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Your eight cents a day

Nah, no bias or stupidity at the ABC is there?

Bike stuff

Australia's Anthony Gobert - the idiot-savant of the motorcycle racing world - has had another acrimonious departing of ways with a race team.

It has been rumored for a few weeks now that the relationship between Anthony Gobert and the Ducati Austin team was not a harmonious one. Now the well-placed info is that the team and Gobert have split, with a replacement rider being sought by the Texas-based squad.

Gobert - a phenomenal talent but utter headcase - has already been fired by AMA Ducati teams twice, the Suzuki GP team, the MuZ GP team, and had acrimonious walk-outs from Honda Australia, the Kawasaki World Superbike squad, and the AMA Yamaha team.

Gobert has noone to blame but himself. His continually moronic, arrogant behaviour has meant that his results have never matched the drivel that comes out of his mouth. Who could forget his juvenile ramblings in 1997, claiming that world champ Mik Doohan was "scared" of him? (Doohan won all but 3 races that year. Gobert could not manage a single top-5 finish). Yet every year his same tired supporters claim that this time Goey is "coming back hard". The hype begins again, Goey tells everyone he's gonna kick ass, he starts well, then begins to fuck up and blames everyone but himself.

It's time teams stopped employing this moron and give some fresh talent a chance. Gobert has blown it. Let him suffer for it.

Japanese Turkeys

Suzuki's GSV-R
Kawasaki's ZX-RR

The new four-stroke era in Motorcycle Grand Prix has been little short of a disaster for Kawasaki and Suzuki.

When the 4-strokes were introduced last year, Honda's stunning RC211V v-5 blew everything else to the weeds. Yamaha's bike managed (eventually) to win a couple of races in the hands of Max Biaggi, but were left trailing far behind in most races.

Yet even Yamaha's poor year was a spectacular success compared to Suzuki & Kawasaki's GP efforts.

Even in it's second season, the V4 Suzuki - apart from being the ugliest machine in the field - is barely scraping into the top ten. Other than their brief moment of glory in 2000, Suzuki's GP and Superbike teams have been a joke for over a decade, with ill-handling and underpowered machines.

This can't being doing Suzuki's image much good. The stunning new Ducati - which has been faster than all bikes but the Hondas this year - not only looks beautiful, but has been getting amazing results right out of the box. This does wonders for the Ducati reputation and badge with the general public. Yet Suzukis are seen as ugly pieces of unrideable junk. Not a good way to spend millions of dollars, fellas.

It's worse still for Kawasaki, who, despite millions of dollars and two superb riders, regularly have their ZX-RR machine hover around 20th place. As with their unsuccessful ZX7 in the World Superbike series, the ZXRR apparently produces plenty of power but is limited by a primitive chassis which makes the bike nearly unrideable.

I can't see Kawasaki being competitive any time soon. The Big K's bike division simply has never been able to produce race machinery good enough to consistently compete with the other manufacturers.

Kawasaki and Suzuki urgently need some new blood in their race departments, or they're going to be spending millions getting their arse kicked for a long, long time to come.

Our peace-loving Greens defend Hezbollah

Given the generally psychotic nature of our green movement, this comes as no surprise.

The Australian parliament is debating legislation to amend the criminal code and ban the Lebanese-based Hezbollah (Party of God) as a terrorist organisation. This means that any Australian resident raising funds or supporting the organisation in any way faces prosecution.

Attorney-General Darryl Williams cited the unsubstantiated and spurious allegation that Hezbollah poses a direct and immediate threat to Australia, simply because it has “the capacity to carry out a terrorist attack anywhere in the world”.

Hezbollah, which has 12 members in the Lebanese parliament, is a Shiite-based Islamist organisation which has been a major provider of social services to thousands of poor Lebanese Shiites. Formed in 1982, it waged an armed resistance against Israel's illegal post-1978 occupation of southern Lebanon, finally forcing an Israeli withdrawal in 2000.


The banning of Hezbollah will no doubt fuel the further stigmatisation and racist scapegoating of Australia's Lebanese Muslim community.

No really, they actually said all this.

What is it with nut-job lefties and The Matrix?

Morpheus could learn a thing or two about rambling, philosophical waffle from The Green Left Weekly. They must love talking about it, coz they already reviewed it. And let's not forget Richard Neville's bizzaroid essay.

UPDATE: oh lordy, now the theologians are getting in on this crapola.

Today's idiots

From the weasels at the Sydney Morning Herald letters section. We start with this howler:

Does the campaign to unseat Simon Crean have anything to do with the Americans? Now that Australia is examining proposals for US bases there is no doubt the US Government has an interest in the ALP leadership and our alternative prime minister. Neither do I have any doubt that the Australian people will not want US bases in Australia. Thank God Simon has the numbers.

April Pressler, Naremburn, June 13.

It's always a good time for another raving hate-USA conspiracy theory.

And more lefty promises of Armageddon if Labor isn't returned to power:

At this point I would be willing to vote for Con the Fruiterer - anything to get John Howard out and stop the destruction of this country.

Give Simon a chance - it's our only chance.

Debby O'Brien, Armidale, June 13.

Yeah, all that higher employment and better economic management is killing us man.

And another recitation of the left's favourite lie:

Now, because of his actions we are terrorist targets, and because we are targets he can justify forcing anti-terrorist bills through the Senate.

These bills would greatly limit our democratic freedoms in criticising his government.

Grahame Wilson, Lane Cove, June 13.

Newsflash dickhead, we were terrorist targets before the war.

Yeesh. I'd hate to get stuck in an elevator with this lot.

When a Meat Head cries

Slack-jawed troglodyte seeks a spine. Can you help?

Mark Latham - Labor's loudmouth glass-jawed wimp - delivered another of his moronic speeches which is making the lefty crowd's hearts go pitty-pat.

He's pretty much recycled his usual humbug:

In international affairs, we don't want a world in which one country has all the power. We want Australia to have an independent foreign policy, not one contracted out to Washington.

In Labor parlance, this is code for A) signing away our sovereignty to the UN, and B) kissing the ass of Jacques Chirac and Dr. Mahatir.

On the environment, we want to ratify the Kyoto Protocol

I thought you were about an independent Australia? And you hope to achieve this by crippling our economic growth at the say-so of junk scientists? To Labor, Australia's well-being plays second fiddle to the decisions of really important international committees.

If the push against our Leader were to succeed, it would set a shocking precedent. This long campaign of leaking, backgrounding and sabotage would be legitimised within the ALP. This is not the Labor way.

*choke*splutter*.... oh no, not the Labor way, nah.

Not like branch-stacking, brawls, throwing out successful Prime Ministers.

For many years it has been said that the factions are no longer a good guide to the big debates within the Party. I think this is true. The new divide is between the True Believers (those who want modern Labor to stand up and fight for our policy beliefs) and the Machine Men, with their over-reliance on polls, spin doctors, the daily media cycle and a command-and-control style of politics.

Those damned machine-men, actually paying attention to public opinion, the bastards.

My favourite moment in Meat-Head's speech is when the big hypocrite baby contradicts himself with this paragraph:

Howard's record on democratic reform is just as bad. It's another one-man-band. No independent Speaker of the House of Representatives. No reform of the parliament and its committee system. No community cabinets or public consultation. No experiments with Internet democracy or deliberative democracy. And no Republic, let alone a democratically elected (that is, directly elected) Australian President.

Let's not forget, this was the Prime Minister who single-handedly tried to write the preamble to the Australian Constitution. He wants an Australia in his own image and the political power to make it happen. In truth, Howard doesn't trust the Australian people. That's why he never involves the public in the decisions of his government. He's for the powerful, not the people.

You snivelling hypocrite fucktard. You attack Howard for lack of reform, then in the next paragraph you rant against him for doing just that in writing a constitutional preamble.

Worse, you wail about Howard "not trusting the people", yet you blame him for the lack of a republlic, which was rejected by Australian voters in a referendum. Voters, you remember those don't you, dickcheese? Howard put the republic issue through the democratic process, and you lost. Just like you lost the last three elections. You don't seem too keen on the democratic process when your little ideological bowel movements are rejected by the public. Instead you whinge about powerful elites and our evil authoritarian PM.

Whenever Latham's crowd goes to a popular vote, they get their arse kicked. So Latham - the big pansy - cries foul.

Mike Carlton defends Hillary's honour

Now that mikey-boy can no longer sing the praises of Robert "KKK" Byrd, he's mounting this pathetically outraged defence of Hillary Clinton.

I'd love to see this dopestick go up against Christopher Hitchens on this issue.


Sigh, I'm arguing about the Israelis again

Go here to see me vainly attempt to combat the great moral-equivalency crowd: "The jews and muslims are just as bad as each other...the jews must stop the cycle of violence" and similar delusional attitudes.

Dunno why I bother.

Damn right-wing jewboys are taking over the web

Say hi to top-notch Zionist Cabal member Aaron. Hurry up and get off blogspot, you dink! The page takes six days to load. Thankfully it's worth it.

Be sure to check out his renovation plans for a certain mosque.

Now that I've mentioned you Aaron, I'll take my delivery of beer and wenches thanks.

Tough but fair

Any blog not updated for a month gets removed from the links list. I've removed a couple and added a couple.


What he said.

Commies don't like me.....

....they just read me. Hehehehhee.

Your scary/depressing read for the day

This scares the shit out of me.....I'm not kidding.


Quotes of the day

Once again, a “ceasefire” is being proposed in which Arabs can go on killing Jews while the whole world demands that the Jews refrain from shooting back to kill their murderers.

- Steven Plaut

There can be no peace with someone who wants to kill you. The terrorist entities on the Palestinian side of the conflict want exactly that. The Road Map powers have put Israel in an impossible position. No government in the world can fail to respond when its civilians are murdered.

- David Horowitz

Peace and Love, Palestinian-style

Photos from the latest Assholes-for-Allah joy-killing. Not for the squeamish.

My message to Israel: NOT ONE STEP BACK.

The Very Deep Thoughts of Australian Hip-Hop

This pack of sorry-ass aussie skinny white-boy-wannabe-homeez wankers released a crap-hop track called "77%", screaming their righteous rage about evil white australians to dozens of people around the country. The lyrics are really, really incisive maaaaan......

so i'm left sitting here, staring into a beer
shaking my head at the same ol' loathing and fear

Hardcore aussie MC Ivory Lamington summons his posse, yo

Same as what?

stranger in my own land, can't understand
how the very word australian has been damned

Uh, by who?

i fucking hate myself

Can't blame ya there sport

- take ozi from my name
erase this endless shame, forever casting blame


if you don't act the same will i destroy you?

Such martyrs, allowed to promote their single on national taxpayer-funded radio.

everyone looks the same beaten black and blue

Well I guess we would if someone were actually beating us.

and so fuck you - you fuckin redneck pricks

"You aint buying our CD, yo!!"

fact is the only fuckin shit that sticks

And what facts are these, buttstick?

watch as i tear the very skin from my face
so none'll see my race - my deep disgrace

Well isn't this interesting: someone does stuff you don't like, and you feel shame because you have the same colour skin. I thought skin colour didn't matter to you lefty fucktards? Except where white people with jobs are concerned I guess.

you not even from here in the first place!

I was born in Darwin.

and those that are you wanna further debase
nup - no more - never again whether by fist or pen
i will defend - cos i'm at a loose end

Ooooh, scary guys huh? I suspect the last thing these Dr. Dre Lites fought for was an oversized spliff.

the shattered remnants of ozi dignity

Now you're just confused. We're all a nation of racists, but "ozi" dignity has somehow been destroyed. So we're racists ashamed of our racism. Lay off the weed boys.

i'm a skip/whitey/round eye suprise me

For anti-racists, you seem kinda fixated on skin colour.

by using your shrivelled brain to please explain

At least we don't spell "Aussie" as "ozi". Retard.

how the clever country has gone down the drain

We haven't. Our economy is outperforming just about everyone and the current government seems kinda popular. Oh, and our uneployment today hit the lowest level since 1997. Oops.

And you guys aren't exactly contributing to our collective IQ, you know?

we rode the sheep's back now the sheep ride you

Sorry, that's New Zealand.

if this is how it is don't ever call me true blue

We weren't planning to. Wanker fits pretty well though. Wannabe homeboy is another.

i denounce my ancestors, wounds still fester

You're denouncing your ancestors now? What wounds? Your bedsores?

if you say it aint so i suggest ya wake up

And I suggest you lay off the bong.

this country needs a fucking shake up

Try voting sometime. Or running for office. Or, you know, actually doing something useful.

wake up - these cunts need a shake up

Democracy hurts don't it?

nation of immigrants - height of hypocrisy

Most Australians were born here, dipshit.

talkback? squawking hacks - won't relax
until jonesey, zemanek + laws are all axed

Well, how about not listening to them?

77 percent of aussies are racist
and if you're here - i'll say it your faces

OK, here's a test: pick any aussie pub at random, and tell it to them tough guy. No, I thought not.

rich redneck pricks still hold all the aces

Those would be people with jobs then I guess.

so i'll buy ya a beer - with an arsenic chaser

Try it, you rapper-wussy-boy, and they'll be siphoning glass out of your ass.

better off dead? is that what i've said?

What are you asking me for? You wrote this sloppy turd.

tempting to take for all the blood you've shed

Uh, what blood?

just a couple of fools can make us all seem dumb

"a couple of fools"? You just said it was 77% of us.

that's why mainsteam media makes me so fuckin glum

Except when they play your songs, huh?

just anglo reality - intellectual cavities

Here's the obsession with race again.

i won't be a casualty - just mention casually

Wow, he won't be a casualty of his non-existent oppressors. A regular Nelson Mandela.

that i won't stand for you shit-eating bullies

So, what are you going to do about it?

most of youse stay silent but i've got no choice

Uh, pretty much because most of us: a) don't care, b) have jobs

so i've yelled my lungs out but to no avail
that you're a stranger yourself is the sting in the tail
captain cook was the very first queue jumper

Well, he was at the front of the queue, so no.

enough is enough - whiteys pack your stuff

"Whiteys". Nah, no racist attitudes here folks.

we don't wanna live in england? - well that's just tough

You gonna make us move, tough guy? I'd like to see you try.

time for us to wake up

Time for you to get a job, losers.

Pardon me a moment


Why Beazley must lead Labor

Because Phillip Adams doesn't want him to. The man can have no greater endorsement. Personally, I like Beazley. It's the leftist psycho-weasels in his party which scare the shit out of me. Can you imagine this pack of fuckwits dealing with other countries? They'd be sucking on the rectums of every UN committee in existence, letting in more fundamentalist psychopaths and apologising for our "whiteness" to asian despots. What a wonderful prospect. Here's hoping they stay out of office for at least another two terms.

Good thinking

Yobbo has a great idea for Islamic terrorists.


Great motorcycling for the newbie and the budget-conscious

While I was getting my bike serviced, I was given Kawasaki's super-nifty ER5 for the day.

While I might enjoy the lastest and greatest hi-performance bikes, I'm pretty much a fan of anything with two wheels and a motor - from scooters up to Goldwings.

The ER5 does not set pulses racing, and will not make you the envy of others. It is just, well, a motorcycle. But there lies it's strength. The budget 500cc parallel twin might very well be the ideal all-rounder: the super-smooth engine has more than enough grunt for the highway, it's easy to handle, and sounds good too.

The brakes won't exactly cause your eyeballs to pop out, but they offer more than adequate stopping power for this type of motorcycle, and - more importantly - will not intimidate inexperienced riders.

The bike is super-comfy too. Kawasaki's blurb is spot-on here:

But the biggest thing going for the ER-5 is that it is such a comfortable bike to ride. The wide padded seat provides excellent comfort for both rider and pillion passenger.

They're right. Don't let the ER-5's "commuter" nature fool you: this would make an excellent touring machine.

Frankly, I enjoyed riding this bike more than Honda's CBR900 Hornet or the Kawasaki ZRX1200. It's much easier to throw around and is simply less tiring to ride. The other machines had (lots) more power, but who needs that in traffic? They had very sharp brakes too, but you really don't need them either. They certainly had better-quality suspension (and therefore will better cope with a passenger), but the light handling of the ER5 compensated for that.

The ER5 is a great package. It won't cost you a mint to insure or to maintain. It it light, grunty and confidence-inspiring, and does pretty much anything you want.

If you're starting out in your riding career, or are returning after a long break, and you just want an inexpensive, good quality versatile bike which is fun to ride and easy to look after, it's hard to go past this cracking machine. Sometimes, the press kit gets it right:

The 2003 ER-5 is a great package for riders who are after a middle of the road motorcycle, or those making a return to motorcycling. This little mover is excellent value for money, offering all the benefits of a 500cc motorcycle for the price of a 250.


Inferior cultures

The Egyptians have banned Matrix Reloaded. Third-world wankers.

The first Matrix film was shown in Egypt but was criticised by some Islamic newspapers after they claimed it espoused Zionism.

"The press launched a campaign to stop showing the movie, saying that it reflects Zionist ideas, and promotes Jewish and Zionist beliefs," said Wael Abdel Fatah, an Egyptian movie critic.

Abdel Fatah added "that is why they are very cautious, to avoid any criticism this year".

Ya gotta love progressive Islamic values.

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