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28 April 2004

North Korea was nuked!! And so was Bali!!

Thank god for the left. Without their fearless search for the truth, we would have never known the ugly secret behind the 'train disaster' at Ryongchon.....

....that there was NO TRAIN CRASH........

....Ryongchon was actually deliberately nuked with a low-yield weapon.

Why? Because it's part of The Zionist Cabal's plan to re-introduce The Draft.

rest assured this entire scenario is all about Iraq and its priceless oil reserves. The Zionist Cabal in New York knows perfectly well that unless it can somehow import up to half a million more sacrificial American soldiers into Iraq to 'secure' all of that priceless oil, the tottering economies of American and the Jewish State will finally collapse, in turn robbing them of any future prospect of global control, and leaving the cabal and its lackeys vulnerable to an unprecedented furious backlash by the American people.

So, now you know.

The author, Joe Vialls, has uncovered a link to a more shocking secret: the Sari Club in Bali was really destroyed by an Israeli "Micro Nuke".

There's lots more amazing stuff at Joe's site. Read it all and learn the truth.

Greatest of all time, my arse

Valentino Rossi won the first MotoGP race of the year, in his first race for Yamaha. It was a fantastic race, and a remarkable effort from the world champ.

Yet never have I seen such a case of collective premature ejaculation as I saw in the reaction to Rossi's win. The doyen of motorbike racing commentators, Michael Scott, labelled him "the greatest motorcycle racer of all time". 1987 500cc champ Wayne Gardner said the same thing, bike websites and forums the world over were similarly wetting themselves.

What a load of balls.

The claim that Rossi is the greatest of all time is not only wrong, it's almost comically insane. OK, so he won on the Yamaha. Big deal. Max Biaggi - a man not noted for developing motorcycles in the premiere class - won some races on the thing. Yamaha have always had good bikes, they just needed someone to ride them.

And as for Rossi's competition, who exactly has he beaten during his time in the big leagues that entitles him to be considered the world's best? The best of them has been Biaggi, who despite flashes of awesome talent, has been all mouth and no trousers when it comes to winning consistently. Who else? Former backmarkers Gibernau and Barros (neither of whom could win races during the Doohan era)? The ex-superbike newbies Hayden, Bayliss and Edwards? The erratic Capirossi? Roberts, who hasn't had a decent bike since 2000? Perennial B-graders Norick Abe and Carlos Checa?

Compare those names to the field in the early 90's: Mick Doohan, Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey, Wayne Gardner, Kevin Schwantz, Randy Mamola. These guys were racing each other at the same time, on vicious-handling two-stroke monsters that would kill you if you breathed wrong.

Todays crowd look comically inept in comparison, and have an easier time of it on the four-stroke machines. Not only that, but a bunch of them - Gibernau, Barros and (chortle) Toru Ukawa, have given Rossi regular beatings when given equal machinery. Barros actually outpointed him once given the RCV at the end of 2002. And this was the man who won one race during the Doohan years (during a round when most of the others were injured).

And we're supposed to believe that Rossi beating this lot makes him the 'greatest ever'.


Eddie Lawson would be scraping this guy off his bootheels.

Joy and Commerce

Last weekend, on the way back from a motorcycle ride, we decided to pop into the nearest McDonalds for a dirt-cheap Happy Meal.

Right next to us was the McDonalds play room, which had been hired out for a birthday party. Lots of little 6-7y.o. kids, wearing party hats, singing along to songs, eating their McDonalds meals, playing on the cubbyhouse slide, playing musical chairs, grinning like crazy, and generally having a fantastic, noisy time.

Their mood was infectious. All the parents were smiling, the people looking into the room were smiling, me included. I started to think about the little birthday girl, how she would treasure the memory of that wonderful party for years to come, how all her siblings and friends seemed almost deliriously happy, the warm smiles of the parents appreciating just how great a time their little tykes were having.

Then I started thinking about the losers who would disapprove of such a disgraceful event. The greenies, the Bob Brown lovers, the Jose Bove admirers, the anti-globalism marchers, the America-hating peacenicks, the crybaby dole-bludging socialists, the health nazis.... them, those kids weren't having fun, they were being poisoned with corporate garbage food, they were being force-fed American cultural hegemony, their parents were giving money to the evil American empire. Smiling, happy children become dupes of the Great Satan, because they're doing something really awful like eating American hamburgers.

Happy children, happy parents, affordable food, fun, employment and profit: no wonder McDonalds is so hated by leftists.

27 April 2004


Windows re-installed, virus and spyware blasters up-to-date, software and documents restored. What a pain in the ass. Still, I'm back and ready to, uh, rock.

Just some quick posts tonight, more stuff tomorrow. No, really this time.

What they're all doing

Paul Jane gives us his opinions on underpants.

The howler monkeys at aus.politics are still waiting for Dubya not to invade.

Niall Cook is throwing a fit about Tim Blair being popular.

Steve Edwards looks at the corrupt, moral sewer that is the U.N. and it's peacenick cheerleaders.

Ken Parish has some sensible thoughts over the Howard government's latest reactionary drool about gay marriages.


Go and read Alan E. Brain's beautiful post on the subject. Now.

Blair, you lazy fart, where are you now eh?

Oi Tim, you're a guardian of masculine vehicle credibility. Go help Kim Du Toit, who is lusting after the gayest car in the universe.

Kim, get back to the range immediately and purify thy mind.

Neville Watch: the adventures continue

Crazy Dick is back at it, whatever "it" is.......

Among the latest highlights:

American troops are "serial killers". The Marines are "murdering children", and American troops are just like nazis:

One British officer that American troops viewed Iraqis as 'untermenschen' - the Nazi expression for "sub-humans".

Deep psychological analysis of our leaders:

Howard and Bush are so locked in denial they cannot dare to blink, or to think. It's all about pacifying the people in order to bring them Pizza Hut, never mind the dead babies.

He says the invasion is just like the My Lai massacre:

The difference is merely one of geography. Will it ever change? Unlikely in our lifetime. It seems to be getting worse.

He damns the evil "mercenaries":

Even the independents fall into language traps, such as referring to the mercenaries as "civilian contractors", like they were re-building the city, instead of blowing away civilians.

He again lifts big chunks of raving shite from John Pilger, and

And of course, he closes with the reckoning that things were better under Saddam.


23 April 2004


After finally finishing backing up then rebuilding my PC, I find out my phone line has become damaged as well. Won't be fixed until tuesday. Great. I'm borrowing someone else's phone line to type this, so blogging may be low or non-existent until then.

20 April 2004


No blogging in the last few days, thanks to my PC clogging itself with spyware and viruses, and my silly-arsed anti-virus software having a poorly designed updating method. I blame Israel. There'll be more posts tomorrow.

For sale: 90kgs of slightly burned Hog Feed

It hasn't been a good month for Hamas, with Mr. Rantisi joining The Toasted Sheik in being blown into chunks of rocket-prepared meat.

The IDF wishes to inform Dr. Rantisi's family that the remaining chunks of the carcass have flushed down a public toilet in the gay sector of Tel Aviv.

As expected, terrorist-sympathising surrender monkeys the world over are howling with indignation, and the just plain moronic are mumbling about how it will set back the peace process.

It's time to revisit some comments made by the brave child-murdering doctor in an interview given to local Australian Islamonazi sewer-dwellers last September:

How do you interpret the cowardly assassination attempt on your life, and the assassination policies of the Israelis in general, whose latest victim was Al-Qawasimy commander in Hebron?

Firstly, this is the custom of the Jews, for they are the killers of prophets, and the killers of the preachers who enjoin justice. Their criminal nature will never change.


The Jews have designs and ambitions in Palestine and in surrounding countries, and they utilize terrorism to materialise their plans and accomplish their ‘holy’ prophecies.

It is from this angle we can understand their assassination attempts at the leadership of the Islamic movement, following their failure to bring the Palestinian people to their knees through the mass killing and massacres of children, elderly and women.


As for us in Hamas, our charter states Palestine is a Muslim land that falls under the category of ‘Waqf’ in Islamic Law. Hence no leader, group, people or any generation is permitted to surrender a single hand-span of it to a non-Muslim. This is why we do not recognise the sovereignty of Jews on a hand-span of our country.

...and here's some words for you fucking idiots out there who think the nasty Israelis are the ones messing up the "road map to peace".....

We have stated clearly the ‘Road Map’ is a conspiracy against the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian existence. The very first stage of this conspiracy comprises of the US and the Zionist lobby striking at the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas.


The ‘Road Map’ is on its way to failure. That’s if it has not already failed even before it began. This is especially true following Sharon’s declaration that he has fourteen reservations on the ‘Road Map’. Finally, the ‘Road Map’ in its essence is not a peace plan, and is deemed to end in failure and extinction. It will share the same fate as the Oslo agreement.

Lovely Islamists. So committed to a peaceful solution. We really need to give these people their own state. If only the Jews weren't so rude.

...and the money quote...

Certainly the Intifada is continuing and shall not stop. Truce may actually be a cause for stirring up the Intifada not weakening it. The Zionists have nothing to offer to our Palestinian people, and time will prove this Inshaallah. As for the truce, it is our opinion that truce is an exceptional, temporary case, and its main aim is to maintain the choice of resistance.

Whaaaaat? Palestinians using a truce to rearm, reorganise, and plot more mass murder? I'm, like, shocked.... Hey, let's give these savages a state!

The "Fallujah Solidarity March"

Zem has another top-notch collection of pictures. Check out the Yassin placards. They tell you everything you need to know about the "anti war" movement.

Are all of these people completely fucking insane?

15 April 2004

Quote of the day

"If something goes wrong, bring back the blood."

- Professor Farnsworth, Futurama

Bizarre/Stupid quote of the day

The following line appears in today's Guardian:

Yet today, a French-speaking American president is precisely what Britain needs

Sure it does, just like the army needs more transvestites.

The Rodney Dangerfield of motorcycles

"I never get no respect"

The Honda VTR1000 is one of my all-time favourite bikes. I've always liked it equally as much as whatever motorcycle I have been infatuated with at various times. Yet it has not been one of the four new bikes I have bought since 1999, which I find rather bemusing.

Mostly unchanged since its launch in 1997, it has sold like hotcakes, is loved by its owners and is one of the best all-round practical sportsbikes ever made. It was really the first Japanese sports V-twin, after decades of Japanese firebeathing inline fours. It's ridiculously easy to ride, bloody fast, superbly built, has that wonderful v-twin "feel" and is comfy enough to tour on.

Yet, it is an object of derision for a strangely large number of riders. The hardcore looney-boy Japbike sports riders have never liked the VTR: not enough power, crude suspension, not enough "character" (ie. it's stable and doesn't scare the shit out of you on every corner). The v-twin crowd brought up on Italian machines don't like it: not enough "prestige" (ie. people can afford to buy them), not enough "character" (ie. everything works and it doesn't break down every week), and hardly anyone I've met within my own circle of contacts will admit to liking the machine.

The bike certainly has shortcomings: the brakes are wooden, the gearbox is clunky, the fuel consumption is terrible and throttle response is harsh (which can make opening & closing the throttle on wet roads a dicey proposition). The 998cc v-twin also falls way short of the horsepower figures offered by the big fours like the R1 (140hp at the rear wheel compared to 110) and is 20+ kgs heavier. The suspension is too soft for "serious" sports riding, and the newer models have the worst-designed speedometer I've ever seen.

But seriously, you'd have to be a complete wanker not to have a blast on the VTR. Horsepower and weight figures might impress your mates at the pub, but it don't mean all that much on the road.

Let me put it this way: two riders of equal ability go for a blast thru the Snowy Mountains on the Alpine Way. Rider A is on a GSXR1000, Rider B is on a VTR. On 95 out of 100 rides, Rider B will reach the destination just as quickly, and he's probably going to be more relaxed when he gets there. Yes, there is a performance difference, but you have to be going seriously fast before you notice it.

When the hell are you going to hit the upper rev range on a big four anyway? Pretty much only on track days. The VTR meanwhile offers bigass, useable v-twin grunt anywhere in the rev range, which means rapid, easy progress in the twisty stuff, while riders on big fours are trying to keep it in the powerband. As for 600cc machines, the grunt of the VTR will leave them waaaay behind.

The suspension has its limits, but again, you're unlikely to find those limits on the road, and even at a track day, it will be a "feel" thing, rather than any kind of handling or safety problem. Aftermarket springs will fix that anyway. The bike is stable over even the roughest of tarmac.

The VTR is well balanced, steers brilliantly, and with a set of aftermarket cans (I recommend Staintune) it makes a beautiful noise. It just feels great - a problem-free, no-bullshit, fast, ballsy bike you just wanna get on and ride, and ride, and ride. It makes a decent pillion mount too. It still looks great too, and certainly better than the revolting new Ducatis.

You can keep your prestigious, badly built euroshit and road-legal superbikes. I'll be off blasting through the mountains on the VTR while you're all standing around masturbating each other.

Dammit, I still want one. Why haven't I bought one yet?

Meme game

Via Emily:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

His head was saying: blood.

From The Midnight Meat Train, in Clive Barker's Books of Blood: volumes 1-3

Good riddance

The best news I've heard all week: ATSIC is history.

Oliver Stone: Director, Leftist, Psychopath......

Via Sasha Castel, comes this vomit-inducing interview with Oliver Stone, about his new Castro-loving "documentary".

Coming soon: Stone's Mengistu: Man of the People.

14 April 2004


I'm back from Melbourne. A few brief notes:

The blogbash was fun.

The Irish Times is a nice pub.

Unfortunately, after The Irish Times closed for the night we went to some underground uber-modern Euroqueer drinking lounge. Very dark, with very stylish lounge furniture and deafening, shitty quasi-dance music. We literally had to scream at each other to be heard. Needless to say, we all left after one drink. One day I'm gonna open a pub or bar with no fucking music. I go to these places to get hammered and talk to my mates, not to listen to some dipshits music collection while I go hoarse making myself heard.

Tim Blair made me pay for my own drinks. Cheap git.

Countrylink sucks ass. Services (which are already extremely slow) that are up to an hour late, bloody uncomfortable trains and even more uncomfortable buses. In the future, I'm going by plane or motorcycle.

Everything in Melbourne was shut down on Easter sunday. Fucking commie bitch wanker Steve Bracks and his asshole trading hours legislation.

I can recommend The Golden Orchid restaurant in the Chinatown district.

I can also recommend The Little Italy Pasta House on Lygon St. If you ask nicely the old Italian waiter will sing "That's Amore" for you.

We stayed at Victoria Hall on Russell St, close to the heart of the CBD. Frankly it sucks, but at least the beds were comfortable and it only cost $20p.p. per night.

I went to see my first-ever game of AFL at the MCG with Scott, his sister and Tony Taylor. I'm not the slightest bit interested in Aussie Rules, but the game was a scorcher. Carlton fought back from a huge deficit to nearly steal the game. Great crowd atmosphere in a superb sporting arena. I had a great time, and I'm tempted to repeat the experience the next time I'm in town.

I'm, like...shocked or something

Rumour has it that serial idiot-wonderboy Anthony Gobert has been sacked from another race team.

Rumors are flying fast and furious that Anthony Gobert has been released by Erion Honda following being charged with DUI last week. Team Boss Kevin Erion said moments ago that he has not yet released a statement and had no comment.

Sources close to Gobert say he has been released from the contract.

Even Gobert cheerleaders like are giving up on him. Gobert boosters have for years threatened how Gobert was the ultimate badass, and how he would destroy everybody once he got some focus, blah blah blah.

Well people, it's been ten years since Gobert won the Aussie superbike championship, and despite flashes of brilliance, he has proved to be an overhyped dickhead ever since. He has never won a world championship race outside of the USA or Australia, has been fired repeatedly for substance abuse (Suzuki, Ducati, Honda), proved a useless GP rider, fired three times for bad riding and crap discipline (Roberts, MuZ, Ducati) and has badmouthed every team that gave him a chance. Naturally, he's blamed everyone else for his woes.

He's failed every test and blown every chance.

Time to send this clown back to club racing and give some younger riders a chance.

The truth about Rachel Corrie

Steven Plaut points out a few truths about the infamous pro-terrorist peace-creep.

7 April 2004

The Melbourne Blogbash goes Irish

Hi folks. Only a few days to go until the Melbourne blogger bash.....

Saturday, 10 April, 7.30pm

Now, about the venue: we were originally thinking about The Duke of Kent, but sadly the great bar-bistro area aint open on Saturdays.

Alan Anderson has suggested The Irish Times on Little Collins St., which looks fine to me. Personally, I've never been there, but nobody else has suggested an alternative venue, so unless you hear otherwise, we'll see you there at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome. Even commies.

Tim Blair will be paying for the drinks.

Australian commies

The following delusion is brought to you by The Communist Party of Australia:

Has socialism been a failure?
No, it has not. In those countries that adopted the socialist form of economy and social system, enormous changes for the better took place in the lives of the working people and farmers.

Read the rest. It's...erm....interesting.

Noooooo!! Not freedom!!!!!!

The Australian Communist Youth are having serious freedom issues - a grand whiny essay in which they realise they might actually have to go out and work for a living...

freedom is an illusion that we are made to believe. freedom is a lie. i don't believe any of it. freedom will bring death to this planet, yet I don't want to die;

Somebody needs hugs.

5 April 2004

Idiot of the day

This comes from one of the great minds at aus.politics...

Since when have economic systems had anything to do with freedom?

Yeah, since when?

More from the nice people at aus.politics

Here's a comment about the murder victims in Fallujah:

"security contractors": mercenaries, thugs-for-hire. Bad luck for them, but they couldn't say they didn't know what to expect.

Charming fellow. Here's his opinions on the USA:

A one-party state, that's where the Bushitters are headed. Gott mit uns, the Fourth Reich.

Apart from the other political parties, and lack of any fourth reich, you're absolutely right on comrade!

Here's another drooler, talking about Jews:

Let me ask you: did you ever see a Jew working as a garbage picker, or for that matter as a bricklayer, or a house painter, or a plumber, or a mechanic in a car repair shop? They are always either managers, or owners or salesmen or the like. That is a fact. And the manual work is done by the goim.

And my favourite wackjob Peter Terry has returned, giving his deep insight in USA foreign policy...

Who funds Zionaziesm....yanky dooley dandy!

Who funded Saddam Hussein in the first instance...yanky dooley dandy!

Who funded Bin Laden against the Russians...yanky dooley dandy!


I recommend looking up Peter Terry's other inspired posts. This is actually one of his more intellectual efforts.

Scum in our midst

Zem at Vigilant TV has some disturbing photos of our peace-loving muslim population at the recent Pro-terrorist rally in Sydney.

Check out the kiddies dressed up as Palestinian militants. And this one.

Here's more Islamic child-abuse. And that's not all!!

Why on earth were any of these putrid degenerates allowed to enter our country?

Oh, and naturally, this bitch was there to show her support. And the socialist alliance was there to show there isn't a homicidal ideology they don't like.

Neville again

The crazed one has gone sorta blog-like.

He repeats the Greenhouse-Pentagon meme:

As Rob Gueterbock of Greenpeace remarked, 'You've got a President who says global warming is a hoax, and across the Potomac river you've got a Pentagon preparing for climate wars. '

Some absolutely incomprehensible gibberish about Immanuel Kant:

To extricate myself from a pickle, Kant asked himself, is it okay to make a lying promise? No, because honouring duty also means obeying the moral law, which is independent of desire and circumstance. Duty is duty, come rain, hail or torture chamber. In case you’re in doubt, he offers this test, the famous, the frightening, the uncompromising … Categorical Imperative. Even back in 1785, Kant urged people to think globally. If it’s okay for me to make a false promise, it follows that it’s okay for everyone. But if everyone made false promises, then no promise would carry any meaning. Chaos would reign. The social contract collapses. According to a friend’s lecture notes, the “Categorical Imperative broke new ground by promoting the idea of fairness and equality among people and it implied that what is good for one should be good for all”. The reason I’m banging on about Kant, is that this test exposes the moral cesspit of international relations.

Dick also has a brilliant answer to terrorism:

The official estimate of the US military budget is $US400 billion. When the costs of other defence related activities are added, such as Homeland Security, the nuclear weapons program of the Department of Energy, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, etc, then the 2004 fiscal year figure reaches the tragic total of $754 billion, twice the GDP of Russia. ( If this amount was poured into poverty programs, al Qaeda would be short of recruits.

And some other ravings about American Killbots From Space.

He's also still linking to that wellspring of credibility, What Really Happened.

Tigers, and other new toys

On the weekend I went on an overnight motorcycling trip to the Snowy Mountains. Sunday was pretty much riding thru freezing fog for hours on end. Great ride though. Is there any road on earth that offers as much motorcycling magic as the Cooma-Khancoban-Cabramurra-Adaminably-Cooma loop?

During the trip, I had a 20-minute ride on a brand new Triumph Tiger.

Hinkley's big dual-purpose machine uses the Daytona-derived 955cc in-line triple, albeit detuned for low-end grunt.

It handles brilliantly thanks to the high, wide handlebars, though it is top-heavy at lower speed. It doesn't seem to get rattled by bumps, the seat is extremely comfy, the engine smooth and powerful enough for any desired usage, it has phenomenal fuel range and carries loads of luggage.

Downsides? Wind buffeting to your head is quite bad and would be a big annoyance on long road rides (though it's nowhere near as bad is the atrocious Aprilia Pegaso). You'd need Triumph's accessory high screen, or the lower-cut sports screen. The weight and road-based tyres limit its offroad capability. The bike sounds awful too: a terrible, wheezy, clattering sound - like an old washing machine. A Triumph race muffler would be an essential accessory for me. The non-adjustable clutch lever has far too large a span which makes gearchanges awkward. But really, these are all niggles.

Overall, the Tiger is a remarkable 'all-worlds' motorcycle, something you can tour around Australia on, while having the ability to go off the beaten track. It has enough power for high-speed cruising and is comfortable enough that you won't be visiting the chiropractor at the end of a long ride. If you're in the market for a do-everything bike, the Tiger is hard to beat.

The Tiger wasn't the only new toy I tried out on the weekend. My z1000 had just been fitted with a new set of LeoVince alloy performance exhausts. Aside from looking great, these things are loud. My Zx-9 had a Vince can on it too, but it wasn't as loud as this pair of suckers. The deep howl they create at high revs sends shivers up your spine, and the popping n' crackling when you close the throttle is a hard-on for revheads.

Oh yeah, other than looking/sounding the biz, they boost the bike's midrange and top-end power, while increasing fuel economy. A socially irresponsible, and utterly wonderful purchase.

Finally, I also tried out a pair of Sheep Hollow sheepskin seat pads. These are "universal" throw-on seat pads for any motorbike - a larger one for the rider's seat, and a smaller version for the passenger. The seats on the z1000 aren't too good for longer trips, so the sheepskin results in a lower degree of arse-trauma for all concerned. They're just as comfy as the much more expensive custom-fitted seat covers, and are quick n' easy to fit, adjust and remove. I recommend them without reservation.


I've written a piece on pizza and capitalism over at the ALS site.

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