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E-mails from losers

One of the perks of this blogging hobby is the hate mail you get from the sad freak brigade. Got a bunch of them from one knob while I was in North America. I noticed the similarity to other nut-job mail....

1- message will consist of at least one large unbroken block of text, often with little attention paid to the rules of punctuation.

2- the mails will contain howls of outrage that Pilger, Chomsky, Richard Neville and their ilk are in fact highly respected intellectuals, usually followed by a link to a leftist website containing endless pages of dirge defending their legacy. Often, there will be the demand that I purchase and read the latest 1,000 page book by such-and-such.

3- the demand that I shouldn't respond to their e-mail, because they are too busy with their really successful publishing career or they're busy with their glamourous girlfriends.

My email box is very busy and it is unlikely that I will get time to read any semblance of a reply which you might tease from your weary keyboard.

Funnily enough, my replies will always guarantee an instant (and often lengthy) response, always more hysterical and enraged than the last. The wanker quoted above sent me five more e-mails in less than a day, claiming he was only answering because he was waiting for the flood of e-mails offering him lucrative writing jobs for big magazines.


Hey, we believe ya...really.....

What I'm consuming right now...


Basic Economics - Thomas Sowell
Noone left to lie to - Christopher Hitchens
Dry - John Hyde
The Diving Bell and The Butterfly - Jean-Dominique Bauby


Sucks to be you - Prozzac
Tour de France - Kraftwerk
Force Marker - Brain Eno
Bitter Blue (live) - Cat Stevens
Fade Into You - Mazzy Star
I'm with you - Avril Lavigne
Animositisomina - Ministry

Mindless amusement

This is the most delightfully bizarre website I've seen in a while. It's disturbing how much time you can waste playing with I'm told.

Thanks to Chocolate Andi for the link.

Today's funny

The worst ever comic book covers. Mwahahha. Thanks to D.C. Jensen for the link.

Good riddance

Sorry, I refuse to be saddened by something like this. It's one less lethal idiot on the road as far as I'm concerned.

Senile ex-PM writes another article

Is anyone else amused by the fact that Australia's favourite Robert Mugabe apologist is condemning american imperialism?


Yes, I'm back

My North American vacation was fantastic, the flight back was horrid (does 10 hours of turbulence sound fun to you?). Currently recovering with the help of beer and doritos.

Blogging will resume later. But before I go to bed, a few random points;

1- Bloggers I met: Sasha & Andrew, Paul Jané, Bill Whittle and Emily Jones.
2- Key ingredients for enduring long flights: noise-cancelling headphones, CD player, CD wallet, vodka & doritos.
3- Shooting is fun.
4- I wish the Americans could have exported Tommies instead of McDonalds.
5- There are more SUVs in Los Angeles than there are people.
6- United may have the worst food in the airline industry.
7- If all this global warming stuff is true, could someone explain why it was snowing in Montreal on April 24?
8- Poutine is delicious.
9- I didn't leave my seat once during the entire 14hr30min flight back to Sydney.
10- I went bowling for the first time in 18 years on Monday night. Bowled 104 and 125.
11- Despite all the promises of quagmire, we seem to have won the war.

See you tomorrow.



Not only does my site go down and e-mail stop, when it got "fixed" my FTP account got screwed up and I couldn't post anything. You can see the entries I wrote for yesterday below................


Fucking mullets

My site was down for over 24 hours. Grrrrr. Apologies if you've been trying to get to my site, but the downtime was simply beyond my control.


Two more sleeps till I fly to Los Angeles. Much as I hate flying, I can't wait to visit that continent and see my friends. I guess I'd better do the whole duty-free shopping thing.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Getting read for my trip. Buying some new clothes, doing shopping for supplies, etc.

Had to bloody renew my driver's licence for $113 yesterday. Grrr. Even less travelling money now.

Asparagirl clobbers e-mail idiot

Brooke discusses Israel & Zionism with a particularly noxious correspondent.

You need to read this

Sasha's gut-wrenching piece, remembering 11/9/01. Wonderful.


Too busy to blog tonight. Back tomorrow.


OzBloggers on TV

Tonight's 7.30 Report feature on warblogging was a whole lotta nothing. Fun to see James Morrow, John Quiggin, Gareth Parker and "Gianna" on TV though.....

Chirac's oil interests

Those of you who see the French as paragons of virtue should be reading Samizdata right now.

The Canadian Empire Strikes Back

My joke post about the "save Anne-Sophie" campaign has caused Dazza Penny (and a few correspondents) to give me a good ol' fashioned Canadian ball-kickin'.

OK, point/s taken Damian. Though I'm curious about one thing: if Quebec is as full of jerks as you say, would that make you a separatist? Just think:

1- you get rid of all your marxist frenchies
2- you get a very small neighbour to push around (your own New Zealand)
3- Anne-Sophie gets a country
4- I get laid

It's win-win dammit!!


James, just buy your own fucking domain already................

A Triad of Guardian idiots

George Monbiot's latest column is titled "It will end in disaster". Subtle as ever.

Simon "dopestick" Hoggart tells us we're losing the war. Or rather we're not winning as quickly as the journalists said we would. Or something.

Fuad Nahdi writes this nauseating apology for Islamofascism ("British muslims being oppressed by Evil Whitey, blah blah, you can't blame them if they become terrorists, you're just asking for it you know...")


Commie idiot reviews Buffy

Buffy, back when she was still eating
Angel performs isometric exercises with Faith
Faith does a sexy pout

Socialists - without exception - are people who desperately need a life. Canadian "New Socialist" Jackie Esmonde can't even watch a show called Buffy The Vampire Slayer without wetting her panties over embedded metaphors of racism, class warfare and all the other crap lefty wankers worry about.

...People of colour are portrayed as expendable once they outgrow their utility to white folks...

And she gives only one example, which doesn't actually illustrate her point.

...The show makes it clear that Faith's working-class roots make her incapable of wielding power responsibly....

(Faith's psychosis has nothing to do with it I guess. You know, her habit of killing people.)

...Celebrating Buffy merely because it shows a white woman kicking arse treads awfully close to the vacuous “girl power” politics so pervasive in the Spice Girls-saturated 1990s — a politics that is all surface presentation but poses no real challenge to oppression. Rather, Buffy reinforces white supremacy and depictions of the "dangerous classes" as intellectually and physically inferior...

"a politics that is all surface presentation but poses no real challenge to oppression." - sweet jesus, it's a show about a girl who kill vampires for fucks sake.

...Buffy is a busy woman. Even though she has a relatively privileged socio-economic background, her experience is not unlike that of most women. Buffy's experience reflects the insecurity of neoliberal labour markets characterised by part-time and temporary work, low wages, lower rates of unionisation, and a corresponding insecurity for workers that disproportionately affect women...

Oh brother.

...Unfortunately, the show's vision of a better world fails to substantively address race, class, ability and other hierarchies...

Um, that's coz maybe it's about cute chicks who beat up guys in monster makeup, funny dialogue, cheesy romance, fun/weird plots and the rest.

These socialist wankers can't even watch TV without showing their loser-gene.

Fuck you, Kiwi appeaser-monkeys

Bruce Hill has become so disgusted by his native New Zealand's spineless leadership, tyrant arse-licking and terrorist appeasement that he is taking out Australian citizenship. Welcome to Oz mano, pity it had to be prompted by the craven stupidity of Helen Clark and her wretched government.

Saddam is alive!!

Mr. Mustard has indisputable proof.

Israel and their lovely, peace-seeking neighbours

Prez Assad of Syria. Currently drafting a Final Solution for the new century.

I love it when people tell me that if only those horrible jews would pull out of the occupied terrirories, all would be well.

News people: Israel's arab neighbours do not want peace, they want to wipe it off the map, get it?

Don't take my word for it, here are excerpts from an interview with Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad:

Therefore, it is inconceivable that Israel will become a legitimate state even if the peace process is implemented, because its structure deviates from the region's norm, and maybe from the whole world…"

The Israeli lobby has clout in the U.S., which means that re-arranging the region and controlling its resources one way or another, will serve Israel through its control over the American administration...

As long as Israel exists, the threat exists....

It should be known that Israel is based on treachery. This is a point to be considered thoroughly. We are dealing with treachery and threats, which accompanied the establishment of Israel. Since its very inception, Israel has been a threat. It is the Israeli nature, and for that Israel was established.

Lovely huh? Nah, no Jew-extermination intentions here folks...



Apologies to anyone who's sent me e-mails and not gotten a response yet. I'm getting to it.

I get tons of great e-mail, and it always gets read the same day as it is sent. Thing is, I'll answer some of it within 2 minutes of it arriving in my inbox, others will take me 2 months to reply to.

There are lots of reason for this: I belong to a couple of high-traffic mail lists, some mail requires me to think of a decent response first, some mail gets overlooked in the "message read" section, but mostly it's because I'm a lazy bastard, and I have to ask the forgiveness of my fine correspondents for the often interminable delays in replying. Be assured, your messages are always welcomed and read with enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, keep it coming: tex {{AT}}


Bill Whittle's latest. Read now. Brilliance at zero cost to you.

Tasting pussy


I'll have the Clitoris Citrus thanks.

Today's featured idiot

The howling retards on the newsgroup make Indymedia look sane when it comes to discussion of the Iraq war. If you haven't ever browsed the war-related threads on this newsgroup, then you're missing a treat. Do it now.

Like many USENET newsgroups, it's a cesspool of conspiracy theories, sociopathic stalinist political sympathies, a serious insecurity complex about Americans and some rather amusing geopolitical theories, like the true awesome power of France:

I don't think you full understand the power the French have. They may make stupid cars and talk funny, but they have a pretty good record on the battle field. Everyone loses eventually, when you get to the top the only way is down. Remember the French have the biggest Nuclear program next to the US. They were also the big contributors to Kosovo and Afghanistan. France is not a pacifist nation, it is just a whole lot more sensible than the Americans when it decides to go to war.


Anyone still think Osama Bin Laden is alive?

Osama bin Laden, usually eager to rally Muslims by highlighting US "atrocities" around the world, has not been heard from 10 days into the US-led war on Iraq, leading to new speculation on his fate.

Bin Laden's silence comes amid a flurry of militant rhetoric on Islamist websites in defence of Iraq and in praise of a suicide attack yesterday outside the central city of Najaf that killed four US soldiers.

Not to worry by brothers-in-Allah, I'm sure the fierce Al Qaeda leader is getting ready to really teach those Americans a lesson.......

A reminder

Save Anne-Sophie!!


Arab Democracy

Sage has some interesting ruminations on the subject.


Two great posts: the truth about the aussie SAS and news of an evil propaganda ship arriving in Iraq.

Reality denial amongst the "peace" freaks

The 'books not bombs' dickheads are blaming the Sydney protest riot on the police. The rampaging muslim kids were - of course - blameless:

To say the protest was "hijacked" by young Arab men is a racist lie. The protesters were angry - and the young Middle Eastern students, who have to deal with police racism every day, and who are worried and outraged about what's happening in Iraq, were very understandably hostile to the huge police presence.

Yeah, I'm sure the junior psychos who threw objects at the cops, kicked and punched them, terrorised cafe patrons and destroyed private property were just exercising political concerns, and not just being little assholes who deserve to have the shit kicked out of them.

Of course, they're doing their usual whining about having their democratic rights crushed. Apparently, destroying private property isn't a violation of other people's rights. Ahhh, stinky-leftist hypocrisy. They're quite delusional too:

The Police Commissioner has said that we can't have a permit for April 2nd, but we have already put enough pressure on him today - by telling the media what really happened yesterday - that they have agreed to meet with Books Not Bombs tomorrow and negotiate.

No, little Miss Armpit Forest, you haven't pressured or scared the police into doing anything. They could have beaten all you worthless little dipshits into a pulp if they wanted. Unlike you, the cops try to prevent violence, which is why they want to talk.

I wish you little farts would do something useful with your lives, like get jobs.

Home grown commies say australian troops are murderers

The totalitarian freaks at the ISO are blustering again.

More from The Religion of Peace

Just lovely huh?

Not dead and doin' good work

Hey, David Morgan is alive after all, and he does a great fisking of one of those wanky pro-Saddam Q&A chain mails.


God, I hope this is true.

Dissecting Richard Dawkins

Jonathan Davis does a fine, detailed job of pulling apart Dawkins' sorry-arsed anti-american Guardian screed.

The bikes are here

The Australian round of the Superbike World Championship is happening this weekend at Phillip Island. For the first time in 4 years, I will miss the races at PI. I'm saving money for my USA trip, which starts next weekend.

As I wrote earlier, the world Supers is in deep shit this year, suffering a massive drain in riding talent (Edwards, Bayliss and Haga gone to MotoGP) and manufacturer support (only Ducati and Suzuki have factory entries, the latter of which is laughable). The only real point of interest is the performance of '96 world champ troy Corser on the spanking new Petronas triple. He finished 6th in today's qualifying.

Just to show what a non-even this year's series is, check out the qualifying grid.

1. Hodgson 1m33.030
2. Chili 1m34.11
3. Garcia 1m34.184
4. Walker 1m34.211
5. Toseland 1m34.329
6. Corser 1m34.512 7. Lavilla 1m34.585
8. Xaus - Crashed

Hodgson has the fastest bike by miles, Chili is 2nd despite having a crap privateer bike, Garcia is a c-grade nobody, Walker has never amounted to anything at the world level, Toseland=Garcia, Corser has a slow, undeveloped bike, and Lavilla is someone you hire when you can't afford a good rider. Xaus could be a threat to Hodgson if he ever stops crashing.

For the real action tomorrow, I'll be watching the World Supersport race.

Looking for older whackings?

Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index


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