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Quote of the day

I smell that smell you smell when you have colds
- Cantinera

Wasn't communism supposed to meet peoples' needs?

Of course, it's just not intellectually sophisticated to refer to the North Korean regime as "evil".

Filthy murdering commie bastards.

eace and Love, leftie style

In between bouts of rape, torture and murder, these brave men fought the good fight of civil rights

Rob Corr reckons The Black Panthers were just swell:

I've just finished a paper on the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, in which I claim the Black Panthers were an inevitable, necessary and desirable extension of the non-violent civil rights movement. For all the symbolic gains made in the 1950s and 1960s, the situation for the average black American was worse than when the civil rights movement started. It took a group that was willing to stand up to the racist police force and justice system while challenging white middle-class sensibilities to effect real positive change.

Aww, what heroes.

I'll leave the rebuttal to former Panther collaborator David Horowitz:

Not included in the [Black Panthers] Legacy Tour were the sites where [Huey] Newton killed an 18-year-old black prostitute, raped a black mother of three and shotgunned the doorman of an after-hours club that had refused to cooperate in a Panther shakedown. Also missing were stops at the sites where Party members were "mud-holed," whipped with cat o' nine tails or beaten with chains by Newton's goon squad for infractions of Party discipline. (One editor of the Party paper, by her own account, was bull-whipped for missing an editorial deadline.) Missing also was a visit to the house where Panthers tortured former Ramparts employee Betty Van Patter before smashing her head with a pipe and throwing her body into the San Francisco Bay.

Nice guys.

And let's hear a few words from Panther big-daddy Eldridge Cleaver:

If people had listened to Huey Newton and me in the Sixties, there would have been a holocaust in this country.

You're a knob Rob.

France is dying

Guy Milliere writes about the frightening spread of Islam in his country:

French-bashing is everywhere in the American media. I am French, and I must say if Americans knew completely what's happening in France, the French-bashing would be far harsher.

....and he goes on to explain why, in frightening detail.

Then read the disturbing discussion on The Death of France:

France is still anti-Semitic today: the new French anti-Semitism has three sources, the hate of the extreme-right for Jews, the hate of Muslims for Jews, the hate of leftists for Israel. Suddenly, the extreme-right has nothing against Muslims, they have something in common: the hatred of Jews. Lefitists become supporters of radical Muslims: they have something in common too: their hatred for Israel.

Steven Den Beste isn't too optimistic either.

Aint it weird how nobody in need ever asks for Europeans?

Thanks to Samizdata for pointing this out:

There's no food anywhere. People are dying. The Americans must come. We want peace.

The words of a refugee in strife-torn Liberia. Silly fool. These third-worlders should have more faith in the U.N. - they will begin organising working lunches across Europe immediately!

I wonder....

Abu Bakar Bashir - "not as bad as John Howard" according to the latest poll of Green Left readers. the SMH crowd who reckon John Howard has "made us a terrorist target" will react to last night's brilliant 4 Corners report, which exposed Islamist terrorist cells in Australia who have been slowly organising and planning terrorist strikes.

The interesting bit? They started organising here in 1991. You know, five years before evil racist Johnny Howard came to power. Back in the Golden Years of our Asian-ass-kissing Labor prime Minister Keating.

And it turns out our lovely peaceful Islamist friends were planning an attack at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, but were scared off by some sudden unwelcome attention from the local authorities. Funny how all this happened before the War on Terror began, isn't it?

Ye gods, maybe a great many muslims might want to kill us because we are not muslims.

It pays not to think about this too much though, as the truth often interferes with culturally correct blithering.



No bloggin' tonight. Stuff to do for work. Back tomorrow.

In the meantime, this is great.



It seems the Motorcycle GP organisation are incapable of holding a race in North America, but they just signed a deal to hold a race in Qatar next year.

Qatar? Fucking Qatar? Yeah boys, that'll really boost the sport. And I'm sure the riders and teams will be just thrilled at the thought of having to race in that desert inferno.

Americans are cheating scum, waaaaaaaaah, waaaaaaaahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Screech, whinge, moan, whine, bleat, squeal, bitch....

It's a Fairfax article. You were expecting something else?

Another raving nutcase

You come across such entertaining freaks on the web. Check out this loonbat.

On lower speed limits: lower speed limits are apparently being introduced at the behest of Australian car manufacturers. WTF?!?!?!? The reason being "it must be very embarrassing for the Vehicle manufacturers to see their cars destroyed and even people being killed in slow ie 60kmph accidents.....These New cars are not safe, they are nothing more than silver foil vehicles with just enough strength to stay together as a vehicle on the road. "

On banks: WHY, Well the government wants a Cashless Society so it can Monitor EVERY Financial transaction that we make.

And there's a ton on stuff on The New World Order, satanic conspiracies and - of course - LOTS OF TYPING IN UPPER CASE.

Gallic brilliance on display again

The French are proving as useful as ever....

In a virtual re-run of the battle for Bunia last month - when 700 UN peacekeepers stood by as hundreds of civilians were massacred, and 25,000 fled - the French troops remained at their airport barracks, without orders or capacity to intervene.

Hey, at least they haven't run away yet. That's progress at least.


The crosshair marks the G-spot

Dr. Ruth was a what???

It's the birthday of sex expert "Dr. Ruth," Ruth Westheimer, born Karola Ruth Siegel in Frankfurt, Germany (1928) to Orthodox Jewish parents. The Nazis came to power, and in 1939 her family decided to flee Germany. But her grandmother refused to go, so Ruth was sent to safety at a Swiss school. She never saw her family again. After the war she moved to Palestine, joined the underground movement fighting for a Jewish state, and trained as a sniper.

Credit Card Pranks

This is too damned funny.

Another one turns to the dark side......

Bailz is joining me in the Two-wheeled bloggers club.

Freedom from government, except if you're a fag.....

Kim Du Toit rages at the mention of gun control, but he's all in favour of queer control.

You people are freaks

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