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The end of the tank?

Steven Den Beste has a nice essay on the decreasing usefulness of the tank in modern warfare.

Nine bikes I really want

Aprilia RSV Mille

It's Italian, which means it's going to fall apart faster than an ice sculpture in the Sahara. There's no way I'd spend my own money on it. But damn, what a lovely machine when it's in working order: huge, gruntly V-twin, fantastic handling, and remarkable comfort for a Superbike.

Honda CBR 954 Fireblade

A bike I almost bought. The most lean & hi-tech of the big Jap fours. Stunningly light (168kgs!!) and better handling than pretty much anything out there. Super-crisp throttle response, smooth, powerful engine and better comforts than the R1 or GSXR-1000.

Honda VTR1000

Honda's lovely V-twin sportsbike. Looks, comfort, gorgeous motor and well-priced. No wonder the damn things are so popular. Excellent build quality too.

Kawasaki Z1000

Take the engine out of my ZX-9R, bore it out to 954cc, add fuel injection and stick it in a comfortable, nakedbike frame. Power, good looks and comfort. It's all there.....

Ducati Monster S4

Ducati's sexy streetrod finally gets the superbike engine it deserves.

Honda VTX 1800

I'm not into cruisers, but I'm tempted to take Honda's biggie for a relaxed long day-ride or two. Of course, being Honda, it has three things Harleys don't: 1) build quality, 2) a decent engine, 3) good brakes.

Kawasaki ZX-12R

The biggest and baddest road mutha of em all. Arguably the fastest production vehicle on the planet - two wheels or four. I wouldn't buy one simply for the horrendous cost of keeping the machine in tyres and chains.

BMW R1150GS Adventure

The bike I want to travel around Australia on. Comfortable, good for the outback highways and can carry assloads of gear.

Triumph Speed Triple

Triumph's Triple-cylinder engine is arguably the best motor in the two-wheeled world. I had one in my Triumph Sprint RS, but that bike was let down by crummy suspension, slow steering and poor balance.

But here's they've stuck it in an upright streetrod frame with a sharp-handling chassis and decent suspension. I want one.


Hot damn

Some generous person(s) has already purchased 3 DVDs for me from my amazon wish list. Amazon doesn't tell me who (I guess the details will be in the package), but whoever it was, a very deep "thank you" :)

Really deep thoughts: live from

The "yanks are stupid" mouth-breathers are exercising their mighty IQ's again in some more pathetic anti-war threads, here, here and here. Kinda tragic to see grown men with such a raging insecurity complex.

Here's my Idiot-of-the-month;

I think the world is a better place with Hussein in it. He is quite clever and contrary to American propaganda has no plans to take over the world (unlike America). His incusions into Iran were provoked by Iran and supported by the US. Nothing to worry about there. Kuwait was also a dispute and prior to his invasion, he was told by the US that they didn't care what he did. If any comparisons to Hitler are made, it is Bush that has the most similar record. It is the US that invades at will, it is the US that imposes it's will on any country it feels like. We need people like Hussein to keep him honest.

Says it all, don't it?

ogblog is back

..and the wog aint happy about those who sit on the fence re. the Iraq issue.


Help make Tex very, very happy

It's my birthday on the 15th of Feb, but I'm saving every shekel for my trip to USA/Canada in April. Some people have PayPal buttons, I have my Amazon wish list.




...... for those of you who really love this site and have some money to spend, you can help buy Tex a snappy suit from Roger David with one of their online gift vouchers. Pleeease.

Yes, I have no shame. But if Andrew Sullivan can get eighty grand in contributions from his readers, it's worth a shot dammit ;)

Hitchens on France

He gives French slime a mighty wallop.

South Africa is screwed

...and whitey aint to blame this time.


Quote of the day

In fact, many of the remarks made by religious people are nonsensical. People say, “I think Jesus is my best friend.” No one responds as they should to that, which is to say, “You should be locked up, that’s utter crap.” For some reason, in what used to be called the Christian world, a free pass is given to anyone who makes any remark, however stupid, if it’s baptized by faith.

- Christopher Hitchens

Tony Benn: pathetic

The Daily Saddam Mirror has the full text of Senile Benn's sad, simpering interview with Saddam.

Naturally, The Mirror attempted to give weight to this sorry spectacle;

SADDAM Hussein has told Tony Benn in an extraordinary face-to-face TV interview that Iraq has NO weapons of mass destruction and NO links to al-Qaeda.

Well, that settles it then. They've used an upper case "NO". Bring the troops home now.

Hell freezes over: the Mirror publishes a pro-America column

Is Tony Parsons trying to get fired?

IT IS not difficult to imagine the rejoicing that the Columbia space shuttle tragedy will cause in certain squalid corners of the globe, including some morally bankrupt parts of Britain.

I have never known such poisonous anti-Americanism abroad in the world, which is saying something for someone who grew up during the Vietnam war.


The Labour Party pacifists you only ever hear about when they have another white flag to wave. And the screaming hordes across the globe whose idea of a good night out is burning the Stars and Stripes.

The news that the men and women on board included the first Israeli in space would have been the cherry on the cake. Isn't it strange how the people who shout loudest about the Nazis always seem to carry the virus of anti-Semitism in themselves?

A predication. Over the next seven days, all those America-hating, Bush-is-a-cowboy commentators will start crawling out of the woodwork to report how the space shuttle tragedy is a blow to America's "arrogance", "pride" and "egotism".

The fact is that the seven men and women who died were shining examples of how great the human race can be. They were brave, intelligent, with the quiet selflessness that's always the mark of true heroes.


America has an ability to assimilate people from around the world - to make them true Americans - that is unknown in Europe.

There is a generosity of spirit about the United States that is completely lacking anywhere else.


When deriding American culture, it is customary to trot out a few sneers about McDonald's - as if they don't queue around the block for the stuff from Moscow to Manchester.


Those astronauts who died were explorers, pioneers and the last of the frontiersmen. When we lose that will to strike out for the unknown, we will start dying as a species.

If we could only see it, we will realise that the disintegration of the space shuttle was truly a tragedy for the entire world.

The seven men and women who died on the shuttle were a credit to their race.

The human race.

Let's hope Tony can get a job at a real newspaper before too long.

Computer Intelligence & Chess

Interesting article by Ray Kurzweil about the growing power of computer chess programs, and it's not good news for humans.

Everything you need to know about Hollywood

Rottweiler has a beautiful picture.

Answers to Space Shuttle questions

Dale Amon at Samizdata has an excellent, informative post answering many of the "what if..." questions surrounding the Columbia disaster.

The hell of Zimbabwe

What John Humphreys has to say does not give one a lot of hope for that nation.

Education Cult

I don't think Mark Harrison likes the public education sector very much.

Anagram fun

GEORGE BUSH .....................HE BUGS GORE

DORMITORY .....................DIRTY ROOM

EVANGELIST .....................EVIL'S AGENT

PRESBYTERIAN .....................BEST IN PRAYER

DESPERATION .....................A ROPE ENDS IT

THE MORSE CODE .....................HERE COME DOTS

SLOT MACHINES .....................CASH LOST IN ME

ANIMOSITY .....................IS NO AMITY

MOTHER-IN-LAW .....................WOMAN HITLER

SNOOZE ALARMS .....................ALAS! NO MORE Z ' S

A DECIMAL POINT .....................I'M A DOT IN PLACE


ELEVEN PLUS TWO .....................TWELVE PLUS ONE

And for the grand finale: PRESIDENT CLINTON OF THE USA: When you
rearrange the letters (With no letters left over and using each letter

(Thanks to Niki Everett for this)


Pondering communist terror

Watched a documentary on Comrade Beria, Stalin's right-hand secret police psycho. Responsible for the murder of countless thousands, the imprisonment of millions, and who was fond of grabbing women off the streets for some good old fashioned rape n' beatings.

Whenever I hear revolutionary socialist lunatics spout their endless pathetic babble about justice for the poor, I think of the millions of victims this one man was able to create all thanks to the model benevolent governance advocated by these people Who Know Better Than Us.

I wonder what goes through the mind of your average socialist, the Castro-loving morons, the Soviet apologists, the democracy-hating psycho cult. Are you proud of yourselves, you sick, deluded, worthless bastards?

Are you so completely insane that you cannot see the decades of genocide, poverty and cultural annihilation that people exactly like you have brought about?

Why do you howl with outrage about Enron and then remain silent on North Korean gulags?

Why do you piously intone about Taliban prisoners at Guantanamo yet praise the "great leader" who imprisons his entire population on the same island?

Do you not for one moment consider the totalitarian oppression that will occur the moment you deliver on your glorious destruction of democracy?

Does it not bother you that under your glorious rule, the people you so arrogantly claim to represent will be deprived of any democratic freedoms they now enjoy? Does it not bother you that you would cast the entire population into extreme poverty? That you would deny every single person the right to vote for who they wish? That you would deny them the right to spend their own money on what they wish, to sell their labour to who they wish, and live where they wish?

The mind of the revolutionary socialist pushes all such thoughts aside in the face of politically correct ideals and self-righteous, ranting fervour. The mind of the revolutionary socialist endlessly stews in its own resentment of human aspiration and jealously of those who exercise the small freedoms of life - all those ignorant nobodies who just do not listen and cannot understand what is best for them.

The socialist mind is truly handicapped, completely incapable of seeing humanity as it is, for whom no horror is too great provided rote-learned principles from Marxist textbooks are given due attention. This mind never sees beyond it's own deep, psychotic raging hatred of human life in it's endless variance, it's perpetual evolution, it's refusal to comply with the conceptually crippled worldview of socialist principles.

Socialism is not the struggle to liberate humanity but rather a determination to extinguish it.

Australia is the most pro-war nation according to new poll

This won't make The Australian Democrats too happy.....

Search strings

Check out some of the search strings thru which people have found my site;

george lucas is a fuckwad

Based on his recent output, I'm inclined to agree.

shannon brown snakes


alison broinowski

Oh, that bitch.

ann coulter sucks

Yes, she certainly does.

ask islam snakes

Kinda hard to find these days, those talking muslim snakes.

avoided or herald or ayers or sleepiness or horrid


ayn rand sucks my cock

Heh :)

brittany murphy raped photo

You people are freaks.

chomsky north korea

Yes, he loves it there.

ww2 footballs

What's so special about them?

john pilger wanker


pentecostal sexy

They are?

human nature he don t love you holly pics

Someone needs a life.

women fucking snakes

What is it with the snake fetish? I get searches for this crap daily.

sick shit canberra

It's called parliament.

beheading pictures

This is almost always the most popular search request each month. Yeeeesh.

small world and jacques derrida

Too small if Jacques is in it.

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Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index


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