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A pair of Hondas - ride review

I took the Honda VFR800 and the Honda CBR900 Hornet for test rides today, and neither of them was quite what I expected.

The CBR900 Hornet

Honda's new naked musclebike - featuring a retuned version of the superceded 919 Fireblade engine - was a pleasant surprise. The motor was wonderful, with a beefy mid-range and beautifully crisp throttle response offering some serious acceleration. While the test bike I was riding had modified gearing and a set of aftermarket exhausts, I was still impressed by the basic package. The brakes were great too.

The bike felt nowhere near as heavy as I expected, and steered surprisingly well.

Yet something about the bike just didn't gel for me, despite it's obvious strengths. It basically boiled down to the problem I had with the ZRX1200 - ergonomics. Something about the seating/handlebar/footpeg position feels very awkward to me, and I never really felt 100% in control of it. For starters, the handlebars on all naked bikes should be wide and close to the rider - like a trail bike. It greatly enhances confidence with the bike's handling and feels more natural when you're in the upright position. Yet for some damned reason, the Hornet, ZRX1200 & Triumph Speed Triple have handlebars that seem far away and close together. Why is this? It reduces leverage and serves no purpose at all. The footpegs felt like they were in the wrong place too.

Kawasaki's glorious z1000 managed to stick a big motor into a chuckable, comfy nakedbike frame, with close & wide handlebars. Why can't anyone else do this?

A pity really. The Hornet has so many strengths, yet it just doesn't feel right.

The VFR800

Now this was an odd experience. The brand-spanking new & "advanced" version of Honda's legendary V-4 sports-tourer is something I've wanted to ride for ages.

Let's start with the positives: it looks great, handles beautifully and is super-stable. And those oft-criticised linked brakes (which I've never used before) were a thing of wonder: offering fast emergency braking ability with so much more confidence. As an all-rounder, the bike is a dream, and the passenger accommodations are great.

Now, for the big negative: that stupid fucking engine.

What in God's name possessed Honda to stick a VTEC engine in this bike? Within 10 minutes I wanted to smash the bloody thing to pieces.

What's wrong with the VTEC system? Essentially, below 7000rpm the bike runs on two valves per cylinder, and once you hit 7k it switches to four valves per cylinder. God knows why - it seems to add little performance and gives a ghastly "spluttering" as you pass 7000rpm, where the engine seems to stop then restart, giving the bike a big "jolt". This was a nightmare when accelerating out of corners and just a plain pain in the arse when riding in a straight line.

If only they'd ditched the VTEC system. Without it, the VFR might have damn near been the perfect motorcycle.

Support the battlers!!

At the bottom of the right-hand column of this page, I've added links to some fine little organisations who need your help in their brave fight against the forces of darkness.

Go forth and show your support to these brave souls!


I'm weeks behind in my e-mails. Apologies to those still awaiting a reply.

Romanticised genocide

Check out this lovely communist artwork.....

Uncle Joe inspects the latest batch of Junior Gulag Fodder....


Idiot of the day

From a Marxism FAQ....

Once the modern economy, industry, science, and technology, is in the hands of all members of society, we will be able to achieve full employment and shorter working hours - giving us the time as well as the resources we need to really begin to realize our talents. We could see the economy forge ahead at 10 or even 20% a year! This would be entirely possible once we have done away with the anarchy of private ownership and the profit motive. Such growth could double the wealth of society in five years!

Economic growth of 20% a year!! Heh. Sure, if your growth industries are gulag inmates. Because it'll be hard to make your economy grow when you won't let your consumers buy what they want, let alone let your industries respond to that demand. Ah, but wait, they're gonna buy what they "need" aren't they? Problem is, you commies haven't been too good at providing for needs either.

Funny how evil capitalism can produce more of these goods of "need" than any socialist utopia was able to manage, and their marxist economies were built for it, for chrissakes. Agriculture built around "need" which could never deliver enough food. Industry built around "need" which could never produce anything anyone wanted.

Marxists have always, however, managed to produce (or at least, procure) a great many weapons, which The Party needs for shooting it's own proletariat....who are supposed to love them...but they don't...even though they're now getting what they need in this new utopia....why won't the ungrateful bastards ever cooperate? (hey!! Stop thinking you imperialist-collaborating pig!! A bullet in the head for you!!)

Funny how things work out.

Perversion in Kabul!!!!!

Non-Burqa'd women playing chess!!! Someone re-install the Taliban and restore non-american morals immediately.

(via Kathy)


James Russell's search requests get more bizarre and disturbing every time. I'm talking about the third one.

What's the world coming to?

First it was The Fat Texan, now we've got another american getting involved in cricket....

Good riddance

Matthew Engel's weekly "America Sucks" Guardian column is no more. Two years, and he's just as patronising, moronic, simpering and clueless as ever.

Engel - who's deep insights into American culture have included whinging about the tea, evil poultry conspiracies, the monolithic stupid american voter, and a lot of screeching about Dubya - bids America a patronising farewell.

Apparently, our little paragon of wisdom is teaching brainwashed americans how to have fun again because he purchased a trampoline, braving the fearless hoardes of litigation lawyers. No really. Such selfless courage. Then he gets on to his usual macro-mumble:

This column has tried to make the connection between the macro-torment of the planet and the micro-life of its most powerful component. I'm not sure anyone truly understands the US, least of all the cybermorons who tell me most angrily how little I know.

It wouldn't take an American to tell this unhinged sadcase how wrong he is, but it's unlikely anything could penetrate Engel's Euroweenie delusions and prejudices.

I do sense that you cannot even begin to come to grips with a place until you've lived in it.

Dude, you've lived their for two years, and you still don't have a clue.

What level of rank stupidity is required for this level on cluelessness and disconnection about his surroundings after two years in the place? An illiterate, blind cattle-herder from the Mongolian Steppes could have done more.

And yet this idiot, this snivelling gimp, was employed by the Guardian as their American correspondent, and chose to retain him despite week after week of sub-juvenile insights which seemed to be culled from watching too many cop shows.

If you ever needed to know the depths of stupidity that modern "acceptable" anti-american intellectualism can reach, you will find few better guides than Engel.


Someone else thinks William Deane is a wanker too

A superb piece in today's Australian by Channel 7 political reporter Glenn Milne.

In parts of the media, Deane is regularly described as Australia's most popular and well-respected governor-general. Says who? This has almost been a case of ascension by assertion. Where are the polls to back this claim?

And there's one thing that appears to have escaped those who assert this: While Deane was propagating his particular views on multiculturalism and reconciliation, the Australian public was busy re-electing a Prime Minister who refused to say sorry. The same public also endorsed the Prime Minister's ugly treatment of illegal migrants. Did anybody ask them what they thought of Deane? Apparently not.

Naturally, some weenies in the online feedback section on the footer of the page are upset by Milne's heresy:

Surely the job of the non-political leader of the country is to provide moral leadership, not be a cipher. Shouldn't he be there to guide us through the lies and obfuscations that have become the norm in political life?

No stupid, we prefer to elect people to speak for us.

Why have him, if his role is to be a clone of the current government?

Somebody get this twit a copy of the constitution.

One thing is for sure: Milne makes a welcome alternative to the drones on the ABC, or worse still the wretched Channel 10 political retard Paul Bongiorno, who described the Woomera detention facility as "looking like Auschwitz".

Winning the War on Terror

Remarkable article in FrontPage today.

But dammit, the W.O.T. was supposed to be a big failure wasn't it?

And while you're there, read the article on Amnesty International too.


Take the geek test

Find out your Geek Rating.

I scored 12%. How did you fare?

This is really starting to suck

English racer David Jeffries has been killed in a practice session at the Isle of Man TT. A multiple IOM TT race winner (and current lap record holder), Jeffries died after crashing his GSXR-1000 into a telegraph pole.

This comes only a month after the death of Daijiro Kato, who crashed into the barrier at the Suzuka MotoGP race.

There has been much talk of removing Suzuka from the MotoGP calendar for safety reasons. Yet that racetrack is a kids playground compared to the IOM road circuit, which on average kills around three racers every year. The brutally unforgiving nature of the place means an accident - which might not even cause a bruise on a closed racetrack - may mean certain death when the rider collides with one of the countless poles, buildings, brick walls, trees or fences which line the entire circuit.

One day, this festival will be legislated out of existence. If you're interested in making the pilgrimage, you'd better go next year, because something tells me the TT wont be coming back to the island in 2005.

Hey, old guys: SHUT THE FUCK UP

Former Governor-General William Deane - hero of the left and insufferable windbag - is shooting his mouth off about the Howard government's "human rights abuses", and reciting the old leftie chestnut: we are losing our way.

Like many Australian political has-beens (Keating, Hawke and Mugabe's bum-boy Malcolm Fraser), Deane isn't enjoying his time out of the limelight, and has taken to offering his wisdoms to the populace to ease his Influence Deficit Disorder.

Deane was the left's wet dream: an unelected individual who could stand before the nation and lecture us all on meaningless feelgood gibberish like 'reconciliation', 'multiculturalism' and pretty much any other load of crap nobody outside the Radio National crowd cares about. In doing so, he gave every Phillip Adams listener the momentary illusion that divine wisdoms were being decreed, and the ignorant nation would surely rise up and actually give a shit.

Sadly, the Howard government kept winning elections thru appealing to issues that actually mattered to people - like the economy and national security - and this ageing farthose realised that maybe we weren't listening to him after all.

But like all the lefties suffering Irrelevance Syndrome, Deane has put this rejection down to an evil, nasty, racist government, and not the fact that the Australian people - the most decent of all on earth - actually don't care.

The person I was watching TV with tonight offered perhaps the best final statement on Deane:

"silly old cunt"



Strawman over at the site, has a brilliant post on just-convicted stockbroker and high-flyer Rene Rivkin who has just received a ludicrously excessive penalty for making three hundred and fifty dollars on a share deal.

Led Zeppelin - DVD

I think I just found religion.

Sometimes you wait for things and they let you down.

Around 1991, I read about a whole series of Led Zeppelin concerts which had been recorded on film, but never released. As a Zep fanatic, I was desperate to see these, and hoped they would be released eventually, though the chances never looked that great.

All we had to document Zeppelin's live career was the abysmal The Song Remains The Same concert film-cum-conceptual art. A dull performance, weedy sound and lifeless visuals made that an endurance test.

So, twelve long years, and finally the news I've been waiting for: the Led Zeppelin DVD is coming out. A double-disc set of the legendary but never heard gigs at the Albert Hall, Earl's Court and Knebworth.

I finally picked this up tonight. I've watched it. My verdict?


Genuinely great performances, sound so sharp and crunchy you could cut thru it with a knife. Wonderful visuals. Incredible to finally hear so many great live versions of their songs. I haven't watched much of the Albert Hall gig yet, but disc 2 along is worth the price of purchase. The version of Kashmir will just make you shit.

If you've ever been a Led Zeppelin fan, you need to buy this DVD - now.

And it blows away the memory of Page-n-Plant's godawful Unledded project.

Shock, horror!!

According to Ross Gittens, globalisation might actually be good for developing nations. And he tells us why.


Thabo Mbeki tells us not to be mean to Mugabe

In Africa, the scum always rises to the top
What you lookin' at, white boy?

In today's Guardian, the loony president of South Africa says Zimbabwe's problems are to be blamed on "colonialism".

In the heated atmosphere that surrounds the issue of Zimbabwe, the tendency to pose as high priests at the inquisition, hungry for the blood of the accused, has taken root - as though to demonise and punish is the way to solve the most difficult problems. In this situation, as in war, the truth soon becomes a casualty.

From its very beginning as an independent country, Zimbabwe understood that it had to address the domination of the socio-economic sphere by the white minority - a legacy of colonialism.

President Mugabe, is - apparently - not to blame for any of the current woes. Mbeki actually fawns over the Zimbabwe prez's great achievements!

the government ploughed considerable resources into education, with dramatic success. Significant state expenditure went into health too, resulting in an increase in life expectancy from 55 to 59 years.

And he gives us this stunner:

But, contrary to what some now claim, the economic crisis currently affecting Zimbabwe did not originate from the desperate actions of a reckless political leadership, or from corruption. It arose from a genuine concern to meet the needs of the black poor, without taking into account the harsh economic reality that we must pay for what we consume.

Right, it's all just a bunch of rounding errors resulting from delivering the poor black folks from the clutches of evil whitey's legacy.

Curiously though, Mbeki seems unconcerned by the "black poor" Mugabe is starving to death, or having tortured by the police, all for living in areas friendly to Mugabe's political opponents. (This line of reasoning is popular in the west with lefty psychos who apologise for Castro's bouts of represion & murder)

Nor does Mbeki seem to think any economic woes are caused by the mass corruption and nepotism, the 'reclaiming' of productive farms by armed ZANU-PF thugs, or pretty much any of Mugabe's current policies designed to cripple economic activity.

Hey, but you go on dreaming, reality-denial boy, while Africa sinks on your watch. But hey, better dead than white, eh Mbeki?

The new EU logo

Great work by The Yobbo over at Samizdata.

Hot buttered freaks

I see James Russell is still a magnet for all the nut-jobs out there.

Bomb the Welsh and take their oil

Funny post by Ken Parish.

By the way Ken, your blogger groupings are a little odd: me and the libertarians are right-ish, but Scott and Gaz are centre-ish?

Non-existent anti-muslim hate crimes

Why aren't I surprised by this?


Islamist freakazoid Sultaana Freeman - the idiot who demanded to have her driver's licence photo showing her hidden by her burqa - is a child-abuser. Of course, it is we non-muslims who are the corrupt ones...

(Thanks to Misha for the link)


Idiot of the day award

Aussie commie twitblogger Niall:

Anyone who believes the United States has become anything less than a fascist state just isn't on this planet with the rest of us.

Whatever you say comrade.

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