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28 April 2004

North Korea was nuked!! And so was Bali!!

Thank god for the left. Without their fearless search for the truth, we would have never known the ugly secret behind the 'train disaster' at Ryongchon.....

....that there was NO TRAIN CRASH........

....Ryongchon was actually deliberately nuked with a low-yield weapon.

Why? Because it's part of The Zionist Cabal's plan to re-introduce The Draft.

rest assured this entire scenario is all about Iraq and its priceless oil reserves. The Zionist Cabal in New York knows perfectly well that unless it can somehow import up to half a million more sacrificial American soldiers into Iraq to 'secure' all of that priceless oil, the tottering economies of American and the Jewish State will finally collapse, in turn robbing them of any future prospect of global control, and leaving the cabal and its lackeys vulnerable to an unprecedented furious backlash by the American people.

So, now you know.

The author, Joe Vialls, has uncovered a link to a more shocking secret: the Sari Club in Bali was really destroyed by an Israeli "Micro Nuke".

There's lots more amazing stuff at Joe's site. Read it all and learn the truth.

Greatest of all time, my arse

Valentino Rossi won the first MotoGP race of the year, in his first race for Yamaha. It was a fantastic race, and a remarkable effort from the world champ.

Yet never have I seen such a case of collective premature ejaculation as I saw in the reaction to Rossi's win. The doyen of motorbike racing commentators, Michael Scott, labelled him "the greatest motorcycle racer of all time". 1987 500cc champ Wayne Gardner said the same thing, bike websites and forums the world over were similarly wetting themselves.

What a load of balls.

The claim that Rossi is the greatest of all time is not only wrong, it's almost comically insane. OK, so he won on the Yamaha. Big deal. Max Biaggi - a man not noted for developing motorcycles in the premiere class - won some races on the thing. Yamaha have always had good bikes, they just needed someone to ride them.

And as for Rossi's competition, who exactly has he beaten during his time in the big leagues that entitles him to be considered the world's best? The best of them has been Biaggi, who despite flashes of awesome talent, has been all mouth and no trousers when it comes to winning consistently. Who else? Former backmarkers Gibernau and Barros (neither of whom could win races during the Doohan era)? The ex-superbike newbies Hayden, Bayliss and Edwards? The erratic Capirossi? Roberts, who hasn't had a decent bike since 2000? Perennial B-graders Norick Abe and Carlos Checa?

Compare those names to the field in the early 90's: Mick Doohan, Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey, Wayne Gardner, Kevin Schwantz, Randy Mamola. These guys were racing each other at the same time, on vicious-handling two-stroke monsters that would kill you if you breathed wrong.

Todays crowd look comically inept in comparison, and have an easier time of it on the four-stroke machines. Not only that, but a bunch of them - Gibernau, Barros and (chortle) Toru Ukawa, have given Rossi regular beatings when given equal machinery. Barros actually outpointed him once given the RCV at the end of 2002. And this was the man who won one race during the Doohan years (during a round when most of the others were injured).

And we're supposed to believe that Rossi beating this lot makes him the 'greatest ever'.


Eddie Lawson would be scraping this guy off his bootheels.

Joy and Commerce

Last weekend, on the way back from a motorcycle ride, we decided to pop into the nearest McDonalds for a dirt-cheap Happy Meal.

Right next to us was the McDonalds play room, which had been hired out for a birthday party. Lots of little 6-7y.o. kids, wearing party hats, singing along to songs, eating their McDonalds meals, playing on the cubbyhouse slide, playing musical chairs, grinning like crazy, and generally having a fantastic, noisy time.

Their mood was infectious. All the parents were smiling, the people looking into the room were smiling, me included. I started to think about the little birthday girl, how she would treasure the memory of that wonderful party for years to come, how all her siblings and friends seemed almost deliriously happy, the warm smiles of the parents appreciating just how great a time their little tykes were having.

Then I started thinking about the losers who would disapprove of such a disgraceful event. The greenies, the Bob Brown lovers, the Jose Bove admirers, the anti-globalism marchers, the America-hating peacenicks, the crybaby dole-bludging socialists, the health nazis.... them, those kids weren't having fun, they were being poisoned with corporate garbage food, they were being force-fed American cultural hegemony, their parents were giving money to the evil American empire. Smiling, happy children become dupes of the Great Satan, because they're doing something really awful like eating American hamburgers.

Happy children, happy parents, affordable food, fun, employment and profit: no wonder McDonalds is so hated by leftists.


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