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I hate flying

I don't fly well. When I was a kid I got airsick a lot, but the being-in-an-airplane part didn't scare me per se. Flying was just..well...boring, but nothing worse than that. Hell, the left engine on a plane I was on from Mount Isa exploded, and even that didn't bother me.

But as I got older, flying started to scare the shit out of me. My two holidays to Japan in '99 and 00' had spectacularly horrid flights in both directions: imagine sitting thru 5 straight hours of terror-inducing Clear Air Turbulence. In 1990, my flight back from Hong Kong hit an air pocket and the plane dropped hundreds of feet in a split second - the fella rising from his seat in front of us smashed his head on the roof.

Turbulence is not fucking fun. And even when you get a break from it, you just know there's more coming.

There's nothing I can do to relax on planes. They won't let you get wasted before you get on. I can't take my own bottle of vodka. I can't read because I get nauseous so easily. I can never hear the movie or music properly thru those shitty little earphones. And I'm trapped in that shitty economy-class seating: can't recline the seat far enough to sleep, you can't go for a walk to relax, there's the deafening drone of the engines, that ghastly sickly-sweet smell of the interior of the plane, the endless discomfort, the parched throat from the dry air. Each hour seems like a day. Hell, I found myself going to the toilet as often as possible just to be able to move around.

Flying to me is simply an eternal agony of physically restricitve, tiring, nausea-inducing, terrifying hell in what feels like a flying coffin. There are few things as sweet to me as the moment you feel the wheels touch the runway. The thought is always the same - hey, I didn't die. There's no point hiding it. Flying just scares me to death nowdays.

The flight to Japan was only just over 9 hours, the flight to LA next month will be almost 14 (and it's an hour longer on the way back). Just the thought of it is starting to give me the heebie-jeebies. I've heard the Sydney-LA trip tends to be very smooth, but somehow I doubt it. Can anyone offer their own experiences?

I'm not a drug person, but I think I'm gonna be asking for some nice little pills from the doctor before I get on that bloody plane.

If anyone can offer some comforting thoughts/advice/reassuring statistics, now would be a great time to send them.

(And if there's any kind-hearted billionaires reading this, the gift of an upgrade to business-class seating will win you a friend for life.)

Good movie

Just caught up with the DVD of John Frankenheimer's 1965 WW2 flick The Train, and a darn fine effort it was.

Burt Lancaster stars as a French resistance soldier trying to stop a Nazi train full of stolen french art treasures from making it to Germany.

Starts off rather scrappily, with erratic pacing & direction. And the sound is terrible. Once the train is on it's journey though, it's a cracker of a film. Heartily recommended.

Margot Kingston

Tim Blair exposes Margot's shameless distortions in her commentary of John Howard's appearance at the National Press Club.



No time to blog properly tonight. Had to do some stuff for work. Back tomorrow. In the meantime, check out my "past whackings".

Before I go, some quick random points:

- Sam Peckinpah's 1975 movie "Killer Elite" with James Caan and Robert Duvall is one of the biggest pieces of shit I've ever seen.

- Old Crow is seriously good bourbon.

- The next bike I buy will probably be a Triumph Speed Triple.


Brown the Clown sticks up for Iraqi murderers (again)

Sentator Bob Brown:
minister for tree pixies

The Australian editorial (scroll down) does a lovely slam of the increasingly insane Green senator Bob Brown's outrage at the deportation of an iraqi diplomat who was spying on Iraqis in Australia;

BOB Brown's attempt to defend Helal Ibrahim Aareff, an Iraqi diplomat who has been told to leave Australia for spying, is disgraceful. Even following his comments last October, in which he blamed the Bali bombings on John Howard's support for the US, this marks a new low for Senator Brown, who is rapidly turning himself into the Bruce Ruxton rent-a-quote of the Left. Senator Brown implies that the expulsion is part of Mr Howard's attempt to build support for a war with Iraq; spying by foreign diplomats in Australia, he claims, "is part of the diplomatic norm". Even if this were true, it would do nothing to undermine the case for Mr Aareff's expulsion.

What does Brown care? The lives of a few Iraqi families would just get in the way of his yo-yo posturing.

As reported exclusively in The Australian on Monday, members of the exiled Iraqi opposition in Sydney believe that Mr Aareff is a member of the Iraqi intelligence service, and has been gathering information in a bid to intimidate them and their families. The testimony of Iraqi refugees has been incredibly valuable in putting the truth of what is happening in Iraq before the world. For example, in an article in The Australian last week, Hadi Kazwini, an Australian-Iraqi engineer who came to Australia as a refugee in 1997, described Hussein's atrocities against his people. Does Senator Brown really believe people such as Mr Kazwini should be subjected to intimidation by Hussein's spies?

Brown doesn't necessarily believe that, he just doesn't care. Human life plays second fiddle to his sociopathic leftist rage.

The terror of the non-existent

"Dubya is scared of me...or he would be if he knew who I was..."

Phillip Adams seems very scared of things which aren't happening and won't happen. Or maybe the cretinous slob is confusing criticism with genocide. This may be the world's most pathetic case of Glass Jaw.

Death to all dissenters

Subtle huh?

EIGHTEEN months after the destruction of the twin towers, another New York landmark is in ruins. The UN building no longer stands on the East River. The stench of death rises from its rubble. The flags of the UN's member nations no longer flutter proudly on their poles. They've been burnt to cinders.

If you say so Phil. Funny, it hasn't happened yet.

A triumphant George W. Bush has just appeared at the press conference in Washington. "My fellow Americans, we have won another major battle in the war against terror. A few hours ago, as Commander-in-Chief, I ordered a bombardment of the UN building by the US Navy, missile strikes by the US Air Force and a mop-up operation by US Marines. As a result, one of this nation's most dangerous enemies has been absolutely and entirely destroyed.

Dangerous? Of whom does he speak? A reborn USSR? China? Believe it or not, the fearsome enemy Phil identifies is (chortle) the United Nations (stop laughing damn you!)....

"As you know, we tried very hard to achieve a diplomatic outcome with the UN. We permitted word inspectors inside the building to negotiate on adjectives, verbs and split infinitives for a revised UN resolution, but were treated with intransigence and delay. Just as the Iraqis mocked us for the past 12 years, refusing to demonstrate compliance, the UN has flouted our will for the past 12 weeks. We did not wish to go to war against the UN but, finally, had no choice.

I've got news for you fatso, if the US wanted to destroy the UN, it wouldn't require the combined force of the US air force, navy and marines. Sweet jesus, a 300lb lesbian hooker with a bento box could take em all out.

"With the enthusiastic endorsement of Tim Blair and Jim Howard, our most loyal allies, and using modern weapons of such incredible accuracy that they can be targeted at people of different blood groupings or astrological signs, we were able to eliminate all those who've opposed us, all those who've refused to endorse the war on Iraq which, as you know, begins Friday.

The screech of the leftist - with wounded pride and massive delusions of grandeur - strikes again. Oddly, Phil cannot specify any instance of anti-war sentiment being so heartlessly crushed. It's pretty much a function of his wet cerebrum.

Phil is still in his lucrative taxpayer-funded broadcasting job, despite criticising The Bloodsucking Vampire John Howard every day for the last seven years. I have a feeling that Phillip wants to be oppressed by the government - it would be less painful to him as his current state: uninfluential and wholly irrelevant. Hence the martyrdom fantasies.

"I will not take questions at this time. Indeed, I will not be questioned at all. By anyone. At any time."

Well, except when he's questioned (daily) by reporters, who are free to do so. Hell Phil, even you would be free to do so if you ever got off your arse and worked for a living.

Don't expect to ever see Phil at a Dubya press conference though: he couldn't stand the indignity of being ignored.

More friendly fundamentalist freaks

Jimmy-Bob Morrow takes a look at a very entertaining Islamokook website.

Um, suuuurrrre......

The Daily Saddam says ten million people will starve in Iraq if war breaks out.

(arithmetic courtesy of Marc Herold and Noam Chomsky)

Today's "Well, duh!!" award goes to...

...The Daily Saddam again, for this earth-shattering "Breaking News" headline;


Wow, ya think????

Bleeecccchhh...what the hell is the matter with you people?

Pamela Anderson is still the most desirable woman on the Internet, according to a new poll.

The former Baywatch star was named the world's most downloaded babe in a survey for Loaded magazine.

Must be that classy crack-ho makeup and streetwalker fashion sense. Excuse me, I need to barf.


Quote of the day

The US is the world's only hyperpower, and judging by all the other possible candidates for that status, we're bloody lucky it is.
- Tom Paine


Tex is comin' to America

Paid for my trip today. The itinerary:

April 6-10: Los Angeles

April 10-13: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

April 13-24: Montreal & Quebec City

April 24-29: Los Angeles (weekender to San Francisco)

Should be damned fun, except for all the bloody flying.

Socialist filth accuse General Peter Cosgrove of collusion in East Timor massacres

If only he was more like Fidel...

Sometimes you read things that make you want to drag the author into a dark alley and beat the fucker to death with a baseball bat.

Hell hath no fury like a angry commie. The sociopaths over at the International Socialist Organisation are going bonkers that Jose Ramos Horta is pro-war. Their hissy-fit over this is to be expected. But here's what they say about the Australian military intervention which saved thousands of lives.

Leaders of the independence movement came to rely more on imperialism than on mobilising people in struggle.

That's probably because people power ended up with lots of people being slaughtered whereas imperialist australians with guns stopped the miltia rampages and saved thousands of lives.

And in a sense it "worked". When the militias responded to the ballot with killings and destruction, John Howard seized the opportunity to send in troops. That didn't save lives, because the troops didn't go until the mayhem had subsided.

Gee whiz, the mayhem subsided when the troops arrived, I wonder why that was?

But here's the kicker:

Australian commander Cosgrove collaborated with the Indonesian military throughout the operation.

You filthy, worthless Stalin-loving hypocritical cunt bastards. Thousands were being slaughtered, the australian troops intervened to stop the massacre. Yet to your average commie scumbag, this doesn't matter. It's all about evil westerners crushing the third-worlders.

Peter Cosgrove handled - with stunning aplomb - the job of landing an Australian force on Indonesian soil, repelling rampaging, murderous militias, while glad-handling the Indonesians so as not to start a war. He succeeded on all counts.

Yet these loathesome, unwashed, gulag-loving pieces of commie shit now accuse Cosgrove - who saved thousands of lives amidst a nearly impossible political situation without starting a war - of colluding with the murderous pro-Jakarta forces.

Presumably Cosgrove should have launched a war against Indonesia, or let the rest of the Timorese be slaughtered. After all, to the average socialist, thousands of lives is a small price to pay for ideological correctness.

It created a Timorese puppet state in what effectively became an Australian colony, and put people like Ramos Horta in office.

Let's see, an Independent East Timor, free from rampaging miltias, run by Timorese democrats like Ramos Horta (the horror of it!). Sounds good to me, though your average Castro-masturbator has always despised the democratic system. It gives ignorant non-enlightened people the power to choose for themselves.

Just when you think the moral sewer of socialism has reached it's depths, these squealing totalitarian piglets pull something like this out of the bag.

Go die, you fuckers.



Motorcycle racing legend Barry Sheene - the last brit to win a GP - died today of cancer.

Two-time world champ Sheene made Australia home and made an immense contribution to the careers of many successful australian racers, and was a brilliant motorsports commentator.

Sadly, Sheene decided to accept "natural" remedies for his illness after he'd decided against any surgery.

"I'm not going to be fighting this in the conventional way. I won't subject my body to chemotherapy. I have made a decision about not doing chemo and that's it. I'm putting my faith in the natural way. To me its poison, and I'm not going to poison my body."

The first course of alternative treatment he tried was a radical diet regime devised by Austrian natural healer Rudolf Breuss.

It involved Sheene fasting for the first three weeks as Breuss' theory was based on the fact that cancer feeds and grows on protein. For those three week, Sheene could eat vegetable juice that included organically grown carrots and Chinese radish. During that period he lost 5kg in weight before going on a low-alkaline diet.

Did medical quackery cost Sheene his life? It would appear so.

Liberate Canada!

Damian Penny desperately wants a US invasion and regime change. Hey, if your PM was a senile crank like Jean Chrétien, you'd want an american invasion too.

Question for my Los Angeles readers

I'll be in LA twice during April, my host there has offered to take me shooting one day. Not a pleasure we get to do much here in increasingly nanny-state Oz.

Can anyone recommend a gun club/range where I can fit in a decent level of instruction then target-practice in the one day? Both handgun/rifle are fine.



I've been doing other activities this weekend, hence the non-existent bloggage. Now I'm back, and slowly answering my e-mails.

It's a matter of opinion

Check out Patrick Hawke's new-ish essay-Ozblog Oberservation Deck.

The Very Deep Thoughts of Terry O'Shane

Indigenous leader Terry O'Shane offers his deep insights into the Iraq war debate in the latest Green Left Weekly;

Is there a strong anti-war sentiment amongst Indigenous people?

Indigenous people in Australia, and throughout the world, are peace loving peoples. In the harsh Australian conditions, living in harmony with nature and other peoples, other tribes, was a necessity. Aboriginal people have developed high levels of scientific knowledge of the flora, fauna and weather patterns.

Choke. Splutter. Nah, no aboriginal inter-tribal violence or environmental impacts at all until naughty whitey showed up. Ever heard of Disneyfication Terry?

The media is trying to develop mass hysteria to support the war drive.

Someone hasn't been watching/listening to the ABC or reading The SMH or The Age have they?

It fosters a closed mind to the devastation that war will bring to the Iraqi people. We should recognise that we're part of the global community. We need to welcome the diversity of cultures. In doing that we develop our compassion, our understanding, our humanity. We can't afford to live with closed minds.

How silly of us to overlook this: Saddam is part of the brotherhood of humanity maaaan, we should all welcome the diversity his enlightened tyranny brings the world.

Read the rest, he's got all sorts of moss-brained wisdoms to offer.

....and while we're on the subject....

The Green Left is predictably outraged at East Timorese freedom-fighter Jose Ramos-Horta's support for war in Iraq. It then argues (get this) that it was mass protest and not Australian military intervention that stopped the slaughter by pro-Jakarta militias!

This bloke needs to see a doctor.


Heavy music fans should check out Ministry's animositisomina, their best effort by far since 1992's Psalm 69. Welcome back boys.

I also checked out the DVD of Road to Perdition. Darn fine movie, with Hanks a delightful surprise as the morally confused hitman and Paul Newman ripping into his best role in years. That old dude sure hasn't lost his acting chops.

And to top it off, I just this evening caught up with the DVD of John Carpenter's gloriously trashy schlockfest The Fog. It aint The Thing, but it was still a hoot.

The pathetic sickness of Canadian anti-Americanism

Jamie Glazov has some harsh words for his countrymen. It includes this classic quote;

In Canada, of course, it has always been legitimate to be a bigot, as long as it involves hating Americans.

The EU and the destruction of Britain

David Carr has some ominous warnings about the coming EU constitution - a truly hellish big-state Brusselcrat blueprint for a united and creepily non-democratic European union. If I were an englander, I'd be looking at moving to Australia or the USA pronto.

Formula Snooze

The Melbourne Formula One Grand Prix today was apparently exciting. I thought it was a yawn. Motorsports victories should be determined by people - you know - racing. This race was (as always with four-wheeled racing) determined by pit stop strategies and who didn't crash.

The whole concept of drivers dicing for the lead and overtaking each other is as distant to this sport as ever.

Even last weekend's World Superbike race wasn't as dull as F1.

Looking for older whackings?

Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index


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