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New posts have been sparse in the last few days. Consumption of expensive scotch, vodka plus some work-at-home commitments are to blame. Business will resume as normal tomorrow.

As usual, I'm way behind in my e-mail. Apologies to those still awaiting a reply.

A jewish apology to Palestinians

And about time too!

Acidman vs. God

I love this cranky old fucker.

A White Rose for all seasons

Great new freedom blog. Obviously euro-heavy, but the themes are universal.

Today's eejit

Check out the first entry in the comments section of this post.


Quote of the day

There's a small crippled child in the hospital who really wants us to win. I know this because I crippled him myself to inspire you.
- C.M. Burns

NZ TV says sorry for Dubya "professional fascist" gaffe

"What I can assure you is that it was a completely unintentional mistake."

Sure it was.

Microsoft Office setup for America-haters

Yobbo is one funny bastard.

Slick Willie on the prowl again

Former sleazebag-in-chief and serial sex predator Bill Clinton is at it again:

June 19, 2003 -- BILL Clinton and his "close friend," sexy Canadian billionaire Belinda Stronach, seem to be enjoying one another's company more and more - and sightings of them together have north-of-the-border media types buzzing.

Hillary - of course - knows nothing, eh Mike?

And get a load of this stomach churner:

"I haven't met a woman yet who is not attracted to Bill Clinton"

'scuse me while I hurl.

(Thanks to Mr. Hayes for the link)

Today's cultural treasures

This is just damned funny.

This evening's Sydney Morning Herald losers

Even Australian lefty journalists still can't get over Dubya being elected president. For fuck's sake: grow a life.

Unhinged mumbler Alan Ramsey is still pissing his pants about John Howard's non-existent 'police state'.

And there is the daily assortment of letter-writing weenies.


Enough of fucking Harry Potter already. Some character dies...blah blah....a hardback got stolen somewhere, blah blah....JK Rowling will earn an awful lot of money from this book, jabber, jabber, jabber.

If you wanna buy the book, then buy it. Why the fuck do the rest of us have to hear about it?

Stopping the race-hucksters

Former Labor minister Gary Johns delivers this magnificent slam of ATSIC and the self-serving race-bullies in the aboriginal leadership.

Aboriginal society is awash with politics, the politics of preferment. It is characteristic of a dependent people. All the land in Australia will not make Aborigines any less dependent. What makes Aborigines dependent is the lack of skills to make a living in the modern economy. There is no other economy in Australia. Trying to make viable communities of 100 or 200 people in the middle of nowhere will not work. Give the children the option in these communities to get out.


If Aborigines want greater influence over the decisions that affect their lives, then they have to get out from under government. Get out from under their leaders. They have to take the programs that are available to enable them to make their own way. There is a lot of life outside government and politics and the trap of collective identity.

Amen brother. Go read the rest right now.


Quote of the day

Space, it seems to go on and on forever... But then you get to the end and a gorilla starts throwing barrels at you!
- Futurama

Confess your sins... father Tim. I chickened out.

More idiot-mail

When conservatives send me letters of criticism, they are sober, well-written and polite. Yet when lefties send letters of criticism, it invariably contains lots of screeching, cursing and exclamation points.

And on that note, I give you the lovely e-mail I received this evening from 'Greg A.'. At least he avoided upper-case type.

"Tex" - now there's a good redneck name...

Just read your gripping review of 77%

First thing I can say is - you gutless, xenophobic cunt! What else would
one expect of someone from Darwin.

Gotta love level-headed lefty critique. And hey there, stupid person, Darwin is one of the most multicultural communities in Australia.

No, sorry, that's right, cunts are useful!

I agree, though I doubt you've seen one up close.

I hate white wannabe homeboys as much as you seem to but have you actually
taken a little bit of time to think about what these guys are trying to

Yes, and I came to the judgement that they're idiots. Deal with it.

I think a bit of what these guys are actually saying is a little misguided,
but that's what youthful, artistic expression is all about.

What, being stupid? Hey, here's a youthful non-stupid fella who can actually express his ideas.

77% of all Australians are racist? I hope that's not true and I'd challenge these guys
on their facts, but that's hardly the point.

Hardly the point?

Our little "Mr Sheen" PM has put this country back so far in our national
identity and national collective thought. So many friends of mine that left
to get some work experience in Europe etc before 1996 have come back here
asking "what the fuck has happened to Australia?"

Lefty idiots tend to wring their hands a lot over questions noone else gives a crap about. What do these morons mean about national identity? And if our 'collective thought' is so horribly traumatised, why has the coalition won three elections in a row? Why does the PM have such a huge lead in the prefered PM opinion polls?

So like the left to assume their laughable limp-wristed hissy-fits are actually shared by anyone with a life.

I have NO idea what to do to sort out the Aboriginal issues in Australia.

Ah, so why do you criticise the policies of the government if you have no better ideas yourself? Idiot.

I feel unbearably guilty about the shit that we've dropped them in over the past 200 years, which is a very fucking short time in their 40+ thousand years here. I have no answers because it's such a hard question.

Why do you feel guilty? Have you done anything bad? It amazes me no end that the pious twats in the supposed 'anti-racism' left are associating both them and me with apparent crimes I did not commit because I have the same skin colour. Irony much?

But at least these guys from The Herd are making an expression of the frustration that they feel being a part of the Anglo-Saxon machine that has totally fucked indigenous Australians over in these 200 years.

Was I denying their right to express an opinion? Freedom of speech does not entail freedom from criticism, you hypersensitive little violet.

Anglo-Saxon machine. The same anglo-saxon bastards who are having their tax dollars spent on aboriginal welfare? Love that politically-correct racism of yours. And I notice the lack of any specifics, or any recognition whatsoever that Australia is a non-racist country.

All they're trying to do is express their frustration and give the youth
that listen to JJJ something to at least think about. You feel pissed off
about paying for JJJ?


Well I bet I pay a shitload more tax than you dickhead.....

and you're basing this on what? And why is that even relevant? If they love JJJ so much, they can spend their own money on it. They have no right to ask me to spend mine.

....and I think it's money well spent instead of having airwaves full of wankers with deep-filtered voices telling us what to buy!

The difference of course - Mr Stupid - is that you are not paying for Laws, Zemanek, Jones and co, but I'm forced to support JJJ. And how does the existence of JJJ stop Laws & Co. spewing their stuff? Logic aint your strong suit I guess.

And all YOU are doing is rubbishing their efforts. Get your head out of your arse and try to see the bigger picture!

Sorry, I escaped adolescence and got myself a job years ago. You should try it. It's wonderful reality-therapy.

You SERIOUSLY need a fucking shake-up.

Feel free to respond if you've got the guts to engage me.

Ooooh, you're some kind of scary fella. Take your best shot toots......

It's not just Lakemba mosque anymore

Melbanians are growing them too.

The Middle East

The debate rages on.

A brief history of the internet


Cheers to D. Spacey for the link.


Are you a lonely creepazoid looking for that special lady? Well do we have the service for you!

As my friend Steve from California sez:

Hey, want to meet that chick you saw walking down the street? Hire these guys to stalk her and then set up a meeting.

Their specialty is the "coincidental meeting" after you have these vultures comb through her life, and you decide you want her.

Tres creepy.


The influence of blogs

Brian Micklethwait at Samizdata has a fine piece on this subject, esp. the blogosphere's potential for spreading the ideals of libertarianism.


More shopping fun

This is what you need: fine booze accessories. I got my Simpsons shotglasses there.

The latest Green Leftisms

Apparently, Sydney's muslims need to be more like The Black Panthers. You know, to combat all the imaginary racism.

An American leftist student graces Australia with her presence.

There's tons of other crap too.

Mr. Teeny on the phone

Ahh, the wonders of telecommunication. offers realistic Monkey Phone Calls for people in the United States! For $10.00 we will call any normal phone line in the US and make a personalized Monkey Phone Call for you!

If you're ready for your Monkey Phone Call click the link above to order! Your monkey phone call could come almost immediately or within 2 business days depending on how busy our call center is. Monkey Phone Calls are only made between 9:00AM - 6:00PM central standard time. Yes, we really do make the call!


Thanks to Citizen Limbo for the link.

More war-on-terror debating

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

It's the "A terrorist target: new or old?" thread. Go read. We're like geniuses and you'll be, like, educated and stuff.....

...and the madness never ends in EuroWorld

Check out Samizdata's view of the latest insane EU legislation: The Big Brother EU is gonna regulate blogs.


Krauthammer on Iraq

Charles delivers a mighty beating to the post-war "it was all a lie!!" crowd:

The inability to find the weapons is indeed troubling, but only because it means that the weapons remain unaccounted for and might be in the wrong hands. The idea that our inability to thus far find the WMDs proves that the threat was phony and hyped is simply false.

If the U.S. intelligence agencies bent their data to damn Saddam, why is it that the French, German and Russian intelligence services all came to the same conclusion? Why is it that every country on the Security Council, including Syria, in the unanimous Resolution 1441, declared that Saddam had failed to account for the tons of chemical and biological agents he had in 1998? If he had destroyed them all by 2002, why did he not just say so, list where and when it happened, and save his regime?


Everyone thought Saddam had weapons because we knew for sure he had them five years ago and there was no evidence that he disposed of them. The WMD- hyping charge is nothing more than the Iraqi museum story Part II: A way for opponents of the war--deeply embarrassed by the mass graves, torture chambers and grotesque palaces discovered after the war--to change the subject and relieve themselves of the shame of having opposed the liberation of 25 million people.

As usual, read the rest.

I told you so: Ducati breaks through

Ducati have won their first MotoGP race, in only their sixth attempt. I told you they would.

Meanwhile, Suzuki - who raced their four-stroke all of last year - managed a best place of 15th. Kawasaki - who have been racing their four-stroke since late last season - finished 17th. Aprilia - who raced all last year - managed a 12th in the hands of Haga.

Ducati have well and truly humiliated the non-Honda manufacturers. Just think how good these bikes will be next year.

Meanwhile Carlos "Crasher" Checa continues his inexplicable employment at Yamaha with a 4th place. Checa has been on superfast works machinery for the last eight seasons and has won only twice (last in 1998, and never outside Spain). Why do people keep hiring this b-grader?

Nutter boy is back!

Ladies and gents, I present another Richard Neville essay: The Doors of Deception, a Death Metal Soundtrack.

Most of the fun with Richard is figuring out exactly what he is talking about. Get a load of this opening paragraph:

I stand on the terrace of the Sydney Opera House taking in the night-sweep of the Harbour Bridge and the twinkling downtown office blocks. Two Union Jacks flutter from the iron coathanger, a double dose of patriotism. Chattering patrons toss back champagne, a cheroot of medical marijuana is pressed to my lips. The skyline ever more resembles Manhattan. I turn my gaze to the ivory sails soaring above, muttering, “at least we won this battle”, as a bell signals the start of Sibelius. “No”, snarls a divided self, “it was a draw”. The building’s exterior is a triumph, the interior a tragedy, thanks to a long gone Minister of Works. The divas struggle to overcome the woodwork. And so it is with Australia. On the outside it’s a dazzling spectacle of golden beaches, prancing starlets and fine dining, while on the inside, dug into a Canberra hill, it’s a toxic cabinet of lawyer-politicians who will stop at nothing to further their own ambitions, including the killing and maiming of innocents in a land that did them no harm.

What's remarkable here is that he could have deducted the entire 121-word portion before "Australia" and made exactly the same point with infinitely more clarity.

To save you the effort, I've word-filtered the rest of his essay:

Americans evil,
Capitalism bad,
Let's go hump tree.

Well, it's not quite his complete essay, I admit. I've left out the final section where he gets evidence of US atrocities from such notable psycho sites, and

And people actually pay this freak for speaking engagements.

A tricky piggy paradise

Tom Paine shows us how remaining kosher in Tonga can be a little difficult.


Yobbo has composed his own magnificent hown-grown hip-hip track.

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