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Castro's Guardian column: "Voice of the dark corners"

No, this is not a joke. They've run the speech he gave to the Non-Aligned Movement. A Guardian-endorsed squeal about how his poor innocent mass-murdering tyrant self is under siege from liberty and capitalism. Your heart just bleeds doesn't it?

And the newspaper ran this shit as an opinion piece. I'm going to be fucking sick.

Next week in The Guardian: I'm being smothered by Hook-Nose Kikes, by the Honourable Julius Streicher.

Islamofascism Rising in Holland

If you're living in that country, you should be getting very worried.

Another bike I want

Has anyone reading this ridden a Cagiva Raptor? If so, could you give me your opinions. Great sounding big v-twin with the Suzuki TL engine. Looks nimble and compact....and lotsa fun.

I doubt it can match a Speed Triple, especially considering Italian "build quality", but damn, I'd like to try one.


Loving to hate things

Despite hating all of his movies, James Russell went to watch Soderbergh's remake of Solaris anyway.

I'd make some smart comment about why the hell he went to watch it if he knew he'd hate it, but the problem is, I'm kinda the same. Not where films are concerned, but I've done it for books (kept reading Eric Van Lustbader and Tom Clancy long after they went to shite), TV (I actually sat thru every episode of the second series of Phoenix) and newspapers.

Utimately, I think we enjoy hating things. Like Hugh Mackay.


The always amusing cranky fella who runs Little Tiny Wit has a lovely addition to our language: chickenshield.

An examination of leftism

Darn fine little essay. Loved this bit;

The story is always the same. First come the promises of utopia. Utopia is discribed as a blissful paradise of cascading happiness and worry-free living. When the 'utopia' does not arrive, people begin to ask if it is indeed coming. The questions embarrass the ‘national party’ and those who ask questions are labeled ‘refusers’ or ‘traitors’ and carted away to be ‘re-educated’.

People begin to leave 'utopia' forcing the state to build electric fences around the country to keep people from escaping the heavenly paradise that has been created for them.

Read the rest of it.

Making apologies for Stalin

I'll be damned, a brilliant article in The Independent on the disgusting contemporary pro-Stalin left.

Deficit Attention Disorder

Alex Robson comments on the media's fascination with the trade deficit, current account deficit and foreign debt as a public policy issues.


More anti-American deep thinking from

A truly mighty collection of sub-plankton intellects in this newsgroup. Here's a list of 15 fascinating questions about evil americans. Then the assclown claims they are the reasons he opposes war in Iraq, despite the fact that not one of the 15 points deals with the Iraq situation.

The first rule of government

When your legislation proves costly and totally ineffective, introduce even more costly and totally ineffective legislation.

Middle East expert undergoes unwelcome reality therapy

As expected, Osama-masturbator and Middle East "expert" Bobby Fisk is not reacting well to the news that one of the biggest of his vicious Al-Qaeda warriors has been captured.

In a laughable column of seriously panicked denial, Fisk screeches like a teenage Goebbels that it's all a big lie!! It is, it is!!, claiming that the guy they captured isn't really who they said it is, then goes on to say that he probably is, and mumbles about he might belong to Pakistan intelligence, intercepted phone calls, Daniel Pearl, Musharaff, and pretty much anything else Bobby can think to babble on about without ever making a point.

Perhaps we should cut Fisk some slack, he's just trying to sugar-coat his own despair at one of his indestructible, ruthless, highly-motivated, vicious, intelligent warriors being taken out of action by the inept, evil Americans.

Price-check on a box of baby-wipes for Mr. Fisk!!

UPDATE: yeah, poor innocent, mistaken-identity Khalid, why on earth would anybody arrest him?

Another socialist success story

That shining example of great soviet engineering - the Zil automobile - is no more;

Since the fall of communism and the break-up of the Soviet Union, the popularity of the 3.5-ton behemoth - once seen as the acme of socialist technical prowess - has collapsed.

The rise and fall of the Zil closely mirrors that of the Soviet Union. Originally modelled on Buick and Packard sedans from America, the car was born out of Stalin's desire to match the vehicles turned out by the Soviet Union's rival for superpower status.

For more than 50 years, convoys of Zils were a familiar sight on the streets of Moscow and other Russian cities, whisking the party elite along reserved traffic lanes. Designed for luxury rather than speed or fuel economy, the Zil managed a maximum 118mph and took 13 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60mph, averaging just 10 miles to the gallon.

Proving yet again that socialism equals shit. Even with the resources of the slave state behind it, the Zil could not compete with western automobiles. Then again, the communists could never make anything to compete with anyone. And you can bet the people who built them were a lot poorer than automobile workers in the west.

Isn't socialism supposed to produce stuff we need, and give the workers a meaningful existence? In the case of the Zil, as always, they failed on both counts.

Thanks to Icy Montreal for the link.


The Greens and drugs

It's rather ironic that the NSW Greens will be hurt in the state election by the only part of their platform which makes sense: drug legalisation.

The wisdom of Bo Diddley

James Russell highlights the blues legend's rather hypocritical view of hip-hop.


I was right.

Last night's World Superbike Championship round in Spain might have been the most boring racing in the competition's history. The two factory Ducatis ran away with it, as they will for the rest of the season. B-Grade Brit Neil Hodgson won both races, which tells us everything we need to know about the standard of competition this year.

Superbike is dead. Long live SuperSport.

Up Yours, Flight Centre

Flight Centre does a lot of advertising, best prices, great service, blahblahblah. Frankly, I've gotten better service from the answering machine at the Australian Tax Office.

Went into one of their storefronts about six weeks ago. Asked them to price an itinerary for me for my upcoming North American trip. I left my details and promised I would be contacted within a week.

A week passed. Nothing. After 10 days I went back and asked for my quote. Got some blank stares. Gave my details and my desired itinerary again. They looked up my details and came up with the wrong itinerary. So I went thru the whole bloody story again. Got some mumbling about the itinerary being too complicated, I'd have to get a round-the-world ticket, leave-us-your-details and we'll let you know.

A month later, still nothing.

That's some stunning customer service folks. Stuff the lot of you.

Another defeat for the mighty jihad warriors

One of these men is an
Osama-loving sociopath.

The other bloke is Khalid
Shaikh Mohammed.

Steven Den Beste muses on the arrest of chief Al Qaeda hairball Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.

And they're going to get it all out of him. They're going to wring him dry. The organization has already been severely damaged, and now it's going to get worse, for them.

When word emerged that he'd been taken unharmed, I bet there were a lot of high-five's among the shadow warriors who helped develop the information showing where he was.

Someone claiming to be part of al Qaeda issued a "hydra" announcement: al Qaeda hasn't been crippled. Strike one down and ten more will arise to take his place. The struggle will continue, Allah willing, and al Qaeda will destroy America, Allah willing. Bold talk, only Allah ain't gonna be willing, because Allah fights on the side with the biggest guns, and that's us.

[...] there's dramatic confirming proof of their decline in the fact that they have mounted no major operations since the attack in September of 2001. It is clear that the organization is on the defensive, and equally clear that they've been seriously damaged. We've seen lots of boasts and threats and feints and bluffs, but generally speaking organizations like this only resort to threats when they're not actually capable of real operations. If they actually had something planned, the last thing they'd do would be to let us know ahead of time that it was coming.

If they had weapons, they'd be shooting. If they're screaming threats, it's because they're out of ammo.

Amen brother. I wonder what poor old Robert Fisk is thinking, now that his beloved Al Qaeda heros are running shitscared and falling apart. Back in December, Bobby delivered this laughingly pathetic masturbatory tribute to these fearsome muslim warriors;

For Mr bin Laden's men are not the hopeless suiciders that the Palestinians produce from their foetid refugee camps. The Afghanistan-trained men of Mr bin Laden's legion do not spring from the squalor of Gaza or the occupied masses of the West Bank. They are ruthless, highly motivated, intelligent – just for once, William Safire was right when he called them "vicious warriors" – and they may be more than a match for Israel's third-rate intelligence men. Israel's rabble of an army can kill child stone-throwers with ease. Al-Qa'ida is a quite different opponent. And if Mr Sharon wants to take on Mr bin Laden, he is ensuring that Israel goes to war with its most dangerous enemy in 54 years. Better by far to let the Americans tackle al-Qa'ida – and even they don't seem to be all that successful – than bring Israel into the battle.

wooooo...just gives ya goose bumps don't it?

Let's see, they bravely flee from the Americans in Afghanistan, they've killed exactly zero Israeli "rabble army" soldiers, dozens of them died in a pathetic ambush on Americans soldiers (who did not suffer one single casualty) and have not launched a single successful attack since 11/9/01.

Face it Bobbyphiles, your anti-american warriors are screwed. They're being hunted down and wiped out. Your desperate dreams of somebody teaching those arrogant Americans a lesson are yet again given a harsh reality check. The brave workers slaughterhouse paradise that was the USSR couldn't do it, and these wahhabist monkeys can't even get close.

The Americans are winning. So has it happened, so shall it forever be. Deal with it.


Why war is essential....this time anyway

Fellow Canberra libertarian Stephen Dawson makes the case for war: part one, part two.

Chirac and his special friend

Angry Anderson has posted a good picture.

Stick to your day job, Dick

Richard Dawkins may be an expert Darwinian Biologist, but when it comes to politics his thinking is as complex as the dopiest of the thick-as-pigshit creationists he bashes so regularly.

A long time member of the culturally-superior snotterati (he still whinges about the cultural horrors of teenagers wearing baseball caps), he's just penned a column for The Independent, and he yawningly recycles all the Bush-The-Dumb-redneck, it's all about oiiiiiil, the stupid yanks love to kill arabs, Bush was "unelected" wank.

Some of his blatherings are mind-numbingly stupid;

Those of us opposed to the war are sometimes accused of anti-Americanism. I am vigorously pro-American, which is one reason I am anti-Bush. They didn't elect him, and they deserve better.

They didn't elect him? How'd he get there then? And here's another question: if the presidential election were held today, do you think he'd lose?

If, in a khaki election, Bush finally wins a term as President, decent Americans, intellectual Americans, American scholars, scientists, philosophers, engineers, writers, artists and, not least, American philanthropists, Americans with a great deal to contribute, are going to be looking for a civilised haven.

...and all the uneducated swill will remain in situ I presume. We hear this blather all the time from the educated holier-than-thou left, and funnily enough, all those "decent americans" always seem to stay put even when the wrong people get elected.

....and you really must read his imaginary letter to Americans.

Julie Birchill wallops the peace marchers

Julie's never going to get her street-cred back with this sort of attitude. Read it - it's a hoot.

The Good and The Bad

Bike season is back baybee!

The Superbike World Championship for 2003 kicks off this weekend at Valencia in Spain.

Mediocrity floats to the top: Neil Hodgson set to win the Superbike title this year by being on the right bike.

Unfortunately, this competition is DOA, with Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Aprilia and Benelli all having withdrawn factory-level participation from the championship.

Essentially, every race is gonna be Ducati, Ducati, Ducati. Suzuki have an official entry, but with only one bike (and an uncompetitive four-cylinder at that), and a crap rider (Gregorio Lavilla), they'll be there to make up the numbers.

The drain of riding talent has been crippling: 2002 world champ Colin Edwards and 2001 champ Troy Bayliss going to the big leagues of MotoGP, as has always exciting challenger Nori Haga. 2001 regular winner Ben Bostrom has gone back to the American Superbike competition.

We're left with the appalling scenario that B-grade talent Neil Hodgson will run away with the championship. Yikes. It's unbelievable this overrated brit will claim the title when vastly more talented riders like Slight and Haga never did.

1996 World Champ Troy Corser on the new triple-cylinder Petronas.

The one bit of interest in this years Ducati Cup? The new Foggy-Petronas team, with '96 champ Troy Corser as lead rider. One of the few world-class riders in the field (though he has been bizarrely inconsistent since '98), he also turned the Aprilia RSV into a race-winner, before being sacked at the end of 2000 in a shockingly stupid move by Aprilia (he was replaced by Nori Haga who failed to win a single race). Look for Corser to win some podiums later in the year, and maybe even a race win in the rain somewhere.

So where is the real motorbike racing action gonna be this year? Simple: MotoGP and the World Supersport Championship. Frankly, they'll both be awesome this year - lots of competitive fast bikes scrapping for wins - and will leave Superbike gasping for breath.


Gotta love this report, saying how Israelis have elected themselves a conservative government, and peace is now impossible thanks to this bunch of crazy warmongering arab-killing Jews.

No mention - of course - of the almost universal arab desire to annihilate Israel and exterminate the jews.

Well, the story was written by European journalists, so we can expect nothing else.

Someone fetch him a teddy bear and a blanket

The only talent paranoid loser Hugh Mackay has ever had is to keep stretching the horizons of the word "pathetic".

Today he's actually wetting himself about non-existent pro-war celebrations.

So confident are Australians in their commitment to this invasion, they have even become sanguine about the idea of collateral damage. Yes, innocent civilians will be killed, including children, but what is that in the scheme of things? Saddam's Iraq is our enemy; Bush's America is our friend ... Let's go!

Fists are punching the air in the time-honoured salute to violence and revenge. "Death to the infidel! Death to Saddam!" Children's eyes are shining with excitement as the crowds surge through the streets, breaking fences, trampling gardens and overturning cars in their furious determination to be part of the action.

Picnic rugs are spread out. Children laugh and play, imitating their parents as they shout their support for the call to arms. The crowds scarcely dwindle until nightfall, when people finally wend their way home - contented, inspired, committed. "Even better than the Olympics" is the universal verdict.

Imagine that.

Go and get a life, you sadcase.

Time warp in Venezuela

Other than wrecking economies and supporting tyrants, it seems socialist governments can't even get the time right.

Religious school gets 666 removed from it's prefix

Some idiots must have a lot of time of their hands to worry about things like this.

The battle that changed the world

Geoffrey Roberts in The Guardian looks at the 60th anniversary of the battle of Stalingrad.

Militant Islam and those who fight it

Dave Sims has an excellent essay on these matters.


Sage Advice

One of me regular readers Sage has a new blog. Insightful crankiness abounds, and is well worth a read. Today he's riffing about the immorality of being a porn star.

SA/Canada holiday planning

Looks like I'll be in North America for the whole month of April. The itinerary looks like: LA, Gatlinburg, Quebec City, Montreal, Vancouver then back to LA.

Really wanted to make it a motorcycling trip, but couldn't get the money together. The bike will wait till next time.

Something sensible from The Independent

Good article by Johann Hari on the stupidities of drug prohibition, with this classic header: Wherever there is a 3,000 per cent profit margin, people will be prepared to take extraordinary risks

Tim Blair must drown in lakes of blood

Tim posted his visitor stats today.

The past day: 7,010
The past week: 48,866
The past month: 211,900
The past six months: 1,033,786
Since December 2001: 1,621,402

Now Tim's page doesn't have any extra files to load so I'm assuming one hit counts as one visit. Jesus H. Crapstick - seven thousand visits a day.

According to my web stats, I get the not-so-thrilling average of 520 unique visits per day. It's been at this level for a couple of months now, and it doesn't go higher no matter how many people link to me. Seems I have a small, hardcore, regular readership.

No wonder Tim gets so much e-mail. And this is despite never having updated his links list or fixed his archives. Guess that's what you get for having writing talent, putting up lots of posts and being extremely funny.

Looking for older whackings?

Wanna see my previous rants against lefty, commie, peacenick wankers, plus lots of fun stuff about motorcycles, music and movies?................ Click here for the full past whackings index


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