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Nice pictures for your enjoyment

October 2002, Mallacoota, Vic.

This cute little bird was happily perched on my motorcycle outside my motel room watching me pack.

Sure was a curious little fellow......


Tex's random lists

Good/Great performances from terrible actors

Don Johnson in The Hot Spot
Burt Reynolds in Deliverance
Carl Weathers in Rocky
Sylvester Stallone in Rocky and Copland
Ernest Borgnine in The Wild Bunch

Porn chicks who were actually attractive

Alisha Klass
PJ Sparxx
Shannon Wilsey

The Greatest Motorcycle racers since the mid 80's

Eddie Lawson
Wayne Rainey
Mick Doohan
Kevin Schwantz
Wayne Gardner

The last five kinds of beer I've drunk

Hahn Premium
Coopers Pale Ale
Carlton Draught (on tap)
Tooheys New

Five overseas cities I'd like to visit


The first five bloggers I read

Tim Blair
Ken Layne
Andrew Sullivan
Damian Penny


Low bloggage

Bloggin' quiet at the moment as you will have noticed. A few rather unpleasant days in my corner of the universe. Will be back into the swing of things tomorrow.

David Brooks on jew-hating

...and guess where's it's coming from nowadays? The far left of course.


The left's support for Palestinian terror

Excellent article from Frontpage.

Not so clueless

Steven Den Beste pens some thoughts on America's geopolitics and his own liberal conservatism.


The mighty Bill Whittle has another essay up, and for my money, it's his best one yet.


Fun site of the day

Go play the UN Weapons Inspector game. It's a bloody hoot.

Guess those anti-war protests didn't work to well huh?

Poor peacenicks. All that marching, all those banners, all that outraged howling. What was the result?

Increased support for the war.

(Link via Bitchin' Peter)

More from the great minds at

More penetrating war dialogue;

One of the "sins" that damn Saddam Hussein is that he tried to assassinate a president of the USA; George Bush snr.
I've seen Dubya saying "he tried to kill my daddy" on tv too but I can't
recall this ever happening (or ALMOST happening!).
Does anyone here know what this assassination attempt is all about?

Like the use of quotation marks on "sins".

When George Snr went to the Gulf there was an alleged plan by Iraqis to
assasinate him, early 90s?. Apparently US efforts to do it to Saddam first don't
count as provocation.

Awww, the poor guy

P'raps they got sick of him always calling Hussein "Saddem"!

This fella should be writing for The Guardian.


For your reading pleasure

Do you have serious reality issues? Do you secretly yearn for a new Joseph Stalin to come to power and cleanse the world of the stink of democracy and liberty? Then do we have the magazine for you!

Yes, from the just released new edition of Tyrant Lovers United;

- The stunning news that some lawyers and TV presenters get paid lots of money.

- Lots of bluster about "resistance" and the promise that mass action will drive Howard out!! (Yes folks, these are known as elections, and Howard has won the last three).

- apparently, capitalism and horrible democracies are about to be overthrown by the prolitariat: We may be witnessing the beginnings of that process again in an international challenge not only to war but to the capitalist system at its heart as well. No, I'm serious. It's apparently really going to happen this time!

On the current state of the Federal Liberal Party

I've posted some thoughts over at


Back to Hugh Mackay then

Hughie has his auto-bullshit generator firing on all cylinders today. Australia's most desperately out-of-touch "social researcher" informs us that despite being a bunch of Howard-voting racist nazi greed-scum, we are now all (at the same time) apparently emerging from our apathy to embrace the anti-war movement, socialist economics and general touchy-feeliness.

Is this wanker confused or what? So keenly trying every week - despite painfully obvious evidence to the contrary - to convince himself that the ignorant masses for whom he has such contempt are emerging from their caves and are being converted to Hughie's own juvenile, pants-wetting leftism. So the anti-war protests are now a totally unified cry against the all-round capitalist horrors of Gulag Howard.

All we needed was a catalyst for our frustration, our anger, our anxiety. Now we have one. No wonder we've taken to the streets in our hundreds of thousands: this is just the beginning of our re-engagement. If I were John Howard, I'd be listening very, very carefully.

Mackay's been singing the same song since 1996. And Howard is still the Prime Minister and is miles ahead in the opinion polls. Good going Hugh, you've really got your finger on the pulse of the people there dude........


I'm still way behind on my e-mail. Will endeavour to catch up fully this weekend. Thanks to all who have written in. The correspondence I get is fantastic.

A new, chilly blog

Say hello to Frozen in Montreal.

Eerie animation of the day

This is strangely spooky and mesmerising.

Bizarre animation of the day

Say hi to Kikkoman. No, I don't understand what's going on either.


Quote of the day

Just because the Spartacists march in your rally and hold up signs supporting North Korea doesn’t mean anyone else believes in their twisted cause. But mass movements have a way of being hijacked by the ardent few, the ones who are damned dead serious about overturning the established order and oiling up the guillotine to deal with the undecided. Their work is made easier by comfortable dilettantes who think it’s funny to call Bush a Nazi - or who march without comment beside someone who does.

- James Lileks

(link via Damian Penny)

Anti-war ponderings

Fellow Canberra libertarian John Humphreys doesn't much care for my recent opinions of last weekend's anti-war marches.

As I argue in my response, John's protest seems to rest on his overly defensive assumption that his own sensible anti-war arguments (and those of other libertarians) can be lumped in with those of the "chanting + banners = truth" crowd, and the bizarre assertion that calling that particular crowd on their mad ravings is somehow dismissive of serious debate. I ask: what 'serious debate' is that crowd capable of engaging in?


Riddle of the day

Q: What would the French call a nuclear weapon going off in downtown Paris?
A: More proof that the inspections are working.

(courtesy of Scott)

The Mirror loves Jimmy

Jimmy Carter that is. These thick-headed lefty goons are practically creaming their pants in this barf-inducing editorial;


JIMMY Carter was not a flashy or showy President, but history judges him as one of America's greatest.

He never ordered US troops into battle and believes talk and negotiation are better than war. He was a worthy winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

So what he says matters. And President Carter, with all his experience and wisdom, opposes the bombing and invasion of Iraq.

Can you feel the stomach-churning lurrrrve?

Can you feel the stunning hypocrisy?

Remarkable pictures

Some great images of the weekend's marching nutters.

(courtesy of Damian Penny)

Daniel Pipes on counting mosques

Pipes-san gives a serious reality check to those who bleat about "persecution" of American muslims, and the government agencies who hunt terrorists with one hand tied to their ass.

Allah has a great sense of humour


Funniest thing I've seen in weeks.

Gore Vidal: crackpot

Dan Flynn does a lovely dissection of the pompous literary kook.

The things 'peace' protestors overlook

Thanks to Julian at Infidel for bringing my attention to this. Truly horrifying.

President Le Wanker

Seems hypocrite scumbucket Jacques Chirac is outraged that those arrogant little Eastern Europeans just aren't behaving European enough.

BRUSSELS, Belgium - French President Jacques Chirac launched a withering attack Monday on eastern European nations who signed letters backing the U.S. position on Iraq, warning it could jeopardize their chances of joining the European Union.

Gosh darn it, the EUnuchs won't be able to waffle about unilateralism anymore with these uncooperative little bastards running around......................

"It is not really responsible behavior," he told a news conference. "It is not well brought up behavior. They missed a good opportunity to keep quiet."

Keep quiet.

Oh, but we all know it's the Americans who are the bullies....right?

Watch out!!

Gobal warming cooling is here!!


Face it, The Simpsons is really starting to suck

Damian Penny must have been reading my mind. It used to be I was glued to the TV when this show was on, but I can't even be bothered switching on to new episodes anymore. It's time for this show to check out.

Riddle of The Day

Q: Whats the difference between snow and french soldiers?
A: You can make men out of snow.

(courtesy of Anne-Sophie)

Idiots and Anti-war prevarication

Just listened to the Late Night Live "lefties discuss war" show. One of the guests - NSW Labor socialist nutter Meredith Burgmann - displayed the disgraceful intellectual fraudulence of many in the anti-war movement. She was asked over and over what should be done about Iraq if we choose not to go to war.

Not once did she even attempt to answer the question. Even Phillip Adams got tired of her avoidance. When asked the question, she would proceed with bizarre rants about Kyoto, Dubya's oil greed, the history of Saddam's rise to power, American imperialism, Vietnam, "why don't we invade Pakistan because of the abuse of women", USA's own nuclear weapons.....and on and on she bloody went....

Yet she could not answer the question: what are you going to do about Saddam if there is no war?

No answer was forthcoming, just the patended evasions of the typical west-hating anti-war gasbag. Better a million dead Iraqis by Saddam's hands than a thousand by Americans, eh?

The silent protest

Kathy Kinsley says the good stuff.

Paul Sheehan on anti-war protestors

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

What is ambiguous about this movement is its timing. Twenty-three million Iraqis live under the jackboot of Saddam's vast apparatus of oppression (the remaining 1 million Iraqis are wearing the jackboots). Yet where were the mass street demonstrators when Saddam was gassing, murdering and displacing hundreds of thousands of Kurds? Or invading Iran? Or invading Kuwait? Or wiping out the Madan tribes?

Millions of people have taken to the streets in outrage at the prospect of Iraqis being killed by Americans, but the streets were empty as a million Iraqis were murdered, gassed, tortured, raped, imprisoned, arrested or dispossessed under Saddam. It's ongoing. Demonstrate against Saddam inside Iraq and you die.

raqi girl praises peace protestors.....not

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

Rania Kashi, 19, a first-year student at Cambridge University, sent the long e-mail to about 15 friends who were considering going on Saturday's protest march in London.

"I say to them [the protesters]: do not continue to allow the Iraqi people to be punished because you are 'unhappy' with the amount of power America is allowed to wield in a faulty world.

"Do not use the Iraqi people as a pawn in your game for moral superiority - when you allow a monster like Saddam to rule for 30 years without so much as protesting against his rule, you lose the right to such a claim."

Amen sister.

Looking for older whackings?

Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index


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