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Hendo pummels our has-beens

Gerard Henderson give a well-deserved bollocking to our hypocritical windbag ex-PMs and their ludicrous condemnation of John Howards evil support for the USA. Some choice cuts........

During his time in the Lodge, Gough Whitlam decided that Australia should acknowledge Soviet sovereignty over the Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia). Good idea, eh? When in opposition after 1975, Whitlam was involved in the concept that Labor should seek a $500,000 grant from the Iraqi Ba'ath Socialist Party. Its vice-president at the time was a certain Mr Saddam Hussein.


As prime minister, Malcolm Fraser showed unwarranted faith in Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe. In recent years he has become one of the most outspoken critics of the Australia-US alliance, and looks forward to the day when US forces are no longer required in the Asia-Pacific region. And, oh yes, in 1999 Fraser was reported as bagging NATO's actions against Serbia. He compared them with both the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades, no less.

I'll say now what I've said before: if these losers want to keep their million-dollar retirement perks, they should be forced to shut the fuck up. We voted you wankers out of office because we didn't want your ideas....geddit? Take your tyrant-appeasing, attention-deprived asses out of the way...permanently.

FrontPage goodies

William McGurn show another reason why the USA should give the Saudis a boot up the ass: kidnapped American women trapped in the wonderful kingdom.

Anyone in Oz see this?

Fellow Australians, did you see the documentary on Suicide Bombers on SBS tonight? The charming Hamas videos were the highlight for me.

Blogspotters, it's time to get real

Rachel Lucas has made the case loud and clear: you folks on blogspot - get yourself some webspace and do it for real. Blogspot sites are slower than a doped-up crippled pig, and that's when they are working......



No blogging for some days now, thanks to some idiot cutting into the cable outside the Monash phone exchange. No phones or e-mail since last thursday. Grrrrr. But I'm back online now. Back and ready........


This is Eric. He's very good at displaying complex emotions. A true master thespian.


Check out the fierce punk kittens. Thanks to John Baker of Florida for the link.

Fun nut-job mail

Got this e-mail the other day from a big fan...........

Dear Offspring of an Infected Cunt
Normally I agree with just about everything written on your excellent website, but you choose to deny that repressed memories exist, which is incorrect. By saying 'fuck repressed memories' you have morphed into some kind of cross between Pilger and Ellis, delivered out of your mothers slimy stinking Arafat cum covered blow hole.
Like Mullah Omar's pus drenched asshole you squirt a lie out and challenge others to 'blow you'. You must have me confused with your father for he is the one with Osama's crusted cock permanently jammed down the hole others use to eat and breath.
I suggest you try and tell the truth in future or be forever deemed as just another example of what happens when your father (Phillip Adams ?) arsefucks your mother's rotting filthy stinking corpse.
By the way, those you most strongly deny repressed memories usually have them (hence the emotional heat).
Probably of your father giving you the 'prewhacked snake' right up your Arafat (hence your obsession).
If you are a man you will retract your lie.


Haven't heard from Francis since. I think he's busy composing love letters to Anna-Nicole Smith.

Psycho Culture Watch

Brilliant piece at National Review about the genocidal Hamas charter. And people still wonder why the horrible Israelis don't want to talk peace with these loons.....

Robert Manne: professor of everything, master of nothing

Thanks to my enforced hiatus, I missed out on blogging this truly awful column by Robert Manne.

Manne - Australia's self-appointed professor of White Guilt - continues his Eternal Quest to Convince Australia how awful they are by telling us all to be ashamed of our bigoted western attitudes.

West is best: the faulty heart of Islamophobia

You can guess where this is headed. Manne launches the queasy thesis that because of our respect for equal rights for women, and our justified concerns about islamic fundamentalist culture, we are all islamophobic.....

There is no reason to assume, as does Bone, that Islamic women who wear the burka must have been compelled to do so by men, or that they might not have done so with a willing heart, as part of their immersion in the traditional world into which they have been born and through which they find meaning in their lives.

Manne is shockingly stupid. Does it occur to him that women are killed for not wearing the burka in these culturally wonderful, non-western societies? Does the fact that an enforced cultural tyranny agrees with a certain individual's choice excuse the imposition of a loony, medieval ideology on everyone else? Or perhaps Manne considers multicultural correctness to be more important than such trifling quibbles as being free to wear what you want without being murdered by fundamentalist wackos. Maybe, Robert, resistance to these wonderful islamic practices is a sign of respect for individual liberty, and not racism. Then again, to the likes of Manne, correct ideas have always mattered more than people.

One of the things that has disturbed me about the growth of Western triumphalist Islamophobia on the right and its feminist counterpart on the left, is the ease with which both camps are beginning to talk about the superiority of Western culture to the culture of Islam. As George Orwell pointed out in his wonderful essay, Notes on Nationalism, pride in the achievements of one's own society is one thing; the desire to assert its superiority over other ways of life is something else again.

Oh dear. Fancy us celebrating such indulgent trivialities as democracy, equal rights for women, freedom of speech and a vibrant, free creative culture. Islamic societies are not known for any of these things. Fancy us thinking that citizens of muslim societies should enjoy these freedoms. But in the muddled swamp of Manne's moral-equaivalency attitudes, desire for liberty becomes arrogant triumphalism.

One of the genuine grounds for pride in Western societies has been their almost unique capacity to create a shared space in which - within a single law, language and polity - many forms of religious and cultural expression can flourish and live alongside each other, in peace and with respect. In Australia we generally call this capacity multiculturalism. In the growth of post-September 11 Islamophobia, it is precisely such multiculturalism which is coming under increasing threat.

Comforting to know even folks with PhD's can pump out such hysterical drivel.

No Robert, expressing a healthy dislike for the cultural wonders of sharia law, female circumcision and dressing women up like The Mummy is not a sign of cultural decay, racism, bigotry, redneck rampages or anything of the sort. It is a desire to guard basic human rights, respect for women, freedom of choice, democracy and free speech. It's an expression of the opinion that people who want to live in this country should respect these freedoms.

Manne should learn that racial tolerance does not entail respect for deranged cultural practices, which if enforced by our government, would send our culturally correct Left into fits of horrified apoplexy. One rule for them and one for us, eh Robert? So much for racial equality.



Several readers pointed out an error in the Bob Ellis piece, where he says "the US napalming the naked little girl in Vietnam". In fact the americans didn't napalm that girl: the South Vietnamese did.

And as reader Craig McFarlane points out:

You could have added d) they weren't aiming for the little girl, but Saddam would; and anyway e) napalm is a tactical incendiary weapon, not a chemical weapon of mass destruction.



Fuck Channel 10

John Edward locates his bowels

They've seen fit to premiere Crossing Over - the horrid show of that "psychic" fraud John Edward tonight. My favourite John Edward story is how he appeared on TV the night of Sep.10, 2001, and - surprise, surprise - picked up zero "vibes" about the event that would shake the world a few hours away. Strangely (not really), none of the other great psychics picked up anything either.

Sorry new agers, but when I rule the world these fuckers will be the first against the wall. We need to cleanse the gene pool of scum.

Fuck John Edward. Fuck James Van Cunt (or whatever his name is). Fuck Uri "bullshit is my life" Geller. Fuck Sylvia Browne. Fuck all you paranormalist liars and tricksters. Fuck all you scum who give them money. Fuck all you media dipshits who accept their lies for the sake of ratings. Fuck the lawyers who represent them. Fuck all you alien abduction and crop-circle dickheads. Fuck all you "repressed memory" liars. Fuck everyone who prints their books and articles. Fuck all you stupid brain-dead cunts who ever read Marlo Morgan's Mutant Message Down Under. Fuck all you "subliminal messages in rock songs" assholes. Fuck the companies who advertise during shows like Crossing Over. Fuck Deepak Chopra. Fuck the Raelian Movement. And last but not least, fuck Nostradamus.

If I've offended you, blow me.

Grog-addled shambling commie reveals Dubya's secret linguistic terror

Whisky-drenched leftie mumbler Bob Ellis writes another tortured column in today's Sydney Morning Herald (where else?). It's the latest incarnation of his formulaic america-is-evil spiel, where brave, correct-thinking dissidents fight the democratic tyranny of America.

In my ever-lengthening anthology of American euphemisms for violence - incursion, engagement, relocation, insurgency, counter-insurgency, terminate with extreme prejudice, friendly fire, detention, pre-emption, pacification, peace-keeping - "regime change" is perhaps the subtlest.

Funny, I thought it meant what it said. You know: change the regime

Round Iraq this means the slaughter of 100,000 people, a war with Kurds from Iran and Turkey, burning oil wells all over the Arabian peninsula and a chemical attack on Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. "Regime change" suggests a milder, gentler process than that.

Well, only if you're very stupid.

But at least it has some distant relation to what it means: a process, however understated, of getting Saddam out. Other American phrases are more frightening.

Odd how the anti-USA crowd are obessed with america's language. Some might wonder if it would be worth spending time examining Castro's tyranny, or how the North Koreans are busy murdering their population, but what would they know?

When George Bush says, for instance, "I'm a patient man", he means, or it seems this week he means, "I'm an impatient man". When he says, "We must be strong, and secure the peace", he means - or I think he means - we must, whatever others tell us, now go to war.

Be patient folks, he's going to make his point soon I'm sure.

When he says, "What they hate us for is our freedom", he means they hate our Hollywood-hamburger-Playboy Bunny culture and we think they should be free to adopt it, if need be by force.

They hate hollywood & hamburgers do they? Funny how everyone around the world can't seem to get enough of them. Then their own lefties - seeing their dreams of Stalinist utopia evaporate under the weight of freedom of choice - whinge about American cultural invasions. So answer me this, GrogBob, give me one example of where a society has been forced to buy hamburgers and hollywood movies.

When he says, "Our quarrel is not with the Iraqi people", he means - or I think he means - we're going to bomb them to hell, real soon.

Well, actually dummy, he means he wants to get rid of Hussein and his psychotic, murderous junta. A bunch of guys - by the way - you never seem to write many articles about. Funny how your concern for evil governments only seems to apply to the world's most powerful democracy.

Words are what, among the great apes, make us the smartest. We must be careful not to use them in suicidal, genocidal or fratricidal ways. Words are either our friends or our destroyers; they cannot be fair-weather friends, they are one or the other.

Breathless linguistic philosophy. What a mighty contribution to the current geopolitical debate.

So if Saddam should be killed and the Middle East Balkanised and his oil grabbed by the US because they will manage it more benevolently than he does, we should probably say this. Plain language always helps, and euphemisms are hardly ever believed.

GrogBob is in a terminal state of confusion here - "euphemisms are hardly ever believed", yet he spends a whole article here waffling about the oh-so-sinister doublespeak about the satanic Uncle Sam. Well, which is it, you fuckwit?

And here's the required here's-where-Bob-goes-completely-bonkers paragraph.......

To say we're after him because he has "weapons of mass destruction" (like Israel) and "murders his own people" (like Israel, whose Palestinians parallel his Kurds) and "uses chemical weapons" (like the US napalming the naked little girl in Vietnam) and he's a "barbaric dictator" (like Marcos, Pinochet, Yeltsin, Noriega, Batista, Nasser, Stalin and other former friends of the US; and Adolf Hitler whose rise George Bush's grandfather funded), flaws can arise in one's argument and one can look a fool.

Talk about the brink of insanity. Well, let's take GrogBob's points one-by-one….

Weapons of mass destruction ("like Israel!!") - yes, and which of these countries has actually used their WMDs at every opportunity, hmmm? I guess to the idiot moral-equivalency-left, such things are irrelevant.

"murders his own people" (like Israel, whose Palestinians parallel his Kurds) - yep, you read it right. Bob (who - incidentally - never met a communist thug he felt worthy of criticism) is equating the only democratic country in the middle east to a psychotic, genocidal dictator. And as for the palestintians being in the same position as the Kurds in Iraq, well, I don't recall the kurds being able to vote or receving access to jewish-funded healthcare. Then again, comparisons are not GrogBob's strongpoint.

"uses chemical weapons" (like the US napalming the naked little girl in Vietnam) - Nice comparison, except, a) it was thirty years ago, b) it was widely condemned everywhere, including inside the evil USA where people have a democratic right to protest, c) it was a result of a heavy-handed strategy to win a stupid war, whereas Iraq does this to thousands of people just for fun.

The naughty dictators & friends of USA list. Lessee……..

Marcos - who was overthrown in a peaceful coup the USA applauded

Pinochet - yes, an evil bastard who the USA should never have supported. Though this would actually tend to undermine your point GrogBob - wouldn't this give the USA a greater obligation to remove Hussein and rid the world of one more evil dictator? Make your mind up dickhead: should the USA act against tyrants or not? The truth is, you and the idiot anti-USA left will condemn them no matter what course of action they take.

Yeltsin - ..er…um…what? He's was a democratically elected Russian President. I guess Bob is upset the Russians lost the Cold War and Yeltsin is the sinister poster-boy for evil democracy and economic reform. Lefty romanticists love playing principles with other people's lives.

Noriega - overthrown by the USA. So Bob - did they do the right thing here or not?

Batista - yes, another worthless prick. Then again, he was pretty small beer compared to the politically correct nutcase who replaced him (yet another humanitarian hero Bob never writes critiques about. Funny that. One might think Bob has an agenda other than concern for human lives)

Nasser - yes, another naughty man. So I ask again: do you want the USA to act against them or not?

Stalin - Stalin?????? The guy the Americans spent duelling with during the cold war?

and Adolf Hitler whose rise George Bush's grandfather funded - *blink*. You read it here first folks - GrogBob says Hitler was an American ally.

Only in the FairFax press could this wino get space to write this deranged screed.

The American Republican Right really hate plain words. This is why they say "liberating Iraq" when they mean seizing its oil and making a lot of money.

Except the cost of war might kinda outweigh any oil benefits, not to mention that the USA doesn't exactly depend on Iraqi oil.

This is why they now say "George Bush is a man of peace" when they mean he'll go to war at the drop of a hat for no good reason

Yeah, like all those unprovoked wars he's launched against…um…..

And when they say "regime change" they mean, or could mean, "Armageddon".

Or it could be you need to lay off the LSD for a while.

It would be nice to get words back where they should be, in bed, as it were, with their meanings, and I'm sure we'll get them there some day. I'm a patient man. And I believe that justice, will prevail; maybe after a regime change in Washington to a ruler who knows what words mean.

Bob votes for Chairman Mao. He's non-capitalist, non-American, and has a healthy regard for the extermination of politically incorrect thinkers.

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