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9 October 2005

Two wonderful anniversaries

It's the 38th anniversary of the death of commie scumbag Che Guevara.

And it's the first anniversary of the electoral obliteration of Mark Latham.



Thom blows a fuse and signs off..................

Castro-loving Greenie nutball Thom Lyons has finally given up arguing with me, after one of the most bizarre meltdowns I've ever witnessed.

After arguing for weeks that Cuba had free elections and legal opposition parties, Thom suddenly broke down and admitted he'd been lying, but that he'd really known the truth all along, and had been telling lies about Cuba because - get this - "I was enjoying making a fool out of you", finally admitting I was right. A great debating mind we have here:

I made an ass out of you, live with it moron. Your the blithering
idiot that thinks the commies are all around us. By the way I can get
you a weekend at Stalin's beach house near Havana if you like, Elvis
drops in there occassional;ly too.


Communism died 15 years ago shit for brains. Your the biggest asshole
on the planet after Bush, Cheney and Howard. You didn't even prove
your point, I had to do it for you after playing you for a fool.


By the way what would you know about free elections? Your fuhrer Howard is trying to eliminate every class of persons from voting that would vote for his
fascist lot.

Amusingly, later on the same day, he suddenly changed his mind again and decided Cuban elections were free and legitimate after all:

By the way he was freely elected. the position he holds is just like Howard holds. Its an election from a caucus and is just as valid as Howard. But you know nothing about Cuba and their form of government so I'll let that pass. But then again you pass a lot of shit don't you.

So, after weeks of telling lies about Castro, then finally admitting I was telling the truth, then later the same day saying it wasn't the truth, poor Thom started screeching that I stop posting to his public newsgroup:

Now stop posting your commie crap on alt.politic.bush

Post your coimmies dillusions someplace else. YOUR DONE HERE. Cross posting is the sign of a fuckwit, stay out of this news group

Go suck your own dick... whats that? too small? maybe the commies took it?

your done here pufter pig



Your an abusive moron with a mental problem.

piss off you degenerate freak.

Don'T post here again and stop lieing about communism you deranged moron.

After this extended hissy-fit, Thom signed off with these words:

Your lake a flatulant dog at a party

Heh. This was the man chosen by The Greens to be an election candidate.

3 October 2005

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!!!

Aussie Suzuki rider Troy Corser has won the World Superbike Championship.

This is probably the first time someone has gone nine years between world titles. Congrats. Hopefully he can get a GP ride with Suzuki next year.

Congrats too, to aussie Honda rider Chris Vermeulen, who will almost certainly finish second in the championship. Word is that he will ride Troy Bayliss' Camel Honda at the Australian MotoGP race in a couple of weeks.


It's like watching a train wreck

Greens election candidate Thom Lyons' personality slowly uncurls, revealing his delusional, borderline-sociopathic psyche to the world.

Thom is still raging on usenet, apologising for Castro, refusing to believe that no opposition parties exist in Cuba, and going so far as to state that 'Cuban Mafia' hidden agendas lurk behind even the Encyclopedia Britannica's description of Cuba as a one-party state.

Here are some of his latest batch of stunners:

On Saddam Hussein:

Iraq had plenty of democracy but not the kind AWOL Bush wanted.


You assholes lie that Saddam held power by force, yet the truth is that he held power by the support of the 4 major clans whom he bribed with oil money and stocks. The Trikrity Clan and Saddam were powerless without their support. Now I certainly have a problem with buying votes but that oil money is what support the clan welfare system.

On Fidel as a legtimitately-elected head of state:

And if he'se a dictator how come he can be thrown out at any time. I know your an ignorant butthead so I'll educate you. Castro is just a figure head anymore. he'se great at
speech making and not bad at diplomacy but he lost alot of power on Feb. 24, 1976 when the new constitution was created and the National Assembly of the People's Power took over. It is run by the Council of States which has grass roots power.


The 499-member National Assembly of People's Power has all lawmaking power. Members are elected every five years by local elections . The Assembly elects a 31-member Council of State. If thats what you thinka dictatorship is then you have a really strange idea of what one is.

Cuba in many ways is more democratic than the USA but thats just a matter of size that substance. Its easier for people who are pissed off to be heard in a country of 11,270,000 than 285 million.


Its an unfortunate part of history that when a country goes so right wing and the poverty
is so bad, an extreme swing to the left occurs and is necessary to drag the people out of the depths of hell. Soviet Russian, Cina, Cuba are all examples of this.


unlike Howard and Bush at least he had the balls to actually put a rifle in his hand and fought for his country. That I respect.

When asked why he lied about exile opposition parties being allowed to participate in Cuban elections:

why don't you blow your own brains out?

On Castro crushing all political dissent:

who cares, the people don't, they have better lives, thats why they won't revolt. Living under the right wing was pure hell.

On his opposition to the Cuban people having free elections:

and why would they want to loose their freedom and give Cuba back to the multi-nationals? Why would a Cuban want to give up his land and work for 20 cents a day for United Fruit on the same land? How many times does his land have to be stolen before he reliazes just how evil the right wing is?

Here's his compassionate reaction to Castro's jailing of independent librarians:

Assault librarians, what a danger to national security.

When told that no legal opposition parties are allowed in Cuba, Thom displays his awesome powers of logic:

If they aren't allowed then how can they exist?

And last of all, he claims that Christian political prisoner Dr. Oscar Biscet got thrown in prison because he is a CIA Miami Mafia Buddhist agent. No, I'm not making this up. Thom knows this because a Vietnamese priest told him so. Not only that, but it was the Catholic church, not Castro, who wanted him jailed.

Oh, and he also claimed North Korea isn't a communist society, but the Vatican is.

It just isn't possible to parody these nuts anymore.


An old friend and a new acquaintance

Tested a couple of used motorbikes a few days ago.

First up, a Suzuki TLS (they didn't have a TLR). It was a red one with a set of Yoshimura stainless exhausts, which sounded dissappointingly tinny. It also didn't have a steering damper fitted (suzuki retrofitted them as part of a mass TLR recall in 1998).

The riding position is very head-down, bum-up, but not excessively so. The engine is a beauty, with a ton of that magic v-twin stomp.

The bike I borrowed had a problem with "grabby" front brakes so I couldn't push it that hard. Still, I did gain some idea about the machine. It has a stiffer chassis than the Honda VTR, and a smoother gearbox.

The front end felt vague, and I can see how stability would be an issue on rough roads or at high speeds, though I had no such problems myself. I wouldn't feel comfortable blasting this machine through a series of fast corners as it feels a little too tightly wound for comfort. It really needs to be mahandled to get it around a corner, and that's just not good enough, even for 1997.

Pity though, coz the engine is brilliant.

Then I revisited an old favourite for the first time in a long while: the Honda VTR1000.

My god, what a wonderful motorcycle. I'd forgotten just how much I love riding these things.

The sporty but very comfy ergonomics are a perfect balance between touring comfort and sport-riding.

The handling is very light, the bike very chuckable, and the suspension soaks up the bumps of Australia's crappy roads.

The engine had more punch than I remembered too, with that delicious magic mid-range stomp. It gave little away to the TLS in this regard, remarkable when you consider I was riding a stock-standard model with the factory restrictive exhausts.

And that beautiful engine note - the delicious rumbling v-twin growl that grows with the revs. Absolutely wonderful. And this was with the quiet-as-a-mouse standard exhausts. I can't wait to stick a set of Staintune exhausts on one, though it would probably kill wildlife at a thousand yards.

Of course, the gearbox is still crude, the suspension needs a little work, and the fuel consumption is appalling, but this is still simply one of the greatest roadbikes ever made.



Pay TV brought back unhappy memories last night. Legends of the Fall was playing.

Jesus, what a monumental turdsack of monkeyshit. Anyone who likes this movie should be beaten up.

Brad Pitt wanders around looking constipated. Anthony Hopkins looks like he's emerging from a crack bender. Julia Ormond is a weepy slut who spends the whole movie wishing she was married to the constipated guy. And some old Mohican called Stabby The Clown wanders around mumbling nonsensical narration: "Tristan was like a stone that fell into the water and saw the spirits", etc.

If someone gives you the DVD of this, use it as a coaster.


Sorry, I don't get it

Speaking of movies, I also finally watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Practically everyone on earth, including friends of mine whose taste I completely respect, wet themselves over how great this film was.

I thought it was crap. A typical Charlie Kaufman effort: lots of weirdness, mixed-up time scales, incoherent jump-cut editing, oddball cinematography and some funny lines.

For me, it was style over substance. I haven't seen such a visually aggravating movie since "Moulin Rouge" (though this movie was nowhere near as bad as that piece of shit).

The film had some sweet moments, some funny lines, the cast was good, but the self-conscious art-film wanking annoyed the hell out of me.

I can understand why so many people liked this movie, it's just that I can't.


A guest poster

Helena Handbasket (formerly a contributor to will be writing the odd guest post on this site from now on, so keep your eyes peeled.

30 September 2005

Charming Thom

Remember Thom Lyons, the demented, conspirazoid, Castro-loving Greens candidate I talked about last week?

Well, he's still raging at me on usenet, only he's now moved on to slandering Jewish refugees from Hitler:

perhaps if they stayed and fought the guy all the horrors would not have happened. men with guts take up arms against fascist governments rather than running.

Nice people, these Greens.

Thom has had lots of other stuff to say too, so for your entertainment, here's another collection of Thom-isms (and again, all the spelling mistakes are his):

On the 9/11 Pentagon attack:

It is fair and accurate to say that questions are being asked as well as theories being put on the table about a cruise missile from who knows where hit the building. Theres a couple of possibilities that would embarrass the government, one is that it was an American missile fired by the government, another is that its an American missile hyjacked by terrorists and a third is that terrorists launched a missile from out at sea some place, all of which embarrass the government.

...and more on 9/11...

why won't the government admit that an F-15 shot down the 4th airliner over PA?

Witness on the ground saw it and by the time the plane reached the graound all the fuel was burned off in the air and no fires on the ground. I don't have a problem with it being shot down why do you?


911 never would have happened under Gore simply because 911 was payback for the murder of both Mohamad and Salem Bin Laden by the Bush Crime Family.

Back to Cuba. Thom claims they have free and fair elections and that opposition parties are legal in Cuba. I gave him a list of references, including Encyclopedia Britannica, showing him that Cuba is a one-party state, and reminded him of it over and over again. Here are some of his intelligent counter-arguments to this exact point:

I'm not a right winger. Your whole life is a lie. Prove to us all the crap you've been spewing is the truth.

And you hate Cuba so much but gee, the Cubans did a magnificant job evacualting people from the strom and Bush? Why bother, they're only economy class!

I don't have to prove anything to a fascist, if god told you you wouldn't believe it till your fuhrer said it was OK to believe.

I'm still waiting for you to back up your fascist lies that you made first. Wheres all the commies running around Cuba?

So you refuse to look at what I posted [Thom hadn't actually posted a single source to back up his claims]. Your as bad as one of those Jehadist fuckwits.

In reference to the Encyclopedia Britannica: any moron can put up a website... like you forinstance. Give me real proof from real publicans with stature. [...] The whole internet is a mindless blog. By the way check the dates on those so called encylopedia sites. Most of them are ages old. They just scanned in the books without revision.

More of your lies but your a rightr winger and ;lieing is your whole life isn't it. Most oif the people of Cuba love Castro. They remember what life was like under the right wing.... poverty!!!

your just an ignorant old coward and know nothing about Cuba. You believe anything some anti-communist asshole says and have no thoughts of your own.

Like I care about your stupidity

Like I care what you think.

And how would you know, you've never been out of Queensland.

More fascist propaganda. Communism died 15 years ago. Even the Catholic church is back (a step backwards of course).

I don't apologize to your low life type for anything except not killing you at birth. I'll say sorry when Howard does. Hope you hold your breath!

Sorry not a right winger, I don't lie. Isn't it time for your goose stepping lessons? I hear the Bring back batista fan club is having a dance and the goose step is popular.

Thats your fantasy. Sober up LDP moron. Communism is all gone. Sorry you have no one to fight anymore... or is that why the right wing is fighting the right wing now? Your death worshiping cult just has to have a war.

Your propaganda is great. Dr G is proud of you. You know nothing about Cuba, your a fuckwit with no thoughts of your own. But thats what a right winger is 24 hours a day.

By the way I hear you have a seance with Ronny Reagan tonight. Say hello to him for me. By the way can you hear what he says over the roar of the flames in hell?

Great intellects they have in The Greens, no?

Here's Thom and his awesome knowledge of economics:

And do you really believe market forces set prices? How foolish you are. Where is there demand for $4 gas? yet its all over. There is a demand for $1 gas but you see none of it do you. Capitalism is the ultimate example of price fixing and corruption. Its as bad as the old communist system.

Greed and capitalism are the same as the power hungry hungry communism. There is not difference between them.

I have no demand for a $2 gallon of gas but I do have demand for a 50 cent gallon, BUT the free market doesn't seemed to be reacting to my supply and demand.

Cuba has a free market economy

Capitalism and communism basically relay on the same economic model but capitalism is more efficient, it uses money and internial controls like guilt and organized religion to do what the Soviet Union had to use military force to accomplish.

Socialism is the syetem of choice is the most prosperous countries.

Back to more Castro-lovin':

Castro and the socvialist have provided a far higher standard of living than Batista and the mafia. Thats why they love him.

Cuban exiles are criminals, the broke the laws of two countries. And when they get to Florida they will break other laws to get what they want. Why do you love criminals? Oh I forgot your a right winger and any dirty thing for a dollar is OK with your lot.

Jackboot Johnny is no better than Castro. Gun control, lies about WMD and children
overboard and now his Nuremberg laws.

who cares if he'se a dictator. he'se far better than what Bush wants for Cuba. The people are far better off than they were under Batista and the Mafia.

Your crazy head up the ass of the cold war side of things also say theres only one legal party in Viet Nam too yet theres at least 9 parties. The old party of Ho has over 90% of the seats.... gee just like Castro,,, would be because the people know their lives
are better now than with the previous right wing dictators would it?

Heres the facts Jack. Cuba is far better off than any of the islands around it. people who flee Cuba and come to Florida are criminals and have no place in America. The 40 million Americans who have no health care would love to have Cuban care.

And here he is on the libertarian Liberal Democratic Party, who I tend to vote for (amusingly, Thom occasionally confuses them with the Democratic Labor Party):

is that the Linux Documentation Project or that fuckwit loony party that's the libertarians in disguise? Your the buttheads that want it all but don't want to pay taxes. I'll bet your a coward and never served in the military either. Your typical of people like Bush and Howard who dine at the table of freedom and get up and leave without paying the bill. Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand an I know you guys hate responsibility.

you are a LDP liar but thats a skill you have to have to get into the party isn't it. Now we know why you loved Batista and the companies that worked Cubans into an early grave for pennies a day.

Grow up fuckwit and leave the DLP. P stands for coward pussies by the way, the L stands for liars and the D for dumbass. Your 19th century view of life is duely noted

No its not nor is public property which your assholes hate. You seem to think any one thats not a corporation has no rights. SIG HEIL!

And just think: this towering intellect was endorsed by The Greens as an election candidate.



Yes, it's the latest collection of Richard Neville non-sequiters.

He gives advice on what we should do with coalition servicemen:

Bring the troops back home.
Treat their incipient psychopathology.

Kinda what you expect from the swamphead who lists and as information sources.

I think he and Thom Lyons should sleep together.

27 September 2005

How to stink like Che Guevara

Commie-tyrant-loving musician Carlos Santana has come out with his own perfumes.

I hope someone pours a bottle of it down his slimy throat.


The Incredibles - a review

I'll keep this concise.

Best animated movie ever made, and by a very wide margin.

Sharp, funny and more exciting than most action movies. Even the other animated movies I've liked have had drag-ass moments, or some bloody song. Not this one. I was actually sorry when it ended.

Astonishing animation which is remarkably atmospheric. The villain's tropical island stronghold was like the best James Bond movies meets The Island of Dr Moreau.

Oh, the DVD contains Jack Jack Attack, probably the funniest short film / DVD extra ever created.

Watch it. Now.


Hurricane Baloney

Good article from the BBC (of all places) about hurricane/global warming hysteria.


More v-twin hunting

Another bike I'm considering for my 2nd-hand v-twin purchase is the Suzuki TLR, preferably in black:

Thing is though, TLRs fetch a high price on the used market, despite not being a hugely popular model before being axed in 2002. Guess the people who bought them want to hold onto them. You can pay ten grand even for a '98 model in good nick, and black ones are nearly impossible to find. In fact, I did not find a single used black model in the trading post, motorcycle trader, bikepoint or ebay.

Not sure it's really worth it when you can buy a brand new Honda VTR for $13,995 ride-away, but I'm gonna keep a lookout anyway.


"Let's all go to the Island, let's all go to the Isle......."

I'll be riding to Phillip Island on Thursday October 12 to watch this year's MotoGP event.

If anyone reading this wants to join me on the ride down, write to me at tex <at>

I may do it in one day via Cooma, Bombala, Cann River, Orbost, Breuthen, Bairnsdale, Sale, Traralgon, Morwell, Inverloch & Wonthaggi, or.....

I may make it a two-day trip via the Snowys, stopping overnight at Khancoban.

If anyone reading this actually has accommodation at Phillip Island and would like to split the cost with me, please let me know.

If you're going for the first time, and want to buy a grandstand seat, make it the 'Siberia' stand - best view of the circuit.

21 September 2005

Quote of the day

Read less....more TV

- Dr. House


Is this the world's dullest person?

Gore Vidal: writer, commentator and a peerless cure for insomnia.


Brief food note

I've become addicted to Connoisseur Yoghurt. Dessert of the gods I tell you.


Brief wine note

Actually found a quite nice cask wine. Lindeman's 'fresh dry white'. Twelve bucks for four litres of vino that goes well with anything.

Not bad for the budget end of squashed grape.

19 September 2005

Hitchens vs. The Creep

Hitchens gives fascist politician George Galloway a mighty beating:

What I should have done, I now realise, is to say that George Galloway knows all about slime because he's so far inside the posterior passage of a murderous dictator that one can barely glimpse his Gucci buckles.



Thom Lyons - greenie, politician, communist, crackpot

Spent a lot of time last week arguing with some lunatics on Usenet.

One fellow in particular was very upset with my evil views on Castro.

It turns out this particular idiot was an election candidate for The Greens, Thom Lyons.

If you've ever doubted that The Greens are stark, raving lunatics, let me supply you with a collection of this charming gentleman's views (all the spelling mistakes are his):

The people there vote 92% for Castro's lot because they like him and remember what life was like under Batista and the mafia.

Cuba holds free elections.

He made a list of supposedly legal political parties in Cuba:

Cuban Liberal Movement (Movimiento Liberal Cubano)
Christian Democratic Party of Cuba (Partido Demócrata Cristiano de Cuba)
Cuban Socialist Democratic Current (Corriente Socialista Democratica Cubana)
Democratic Social-Revolutionary Party of Cuba (Partido Social-Revolucionario Democrático de Cuba)
Democratic Solidarity Party (Partido Solidaridad Democratica)
Liberal Democratic Party (Partido Liberal Democratico)
ocial Democratic Co-ordination of Cuba (Coordinadora Social Demócrata de Cuba)

I told poor Thom that these are all illegal exile parties. He was not happy to hear it, and despite dozens of requests failed to back up his claim that legal opposition parties exist in Cuba. He did whine a lot about "cold war propaganda" though.

Capitalism and democracy are rarely compatable. Capitalism is a dictatorial economic system not a democratic one.

Thom Lyons - Greens candidate in the 2002 Victorian state elections & certifiable nutcase

He also has ironclad proof that there are no politcal prisoners in Cuba:

One friend of mine went 11 months ago with a group to photograph the steam trains they have there. Funny he didn't see any gulogs etc etc. he could go anywhere he wanted.

When asked about Cuban refugees seeking asylum in the USA, he had this to say:

Free to deal drugs you mean? If they would stay home and fight Castro there wouldn't be a problem would there. By letting all these clowns
in we only keep Castro in power.


To be drug pushers and maids.

Lovely. Here's more on the wonderful, free Cuban electoral system:

Read my lips, CUBA has elections in fact voting is manditory. And unlike Florida your not crossed off the rolls for BS reasons. If you want crooked elections just look at ours.


under their system they have preselection at the common level. The villagers get together and say 7 people put their hands up for preselection. I'd say thats a choice. Or are you trying to tell us Moscow decides who runs?

He also has some interesting ideas about certain historical figures:

excuse me but who is this Guevara of whom you speak? Or are you refering to the mythical Che Guevara? No such person ever existed.

Mhhmm...hmmmm. Here he is when told Americans are wealthier than Cubans:

The average American is just making ends meet and is deeply in debt. Even the average dubass Yuppie has an average of $5000 on their credit cards and the banks love it.

Here's more on The Great Leader:

And why should Fidel step down? If he keeps getting elected why should he. Unlike America where we don't elect our president he at least has some legitimacy.

Here's his response to my statement that prices are set by supply and demand:

No they are not

Deep. Here he is on the wonderful consumer choice Cubans enjoy:

The Cubans don't have credit card debt, they buy when they can affortd unlike the spoiled selfish yuppies who just gotta have it now or they're just guanna die!

Oh, and here's what he thinks about the ideology which killed 100 million people in the 20th century:

Communism can be quite good.

Coz he says, you know, Stalin wasn't a communist. His example of good communism? Ancient Egypt. You know, the one with slave labour.

Nice guy, this greenie. Here's some commentary on John Howard:

Howard the Coward depends on the USA to keep Indonesia from invading. He doesn't want the Australian people to be armed like the Swiss because that same people's army could turn on him.

Here's some wonderful economic policy:

get the government to do its job and make the fruit affordable again.

When asked how the government should do this, he had no answer.

And here's something from bizzaroland:

When Kennette started to stealk the people's property and sell them off he also sold off rain fall.

Yes, this man believes Jeff Kennet charged people for rainfall.

I've left the best for last though. You see Thom - the man chosen by those friendly, rational greenies to be a candidate in the Victorian elections - is a 9/11 conspirazoid:

the issue of what hit the Pentagon is still up for grabs.

When I told him it was an airplane, he responded:

which went where afterwards? Where were all the bodies, where are the engines? All the engines at the WTC survived. The tail was taller than the building, what happened to it. Why did NO ONE see the plane and just the explosion?

Ahh, the Greens. Those "voice of the people" folks who want to save the planet. The party of Bob Brown. The party of Kerry Nettle.

And the party of this raving fucking fruit-loop, Thom Lyons. He should fit right in.

Comforting to know that thousands of Australians vote for these freaks, isn't it?


More on Manboobs

Tim Blair has been giving great coverage of Labor-Loser-Superspazz-Mental-Patient Mark Latham and the release of his hissy-fit diaries.

Here's a picture of The Great Man so many saw as the future of the nation:

How the hell did anybody think this chickenshit blubbering bipolar suckhead weasel lunatic was Prime Minister material?

Bloody frightening. Can you imagine this fucking psycho leading the country?



Commiserations to all non-lefty Kiwis, who have to live with the appalling fem-cow Helen Clark for another three years.

Poor bastards.


Ice cream for Allah

More Islamic lunacy.


Browneyed Palestine

The Exploding Loon Death Cult known as "Palestinians" have created a interesting mural.

11 September 2005

Dick Loves Hugo

Richard Neville is linking Hurricane Katrina to income disparity:

Farewell Katrina, next time will it be your big sister? How strange it took a hurricane to blow away the emperor’s clothes, when Bush has always posed naked. Power corrupts not only rulers, but those who serve in the shadow of power, like media types, rattled by Katrina’s fury, spinning in the wind, and ashamed of their spinning. Finally, they are making up for lost words.
Can we make up for lost souls? Will we start to see what else has been happening in front our eyes for the last 20 years? Now that the most affluent 1% of the US population holds more wealth that the entire bottom 90% combined, why are we surprised to find Bangladesh in the backyard? Now that the top 500 CEO’s make more over morning tea than their employees earn in a year, we enter the realm of a United States of Somalia.

The solution? Let's all follow the wonderful Hugo Chavez!

Hugo Chavez had warned a vast audience at the “Festival of Youth and Students” in Caracas, that the choice ahead for the world was stark - a future of barbarism or a bottom up re-invention of socialism, owing to the “urgent need to save life on the planet” (as well as his own life). Chavez told delegates from over 100 nations that they were confronted with the “most cruel, aggressive and hypocritical empire in history”, and he urged young people to be “revolutionaries and work for change”, to show “it is possible for the human race to teardown an empire”. Which is probably why Bush wants to tear down Chavez.

Nothing is more threatening to fossilized privilege and power than the surge of a new generation towards higher goals and ideals. A recognition that Realpolitik is the Devil’s toy boy. Beware those who claim the knack for initiating an ideas revolution has gone with the wind. What it takes is a thirst for change, a revival of idealism, a willingness to confront the status quo … and some hot music . It’s in the wind.

Great. Let's have communism save the world, Dicky. Because we've seen how wonderfully it's worked in the past.

These bloody sociopathic socialists never change. The millions who have died and the cultures destroyed on their altar of ideological correctness has no impact on these dirty fucking bastards.


Silent Running

Silent Running has been killed to due incompetence by their hosting company.

In the meantime, Tom Paine is blogging here.

7 September 2005

Even lunatics can program HTML

And Dan Christensen is the proof.

Dan, you see, is an unabashed fan of & apologist for Fidel Castro's mass-murdering totalitarian regime.

Just check out how he believes Cuba is more democratic that the USA (no really).

First, judging by the election results, the Cuban people fully support their own unique form of representative democracy which can be seen to be free of the influence of money and party politics.


compared to most democratic countries, there is a wider choice of candidates in the Cuban electoral system, since there is no pre-selection process based on the ability to raise large sums of money for a nomination or election campaign.


In Cuba, every citizen, regardless of their economic circumstances, has the equal right and opportunity to win public office. Candidates are nominated not by any political party or elite political action committees, but by the people themselves in open public meetings in each neighbourhood, or by their democratically elected representatives who themselves were nominated in this way. And it costs nothing to win public office, even at the highest level.

Yes, vermin like this actually exist. Charming people, these communists.


me wanntttsssssss.....

I'm hunting around for a 2nd-hand Honda VTR1000. I think I've found a gem locally....

1997 model in the yummy silver they haven't made for ages. Low kms, high-rise Jardine exhausts, fender eliminator, aftermarket turn signals, polished rims and (apparently) a full service history. It's priced a little high by the local seller, but I think I can negotiate it down by a grand.

If there's some crazy millionaire out there who'd like to buy me this bike, please write.


5 September 2005

More fun correspondence

Zev Sero sent me four e-mails today, accusing me of anti-semitism for criticising a grotesque religious ritual:

Fuck off, you fucking antisemitic fuck.

And I mean that in the nicest possible way, just as I'm sure you meant
what you wrote. Nothing personal, eh?

Now, if you'd like to discuss this soberly, and without insults, my door
is open. But if you're declaring war on my people, then I won't sit back
and do nothing.

The real question is, do I delink you from
just to make a point of principle that nobody will ever notice, or do I
leave you up there, because most of that you write is fairly sensible?
Gotta think about that one.

...and on and on they went.

No apology will be forthcoming, as I have a problem with a ritual where an adult male sucks the dick of a bleeding infant and gives that infant herpes.

Zev argued that:

1- the fellatio n' herpes ritual is a central part of the Jewish faith for which Jews have given their lives for thousands of years and continue to practice under the oppression of Antiochus, Hadrian, Stalin, Hitler, etc.

2- the risk of infection is very small

3- why don't I criticise catholic mass, which is about cannibalism?

4- freedom of religious practice should not be regulated by the state

My counter-arguments, briefly, are;

1- Lots of people manage to have their children circumcised without fellatio & the risk of disease. Are these people anti-semite fucks too?

As for tradition, why not tolerate female genital mutilation? It is a central part of certain African cultures. Does calling that an obscene practice make me racist?

The we've been doing it for ages argument is worthless. An obscene practice is still obscene, no matter how old it is. Killing homosexuals and witches used to be all the rage for 'real' Christians too.

After all, lots of people think the Old Testament advocates the killing of homosexuals, adulterers and prostitutes. Normal humans have moved on.

2- Low risk? How about not exposing a fucking baby to any unecessary risk of disease? Normal circumcision works just fine for many people. Doesn't Jewish law require the avoidance of any health risk to the baby?

3- If Mass involved sucking the dicks of infants and the risk of disease, I'd give it the same criticism.

4- I'm all for non-intervention by the state, but I'm all for protecting infants from being fellated by herpes-infected adults. If you wanna wait till the kid is 18, then it's none of anyone's business, herpes or not.

Anti-semite? No. I just don't like the idea of a guy sucking a baby's cock, much less when the sucker has herpes. If he tried it on a five-year-old, he'd be in prison.


2 September 2005

I'm a lucky, lucky man

I've had the honour of corresponding with Mrs. Suha Arafat!

I got this e-mail out of the blue:

Dear Intending partner

This mail may not be surprising to you if you have been following current events in the international media with reference to the Middle East and Palestine in particular.

I am Mrs. SUHA ARAFAT, the wife of YASSER ARAFAT, the Palestinian leader who died recently in Paris.

Since his death and even prior to the announcement, I have been thrown into a state of antagonism,confusion,humiliation, frustration and hopelessness by the present leadership of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the new Prime Minister. I have even been subjected to physical and psychological torture. As a widow that is so traumatized, I have lost confidence with everybody in the country at the moment.

You must have heard over the media reports and the Internet on the discovery of some fund in my husband secret bank account and companies and the allegations of some huge sums of money deposited by my husband in my name of which I have refuses to disclose or give up to the corrupt Palestine Government. In fact the total sum allegedly discovered by the Government so far is in the tune of about $6.5 Billion Dollars. And they are not relenting on their effort to make me poor for life. As you know, the Moslem community has no regards for woman, hence my desire for a foreign assistance. You can visit the BBC news broadcast below for better understanding of what I am talking about;

I have deposited the sum of 20 million dollars with a security firm abroad whose name is withheld for now until we open communication. I shall be grateful if you could receive this fund into your bank account for safe keeping and any Investment opportunity. This arrangement is known to you and my personal Attorney.He might be dealing with you directly for security reasons as the case may be.

In view of the above, if you are willing to assist for our mutual benefits, we will have to negotiate on your Percentage share of the $20,000,000 that will be kept in your position for a while and invested in your name for my trust pending when my Daughter, Zahwa, will come off age and take full responsibility of her Family Estate/inheritance.

Please note that this is a golden opportunity that comes once in life time and more so, if you are honest, I am going to entrust more funds in your care as this is one of the legacy we keep for our children.

In case you don't accept please do not let me out to the security and international media as I am giving you this information in total trust and confidence I will greatly appreciate if you accept my proposal in good faith. Please expedite action.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Suha Arafa


Being a chivalrous kinda guy, I responded:

Suha you hook-nose cunt! Great to hear from ya!

Sorry to hear about Yasser. All that unprotected anal sex with the lads in Gaza must have taken its toll at last.

Anyway, send your phone number and I'll give you a ring (God Willing).

Yours in Allah,

I guess Suha liked my informal tone, coz she wrote back to me:

Dear Tex

Thanks your for your prompt response to my mail and your willingness to assist me. I am sending you this mail with maximum secrecy and believing that you will understand my present situation. Contact my family lawyer who is based in London for the details of this transaction, he has my husband will and even the documents of all our assets .I called him after reading your mail and his secretary send me this information's for me to give you so that you can reach him.

Barrister Geoffrey Bell
(Solicitor & Advocate)
Office Tel/Fax: 442079002798
Cell Phone: 44 704 012 2138,44 704 01 2 2207

Please all I need from you is to always update me with the development of things in this transaction because of my condition I will not be communicating with you always for security reason. Please try and work co-operatively with the lawyer .I want you treat and take me like your own sister and please don't take advantage of my condiction.Always keep the transaction confidential, this transaction is only know by me , my lawyer and you .Please contact the lawyer by sending him your full details and also copy me so that I will know more about your and your family.The lawyer said that you will be given 30% of the total money for your assistance,10% will be used for all expenses and 60% is for me and the lawyer.

Contact the lawyer with the above information.



Best regards
Mrs. Suha Arafat

I responded immediately:

Dear Suha,

I spoke to Geoffrey Bell. I understand he is setting up a farm-property development scheme in Paris where men can legally have sex with their donkeys before onselling them as tax-deductible livestock. Naturally I am very excited by this, as I have been persecuted by fundamentalist muslims and government agencies everywhere for my romantic abnormalities.

Do you think you would be interested in setting up a joint-equity account for ManDonkey Farms? That would effectively launder your money for you whilst allowing me to live out my dreams.

I am willing to send my savings account into this joint fund immediately, $81,223.54 Australian dollars.

How is the weather in Paris anyway? I am so exicted at the prospect of entering into a business relationship with you!

Please have yourself or Geoff call me immediately on +61 (02) 8354 - 1711 and ask for "Mr Donkey".

Yours in donkey-love,

Let's see if she gets back to me. Nice lady.


The smelly, ugly people get some wires crossed

Vigilant TV has some photos of the 'anti-globalisation' protests in Sydney.

Of course, like all lefty nutball rallies, they seem a little confused as to exactly what they're protesting about. Here's some dork waving Palestinians flags, someone whinging about voluntary student unionism, something about communism in Venezuela, something about short Spaniards and Bob Geldof, and an awful lot of people who haven't seen a bathtub in a long time.

The most baffling image of the day however, is this one:

Justice for TJ Hickey - an aboriginal delinquent who died after crashing his bicycle. This was of course, somehow the police's fault.

Hollingsworth - err, our former Governor-General? (What the fuck?)

Reynolds - Burt Reynolds? Henry Reynolds? Glenn Reynolds? Debbie Reynolds?

Somebody's obviously up to his eyebrows in pharmaceutical refreshment.

30 August 2005

(Jim) Beam me up Scotty!

Scott Wickstein has returned to blogging as The Unoriginal Prankster.

I think he's even sober most of the time.

(Scott, remind me to send you the photoshopped image I made of you, holding your own decapitated head on top of a beer glass outside of the pub in Hahndorf. It'll make a great icon)


What the fuck?

Christopher Hitchens proves that Islam and the "intelligent design" crowd don't have a duopoly on religious lunatics.

Yeeeurch. These disgusting bastards belong in prison.


Viva La Revolution!!

20,000 people were expected to show up in Sydney today for the day-of-rage protest against the Steve Forbes CEO conference at the Opera House.

1400 showed up.

The proleteriat is rising!


Ms. Cunty Guevara suddenly believes in property rights

Commie slut Aleida Guevara doesn't want nice Che's image used without the family's authorisation.

Haha. Here's a nice t-shirt for you, slag...

Or how about some Che Breakfast Cereal?


So, who's the homo?

That grumpy prick Tony Taylor won't tell us who the Aussie "icon" celebrity homo is.

29 August 2005

My favourite ex-marxist

Christopher Hitchens - in never-better form - defends the Iraq war.

Brilliant. Read it all.


New Dick

Richard Neville is back with a new word-jumble generator titled "Retreat Australia Fair".

The war on terror is over and we lost.

Well, at least it's shorter than his other efforts.


A picture for my biggest English fan

Here's something for "Annie" Taylor, who wrote to me a few days ago.....

Here's a truly Great Briton:

Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister (1979-1990)

Scourge of filthy European commie swine, destroyer of British leftism, crusher of South American military juntas.

One of the moral giants of the 20th century. Doesn't she make you feel proud to be british, Annie?

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