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More on our wretched ex-PM

Paul Sheehan has exposed more of Malcolm Fraser's staggering hypocrisy.

Two wheeled heaven

One-time mid-field waste of space and notorious choker Alex Barros achieved a stunning victory over the virtually unbeatable Valentino Rossi in the MotoGP race in Japan today. Even more remarkable, it was Barros' first race on the Honda V-5. Great stuff.
Barros celebrates
Rossi dukes it out with Barros
The race was of great interest for another reason: the return of Kawasaki to the GP fold. Sadly, it ended early with Yanagawa crashing his ZX-RR early in the race. The new bike is still way down on horsepower and (inexplicably) is not running a slipper-clutch, causing excessive engine braking and wild handling into corners. These boys are in for a rough time methinks, and unfortunately, Yanagawa is simply not a GP-grade racer.
Yanagawa bins it

And last, the great news came thru today that newly crowned World Superbike champ Colin Edwards will be riding in GPs next year, in a Castrol Honda squad headed by legendary tuning genius Erv Kanemoto. Thought to be defecting to the Ducati superbike squad (with whom he signed a letter of intent for 2003) after Honda bascially ignored him in favour of american superkid Nicky Hayden, Edwards was given an 11th hour opportunity by Honda to chase his GP dream. Now we can watch him to battle with Bayliss all over again.

Edwards still has one potential bugbear to deal with: the as yet uncompetitive Bridgestone tyres.

Edwards on his Honda SP2 superbike


Jeez. I haven't been able to find anything to really rant about recently. I'm rant-blocked dammit. Help me out, oh mighty readers!!! Or at least give me some hate mail to react to: tex {at} whackingday {dot} com


We beat the wretched foreigners in the Rugby Grand Final tonight. Bwahahaha.


I've finally added Brain Graze and Amax to the links list.



I don't care how famous or well-loved or "hip" it is: Guinness is undrinkable sewershite.

Classy stuff

Tonight's session in Tex's home cinema was the DVD of Spy Game. And I'll be damned - it was excellent.

I've never been a fan of director Tony Scott, who gave us such epic trash as Days of Thunder and Top Gun. Even his better movies like Crimson Tide and Enemy of the State had moments of infantile dialogue, bad acting and his supremely annoying visual style of late-afternoon-West-coast-sun-and-dark-shadows-in-poorly-lit-rooms in every scene. Not to mention the blaring, intrusive and ludicrously over-the-top musical score.

Well whaddaya know. Scott has grown a sense of style: Good actors, no one-dimensional bad-guys, clever dialogue and cracking pace. The music is still annoying and the editing too try-hard, but we're still left with a snappy, clever movie with the lack of the usual empty-headed machoisms and bluster. And Robert Redford drops the lifeless mannequin act for a change.

I'm a sucker for espionage movies, and this one is top-shelf. Heartily recommended. Proof that popcorn entertainment can have a brain too.

Idiot juries

Hard proof today of why I'm against the death penalty in practice: would you want the idiots who made this decision deciding whether or not to send you to the electric chair?



James Morrow is back in action, doing a class pummelling of another of the world's inexhaustible supply of idiots.

The Rottweiler has escaped blogspot tyranny and set up his own site. And he's got a dog picture back up. Yay.

I've added those fine libertarians Dodgeblog to my links list. The have a Latin motto on the site. I think this means they actually read books, or somethin'.

Hitchens vs. Clinton... again

Christopher Hitchens brutalizes Clinton's idiotic performance at the UK Labor Conference.

Good movie

Just watched The Claim in my home cinema. If you're the type who's only interested in Arnie movies, you'll want to avoid it. Personally, I love dumb-ass popcorn movies, but I like to feed my brain occasionally too.

It's essentially a retelling of Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge, reset in the wild west in midwinter. Everything looks bloody cold, dark & dirty. Slow, depressing, but great acting and stunning scenery & cinematography. I liked it.

And whaddaya know... Milla Jovovich can really act.


Quote of the day

Demolish the UN, I say. All they've ever given us is heartache, bureaucracy and traffic jams on First Avenue
- Sasha Castel


Fuck the UN

These cunts are now investigating our SAS over their actions in East Timor because they may have killed some militia members who ambushed them. Sweet motherfucking jeezuz. For chrissakes, these fucking miltia members were slaughtering civilians by the thousands. And the UN is investigating us????

Did I mention how much I hate these bastards?

Well this sucks

Seems the USA administration doesn't want a free trade agreement with us. They'd much rather have them with better friends, like Morocco. Sheesh. Thanks fellas.

Clinton is God

.....well, according to The Mirror he is, which has gone completely ga-ga over his address at the UK Labor conference. Some of the more embarrassing, gushing excerpts:

WHAT a performance. What a politician. What a superstar............

......In place of the gung-ho "Let's go get 'em" rhetoric of George Bush, Mr Clinton spoke with insight and common sense while still recognising the menace of Saddam.

This was the best articulation yet of how the Iraqi tyrant must be dealt with, from a former president who has gone to war, knows it might be necessary again but realises what that means.

To hear Mr Clinton talk with compassion and humanity about the slaughter of innocent people by "smart" bombs and stress the vital importance of working with the United Nations threw a chasm between him and the warmongers in today's White House...........

.........It was a magnificent speech from a man who is rapidly becoming the greatest figure in world politics, second only, perhaps, to Nelson Mandela.




Quote of the day

Hardheaded, fuck you all....
Hardheaded, fuck you all....
Hardheaded, fuck you all!!!

- Soundgarden, "Ty Cobb"

Beyond the Fatal Bore

"I've come back to tell you all how important I am"

The ABC is repeating Beyond the Fatal Shore - the documentary TV series about the magical land of Aus through the eyes of New York-based aussie expat writer, and terminal bore, Robert Hughes.

Hughes - who's been living in NYC since the early 70's and working (amongst other things) as TIME's art critic - proved himself to be hopelessly out-of-touch with this 6 hours of patronising wank. Hughes pays a quick visit to his homeland every couple of years to tell us how backward and racist we're becoming, how we're electing the wrong people and what way we should vote in constitutional referenda. What he doesn't do is pay any attention to what the hell is actually going on in the real world.

His ideas of the country were pretty much what you'd expect from someone who hadn't lived here for over three decades. Lotsa cliched dreck about our convict past, outdated vernacular, waffling about our internal struggles to be a funloving people, and an abundance of idealist piffle about societal progress and anomie which the Radio National crowd love to talk about in North Sydney cafes.

What have the residents of NYC done to deserve such a prize? It's a wonder they keep letting him back into that country. I wonder if we can persuade them to make him stay there permanently.

Quality thoughts on USA vs. Iraq

Whacking Day disciple Sage McLaughlin has written a darn fine essay over at Winds of Change.

Dude, you should have stuck this in my Spleen section.

Cool new blog

Check out da Cinderella blog. Tis a fine one.

Gold mine of lefty kookism

Tyrant appeasing, capitalist cabal conspiracy theories, USA-hating paranoia, anti-semitism...it's all here. Like many web loons, this dweeb is a big fan of TYPING IN UPPER CASE.

New Socialist Wanker is out

The current edition contains vital new information........

- Dubya is trying to kill everybody!!!!
- The Earth Summit was hijacked by evil capitalists. They are also outraged about the agreement to halve the people who don't have access to clean drinking water
- Saddam really wants to give weapons inspectors unrestricted access
- Americans are evil
- Articles from the previous 500 editions (including how the USA got what it deserved on Sep11)
- capitalism is about to collapse (..again)

Fascinating reading.

Evil Bastards

So labelling North Korea as "evil" is just language used by stupid cowboy americans, eh?

North Korean officials have confirmed a Japanese woman its spies abducted when she was just 13 committed suicide at a mental hospital in Pyongyang where she was being treated for depression, a senior Japanese official said today.

Don't expect Chomsky, Pilger and other anti-american wankers to be expressing outrage about this anytime soon.

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