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Quote of the day

Cardinal sin of historians of philosophy: post hoc, ergo propter hoc. It follows chronologically, therefore it follows logically.
- Matthew Stewart, The Truth About Everything

Idiot watch

John Pilger - inviting us to swim in his pool of deluded megalomania - gives us an awe-inspiring tale of his own fearless courage in fighting zionist intimidation, repression of dissent, and (get this) pro-Israeli bias in the media. Hey, stop laughing dammit!

Meanwhile, our own increasingly dotty Richard Neville has another bout of "america is evil, evil, evil!!!!!" wailing.

A million fake pommies?

Aren't there enough of them already?

Celebrity question

I'm trying to determine exactly when Jennifer Lopez went from being a genuinely exciting and sexy almost-superstar into B-grade celebrity bimbo diva.

Watched Out of Sight for a second time the other night, and two things came to mind: 1) this film is much better the second time around. 2) J-Lo had genuine, no-bullshit talent and charisma.

Now look at her: a self-absorbed pop-star dingbat and media whore. What the hell happened?

Any thoughts?

New Link

I'm finally putting in a link to the world's finest pommies: the mighty Samizdata gang.


Quote of the day

Wanna know how to be a genius? Just say "everything stinks". That way you're never wrong.
- Wilber Cobb

Service resumes

Just came back from a weekend trip to the pretty Victorian coastal town of Mallacoota, hence the lack of bloggage. I'll get back to business tomorrow. But for now, I'm off to bed. In the meantime, send me love/hate mail: tex "AT" whackingday.com


Quote of the day

There is not enough love and kindness in the world to permit us to give any of it away to imaginary beings.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Aussies, Iraq, America and all that stuff

Reader Fritz Pettyjohn of California sent me this e-mail:

Iraq is, among other things, a conflict between transnational progressivism (and its instrument, the UN) and national sovereignty (and its champion, the US).

Bush is going to take out Hussein, and he's going to do it without UN approval. (For the sake of the Anglosphere, I hope Britain and Australia are on board). Here, now, in the second year of the first century of the third millenium, when the United States decides to take out an unconventionally armed fanatic, no one or thing is going to stop it. The EU/UNophiles can jump up and down, roll around on the floor, and hold their breath til they turn purple. It won't matter.

This is all good.

I don't want the UN's approval. I want them to oppose us. I want the precedent set of the US telling the UN to fuck off.What kind of an American, or man, for that matter, would allow the French to hold a veto over his country's policy of war and peace?

A couple months ago I advised betting the farm on Hussein being gone in a year. The bet's still good.

Amen brother.

Fritz also sent this to Scott Wickstein, who had this to say.....

Australia's contribution in Iraq will be slight, if any. Two reasons- there's lots of Euroweenie style thinking here, which is having an impact- Read www.theage.com.au and especially the opinion pages to see what sort of arguements dominate Australian public life.

Second reason is military- our military is designed for more tropical climes, and our armoured formation is probably not battle-capable. Our army is stretched all over the place already- Afghanistan, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, so I'm sure the army will be pushing for our government to say, whoa, too much.

I'd completely agree with Scott on the issue of our small military being stretched too thinly for any large contribution, but I disagree on the other key point: I'd argue that the influence of eurowanker thinking has little resonance in this country, beyond the hardcore collection of bleating hate-Howard-and-America twits that pollute the ABC and Fairfax.

The weight of evidence would suggest exactly the opposite - that we are very much a non-euroweenie-thinking nation. Consider the following:

- Our two most recent serious military engagements have been supported by a large majority of the public: East Timor amd Afghanistan, despite all the hate-Howard screeching from Fairfax and ABC pundits, and their forecasts of "another Vietnam" and "quagmire" et al.

- The very non-euro stance on people smugglers and illegal queue-jumping immigrants has met with overwhelming public support.

- The recent opinion poll showing a majority against sending troops to Iraq has been hailed by lefties as some great awakening and a bitter humiliation for Howard. The left in this issue are - as usual - full of shit. And they know it. (and before I continue, does anyone else admire the way the left portray the public as a bunch of xenophobic rednecks every time Labor loses an election, yet as soon as the left sees an opinion poll they like, we become a fine, egalitarian nation again. You gotta love their respect for their own peaceful, democractic society)

The opinion polls are not a sign of increased "disquiet" for the evil americans, or hatred of John Howard, or love for European wisdom. It boils down to one simple fact: the Australian public want a clear justification for sending OUR troops into a war zone. Vietnam is still remembered. A majority support the Americans going into Iraq, but only around one in four says we need to do so.

The public wanted to stop the slaughter in East Timor - it was on our doorstep, we could do something, and we did it. The public supported action taken (in support of the evil americans) against the brutal terrorist-sponsoring theocracy in Afghanistan, in response the the horrific mass-murder of Sep 11.

But the government hasn't communicated a clear-cut explanation of why we should be in Iraq. Is it just coz the Americans want us to? Is it to stop a realistic threat of WMD? Is it to change the regime? Hence why the poll numbers were much higher when "UN approval" was tagged to the question - even in the absence of a better explanation for our leaders, a resolution from the UN provides some reassurance that the sacrifice would be worth it.

Clearly the polls show that the government must improve their performance in communicating the reasons for sending personell into Iraq. Until then, it can't be a great surprise people are uneasy. People are willing to go to war, and they are willing to support the Americans - but they need a reason, and they should be provided with one. It's got little to do with the blubberings of the crybaby left, The Greens, The Guardian, and the rest of the hate-america crowd who would oppose military action in Iraq under any circumstances, despite all their posturing and bullshit about UN approval, "evidence" for WMDs, and suchlike. The majority of the public has ignored these twats on every single issue for years, and now is no different.

By the way, all you Kerry Nettle & Margot Kingston fans, you see how I don't regard the rest of my fellow countrymen as ignorant savages just because most of them disagree with me on a particular issue. I support australian involvement in a war in Iraq, most people do not (at least not yet). The public has not been brainwashed. They are not stupid. They have not been duped by the evil media/jew/politician cabal. They are making a reasoned judgement which is different from mine. You might wish to try this critical approach the next time Labor loses a federal election.

I finally found a reason to hate the USA

.....I just tasted Budweiser for the first time........


Sweet motherfuckin' Jeebuz, this toxic piss is the worst tasting drink I have ever endured in my entire life. This shit is worse than Fosters. And believe me, that's saying something. Pissing into dirty diswashing water and drinking it would taste better than this ghastly brew.

Morrow strikes again

Jimmy-Bob Morrow has an excellent little screed on the Labor Party & leadership.


Can't wait for this one

Aussie readers: be sure to listen to Late Night Live tomorrow night: as part of his current insane obsession with the evils of America, Adamski will be speaking to Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer. Going on Phillip's past embarrasing performances against Jeremy Rabkin and Daniel Pipes, Adams will ask idiotic questions, get intellectually beaten to a pulp, then make pissy little comments after his guest leaves.

This guy sucks....and this one does too

Just saw a review for Austin Powers: Goldmember. Why do people think Mike Myers is funny? He's about as much fun as colon cancer.

Saw a review for xXx too. Christ it looks awful. Vin Diesel is a boring, wooden, grease-muscle twit. Go join the pro-wrestling circuit, bozo.


Annual Bombala Motorcycle Show

...is on this weekend. The show itself is nothing special: just a load of chrome Harleys for display and a big BBQ. But the roads in the Bombala region are superb and the event is a great excuse for a weekend ride. Money is for a good cause too. There's also a raffle for a new Triumph TT600.

Bad news for commie wankers

The dorks-without-friends club are going to be upset at this: despite the best efforts of Osama, and the usual Marixst predictions of decline, the American economy is going very nicely thank you.

Oh fer chrissakes.......

Taxpayer-funded ABC buffoon Phillip Adams has turned over tonight's entire show of Late Night Live to a long, tiresome rant about The Evils of The USA........

Guest one: weekly guest and Sydney Morning Herald's lazy webdiarist Margot Kingston: apart from her usual obsessed rant about John Howard's Gulag Australia (ie. Labor didn't win the election), is now saying Dubya is losing the propaganda war and suffering humiliation before the enlightened world, as well as the predictable blather about how we are "sucking up" to the americans, as opposed to brave Paul Keating, who she says tried to give us a more "indepedent" identity (you know, the one where we supported brave, non-american nice guy and Genocide-Boy General Suharto).

Guest two: Robert Fisk, waffling about american terror, the genius of Saddam and how the backwardness of Muslim political culture is all the west's fault.

Guest three: local crank Richard Neville discussing his fine work American Psycho. America is destroying the world, destroying our culture, the crushing of dissent, Americans are ignorant and stupid, blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah.

Does this bloated dickhead ever talk about anything else anymore? Does his terminal, paranoid, crybaby obsession about Americans know any limits? Isn't there anything else in the world worth talking about, like...oh..say Robert Mugabe, or North Korea, or Fidel Castro?

Don Arthur takes on The Right and whackiness ensues

In his fearless takedown of insane right wingers, Don Arthur's wet-cabbage of a critique contains the 8 principles of rightist scummery. Shocking revelations abound......

1. Some people are better than other people.

Pretty obvious, I would have thought.

2. You are one of the better people.

Is this the part where I apologise for being white?

3. Some cultures are better than other cultures.

Nah, I've always really wanted to live in one of those culturally hip countries with honour killings and female circumcision. How dare we think our culture is better than theirs.

4. Your culture is the best culture that has ever existed anywhere in the world.

Well, I do choose to live here, so yes.

5. Inferior people and peoples should accept their lot in life.

Funnily enough, I can't remember an evil rightist ever saying this.

6. People belonging to inferior cultures should try to assimilate (it won't work but they should try anyway).

A Mackayism: an emotive, yet utterly meaningless sentence.

7. Superior people from superior cultures ought to take charge.

Well if they don't, someone else will, and they'll probably be someone like Robert Mugabe, Mullah Omar or Ceaucescu.

8. Sometimes when you're in charge you need to kick some butt.

Don's still stressed about D-Day it seems.

Some limp dick lefties will call this 'new racism' or 'social dominance orientation' but you know it's just common-sense. Some people just don't have the guts to admit to themselves that people and cultures aren't really equal. They can't come to terms with the idea that somebody's got to be in charge and that toes are going to get stood on. Not every problem can be sorted out over a cup of tea by by listening respectfully and maintaining the pretence that every idiot's opinion is equally valuable.

Unintentional self-satire is always cute to watch :)

Cool new(ish) blog

Check out Common Sense and Wonder.

Vale WarNow!

Bruce Hill's excellent blog is no more. Farewell dude, you will be missed.........

If you're not already reading it....

One of the reasons I don't do more "warblog"-type posts is that Paul Wright does it better than me. Much goodness abounds at his site recently, and I suggest you go read all of it.

Well, this is very silly

Got this e-mail today about my September 10 post......

I fully respect people's freedom of expression and your right to use the web as a forum to share your beliefs. I do not, however, support your appropriation of the photographs of victims in a tragedy to make a point or further your cause.

Did you get those pictures from the families? I don't think so. You should be ashamed of yourself for taking the faces of these victims without any support or permission from those still mourning their loss. And the friend I lost would not want him image associated with your political views. It's insensitive and unneccesary. Make your points honestly, using your own words and not the faces of those no longer able to stand up for themselves.

Thank you for this load of self-righteous bilge, mailed to me via anonymizing remailer software. You gutless twat.

"Did you get those pictures from the families? I don't think so."

Now there's a penetrating insight, especially since I clearly linked to this website, where photos & profiles of nearly every September 11 victim can be found. Where do you think I got them from?

"You should be ashamed of yourself for taking the faces of these victims without any support or permission from those still mourning their loss."

Yawwwn. The photos are the ones already made available to the public domain. The same photos, by the way, which were splashed across TV during the sep 11 anniversary.

And the friend I lost would not want him image associated with your political views. It's insensitive and unneccesary.

What friend? And what "political views"?

Make your points honestly, using your own words and not the faces of those no longer able to stand up for themselves.

I did use my own words, and as someone who sent and unsigned e-mail from a anonymous e-mail account, you're not really in a position to give lectures about high principle, OK? Run along and blow thyself.

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