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More on the stupid "war-on-drugs"

News Corp. boofhead Piers Akerman is one of the many reasons I'd never call myself a conservative. In today's bizarro, rambling column, he starts off talking about Cheryl Kernot, then jumps to worldwide drug-legalisation conspiracies, and how just so darned evil is any thought of legalising drugs. As usual with anti-drugs moralist waffle, he can give no good reason why hard drugs should be not legalised.

The Daily Telegraph has long had it's head up its arse about the drugs issue, particularly under the editorship of Murdoch lickspittle Col Allan (who has since moved on - fittingly - to look after The John Gotti Fanzine), who - during the debate over the ACT's heroin trial - actually admitted he'd rather see kids dead than on drugs.

Aside from the moralist hyprocrisy of distinguishing between "good" legal drugs (booze, cigarettes), and nasty "bad" ones, and the whole libertarian argument of "it's my body, so mind your own business, asswipe", here are the cold hard facts on drug prohibition;

1- Prohibiting drugs cannot, does not, and never has reduced (let alone stopped) the usage and trafficking of narcotics. All the "get tough" policies, periodical "crackdowns", draconian jail terms and monumentally stupid american "Drug Czars" will never change this.

2- Prohibiting drugs causes people to consume them in varying, uncertain, dangerous dosage levels. It spreads disease and people die as a result of taking a bad dose away from medical help.

3- Drug prohibition massively increases crime rates: addicts commit crimes to pay for the street value of a product which could be sold cheaply. The income from illicit sales provides a massive stream of revenue for street gangs and drug cartels. Entire networks of criminals exist because of the prohibition on drugs. The prohibition on narcotics has been the greatest boost to organised crime in history.

4- Massive amount of publicly funded resources are required in the attempt to solve these problems, and yet every single one of these problems has gotten worse. We are all, in effect, paying lots of our tax money to create more crime and more health problems.

And you know what? Every single one of these problems would be improved by the legalisation of drugs.

- let pharmaceutical companies bid to produce safe, approved, consistent-dosage "hits" of heroin, coke and the rest
- let addicts shoot up the safe dosage in a clean facility under the watch of medical staff

The effects?

- huge reduction in fatal OD's.
- regular, consistent "hits" allow addicts to place some control back over their lives. No need to break in to a house and steal the CD player, no need to sell one's body. Simply the knowledge that they'll be able to get their hit, do it safely, and get help if they need it.
- a huge reduction in drug-related crime due to an easily affordable safe, regular and legal product.
- drug gangs and cartels face a drastic loss in revenue.
- police can actually go back to doing something useful, like catching murderers.
- prison space can be made available for - you know - actual criminals.
- less strain on the health system.

You're seeing the picture here: drug prohibition makes everything worse, legalisation makes everything better.

Don't expect any politicians to take up this line soon though. Logic has no more place in drug policy than it did in witch burnings.

I mean less dead kids...less crime...more effective policing and health services. What exactly is the problem here?

Tex in Sydney

Yo Sydney bloggers: I've got a free day in Sydney on Sunday 26th Jan. If you wish to join me in consumption of liquids/foodstuffs, let me know.


Arab and Jew - today's essential reading

A horribly fascinating essay at Frontpage, recounting a dialogue between a jew and a well-spoken, utterly psychotic arab student.

The nightmare of Africa

Africa is screwed up, it's going to get worse, and it's their fault.

Why haven't I done this before?

Been reading 'em for ages, but never linked them (not that they need it). Anyway, I welcome the phenomenal USS Clueless and the goddess-like Jane Galt to the links list.



Too worn out tonight to post anything. Back to regular posting tomorrow. Have a nice day folks :)

Send me abuse/praise at: tex {at} whackingday {dot} com


Nice shiny commie freaks

The Stalinist psychos over at the International Socialist Organisation have a newly designed webpage. Go and pay them a visit.

Be sure to read this wonderful essay, hailing Islamic fundmentalism as a great force for anti-capitalist justice. Nauseatingly, the author's only objection to Islamic fascism is that it is too limited, ie. not sufficiently anti-capitalist. Stunningly vile statements abound;

Robert Manne's analysis of Islamism fails because he sees bin Laden as representing an evil force that threatens modern, democratic values.

Gosh, "threatens modern democratic values"? Those nice fundamentalist guys? Goodness gracious, where does this racist propaganda come from?

He ignores how the crisis of capitalism and the brutality of imperialism are driving millions of Muslim people towards a desire for radical change.

Pardon me while I puke.

Manne calls bin Laden's worldview "racist" and argues that, given the means, he and his followers would "take the lives of millions of human beings ... without moral qualm."

While al-Qaeda tries to destabilise the West by killing civilians, there is no sign it is interested in genocide. Its goal is to drive Israel and the US out of the Middle East.

Yeah, nothing to worry about here folks. Once all the jewboys and infidels are exterminated, they'll start handing out hugs n' donuts.


The fellas at the bottom were complete failures: they could rid their societies of only 3 million impure souls all up - nary a scratch on the real trend-setters, (pictured Top L/R).

But you can make the dream live again: join the ISO today: Help us overcome the disappointments of recent history. Come and rid the world of democracy, culture, Jews, small businessmen and Americans.

Build a better world - today!

Elsewhere on the site, I found their Where We Stand page very amusing...


Capitalism is a system of crisis, exploitation and war in which production is profit not human need.

No, production is making stuff people want. But as a good commienazi, one shudders at the thought.

Although workers create society's wealth they have no control over production or distribution.

Well, apart from getting promoted into management, changing jobs, their own consumer spending, and voting for elected leaders to uphold rule of law.

We stand for socialism, the creation of a society in which the workers will make the decisions about the economy, social life and the environment.

They're doing that now, Dumbkoff: it's called capitalism & democracy. You know, people making their own decisions. Me want stuff, you make stuff, me buy your stuff.

But communists don't like people making their own decisions, because they tend to be decisions communists don't like. As a result, rather than admitting their own desperately-out-of-touch ideology is at fault, the good communist deduces the people must have been brainwashed, and must be (forcibly) shown the correct path by enlightened (and unelected) socialist leaders.

There's usually a lot of pseudo-hegelian psychobabble wank (known as Marxism) thrown into the mix to give this fascist psychosis an air of intellectual humanist touchy-feelyness.

The Stalinist system that once existed in countries like Russia and Eastern Europe had nothing to do with socialism but was a form of state capitalism.

No tovarich, it was socialism: the state-tyranny part is created when leftists spongeheads like yourself realise the majority of the population will never support your ideas, so you enforce your ideas on them.

For their own good of course.

Workers' Power

Only the working class has the power to create a society free from exploitation, oppression and want.

Problem is, they don't do they? Whatever dislikes they have of our system, they prefer it to yours. This is why we don't see masses of blue-collar folk emigrating to North Korea, even though the entire population of that country would escape if they could.

And what is this never-ending guff about "a society free from exploitation, oppression and want" - as the last century has shown, the only thing you socialist gestapo goons have ever succeeded at is creating a society of exactly the opposite: gulags, genocide and installing an economic system which was incapable of producing anything anybody could possibly want.

And here - dear reader - my favourite part of the Where we stand page:

Revolution, not Reformism

Socialism cannot be created by gradual reforms as some in the Labor Party believe. The capitalist state - parliament, the military, the law - is a weapon of class rule and must be smashed. There is no parliamentary road to socialism.

Let's read that last bit again;

The capitalist state - parliament, the military, the law - is a weapon of class rule and must be smashed. There is no parliamentary road to socialism.

So, the good, humanist, all-loving socialist, who bleats endlessly about oppression and justice, is - at heart - simply a common totalitarian thug. Of course, we already know this, as the tens of millions who have died at the hands of all-loving socialist ideals can testify.

But these socalist lovelies are not only psychotic thugs, they're also seriously confused. On the same page as their commitment to smashing democracy, comes this;

Liberation from Oppression

We fight for democratic rights.

Dudes, you just said you were going to smash the parliament and the law, which leaves me curious as to what kind of "democratic rights" you are "fighting" for. The Right to slavery?

It's all the West's fault

Well, according to Faisal Bodi in The Guardian it is.

Islamic amnesia on The Crusades

Dave Sims has an interesting history lesson.

The Wog says some stuff

...about multiculturalism.

Snowy Mountains - the smokey ride photos

Like I said yesterday, I went for an overnight ride on the weekend into the Snowy Mountains with my brother. There were a ton of bushfires in the area, and the Alpine Way between Thredbo and Khancoban (the best riding section) was closed. We rode from Cooma to Khancoban via Adaminaby, Kiandra and Cabramurra.

Around Tooma Dam (just before you enter the wooded hills), we started hitting some serious smoke...

Clear skies eastward, where we cames from
The first fire we spotted
..and over yonder, there be smoke..

Here's after we cleared the hills, and headed toward Khancoban. The entire landscape was bathed in a strange orange light.

Slightly clearer skies back
rom whence we came
..and again..
Looking south-west
Southward, towards Khancoban
...and again

Khancoban, mostly around the lake, the smoke haze hiding the hills in the distance.....

looking south
looking southwest
looking northwest
My brother's campsite
view of the lakefrom the caravan park
Street back to the hotel, the light was quite eerie


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