oh, and they're showing us their deep understanding of middle-east politics:

East Jerusalem is recognised as being part of the occupied territories, illegally seized by Israel during the 1967 war.

Um, would that be the war of extermination started by the Arabs?


An actual cricket post

I never post about cricket, even though I am a fan. I leave that to the real fanatics.

However, I did enjoy the clobbering the aussies gave the poms at Lords last night. So much for the pre-series hype. Still, there's a long way to go, and I still think England will win at least one test.

The destructive performance of Glenn McGrath got me thinking about the great fast bowlers in cricket history. For my money, this bloke is still the king:

Malcolm Denzil Marshall

376 test wickets at an average of 20.94

I have a highlights tape of the 1984/5 Aus v. WI series in Australia. Marshall was simply amazing to watch, even next to Michael Holding and Joel Garner.

That short, odd runup, the lighting-quick whipping arm action - Marshall was just so blindingly fast, and as superb a tactician as any bowler the world has seen.

I remember one dismissal in particular: Marshall was bowling to Allan Border at the Adelaide Oval. Marshall blasted the ball at the stumps with such awesome speed, that Border was unable to get either bat or pad to the ball, and he was out for 5. Marshall was later named Man of the Series.

Remarkably, as his body aged and was no longer able to deliver such thunderbolts, he became a great fast-medium bowler, able to swing the ball at will.

Sadly, we lost Marshall in 1998 to cancer, aged 41.



More with the taxes

Chuck S. sends in a theologically-inspired answer to my tax question:

Is tax evasion morally wrong?

I presume that you are defining tax evasion as the process of violating
written law (including tax code) and thereby paying less in tax than
scrupulous adherence to the law would require.

That being the case, in summary - yes.

Here's why:

First, I do not know how to define anything as moral or immoral outside
reference to some absolute. For me, that reference is God's word as
recorded in the Bible. (If that is a sticking point, no reason to read
any further.)

Scripture has the following clear New Testament references (I have
limited myself because some are uncertain about applicability of Old
Testament references in the Christian era and in any case it isn't
necessary for the task at hand):

"Be subject to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake: whether
to the king, as supreme; or unto governors, as sent by
him for vengeance on evil-doers and for praise to them that do well.
For so is the will of God"
1 Peter 2:13

"Servants, obey in all things them that are your masters according
to the flesh; not with eye-service, as men-pleasers, but in
singleness of heart, fearing the Lord"
Colossians 3:20
"And he said unto them, Then render unto Caesar the things that are
Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's."
Luke 20:22

I have heard some rather specious arguments used to avoid the first
reference above, never any substantive ones.

The second is less direct but clearly enunciates the principle we are to
follow, and the attitude we are to have.

In the last, Jesus in the flesh is responding to a question. It is
profitable to consider the quality of life under that government, the
paucity of justice, and the unfairness of the tax system being
questioned. But what does He say? He says to pay what the government
says you owe, not what you think you ought to pay.

In summary, God defines what is moral, and not man. Therefore I have to
go by His words.

Well, I'm an atheist, so I couldn't care less what the bible says about anything. Even if I did, I still don't see how these three quotations are a defence of taxation, and I'm especially baffled by this conclusion:

"He says to pay what the government says you owe, not what you think you ought to pay."

So, would Jesus defend land seizures? Because that's the implication here. If Robert Mugabe thinks that's what whitey owes him, aren't they morally obliged to hand it over?

An obligation to pay tithing, yes. But "what the government thinks I owe"? I think not.

20 July 2005

Quote of the day

Mr.Burns: Quick Smithers. Bring the mind eraser device!
Smithers:You mean the revolver, sir?
Mr.Burns: Precisely.

- The Simpsons


Ciao Svën

Ace ozblogger Steve Edwards has quit.

Bummer. Have fun dude.


This week's commies

Some bit's n' pieces From the new Communist Party of Australia newsletter:

"Detention of Cubans in US illegal"

Yeah? How about the detention of the entire Cuban population in Cuba? I guess our Stalinist friends aren't too concerned about that.

"CAPITALIST HOG OF THE WEEK: is Warren Mundine. An appointee to the Howard government's National Indigenous Council, a rubber stamp for the government's racist policies, Mundine is a proponent of the individualism promoted by capitalism, including individual home ownership in Aboriginal communities."

That racist bastard: promoting individual rights and home ownership!!

"The struggle for the maintenance of democratic rights in Australia is becoming yet another major issue confronting all progressive organisations. The steady slide to dictatorship which is being step by step pushed by the Howard government must be stopped before all means to resist it have been taken away."

And these people praise Joseph Stalin and Fidel castro as great, visionary leaders.

Is there anything in the world more disgusting than a communist?


Tax evasion and morality

Some opinions that have come in re. yesterday's question:

From Michael S.

Tax evasion under our current situation is not morally wrong. Because something is law does not make it right. 'Right' is simply something that offers the most benefit to
society, and can be shown to offer the most benefit to society through due process of
reason. High taxation does not meet this criteria. Some people would argue that no
taxation meets this criteria, and I don't know, but I am sure the current level of
taxation is not conducive to maximising the benefit to society as a whole (and 'society as a whole' means on average maximum benefit to the individuals in that society).

Another way of putting this is that 'right' is maximising the benefits of individuals
coming together as a society while minimising the negative effects, such that all
individuals feel that they are better off participating in society than not, hence they
don't want to resist society's intervention in their lives, and we have a harmonious
society with maximum happiness and prosperity. Excessive taxation, such as our current circumstances, does not permit this to happen.

On the other hand, Robert G. argues....

Yes. It's morally wrong.

There seem to me to be three basic arguments "for", which are:

a) tax rates are oppressively high
b) completely disagree with income tax as a policy (for moral or economic reasons)
c) (current) govt. wastes incredible amounts of money/is inefficient

If 'b', well, you're free to form your own old-school Libertarian party, run for office and get rid of it. Good luck. You can't opt out of government programs. I may disagree with the running of the education system, but I won't get a reduction in my property taxes 'cos of it. I can't opt out of certain parts of the legal system on account of disagreeing with many of the statutes. If "moral" stands can be taken in one way, they can be taken in others. System falls apart, end of civilization as we know it, etc., sayeth Sir Humphrey Appleby.

If 'c': the problem here is that it's always going to be a question of degree (I'm Canadian--we probably have a high tolerance of govt. waste beaten into us from an early age). How wasteful is too wasteful? And what right does one citizen have to decide and act upon his decision in this way? If one thinks that Government or the current "system" is intrinsically inefficient, then you're back to 'b' and can do something about it at the polls.

If 'a', and you hear this argument most often in my part of the world, then again, you're dealing in degree. At what point does personal income tax become an infringement on liberty, or whatever? 5%? 10%? Again, I don't see how the individual has the right to decide and act.

Of course, I assume we're talking stable democracy here. I could foresee reasons for evading as a protest in extreme circumstances, but the threshold for that would have to be pretty extreme.

Paul Bickford says....

tax evasion is legal, tax avoidance isn't- that's in the definitions of the Fiscal Fiend. I think it's every taxpayer's responsibility to avoid as much tax as legally possible, as Kerry Packer said to federal parliament "anyone who doesn't avoid whatever tax they can is a fool". It keeps the ATO fully staffed and provides lots of tax lawyers and accountants with lucrative income streams, thus contributing to the nation's employment.

Really, anyone who doesn't get out of any taxes and charges they can is a bit of a fuckwit- does anyone really think they get value for money from the system?
Morals have bugger-all to do with it; it's legalised extortion, and since when is not paying extortionists immoral?

I'd like to see it made voluntary with the exception of a base charge for defense, security and national interest items that can't be privately funded, or failing that, fully simplified to reduce the avoidance clauses and loopholes, and rates slashed accordingly.

Income tax was, after all, brought in as a temporary measure in WW2 to assist the war effort- I reckon we've probably paid for those B24s by now.

Anyone else want to chip in? How about you, Jason?


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